Ren Zhengfei, Huawei CEO

Huawei gets brazen, says it would buy Nokia, finds Windows Phone too expensive [Update]

File this under “Did they just say that?”

In an interview with the Financial Times, Richard Yu, chairman of Huawei's consumer business group, said that the company would be open to buying Nokia to boost their smartphone sales, especially in non-Asian markets where the Chinese OEM is still facing some challenges.

Cnet interprets some of Yu's comments as suggesting that if Huawei were to buy Nokia, Windows Phone itself may be up for reconsideration. The reason is price: Windows Phone still has a license fee, whereas Android is "free". We're not confident that Huawei would do such a thing, even if they were to buy Nokia, but it's clear they don't have much faith in the Microsoft OS either.

All of this is quite fascinating, especially since Huawei is expected to release the Ascend W2 in the coming weeks, sporting Windows Phone 8. But when Microsoft's partner is saying this publicly, it's not exactly a vote of confidence:

“Whether Windows Phone [will be] successful is difficult to say – it has a very small market share. [Windows Phones] are weak but still require a licence fee. That’s not good. Android is free.”

But is Nokia selling?

Nokia Logo Lumia

Of course this the free-market and companies can’t really just buy other companies unless they are willing to be sold. Well, pretty much. First off, we should note there is zero indication that Nokia is actually looking for a suitor to buy them. While occasional rumors pop up, they are always unfounded and currently there is just no evidence that Nokia wants to sell.

That’s a problem for the evidently boisterous Huawei, since if Nokia doesn’t want to sell, it complicates things. But there is such thing as a hostile takeover, in which Huawei can bypass Nokia’s management and go right to the investors with a direct offer for purchase. While very difficult to pull off, if the investors are unhappy with Nokia’s management they could opt for the Huawei deal—especially if Huawei throws a lot of money at them, which is often how such deals work.

Unfortunately, some of Nokia’s investors are upset and have even been quite vocal about it. It’s far from clear though that they are in a majority position of have any sway over the other investors, but if Nokia doesn’t start gaining significant market share, the people holding the money could get antsy.

Would Microsoft let it happen?

Steve Ballmer Nokia

Here’s the thing: Huawei seems to be walking proudly, saying headline grabbing things like buying a company that is not up for sale and scrapping its main OS, but in reality we see little chance of that happening.

For one, we don’t think Finland, who plays a role in that company, would let a Chinese firm walk in and buy what is essentially one of that country’s prized possessions. That’s not to say they could ultimately prevent it from happening, just that things would get messy (especially once you bring in the EU into the mix).

Next up is Microsoft. While MSFT has no intention of acquiring Nokia—there’s just no value in doing so when they’re getting everything they want now—it doesn’t mean they would let their most cherished OEMs just fall into another OEM's hands. More so since Huawei hinted that they would then kill Windows Phone for Android, destroying whatever momentum Microsoft has built up in recent months.

Because of those reasons, we think Huawei is just talking. Heck, a lot of OEMs would pick up Nokia if they could—just their patent portfolio would be worth it, never mind their talented engineers and design teams. But there are quite a few insurmountable barriers, in our opinion, between Huawei’s dream and reality.

But hey, we’re sure Nokia is flattered.

What do you think?  Sound off in comments!

Update 4:45PM ET: Huawei is now claiming that they have "no plans" to buy Nokia to Reuters. It's an odd statement since technically, you can't have plans to buy a company that's not for sale anyway. To us, it sounds like Huawei is backpedaling a bit, as their desire to buy Nokia has not been challenged. They're just stating that nothing is in the works, which we already knew.

Source: Financial Times (paywall); via Cnet; Thanks, Michael M., for the tip!



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aaa6112 says:

Like Tom Warren said, this would be a dark day.

mjfadaway says:

A tragedy. Nokia in the hands of Huawei would be equal to Palm and webOS in the hands of HP. We all know how that turned out.

PolishHitta says:

I'm sure that Elop would feel the same way selling Nokia.

trwrt says:

He's not the one who would be selling since he doesn't own Nokia.  He would be getting fired.

rodneyej says:

Lol! That's what it is!!

Ron_12 says:

I have plans to buy Microsoft, I have no money and they are not for sale but it does not bother me because I have plans.

renisans says:

True that. It's not up to Elop. At this point, I'm very divided about him. I love my 920 and my wife's 928. And I'm very excited about the EOS cued up....but, these lame exclusives have held back Nokia from the American market, keeping investors wary of Nokia. But perhaps the ship has finally turned, at long last. Is it enough to save him?

Rishicash says:

If the sale were to be made and he remained he would be called Erop instead of Elop.

ytazbddj says:

If Huawei buy nokia, that will be the day I stop buying Nokia or Huawei.

Rockartisten says:

It will never happen. Ericsson and Nokia are and always will be communications company's and they are both highly funded by the EU. Nokia basically created the 3g standard and Ericsson basically created the 4g standard. Both of these company's are highly funded by the EU and aren't going anywhere.

