Skype's new Video Messaging goes live on all devices, except Windows Phone--coming later?

Skype video chat is a fantastic way to keep in touch with friends, family and business contacts, but up until now, it was only as good as who was in front of their device at any given moment. All of that has changed with Skype's new Video Messaging feature, which is essentially video mail.

It allows you to record a video, up to three minutes long, and send it to any contact, whether they are online or offline. Then, once your contact signs in, they will see your message waiting for them and can view and respond at their own leisure. Fantastic, right?

Well, yeah, as long as you are on anything other than Windows Phone. You see, Skype's latest service is available for Skype for Windows desktop, Skype for Windows 8, Skype for Mac, Skype for iPhone, Skype for iPad, Skype for Android and let's throw in Skype for BlackBerry. With Skype being purchased by Microsoft over two years ago, it begs the question, "Huh?"

Sure, despite Skype now being a subsidiary of Microsoft, it is still its own company. However, Microsoft has signaled that Skype will be at the center of communications for all of their devices and services, and yet, they have neglected to include Skype's latest feature in their own operating system whose focus is that of communicating. Meanwhile, they have opted to bring Video Messaging to all of Windows Phone's competitors.

There's not even a mention in the announcement that Skype for Windows Phone will be getting this feature.  In fact, they go so far as to say:

Video messaging is now available to all Skype users. You can send and receive as many video messages as you want – completely free of charge. Video messages can be received and viewed on any platform or device running Skype.

Umm, Skype...Aren't you forgetting somebody?

We reached out to Microsoft and the Skype team for a comment on the lack of Windows Phone support and received the following response:

“Windows Phone users can already receive and view Video Messages. We will inform you if we add send capability at a later date.”

So there you go folks: it's not there yet and may come in the future, but it doesn't sound like it's happening anytime soon.  Begin ranting in comments in 3, 2, 1...

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I swear they make no sense sometimes.

sholokov says:

... and when it is finally available, it will not have all the features as the iOS counterpart. Look at Bing!

NIST says:

At least Smart Glass and Photosynth are Windows Phone exclusives.

Jaco Ra says:

Smart Glass isn't

Smartglass is available to both Android and iOS while Photosynth is available to iOS only. So, tell me about that exclusivity you were talking about?

NIST says:

At least Microsoft Office is still an exclusive to Windows Phone.

MS Office is no longer exclusive to WP. You can currently get MS Office on iPhone and later on iPad. Any more exclusives of yours?

Pontifex says:

Wow incredible how many missed your sarcasm :p

NIST says:

At least Hit The Lights is still exclusive to Windows Phone.

Pontifex says:

At least the modern UI is still exclusive to Windows Phone.

Mocah says:


rodneyej says:

I see your point.. LOL..
At least WP is still exclusive to WP!!,, Oh wait, that's on iOS7 now..

SocalTouch says:

Niether is a exclusive. As a matter of fact, Photosynth was on iOS months before WindowsPhone! MS strategy is always borderline #STUPID #FAIL

immyperez says:

Is it any wonder that other devs leave wp as an afterthought...LEAD BY EXAMPLE!!!

x I'm tc says:

It also doesn't "beg the question."

The only people who use this phrase "correctly" are pedants.

89caps says:

Give us the e-mail to Microsoft. We would like to reach out as well!

luimende says:

NIST was just messing with you guys, lol.

edoug says:

Well, we do still have OneNote on SharePoint sites to ourselves for now. And live tiles.

NIST says:

Please tell we still have at least Halo.

panlondon says:

Just suck the idiot Skype project managers. What exactly are they offering to Microsoft anyway, get rid of them. How can a company pay 8Billion for skype and not get the software they need.

panlondon says:

Also, look at skype, it's the only main app which deosn't always follow the official Windows Phone paradigm with the three dots at the bottom. When you are on a call you are not able to see what the pictures mean (I am in windows 7.5). These guys don't play game. Who they hell pays their salaries?

Wyspr says:

My Nokia has an exclusive windows logo on the front, that won't likely be coming to iOS or Android any time soon.

TheWPUser says:

What the hell?

Divora says:

I just created an account to agree. This is completely messed up.

