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Take a trip with the first ad for the Lumia 930


Microsoft's first Surface Pro 3 commercial hits all the right points

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Huawei reverses course on dual-boot Windows, Android phones, won’t do them now

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Huawei plans to sell phone running both Android and Windows Phone later this year

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Nokia goes on the offensive with effective new ‘app reality’ ad, targeting new buyers

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Samsung and Google fear higher patent fees; raise concerns with Chinese courts about Microsoft's Nokia purchase

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Microsoft releases official 2014 Super Bowl commercial, shows how they are changing the world with technology


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Nokia Lumia 526 comes to China Mobile; now available from online retailer


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Huawei Ascend W3 Windows Phone to make a splash at CES?

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Nokia’s new ad with stylized animation dares Apple users to #SwitchToLumia

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The best Windows Phone you can buy

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Deal Alert: Huawei Ascend W2 available in the UK for just £119

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New Lumia 1020 ad shows off 'better camera', boasts Lumia 2520 $199 AT&T offer


New Windows ad showcases ‘New Devices for the new Windows’

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Huawei Ascend W2 finally set to launch; officially announces availability

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Huawei announce the Ascend W2 Windows Phone - UMTS shipping right away

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Huawei’s Ascend W2 Windows Phone gets a Russian review


New engaging Xbox One ad invites you to try Microsoft’s all-in-one gaming system


New China Mobile ad reportedly reveals Huawei Ascend W2

Ascend W2

In a very late breaking story, the site is reporting that a new ad from China Mobile shows the soon-to-be-announced Huawei Ascend W2 in video. The image appears to match up with those shown by @evleaks

The ad itself is not for the W2 itself, as numerous other Samsung phones are shown too. Instead, this appears to be an ad for the TD-SCDMA based China Mobile, which then uses several smartphones to bolster its image as leading network provider.

Though not confirmed, the Ascend W2 is expected to feature a 1280x720, 4.3” IPS display, 8MP camera and 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, making it an ideal mid-range device for emerging markets. No firm date has been given for its announcement or sale date, but we’re expecting it to be soon.

Source:; Thanks, hengxiang32401, for the tip!

Huawei Ascend W2



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chucky says:

Did the first one sold well?

This is sort of like the 820 but with a better display. Looks like a fine mid range phone.

adrock107 says:

I'm happy to see any new WP phones released as they will hopefully further the OS's footprint, but I wouldn't bother purchasing a Windows Phone phone from an OEM that publicly describes WP8 as "weak." What kind of ongoing support should I expect from that company?

While I love WPCenteal, I would also agree with your comment and add, I wouldn't be giving any publicity to a company that has stolen every last product it has built. And before someone says "allegedly", tons of companies have built a sound proof case against them, but there is no way to bring anything against China or a Chinese based company. They do whatever they want and flat out don't care.

Josh Harman says:

Agree. I also think that the non-China WP community should turn their back on and ignore Huawei.

Xaphoon148 says:

Agree with that.
The chances that I ever gonna buy a nowai are the same as buying a new Volvo, which also turned Chinese...

fardream says:

You can pretty much stop buying anything - since they are either by Chinese, or manufactured in China, or containing components from China

ivo_apo says:

Great news. Big player release WP device.

oddom says:

Heads up wp central your followers hate Huawei now so you might not wanna waste your time with these's a wrap after the Nokia thing. I for one don't care but this will quickly become a flame war in comments. J/s

joelsilva says:

Lol? I love huawei, i dont care about the others, windows phone is not only Nokia. 

Josh Harman says:

I was against them from the first time I heard of Huawei.

MrVol84 says:

These are the same specs as the HTC 8x.. So what makes this a mid range as oppose to the HTC being considered a high end device?

Josh Harman says:

Screen size, build quality.

Josh Harman says:

Scratch screen size, they are the same.

I'm Happy with my 8X though NOKIA  has dominated the Windows phone Market .

ogracia says:

Thanks Huawei...ill still with Nokia

cybermoose89 says:

Awesome stuff but i still say Nokia for the win!

Nakazul says:

Would have said the more the merrier but not this time, not to Huawei.

Whats with the camera software on this device?!

TechnoTim says:

The video is an android phone.....

Josh Harman says:

Clearly a Huawei WP in the video too.

this is gonna be awesome

muderko says:

No front facing camera?!?!

WPmunkey says:

Even though I don't understand the language, Asian commercials make me feel happy for some reason.