John20212 says:

Screw Huiwai, nobody is interested in them and the crap coming out of their CEO. I hope they GTFO of the WP ecosystem, nobody likes them and nobody wants them, and statements like the above are not going to make them any friends among WP fans.
I would literaly buy any other brand before I gave a cent to Huiwai.
Nokia isn't going anywhere and especialy not to a Chinese company, there is no way EU or Finland would allow it even if Nokia was open to, WHICH THEY ARE NOT.

rodneyej says:

Huawei can "Kizz My Black Azz"...
Something must be wrong wifum!
I'm not sure if I even want then supporting WP now.. Lol!

NIST says:

And you're not even black!

rodneyej says:

I don't know, I've been putting "African American" on applications for quite some time now.. And, im sure the police have referred to me as "a black male" once or twice, or thrice!! Lol! But, if you say I'm not "black" then I stand to be corrected..

NIST says:

You said thrice. No brother I know says thrice.

rodneyej says:

Lol! Well, contrary to your beliefs there are "Black" people who are not as typical as you've most likely been taught the majority of us are.. But, I'm not mad at you because I run into this type of stereotypical stuff everyday.. I blame it on society, and I'm sure you mean no harm.. I actually find it quite amusing!! Nevertheless, just look at my picture dude!!.. BTW, I was raised, and still live, in Arlington, Texas... Brother!

NIST says:

Hey, I watched the Fresh Prince of Bell-air and Different Strokes. Lol just funin with with ya.

rodneyej says:

Oh, now you wanna make up for disin black people?? Lol.. I'm just joking..

I am in the same boat man! Also the same state! I'm told that I "Act white." all the time!

rodneyej says:

Damn! They don't want us acting like criminals, and hoodlums, but when we get an education, get involved in technology, and become a productive citizen, that's not good enough for them either.. Lol!! Sad thing is it's our own people who hold us down the most.. That's the south for ya!!! Oh well, we better quit talking about this stuff before Daniel bust in and breaks up our party with his digital Billy club!!! HaHahahahah..

NIST says:

NorCal here bud. It's all good.

rodneyej says:

Awe yeah baby!!!

A World Without Prejudice--When?
Still I don't want those Huawei's to get there oily little hands on Nokia.

rodneyej says:

Huawei's.. Lol..

Exactly! Man, EXACTLY!!

lippidp says:

I'm with you. Even if they released a great WP with a keyboard I'd tell them to lick my balls.

rodneyej says:

And, they probably would if it was free!! Lol!

lippidp says:

LOL!  Speaking of unsafe practices, whenever someone tells me, "But Google (whatever) is free!"  I say, "So is herpes."  It ALWAYS shuts them up...

rodneyej says:

Now, that's a good one!! I'm going to use that one.... Today!!

benrp says:

Plus its not really free, these companies pay ones in legal fees which the Windos Phone licenses cover.

rodneyej says:

Yeah, nothing's really "free"...

Loco5150 says:

Hah, thats MC Ren right there..

peter14f says:

NOK went up because of THIS?! SMH

Shadow_12213 says:

You have to remember, most of the investors are whining cuz they're impatient and think an operating system sets up a user base in a day. I would be too so that's why when they hear that there's a possibility to make money they get giddy.

vish2801 says:

It's been 3 years, they have every right to be worried and MS is not speeding up that's actually the biggest concern.

Shadow_12213 says:

Like I said I would be happy seeing dollar signs too, but I personally don't think it would be a good turnout for Nokia.

Kellzea says:

Wow its 2015 already? /s

But in all seriousness, how you can claim doubling market share in 8 months is "no speeding up" is beyond me.

Sean D. says:

Careful... most of these folks don't operate within the parameters of "logic".   :-o

trwrt says:

Under Elop they've watched their stock lose over half its value. What's illogical about them being upset? They should be grateful because for a time the loss was over three-fourths?

Xaphoon148 says:

Investors... Worthless bacterias that never do an honest days work.
Really despise them.

lippidp says:

Yeah, there's a lot of scum out there, but if ever want to start your own business someday you will find that investors are a necessary evil.

andrewb65 says:

A new term needs to be phrased because most shareholders are not investors, they are gamblers,speculators, opportunists, robbers with little interest in the success of the business in which they hold stocks/shares. Very few stocks are held for dividends these days. The ROI is just too low for these 'investors' without any movement in share price, so there is general collusion in the industry with media to manipulate prices either way. The profits made by these investors do not appear from thin air, they are gleaned from losses/ reduced performance on managed investments and pension funds from every citizen in the world and from consumer price inflation.

moc426 says:

Stocks go up and down all the time from speculation. 
But I personally would hate if this ever did materialize, but I don't see it happening right now.

ikissfutebol says:

NOK went up because the shareholder would be able to demand a pretty premium. Shareholders are not necessarily fans of the company...sadly. Similarly, fans of the company are not always shareholders which means we don't necessarily rule the company despite it being our collective dollars that keep cash flowing to the company. I'll call it a half shake instead of a full smh.

Huwei is a crap company with a moron CEO. They've got so many lawsuits against them from competing networking companies (like Cisco and HP, for example) that it's frightening. I know that their network switches, for example, are built on stolen old-ass, insecure versions of Cisco IOS.