Reflexx says:

Exactly what I was going to write.
Heck.. I'll write it anyways.
What the hell?

RaRa85 says:

This is really the kind of "support" that will surely see people away to other OSs. Microsoft can't be this blind can they? You're fighting for relevancy and you don't even support your ecosystem while increasing the feautues of rival platforms and oh yeah, giving them the tools that set Windows Phone apart. Almost enough to make me not wait for the 925 and go for the HTC One.smh

dkp23 says:

Thanks MS for a terrible experience with skype of wp8.  It is simply a disaster

El_Burro says:

Hyperbole much?

PeterFnet says:

Accurate. Was beta for long time.

Evster88 says:

Not a disaster, but could be much better. I'm not really sure why it isn't properly integrated into the messaging hub yet...

Sean D. says:

Isn't it Skype's fault??

Skype is owned by Microsoft

Sean D. says:

And that automatically makes it MS's fault??

Yes, it does.  If they can't control Skype, they shouldn't have purchased Skype.

SocalTouch says:

If you 8 year old kid does someone else's homework but fails to complete his homework before deadline, isn't it the parent's problem!

WixosTrix says:

The only issue I have is the lack of integration with the messaging hub and the way it handles duplicated contacts from Messenger, in essence, it doesn't at all. That being said, getting messages or incoming video/audio calls work damn near flawlessly.


I disagree. It isn't that bad. I have used it several times. And while in my car. I set the phone down and have a conversation.

CarlosTSG says:

I don't know why everybody complaining about this? We all are Windows Phone users and we should be used to this by now, which makes us stronger than any other mobile user base. Be patient, it will come eventually.

RedSamurai says:

I swear your last sentence is so true they should make it their motto!
Windows Phone: Be patient, it will come eventually :)

Jim_MAY says:

Funny how everyone always says be patient. While Microsoft quietly develops software for other platforms telling us go to the back of the bus.

ZuNuKoo says:

We can view and receive to windows phones but not send to them. Weird.

link68759 says:

I can't be too mad when this upgraded Bing voice is so good

Siah1214 says:

What updated bing voice? Did  I miss something? 

sholokov says:

It's all on the server side.

Montpbm says:

Yes you did, they updated Bing to be 15% faster and it really is much faster.

link68759 says:

200% faster, 15% more accurate.

Montpbm says:

Yes you did, they updated Bing to be 200% faster and it really is much faster.... Ok my fault I got it wrong, it is what he or she said.

sholokov says:

Yeah, but that is for everyone; WP or not.

abel920 says:

I think they are saving the best for  WP8.  They're going to make this a grand introduction should they have another major event.

MikeSo says:

Umm... make it a grand introduction that WP8 gets the same functionality as all competitors... something that even the BB10 has? How would that be "grand" at all?

WixosTrix says:

When it's all said and done, WP will have the best Skype experience. These early issues aren't bothering me.

Aaron M says:

Funny, I remember that same thing being said two years ago when MS bought Skype.  I don't like to complain for the sake of complaining, and personally I hardly use Skype on my phone anyways.  But it does feel like a slap in the face when Microsoft's product divisions release stuff to the other platforms before Windows Phone.  It makes me wonder if MS really knows how important the phone market is.

WixosTrix says:

yeah, but it's still not all said and done. IIRC Skype is still being run idepemdantly from Microsoft. They likely had their own roadmaps inplace well before Microsoft's purchase. You try combining two of the internets largest and most used messaging platforms and tell us how easy it is. These things take time, and I think MS is fully aware of the importance of the phone market. MS has a lot going on right now.
i get the annoyance, but like i said, it doesnt bother me, yet.

My daughter can't understand why I like my Windows Phone so much.  I ask her why she thinks Apple is better.  She says, I can FaceTime my friends.  Easy Skype intergration accross platforms is critical.  Big problem if they can't get it to be better on Windows Phones.

WixosTrix says:

They'll get it.

adrian1338 says:

can you facetime on windows?

treetownal says:

When will it all be said and done?  I own my phone now - I want functionality now - why should I have to wait for something to be said and done?  What a horrible sales pitch.  Sure our services suck on our own phones now, but when it's all said and done, what if they don't? 
Clean up your own house first Microsoft. 