Shadow_12213 says:

+1 and I'm pretty sure they hack every company possible

rodneyej says:

Right.. It's fine, for now, that they are making WP devices, but at this rate I could NEVER see myself buying one.. Man, what are we going to do? MS/WP needs more OEM Support in a bad way.. I think im going to freek out again..

Well, just remember that Google is being sue all over for copyright infringement and also by the EU for allegedly "pushing" OEMs to ignore, cancel, or delay their plans for competing products... it won't last forever.

rodneyej says:

Wow! I didn't know that!!

pulkit10 says:

Not to mention that Android is free for them until they are taken to court and forced to pay a fee on each device like most other OEMs.

Non-news really. Got a little lost in what the CEO was trying to explain.

This from a company that's developmental department is a room of hackers used to steal corporate secrets and blue-prints. And I'm suppose to be shocked he wants to go the "free" route? His entire company is based off of the five finger discount.

Chinese companies just steal everybody elses innovations at this point.

scdkad says:

+100000-that is pretty much what all Chinese companies do..

rodneyej says:

Yes, Chinese companies and one American one... Uhhmm Johnny________ seed!

There's a reason all of their manufacturing is done in China ;)

rodneyej says:

I know, right!... Stupid iOS7,, stole my WP metro design language.. LOL.. Yeah I'm still bitchin about that..

tissotti says:

Is it really any different to US? US monitoring is way more intense and has been going on for 20 years. It would be silly not to presume it would not have been used for competitive edge.
US feels more China than China itself. Just saying.

poddie says:

Are you talking about cell phones? Everyone else is talking about cell phones.

ali80 says:

As a network engineer (CCNA) I asure you my department has gave up buying cisco router because huawei routers are the same in half price, even lower!!

kaneboy says:

Yes, indeed! This evil company even built that PRISM system to watch us everyone!!! Our emails, calls, all data online! It definitely is the enemy of our FREE world!

sumton says:

he must be dreaming or he lost his pills if he think microsoft would allow this acquisition to pass

rodneyej says:

Lol! Lost his pills..

Karanstyle says:

Ok you really made me laugh..!! Hi5 man

based_graham says:

Microsoft should help Nokia go private.

TBH, probably not a bad idea at all..

ericjojo says:

Honestly...Microsoft should consider this to save Windows Phone

blackhawk556 says:

Ball park, how much would this cost in total & how much would it cost to Microsoft?

rodneyej says:

Wow Daniel,, you really stirred up some shizznit today!! Good job!! I love WPC.. If you guys make some WPC gear we promise we will buy it all up!! And yes, I speak for EVERYONE!

polychromenz says:

+1000 - where's my WPCentral T-shirt - I'd buy one (or two) blue not pink OK

rodneyej says:

I just want a few with a huge WPC logo on the front, and back!! A WPC coffee mug would suffice as well!!

Yeah we have some gear in the works....waaaay overdue on that, sorry. Just lots of working on going back here. T-shirts, mugs are on the way though.

rodneyej says:

Awesome! Keep us posted!!

nube_android says:

That would take all of the pressure off of Nokia from all of those impatient investors.

sepatown says:

Totally agree. In fact, Microsoft will buy Nokia before any other company since they have more at stake and more cash at hand than any other company interested in acquiring Nokia.

Not that I disagree, but how would Nokia benefit from going private?

Same reason why Dell just did. So that they can go, create things without "noisy" investors bugging them about stock price and talking about things that they don't know about.

You also escape the analysts, since they can't look at your books anymore. Read our write up on Dell going private to better understand:

Investors are good for raising capital, obviously, but they can be a huge PITA too since now they get a seat at the table. Escaping that and going private, the company can do whatever they want.

darkoman4 says:

I am pretty knowlegable guy when it comes to general stuff, but I have to admit, economics is not my cup of tea. So if a company goes back private, who then owns the company. Who comes up with all the necesassary money and why would stock holders sell back their shares to someone else who wants to own the whole company.  Another thing is how can a public company (Microsoft) own a private company (Nokia)? These 2 things don't make sense to me.

See my link above for the Dell explains that with a real world example.

Fiann says:

They wouldn't have to answer to investors. Investors tend to be focused on one thing, making more money year after year. As a result they often sacrifice in places they shouldn't to meet that goal. Taking the company private removes that barrier and puts the control in the hands of one person or a small group of people.

dasfoto says:

Can I be one of that small group of people with my paultry 512 shares. I'm 1000% behind WP and Nokia. I'd like to remain a part of that even if it is real small.

Ick... Keep Huawei as far away from Nokia as possible!

On another note, I don't see any reason why Microsoft wouldn't buy them directly at some point. Keep the Surface, Xbox, and Lumia brands for themselves now that they're a "devices and services" company.

Because merging companies, especially when foreign, is difficult, with a lot of red tape via the EU (and Finland). Currently there's just no benefit in MS buying Nokia--the only reason would be to keep it out of other company's hands--but that's a crappy way to buy a company.

inteller says:

so it would make more sense to spend billions reinventing the wheel?  Because that's what they would have to do to start making their own Windows Phones.  Let's face it if Nokia went away WIndows Phone would be dead.  No, that' makes ZERO sense.  Buy Nokia and keep WIndows Phone momentum going, or don't and start from zero again again.

I think I was very clear in the article and my comment: Microsoft would step in if they had to, but not before.

Nik Rolls says:

They don't have to buy Nokia to release their own phones. They could just go the Nexus route, get Nokia to make a Microsoft branded phone for them.

Barastyr says:

You didn't get Daniel's point. Microsoft will only consider buying Nokia, if they see a possibility of Nokia being purchased by another company which would make it quit the 'Windows Phone'.
Btw Daniel, if it does come to that point, all microsoft has to do is buy enough Nokia shares to block a take-over; they don't HAVE to buy the whole company. Atleast that's what I would do...if i had the!! Just to make sure Nokia's creativity stays intact!!

Yeah, just look how Skype turned out, lol. But I did say "at some point," and I agree with you that it would likely be to keep it out of someone else's hands.

tissotti says:

Thing is Nokia has as much workforce as Microsoft.
It's not a software buy, but a company with 100 000 workers, 7 factories around the globe and large global scale.

For a software company that might be a bit too much. Buying price would also be far greater than anything else MS has bought before. Nokia itself is sum of many buys, like Navteq it bought for 7.5 billion in 2008.

blackhawk556 says:

Nokia's stock is so low though. Wasn't Yahoo's! Stock around $24 and MS offered just tad under $40b? With Nokia's current price, I'm pretty sure it would cost waaaay less than $30b. No?

nube_android says:

Nokia's market cap is around 15 billion USD.

Jeff Kibuule says:

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

Shimoner01 says:

^ Haha, and true.

Aren't Huawei one fo the brands paying Microsoft a fee for each Android handset?  Or are they still fighting it?
That Android is free comment may come back to bite them.

They also pay google for the inclusion of the Google Play store to their devices

cesar ruiz1 says:

Maybe they are hacking it too that's why they say it's free..

Mayur says:

Maybe their WP8 w1 and w2 are part of the deal with MS for not to sue them for Android. Like what Samsung did.

KQ17 says:

Hopefully this never happens.

Somebody tell Huwei to pound sand. Cheap bastards.

kaynachtsman says:

Maybe they would sell their sybiam stuff... but not more .

DreadVenom says:

Huawei meet middle finger, middle finger meet Huawei. Now that's settled take the hint u arrogant pricks. Of course u want Nokia, ur latest phone looks like the love child of an iPhone 4 and the LG Viewty. Original, no.

tissotti says:

Huawei would certainly love to get their hands to Nokia.
Huawei is a new company and Nokia is a old company that holds by far the largest and most expensive patent portfolio.
Not to forget half of Nokia is their network business that employees 55 000 people. Nokia is leading the LTE wave on the network side in the developed markets and in general on network side has even more dominant patent portfolio in the industry.
Though I doubt Finnish goverment would do anything to Nokia if this happened and they have openly said that (Nokia's presence is smaller and smaller), EU would likely step in on the netwok situation as the Huawei + NSN combo would be too much.
You essentially have NSN, Ericsson and the Chinese network manufacturers. Ericsson has had some slight problems recently and it would leave them alone after Nokia bought Motorolas network business as well.

rodneyej says:

Doesn't Nokia date all the way back to the 1800's??

Laion says:

Mainly the ones who complained were small shareholders and not the institutions who own the biggest stake

Nik Rolls says:

Can't remember quite how far back. Two sister companies, one made rubber products (mainly gumboots) and the other paper products (mainly tissue papers). IIRC.

rodneyej says:

O thought it was transportation or something.. Where's Rudy when you need him?

Nik Rolls says:

Here we go: paper, rubber, cabling.

I used to work for Nokia, it was almost part of induction to learn the proud history :)

inteller says:

GO home Huawei, you're drunk.

jabz9 says:

I really hope this NEVER happens with this or any other OEMs. Because as sad as it is, if we lose Nokia the WP market share will drop to below 1% in the u.s.

inteller says:

let's not forget that buried in their partnership contract somwhere MSFT has first right of refusal.

Sam Sabri says:

Have any links for that? Looking around the web I couldn't find anything. Smart move by Microsoft if they did do that back then. 

brainimpact says:

of course they did not do that it would be illegal

rodneyej says:

Right, and a big company like MS would never break the law.. Oh, no, no, no!

blackhawk556 says:

Do you have proof for what you are saying?

brainimpact says:

Tom the Burger Van guy at the end of the market place also would buy Mcdonalds to go international, being local & irrelevant is so not where he likes being 

xankazo says:

WTF did I just read?!!!!

blackhawk556 says:

Can someone tell me how US & Japanese companies, who have been pioneers in the digital age, are all of a sudden being beat by Chinese tech companies? I'll give you my two cents. All the companies sent their secrets and blue prints to china to have their cheap labor build the product. Now, china doesn't have to spent a single penny on research and development because all the have to do is steal the blue prints that Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, and HP gave them to build the product. China has never been a country known to have great talent for jaw dropping technology and all of a sudden they are a big player in the tech world. What do you guys think?