WixosTrix says:

It isn't a sales pitch, it's actually an opinion. If the functionality you want doesn't yet exsist with the phone your purchased, then you should have gotten one that did.
"Clean up your own house first Microsoft"
Skype was multiplatform and had their own roadmaps in place well before Microsoft acqusition. How do we know it wasn't a part of the terms of the merger that MS not disrupt their already inplace roadmap?
Dont get me wrong, I don't like this slow pace either, but i've used Microsoft profucts for a long time, and i've never been more satisfied with them than i am today. These little things dont bother me.

adrian1338 says:

Sorry, but are you paid by microsoft? When did MS by skype and when did they tell us of great integration with skype in the system and on a two year road map you cant wait till WP version can do it too? do you know the marketing effect that will have on WP? guess it is more fatal for MS to have that than 2 month longer for that feature to be deployed on iOS BB and Android

WixosTrix says:

Dude, I wish I was f**king paid by Microsoft, but I'm not. Microsoft completed their $8.5 billion purchase Skype in October 2011. It was only a couple of months ago since they've shuttered Live Messenger service outside of the US, but it does still power the messaging service for Windows 8 and Window Phone and will eventually be replaced with Skype.

Regarding the roadmap thing, I was only giving an example, not saying that was the terms of their deal. If it were, just because they couldn't interfere with current operations, doesn't mean they can't have someone working on the WP version; it wouldn't be the first time MS created apps for other developers/services.

manwe says:

i'm sorry but this is textbook delusional fanboyism right here.  "when it's all said and done" that's not a timeframe, that's just being unreasonably optimistic.

WixosTrix says:

WTF? I'm not giving a time frame or anything. How am I being a delusional fanboy? Because I'm not all up in arms about Skype?

tissotti says:

And when have they done this with their other services.?
MS, you suck. These are the exact kind of things making me wanna go back to iOS. I'm not just getting everything Apple first on my iPhone, but everything MS as well.

abel920 says:

You never know.  They could as well be working on this on a very tight lip.  Remember that prototype 920 that has the Notifications and the new Multitask screen?
We never know for sure.

OMG55 says:

I feel your pain, but if its going to be an itegrated experience on WP8 instead of an app like Android/IOS users have, then I can wait. Integrated is better than launching an app.

theefman says:

Then we will have to wait a year to get any significant update. As an app it can be updated more frequently (in theory, since that is not the case today).

rodneyej says:

How about BullShit!

slick5150 says:

This one is pretty hard to defend.

HaibaneReki says:

I won't even try actually... X_X

MikeSo says:

"We will inform you if we add send capability at a later date."
I can feel the love...

theefman says:

Maybe I missed it but I wasn't aware WP could view Skype video messages. Either way, the flippant "if we add send capability at a later date" seems to say they don't see WP as important enough to even get the same functionality as BB10. That is sad.

Mouthsmasher says:

That's exactly what I thought. We hear these kinds of stories all the time, but EVERYONE getting it INCLUDING BLACKBERRY while there's no WP support!?!?! WTF is wrong with them?

rodneyej says:

Yeah, the fact that BB gets it is the BIGGEST SLAP IN THE FACE IN WP HISTORY!!

SocalTouch says:

Agreed - Sad is the right word for this.

manwe says:

Blackberry didn't even have skype until this year with BB10. now they have better functionality than us? ridiculous. things like this make me feel like an idiot for sticking by wp for years...

tcman88 says:

I don't get Microsoft's response. Huh???

Rockartisten says:

Someone needs to get the boot. Idiots!

ThiasJ says:

reminds me at photosynth, which comes first for iPhone ...

Blocks9 says:

Shocking really! They should be giving WP the best experience, yet it seems we are a mere after thought!

tissotti says:

You are so close at getting WP as the solid number 3, but you certainly are not working on the software.
Without Nokia this thing would have sunk 1 year ago already.

edoug says:

I completely agree

montel22 says:

Microsoft needs to stop doing a,half ass job, do they think by supporting IOS and Android that they might sway those users to cone to WP? That's a stupid strategy. You don't google and Apple helping WP.

rodneyej says:

As much as I hate to admit it you're right.. THIS IS FACT! THE WHOLE WP BRAND, AND THE WP TEAM NEEDS TO BE COMPLETELY MOVED OVER TO NOKIAS CUSTODY!!.. Oh god, I can't believe I just said that.. Can I take it back? I'm almost ashamed of myself because of that angry rant.. How, how, but how could I?