Gurggles says:

China is playing catch up by using the cheap labor to get the information. Wasn't Huawei just investigated by the US for being too chummy with the Communist Regime?

nube_android says:

They aren't being beat. The Chinese just copy our shit.

Nakazul says:

They just went over to America, said, here is some money and bought within democratic rights, companies and moved them to China. There is documentaries about China, lawfully traveling around buying companies. And that's legal....which is outrageous, but good American business in the works.

DJCBS says:

The Finish government has interfered before in the management of Nokia, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't allow the Chinese to just come over and buy Nokia (that would reflect on the Finish economy). The EU is a mess, some Governments (like mine) would gladly hand the company over to China in exchange for buckets of Euros. But other more intelligent governments (like the Finish or the German ones) would see how economically stupid allowing that would be. So, if something like this is left in the hands of the morons in Brussels, the process will take forever.
As far as I'm concerned, the day Huawei or any other Chinese company buys Nokia, I'm jumping ship. Between having a Chinese controlled company or a Japanese, I'd rather go with the Japanese. And Sony would be the obvious choice. And this has more to do with the fact that I don't trust nor support communist governments like the Chinese one. And yes, all major Chinese companies have connections with the Chinese government. The Chinese have little respect for intelectual property (or property at all), low quality standards etc. This is why I'm against Chinese companies taking over European companies. Plain and simple. I'm not bound by European politicians real politik so I can say what many others think.

But I think that will not happen anytime soon. I can see Germans buying Nokia before the Chinese are allowed to take over. Or even Microsoft. Although I personally would prefer Nokia to just remain as it is. The shareholders are unhappy, simple: adopt Android to replace Symbian and everyone's happy.

sr! says:

Samsung is Korean

DJCBS says:

I meant Sony lol Thanks for warning me. Still, even Samsung would be a better option for me.

brainimpact says:

Cant replace Symbian its already officially been killed, I think what you mean is add Android to the current WP OS line up, adopt another OS instead of gambling everything on WP which is turning out to be a bad strategy I always though they needed tp go multiple OS route and just ramp up production for the one becoming most popular

cesar ruiz1 says:

Nokia makes great phones but I can't imagine a Nokia android phone it would have the worst lag possible with a 12 core cpu, all those apps that make are permanent in a android phone, 41 mp shooter and knowing them only having 32 GB of internal storage and no micro SD slot just to keep the phone looking good, it'll end up with 16gb of available memory. I personally think its best for them to stay where they are. What perfect example then the s4 2 quad cores, (or octo-core) still has a little lag, and 8.9 GB of usable memory. I'm not dissing nor Nokia nor android but there gonna want to be the best and that has consequence's in user experience.

ArchieVellie says:

Huawei is not even on top in China, of course they want to buy Nokia. But it's nice to have a dream. Lol

trwrt says:

It must be my birthday because this is the greatest story ever.  1000 enraged semi-coherent comments here we come!

Micah Dawson says:

I would be so pissed if that happened lol

sr! says:

NO THEY ARE NOT. Reuters reported that Huawei has denied the report.
Atleast the VP doesnt know what the president is talking about. So lets move on.... and let the happy days continue.

Well, I'll add to that to the story but all that sounds like is "they have no plans" is still different than they would want to buy 'em.

I'm sure the FT got the quote right, but now it looks like Huawei is backpedaling...

borasar says:

Don't think a hostile take over would work, Nokia would probably be able to use white squire or white knight defense with the help of MS, especially given the fact that Huawei is talking about Android it would be in MS' interest as well to prevent the take over.

Pleistoros says:

Microsoft will never let Nokia go. The Nokia name says quality, even if it is unjustified sometimes. I am a 8x owner and I love my phone, but I have to say that many customers will buy Nokia hardware rather than anything else for quality. Nokia is Microsoft's jewel. Would you let anyone take your car or phone and not do anything about it?

Jaskys says:

Wow if Huawei gonna make a move i hope Microsoft will buy Nokia, cause Huawei will kill this brand and we'll never see it shine again...

Beshoy Hanna says:

Huawei, you are nothing more than a bunch of broke ass, thieving ass, drunk azz Chinese hackers that got this far by your filthy ways. Your destiny is bleak, your demise inevitable.

Nokia is not for sale, especially not to RED CHINA. Besides they already have AMC, and may many other companies but im sorry they can't have this one. Stephen don't agree to sell, stay with the plant will work.

SayMehName says:

To be honest I think Microsoft should make Nokia be the exclusive maker of windows phone kinda like how all iPhones are apple. Just an opinion.

diplomat696 says:

I kinda agree tbh, Samsung mehhh, HTC mehhh everyone else except Nokia blehhhh this would also fix some gripes too e.g Nokia exclusives on apps/games

RayWall says:

I think this kind of happening already by default.

rodneyej says:

Lol! Not that I want to see it happen that way, but you're probably right.

clappenings says:

File under 'story from Bizarre Magazine'

marantaz says:

Typical Chinese arrogance. Not being racist, my wife is Chinese. This is a guy who's company recently got caught with its hand in the espionage cookie jar, the company took a publicity hit, and he's come out flinging pooh in retaliation. He's got to sound confident so he picks on Nokia and Windows Phone because they have a small market share in an attempt to make his company look important when it is far less significant than either of them. Blustery buffoon.

Karanstyle says:

A. I bought a WP because its Nokia, not because its WP..!!
B. HUAWEI, We all know how well your products do... They're yukk..!!
C. I'd buy Nokia Phones even though they were Android or MeeGo or Mozilla. Because Nokia is great at BATTERY, DURABILITY, H/W QUALITY & INDUSTRIAL DESIGN.

aimulaidni says:

^THIS, Bought a WP just because it's Nokia, not because it's WP

I bought a Nokia because its a WP. But I will admit to becomming a proud Nokia fan since investing in their product. I could not imagine owning any other brand phone now over Nokia.

kuhio3 says:

This... I brought a Nokia because it runs WP... If they go Android, I'm out!!!!

dotcompt says:

I have this strange picture in my mind where Google and Huawei are sitting at the same table and Google asks "what do you need from us to buy it and then kill it?"

wpguy says:

So IOW Huawei isn't paying their Android licensing fees to Microsoft. Yet.

diplomat696 says:

Huawei - google is free. Lmao is this comedy story of the day? They are probably making next to nothing in the majority of countries thanks to google. Lets see Joe Schmo goes into a phone store, he can buy a Samsung, a Nokia, an iPhone or wait no I want the throw away "pos" Huawei hmm well I know who is not coming out on top there.....go back to making your non descript, battery sucking crap Huawei and leave the real phones to the big boys.

oddom says:

Huawei is a much bigger name in China then Nokia so I mean even though they aren't huge all over they are huge in the largest and fastest growing market in the world...that a big deal

PeterFnet says:

Nokia has no reason to sell, at least not at a low price. The reality is that you pay for what you get: companies, licenses, etc.

Karanstyle says:

Waste company made me hate them even more, I BOUGHT MY PHONE BECAUSE ITS NOKIA, NOT BECAUSE ITS A WINDOWS PHONE.

dalydose says:

I bought mine because of both reasons, actually.  I was a Samsung Focus and whatver they had that was after that user until the Nokia's came out.  I jumped on that bandwagon ASAP.  

Right, which is dumb. I have no plans to buy a Tesla either--but I would if I could. Sounds like a classic backwalk on something an executive should not have said. I think Huawei's intent is still unquestioned though.

Etios says:

Huawei CAN buy Nokia if they want, PRC will fund it and can easily outbid Microsoft too!!

What the hell is in your mind man?
Huawei can`t but nokia because of anti-trust laws especially, and the principal problem is "money". And you are saying that huawei can outbid microsoft in a deal? I think you should go and kill your self for this afirmation

Etios says:

Ass-holes like you should be shot in front of your family. What anti-trust laws you are talking about ? Money problem?? Huawei can get all the funds they need from the PRC, even Microsoft-Apple-Google combined can't outbid the PRC!!

ericjojo says:

If this shit happens, then I'm leaving Windows Phone...unless Microsoft is able to come up with a Surface Phone

Icthiodrak says:

Here is a better idea... Microsoft buys Huawei and makes them a 100% Windows Phone OEM just for giggles.

diplomat696 says:

Or better yet Nokia buys them and makes them 100% WP

Kristijan87 says:

This. ^^ Microsoft could do it. With the loose change found in the couches all around the MS campus. :) Buy and obliterate. :)

bitemeblinky says:

No plans to ever buy a Huawei device but I'll make sure I never do after these arrogant comments.

jlynnm350z says:

This is worst case scenario!

lbaxter says:

There's a reason "Android is free"; it's called data-mining for ads (among other unscrupulous agencies).
(And I'm not saying Google is the ONLY one doing this. But when you offer your OS "free", you get it out there en masse so as to collect even more data.)

Carchathoth says:

This is just some shareholders tactic to increase price before selling. Not that anyone would like to have a thief buying Nokia. 
Huawei is nothing but a thief. They pretend to be big, but what have they innovated? NOTHING. Have you ever seen anything original or innovative devices made by Huawei? NOPE.
Go away Huawei.

scardboy says:

Sweet you got my tip

bilzkh says:

if Nokia were to decide going private, could we see Microsoft step in to provide the cash and be a non-voting member of the company?

dalydose says:

Did he just diss Windows Phone because of market share?  Um...what is HIS company's market share???  

purevibz says:

I was thinking the same thing.

paulheu says:

Well, they are the #3 phone prducing brand out there..

procen says:

What type of phone are they producing?

gabrelov says:

No nokia still hilds 2nd position in market on total phone sales, feauture and smartphone

purevibz says:


Part of the free market game, MS/Nokia just need to man up and protect their vision, that's what leaders do.

RayWall says:

What the world needs is more Android phones, because we don't have enough as it is.
BTW there's no such thing as a cheap, high quality anything unless someone is willing to lose money.

paulxxwall says:

When I used to sell metro pcs those huawei phones were the biggest piece of junk I've ever seen the worst phones for metro pcs the always lagged,froze up,etc Nokia was by far the best phones metro pcs ever had that's why when I switched I chose my l920
Because I know it would take huawei a million years to get to where Nokia is and I don't think huawei has enough money to buy nokia

ya_man says:

Nokia is doing well and so deos Win Phone. I'm sure new exciting devices and OS improvements are coming in near future. At this point win phone market share can only go up. A lot.

mrllano says:

They are talking like this as if they are a big player in the android community. They haven't prove anything yet.

oddom says:

In China yes they are big...just like Nokia isn't huge in America and other places huawei is huge in China but not many other places including America.