Mocah says:

Maybe Nokia needs to start a rebellion.

Residing says:

Agreed, Tissotti.    And with that said, if Nokia exits WP, so will I.

NightWatch71 says:

Exactly. If Nokia ever chooses Android, I'll take it as a sign that they feel comfortable enough about the experience they brought to it and I'll jump right away. I bought my phone for Nokia and once again they are the only ones doing the actual work.

Wow. I've been defending MS like crazy on many different fronts, but this is ridiculous, and I have no argument to justify this.

Epic Pie says:

Something fishy is going on I guess

rodneyej says:

Fishy.. Lol!

meathead88 says:

If anyone ever needs an example of what "dropping the ball" means, this is the perfect case.
Unless there is some huge update out this week or next, heads should roll at Windows Phone and Skype.  This isnt a technical issue, its a PR issue.  If it wasnt ready yet for WP8, they should have held all other's from getting it.
I hate when MS does things that even fanboys can not defend! WTF?!

rodneyej says:

Yeah, when your most loyal, most dedicated, most sheep like followers say "what the f#$k is wrong with you?"" you really need to reexamine your actions. This is pathetic!

Shoulders says:

Am I the only one thinking this may be baked into WP8.1, which is why they didn't bother.

That's my optimists view on it anyway. If not then they clearly need their ass slapping from the mother ship's generals.

RedSamurai says:

Unfortunately, you might be the only one :(

kendric84 says:

I was definitely thinking thats what they're up to.  It's the only logical explaniation if you ask me.

RedSamurai says:

I hope you're right, but I'm afraid disappointment is all we're gonna get.

Graven Pshya says:

Yeah, I agree.. It's hopefully is a part of the 8.1 upgrade. Maybe Skype will be more integrated into the phone rather than an app? I mean, we don't know what they're doing lol.

Farnic says:

I agree, it probably is part of 8.1 and I bet Windows Phones won't even need a Skype app on 8.1 because it will be part of the OS.

thettk says:

Would mean something except for one tiny little detail.... 8.1 is rumored to be out in early 2014.

montel22 says:

Them they should have said so.

Mocah says:

Agreed. Not be like, "Holy kwap little reporter. You want mooorrre Skype in Windows Phone? Sheesh."

RedSamurai says:

How are people supposed to take this platform seriously if even MS isn't?

Sometimes, I seriously wish NOKIA would buy Windows Phone from Microsoft...

Blocks9 says:

Nokia are struggling as it is, they have absolutely no funds for a buyout of the OS! And neither would they want to.

RedSamurai says:

I know, it was just a way to express how sad the situation is with Microsoft's laziness, which is in absolute contrast to NOKIA's dynamism.

Sean D. says:

Sorry dude, but this is literally one of, if not THE stupidest things I read from time to time. Seriously, do some research or something first because it makes NO sense.
Sorry, but I couldn't help it.

Even better is if Nokia went to android

borasar says:

that made no sense at the time the decision was made

Sean D. says:

And it still makes no sense.

borasar says:

thanks captain ;P

RedSamurai says:

If THAT is one of the stupidest thing you read lately, then you're probably not reading much...
These things can happen, like when Palm sold WebOS to HP. Yet, there is a reason why I purposedly used the term 'wish', it means that the thing in question is hardly possible.
Sorry, but you don't make much sense either.

MikeSo says:

I'll copy what I wrote in the forum:
Maybe WP8 simply can't do it due to the way it's designed with the way it handles security for file storage etc? Which is pretty sad if that's the case.

Along with MS's decision to put Office on iOS (albeit requiring a subscription), I can't figure out if they actually stand behind WP8 as a viable product or not. These apps/functions should be exclusives, or at least offer much more on WP8 than on competing platforms, giving an incentive to buy a WP8 phone. Instead, it just gives one more reason not to. Bizarre.

Jean80 says:

I can understand giving iOS users Office (as it means giving them an incentive to subscribe to Office 365), but no new Skype features on their home grown OS is utterly ridiculous. It does not make sense. 
They should sack Tony Bates.

JMBasquiat says:

Hahaha pathetic showing MS.

abond32 says:

That's why people hate Microsoft

I disagree.  I think their anti-competitive behavior is why people hate Microsoft.  This Skype thing is why people just shake their head at Microsoft. It's kind of the exact opposite of anti-competitive.

abond32 says:

That's fine but people do hate Microsoft and I'm a Microsoft fan but things like this is what makes people HATE MICROSOFT. Can't fight for windows phone when the phone I'm competing against has better features than my Microsoft device. Its sad and yes the does deserve "smdh".

cybermoose89 says:

That's just stupid should have it on the phone two !

senbobaggins says:

So frustrating. To have such an amazing service at their fingertips and not maximise its use is baffling. The same with Xbox gaming....but that's a different rant

Pacherecords says:

So stupid from MS

jfa1 says:

IF? Really? Really?

oddom says:

This is pretty bad...but hey I can use it on my htc one since my wp is being neglected. 

apocacrux says:

"Videos can be received and viewed on any device" so they weren't incorrect. But its weird that WP users can't send.

Does MS even care about WP?  

ahmedjan87 says:

MS needs to reprioritize their things

Sicase says:

While I love Windows phone this pisses me off and now with the new copied iOS7 I don't see why I shouldn't just go get a new iPhone instead of a new windows phone? iOS7 looks great and they get Microsoft's (and other's stuff) before Windows Phone? I mean really... really microsoft... It just looks like Microsoft cares about the other OS:es more than their own. 

And that ladies and gentlemen, is what's wrong with WP:
Keeps getting beaten by its own maker!!

chodenode says:

With Skype being purchased by Microsoft over two years ago, it begs the question, "Huh?"

It doesn't "beg" the question, it raises the question. Begging the question is a type of logical fallacy.

paulxxwall says:

I thought we saw a message stating we get said features at end of April? Correct me if im wrong

azaright says:

Its a shame Microsoft is not focussing on its own os,no wonder people use ios/android

joeynox says:

This is because Microsoft knows the money on made on other platforms not wp8. Its sad when the platform creator and subsidiary chooses other platforms over its own

Jean80 says:

Love Windows Phone, but this is ridiculous. I can't believe that Tony Bates, the guy in charge of Skype, is being touted as the successor to Ballmer. He should be shown the door.

trwrt says:

I imagine his job is to keep Skype at the top of the VOIP industry, not to worry about all of Microsoft's other business lines.  Skype has a lot of competition and they afford to dawdle around.

WPUser111 says:

Msft u suck...

diplomat696 says:

Lol, I try to defend and show how WP is good on other forums, in this case not really much I can say except wtf MS!!

Wael Hasno says:

Woah.. I have no idea what's going on with Skype for WP but really? We have no file transfer either which is bad enough.. But everyone else getting the new features before us, that's just messed up.

b3rni3703 says:

da fuck just happened here? lol... any platform BUT WP!?!?... daz fucked up son.

fwaits says:

I still think a number of core things in WP aren't done due to having to spend most their time last year on NT shared core based work.  This year is catching up with underlying code and systems to add more APIs and foundation code to support things that just aren't possible yet.  We'll see if Blue is where that starts to really show.  I hope so, it doesn't make a lot of sense otherwise.

style2k12 says:

so skyps is ms and wp is ms but even then skype gets the update on any system exept wp ????
i think ms has to organise stuff a little better . they ruinign their own products

alfkhr says:

WP8 times up :~|

Cellus13 says:

It makes sense. Windows phone doesn't have the market share of android or ios (as much as I hate to say it). They have to cover the places with the largest community. Its just business. Just like when on windows website when a Iphone was placed in front of android and windows phone was the last phone behind the two. More people have Iphones and Androids so of course they get it first just like our apps. I wish that wasn't the case...

theefman says:

That argument makes sense for 3rd party devs, not the actual platform maker. After all how do they expect to increase their marketshare when they themselves wont make it better? They make billions in profit every year, its hard to imagine they cant eat the cost of developing for thier own mobile platform. And these features are free so there is no real revenue that MS is generating so even less of an incentive to priotize those platforms over their own.