Karanstyle says:

Finally Huawei is kinda feeling like: I spoke more than required better smile & take a step back :P

compose says:

Well, I have a Huawei W1, and I'm quite happy with them, and WP8, but the words of buying Nokia - it was a little too much, I hope it was just a "figure of speech", bit of a show for the audience ...

TechnoTim says:

Android is not free. And if they bought it and scrapped it I would sell my shares and Craigslist my phone.

Lewis Black says:

Huawei can't even build a decent 4g stick, let alone a smartphone.
Nokia is not for sale.

paulheu says:

Let's stay realistic here.. They can.. And do..

Chayron says:

Lol waiting for Nokia's to respond.. would be epic if they reject that lol :P and say we dont have any plan to use android OS..

erzhik says:

The only way Nokia will sell is if WP completely fails. Now given that Nokia pretty much controls WP, this ain't gonna happen any time soon. And if there will be anyone to jump on Nokia sale, it won't be Huawei, it would be Microsoft.

NightWatch71 says:

They will probably take the Android route if Wp fails. If that fails (I don't think it will) they'll restructure the company and move on as a small player in mobile industry.

bobsentell says:

To remove foot from mouth, please press 1.

Ticomfreak says:

Microsoft should lower the cost of Windows Phone license to be on par or cheaper than Android royalties OEM's have to pay...

cannon#WP says:

That's what I've been saying. That's the real story here.

rodneyej says:

I agree 100% with this⬆⬆⬆

wintel says:

If only they could see the way things would go if they lowered the cost of doing business.  They can play this as a loss-leader.

nordicwarren says:

Huawei is a bunch of kids talking

Xaphoon148 says:

The chances of me buying anything Huawai are below zero.
Seriously, what is this guy smoking??

glassadam says:

If they bought Nokia, I would stop buying Nokia phones. Sorry, china.

rmichael75 says:

I will have to sell all my phones (we can call it original Nokia phones:)) and stocks. no point holding them. 

Joelist says:

No one likes or wants Huawei. Even the Android community treats them like lepers because they all know what Huawei is - an arm of the Red Chinses military that does espionage and in the process steals tech and remarkets it for cash.

cannon#WP says:

I'd want one if they released a big screened (4'7 or 5'0 1080p) quad core WP device.

rodneyej says:

I'd like those spec's in a Nokia device please.

oddom says:

Relax wp fans, it's not happening so lets all just have a drink and take this with a grain of salt huh?

Laion says:

I don't understand, what you mean Nokia going private. It is private. Check out NYSE.

joeynox says:

The only thing keeping windows phone on the map is Nokia.Microsoft released a half assed os. Nokia with all its apps and exclusives are what makes WP.

I disagree completely. I love my Nokia and its exclusives. However I'd go back to HTC running windows phone as its the os that I love the most.

joeynox says:

Nokia should dump wi does phone a d release their own is or go android. I hate android but love Nokia handsets and WP just isn't making money

Yeah, they were doing great with Symbian. Your plan is brilliant.

Chayron says:

Yeah they can use IOS instead lol

Rob41664 says:

Maybe its time for MS to remind them just how FREE Android is.

Heritor says:

yeah because isn't MS forcing $15 per android handset sold?

Spicymikey says:

Well written assessment of the situation Daniel.  Could be, maybe, who knows.   Unfortunately there are a few truths.  Nokia is weak right now and could be a candidate for a hostile takeover if the right buyer came along.  I said that out loud a few months ago and was laughed at a bit.   Having said that, this Chinese company does not seem like the right buyer.  I think it's a joke actually that the CEO said those things.  But watch out.  Nokia has cash, but if they don't get ther revenue (and stock valuations) going in the right direction this year, they could be history.  It can easily happen.  Hell, it happened to AT&T!!  The largest corp in the world in the early 80's and then sold for parts less than 20 years later.  The weak get eaten.

I can see where the "small market share of WP" problem comes from judging by what MSFT's been doing lately.

procen says:

I want to buy Huawei for two chicken dumplings and a slice of BBQ beef bun. Your move Richard Yu "F..K".!

I went absolutely crazy after reading this. If this ever happens, then I am probably going to stop using a cell phone. Ok I am exaggerating, but that's personally how I feel. Nokia is the heart and soul of Windows Phone, we don't want to see Nokia dying.

Nakazul says:

Your not alone, its just unimaginable.

IAmBay says:

Huawei SUCKS, there phones are horrible. If the investors have brains then they would/should never consider that. Nokia has come a long way. Windows Phone would have died if it wasn't for Nokia. However I would like Nokia to create Android Phones. I think there android phones would destroy Samsung.