Cellus13 says:

Well I guess Microsoft just does what it wants.

MikeSo says:

The way to build marketshare is to offer something desirable that the others don't... not make sure that everyone else has something that you don't.

tissotti says:

Apple once had less than a 0.5% market share and yet it didn't share any apps to Nokia and its Symbian platform with Nokia being 2 times larger company and selling 26 million smartphones quarterly. 
I woulnd't say naturally MS had to share the app, but it does make sense. What we are complaining here is that WP is not even offering its own software on its own platform, running on a NT kernel like its most important product, Windows. 
How can you grow as a platform if not for the very least offering the same experience as on other platforms? If anything you should be the very least offering the better experience. just like Apple and Google have done at the start on their own services and are still doing. 

xyronaut says:

No it doesn't. It also comes in blackberry....BLACKBERRY AND NOT WP!! *super saiyan furious mode on*

texantony says:

If the same company doesn't support their own phone, makes you wonder why should I? I think the only reason I stick around is the awesome hardware Nokia makes, especially the camera, but man, the future is not looking good in regards to my next phone. Sigh

lowrider2107 says:

It's pretty clear, they are waiting for the 100,000 $ bonus to be offered from MS and booom, it's gonna be there

theefman says:

So that'll be on top of the $8.5b they paid? Actually may be more accurate than you would think.....:)

procen says:

And you ask why devs are not making apps for WP8. If MS doesn't care for their own, they don't have to either.

Roach26 says:

If it wasn't for Nokia I wouldn't be using wp8, and it's a shame Nokia is doing more for the OS than MS is.

b3rni3703 says:

i agree.. likewise.. MS needs a BITCH SLAP.

afgzee says:

Microsoft is a joke, they are just not serious about Windows Phone, seems its just a pet project for them

thettk says:

Microsoft apparently bought Skype for $8.5 billion so that Skype could get better on iOS, Android & Blackberry but not on Windows.

b3rni3703 says:

even Albert Einstein would be scratching his ass...............

aafa says:

right in the kisser...

Sean D. says:

This is one of the few things that happens regarding WP that really pisses me off. No I'm not leaving, and NO the sky is NOT falling. But barring whatever reason/excuses they have for this not coming to WP it's stuff like this is pretty inexcusable at this point.
Thanks for nothing Skype (Becaue for me the app it's self is STILL buggy)
The ONLY way they can make up for this Skype trash is to make it part of the OS like they originally said.
It would be nice if all of you calm the hell down and not turn this into the next big thing to cry about... but honestly, it's pretty hard to not get at least a little bent outta shape over it. Yet and still this is a Skype issue, not MS. I know some of you pledge odd allegiances to certain companies and their apps, and in doing so place all blame on MS, but I don't think it's them. Maybe Daniel can clear that part up.

dalydose says:

Except that Skype IS Microsoft!

Talbot690 says:

smatphone market used Confusion!
(Microsoft) -50 hp
Microsoft is confused.
Microsoft used Launch updated program!
Microsofts attack failed.
Smartphone market used Counter attack!
(Microsoft) -150 hp
It's Super Effective!

RedSamurai says:

WinPhémon: Skype Blue :)

Mocah says:


bmarsden says:

W. T. F. ?!?!?
Seriously MSFT, does this not seem like an issue to you?

dotcompt says:

It seems thta even Microsoft thinks that Windows Phone development is not worth it and they chose to follow the money path, Android and iOS. My Android and iOS friends are pretty happy today, happy enough to get a good laugh one me.
Microsoft sucks big time and if it wasnt Nokia it would suck even more. Steve Ballmer go home we need Bill Gates now.

topleya says:

I agree with the Balmer needs to shift, he was a great bit of PR fun sometimes but he really is an idiot if he is allowing his competition to have the upper hand because his company is giving them the upper hand

kenzibit says:

I think Microsoft themselves hate Windows Phone. Balmer uses iphone after all....Whisky Tango Foxtrot.

topleya says:

Microsoft might as well begin funeral planing for WP if they keep doing this crap.