Heritor says:

 If Nokia had went Android it would have destroyed Nokia.  Nokia is/was known by only the hardcore enthusiasts.  They would have went into the Android market which Samsung DOMINATES and found themselves in a war against Samsung.  As of the moment Nokia is WP8, is backed by MS,  and dominating all of WP8 sales.
  Now Nokia's sales seems to be doing well and from what we have heard WP8 is gaining market share.  As for Investors being angry.  People need to understand that investors do not equal intelligent people with good business sense.  Many of those motherfuckers run businesses into the ground in their efforts to gain quick profitability.

"I would like Nokia to create Android Phones."
This is where hopeful myth and reality do not correlate. Android is not a simple or easy OS for a MFR to build and maintain, even with the increased vendor side driver support.
Samsung spends an obscene amount on internal Android development for that BASE OS alone, let alone the 'Samsung' addition of features they have added to the S3/S4 which are inherently provided in WP8.
Even with this investment, Samsung is continues to get 'stuck' as they cannot add features or technology due to LIMITATIONS in Android that is starting to once again hit hard ceilings. From the higher end Camera's on the S4 and upcoming Samsung optical Zoom edition to even more base OS functionality like NFC features and Tap & Send like functionality, the software side is still buggy and the results are less than stellar, especially with the Camera.
This is where the Myth exists, because people see Android as 'open' to do anything. Which is true in concept, but in technical capabilities falls short of being successfully implemented. (The NFC sharing on the S4 is a rather Random at being successful at best. Even the Camera App is rather random at consistent functionality, let alone by pushing Android crashing the App/functionality is still far too common.)
(When I say Android 'technical' limitations, these range from problems with the Linux kernel itself, how the JVM interfaces with the kernel and supercedes Linux kernel functionality, all the way a massive array of flaws in the model of the JVM and problems that will persist due to the static natue of Linux's design model and Android's JVM that will NEVER be fixed without a complete rewrite, forcing the virtualization/translation of all existing Apps - which will NEVER be allowed to happen.  Instead, much like Linux itself, 'Duck Tape' will be continually be added to Android to make it 'work better', requiring more resources to run and creating an even bigger pile of spagehtti.)

Huawei, go home, you are drunk xD

Fndlumia says:

In related news I'm thinking of buying Apple and Google

schlubadub says:

Hah I just made the same joke before seeing your earlier comment :P

Nakazul says:

If Nokia was sold... unimaginable....., but everything is possible. Plz stop this nonsense. I just noticed that Huawei isn't even in my L920 T9, lets keep it that way, kitos.

Nakazul says:

Ok, Sweden here and no Huawei. Looking at the cute red error underline now when spelling it :D

How do you pronounce Huawei? They don't have very much presence here in the UK, so I've never heard the name spoken.

w(h)a-whey; first syllable is very aspirated and silent

schlubadub says:

Strange... I always said it as hwa-whey. Is that how the company says it or how people from the US say it as you guys inexplicably drop the h from the beginning of words like Herb :P

Yeah, the sound is pretty much the way you have it...'h' is silent but's weird

Mooncow27 says:

I always say who-way.

jabtano says:

Nokia the company has a standing contract with Microsoft. Let us say that it is bought that contact will still be binding. However this would not be a good deal for investors or shareholders, even though the stock has not gained much and they have hedged back on dividends the road ahead looks very good for this company. I wouldn't be a wise move for the shareholders to go with. Now if Microsoft is really, really serious about mobile devices whey should either buy it or help them go public, because without Nokia Microsoft Mobile will be dead.

Narr says:

How much do they have to pay Microsoft to use the patents in Android? Doesn't sound very free to me. Plus people don't usually buy an Android phone the brand they want is Galaxy.

Fndlumia says:

What a dreamer maybe go spend your money on a penis enlargement as clearly trying to make up for something, most of the world has never heard of whoarewe just like Chinas car makers and their only market is China now I believe the whole population of the world knows the brand Nokia which is why this little Chinese (pun intended) company needs them so much. Another player in the already Samsung dominated android market.... Please

Kellix says:

It would be the death of the Windows phone and since Microsoft has put 4.4 billion in marketing over the next couple of years, it would basically screw that. Why I think Microsoft would buy them out first and over pay just to make sure, they don't screw up their plans. I just saw Super man man of Steel and Nokias are all over the place in that movie. Microsoft is pushing. I think because of that chinese company is why Nokias stock shot up. But I bet Microsoft would buy them out.
Also anybody remember when Lenovo took over IBM??? As in their desktops and laptops. I was there and the only way that IBM agreed  to do it, was they had to sign a deal where they still did the designing of the equipment and the support was for 5 years and they had the option to do it again. Nokia would always put a stipualtion like that on it, where if that Chinese company tried they would have to buy the Window phone and their licese fee, Which would essentially screw this deal. Why I bet they would not want that stipulation.  
Also don't we all remember the Tezen thats supposed to come out too, from Samsung, their trying to get away from Droid, Why they say their no fee for the OS, there is . Why would Samsung want to dump it and have thier own???

cybermoose89 says:

As us English would put it in expression terms HE CAN SLING HES HOOK! LOL

Fndlumia says:

BTW Mr Rubino this was a great article and very thought provoking, definitely one of the best editors. Keep up the great articles