I've already lost one great product and service (Zune) because of Microsoft's poor choices, why do they keep doing this.

They need to learn an give us Microsoft made apps before iOS and Droid and give us the slightly better app.

Key Selling Point of WP7 was Xbox Live then they released a superb app on other platforms.

They have done Zero with Xbox live games. Zilch!  

Suedezu says:

Microsoft, you surely know how to mess things up. If I were Balmer I would have heads rolling out by the numbers

Well, I think Microsoft has just noticed that Windows Phone is a complete fail and is terrible. 

No, it's a beautiful os. But maybe they should just let Nokia do all the work.

Sean D. says:

Nokia makes apps and hardware. MAtter of fact they failed so bad at keeping their OS alive, they ended up adopting WP. Do you really tell yourself that MS isn't doing anything at all with THEIR OS?
C'mon man....

RedSamurai says:

You are absolutely right about Nokia failing to keep their OS alive. Most of us are gutted because WP is such a great and fresh platform with a huge potential and we feel Microsoft is taking a bit too long to evolve it. Shame really when you see Nokia doing everything possible to bring features to the OS that MS should have brought instead. That's not to say Nokia is doing it out of courtesy, they have basically no margin of error and MUST act swiftly if they are to recover. To be honest, I feel for people who love WP but own a non Nokia device (Sammy and Htc), they probably feel most betrayed by Microsoft.
Sorry for the long post...

Sean D. says:

Not to discount Nokia in any way, but I don't see them doing much more than apps and hardware. And that's pretty much what they are expected to be doing.

NaNoo123 says:

What's wrong with you people. If you want that functionality there's plenty of other mobile platforms you can use, stop the wining!!! Just joking, wtf......

style2k12 says:

maybe ms reveals in the 8.1 update that skype in fact wil be realy integrated in 8.1 update and then its kinda logical that it is delayed om wp.

polychromenz says:

Lol you must be new here. We've all been wishing like that for years. The more times we see this the more I expect wp9 to be another restart, this time with an upgrade option. Too much in fighting at Ms to make good strategic decisions, too many internal empires

RedSamurai says:

I think we won't be seeing such integration before WP9. Some consider it being skeptical, I personally consider it being realistic.

larspassic says:

Microsoft, this is stupid. Put your platform first. You are a terribly fragmented company. Get your act together.

I really feel sorry for Nokia.  They have been griding out the goods only to be held back by the OS.   Now they are saying Blue won't be out until 2014 for WP?  I mean WTF!  I love my 920 and I've been on board since day one, but it's getting to the point where It's embarrasing to be a fan.  My love for Nokia hardware is the only thing keeping me from bolting.  

ScRePt says:

Well, Skype are doing their best to stay relevant. They can not afford waiting for wp.
WP is delayed for a reason since w8 got the update. The question is what is the reason? They either plan on more merging of wp8 and w8 with blue so there is no point in wasting resources OR wp8 lacks the appropriate apis ....
I am leaning towards the latter (based on the "We will inform you if we add send capability at a later date" comment)
So, the heads of wp8 apis are to be blamed probably because I have hard time to believe that the hardware or the OS is not capable of recording a video ... !

RedSamurai says:

Regardless of what's preventing it from being implemented, there is simply no excuse to not explain why their own platform has been omitted!
If it is something to do with better integration in WP8.1, then they HAVE to point it (as subtly as they need). And if it is some kind of limitation, then at least explain the situation and make a promise to fix it and make it better later. I mean there are people giving their money and committed to their product for f@#k's sake!!

No matter how one sees it, their attitude is simply inexcusable.


Aryan Angel says:

What the actual fuck
No.. No...

vichuxxx says:

You can't blame Skype for this mess. Its MS. It overdid the security precautions on media storage system on WP8 and so no app can send any video files from WP os. (remember WhatsApp can't send any video audio files either). I hope MS working on it and GDR2 removes this issue within the OS. And any app can use media storage system afterwards and Skype will probably update afterwards. They are not very dumb to admit that they overdid their first-thinking on WP8 creation and Skype update unavailability is because of this. That's why they are "mum" on this issue.