Tapatalk for Windows Phone

Official Tapatalk app for Windows Phone now available as an early-access purchase

This morning, the official Tapatalk client for Windows Phone (both 7.x and 8; optimized for WP8) has been released to the Store and is now available as part of an early-access program for enthusiast users.

Tapatalk is the leading standard for discussion forums, allowing users a common system by which to access and utilize internet communities. Official apps have been available on iOS and Android for some time but today, Windows Phone users finally get their due with an app built from the ground-up.

Windows Phone Central readers were treated to our sneak peek of the app a few weeks ago, where we noted that the app was close to release having been in a private beta.

App  description

Tapatalk for Windows Phone

Not familiar with Tapatalk? Here's what it's all about:

“Discover great internet communities or stay connected with your favourites community on-the-go with this award-winning mobile app, now for Windows Phone. Tapatalk is the only mobile app combing over 60,000+ internet communities with a streamlined mobile experience, allowing you to share and follow thoughts and opinions to all your communities within a single app.

Tapatalk aggregates content from network of communities of common interests, from automotive to parenting, from gardening to horse-riding - You will meet passionate people who share the same interest and participate in great discussions on topic only you and the like-minded members truly appreciated.

Download Tapatalk today to see a native community experience on Windows Phone. Special Thanks to Microsoft to donate devices and provide technical support in building this application. Tapatalk acquired Foroplex and this app is a product of both the Tapatalk team and the original Foroplex developer Jagoba Los Arcos from Spain.”

Early access and an introductory price - $2.99

Tapatalk for Windows Phone

The app is being made available slightly ahead of schedule and will cost $2.99. While that seems expensive, the app will go FREE after one month (in addition, trial should be added too).

The developers are doing this for a few reasons, none of which are to hoodwink Windows Phone users:

  • Larger base of dedicated users who can provide feedback
  • Gives the developers some breathing room to fix bugs, tidy issues up, before it goes wide-release
  • Consider it donation-ware/support to the developers for their hard work

Indeed, being a part of the beta and seeing the intricacies involved with testing (quick: think of how many sites you know have support forums—now imagine getting them all to work within one client), we can vouch for the developers who put a tremendous effort into the app, resulting in a solid representation for Windows Phone.

Of course if you are a casual user, than paying $2.99 is probably not an option and that’s fine—this is being made for the “forum junkies” who want early access and a chance to test out the app before everyday folk get their hands on it.

Tapatalk – Windows Phone 7.x or 8 – 2 MB - $2.99 – Store Link

Stay tuned to Windows Phone Central for when the app goes “GOLD” and drops in price!

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rodneyej says:

Jay Just mentioned this app this morning.. Coincidence? I think not.. Looks like part of than WPC app update was for Tapatalk integration.

Jay Bennett says:

Afraid that really was entirely coincidence!

Zokudu says:

The WPC forums have been Tapatalk enabled for a while now. Its how the WPC app connects to the forums already.

Just paid to support the development process. Don't get to spend a lot of time on forums though. Work keeps me busy, but I want to contribute to the platform where I can. :)

rodneyej says:

Well, aren't you just the WP advocate.. You Mr. supporty pants you..

mrllano says:

Thanks! Wish I have the money to support this too.

paulheu says:

That's the silliest excuse in a while.. $2.99.. buy one less beer and you're there..

rodneyej says:

Ummmmm.. Beeeeer!

Jastow says:

Just wish I could transfer my IOS Tapatalk ownership over to WP...maybe it will go on sale for a dollar :D

xrs22 says:

I'll wait for the free I guess. Just to see if I'll use it.

jusatin says:

And another plain boring/even ugly "metro" app. You can clearly tell which apps are designed by coders and which by designers :P

rodneyej says:

Yeah, hopefully that will improve with time.. This app probably looks best with the light theme.. Nevertheless, we should be glad that WP is getting support from the official developers.. I think that's the important thing here.

So as someone who has never used tapatalk. What exactly does it do for 2.99?

Think of the Disqus app for Windows Phone, which is for comments. Tapatalk is a standard for online forums. This app enables you to subscribe to your favorite forums, get updates, notifications, and discover new sites based on topic.

Watch the video to get a better idea.

Thanks for the reply in gonna head on over and watch the video now. If its what I'm thinking now based on your comment I may have another app to love :)

Laura Knotek says:

I like Tapatalk for use on forums other than WPCentral. It's nice to use with the Mobile Nations sister sites. I've been waiting for official Tapatalk a long time, since even BBOS had it; I used it 2 years ago when I had a BlackBerry 9700.

Board Express was horrible, so it's great we finally got official Tapatalk.

Micah Dawson says:

Its similar to wpc app except it allows you to connect to thousands of forums. You can essentially replicate your desktop experience through the app...private messages, posting, etc etc with push notifications and if you are a forum owner it allows you to do limited moderation through the app itself.

kirklyt says:

Purchasing to support the devs.! Hope some of us who can, give out support to them too.! Hurray WP!

rodneyej says:


jmerrey says:

Purchased! I'll be interested to compare this with board express, which has evolved from a laggy, buggy frustration to a very useful app, at least in my opinion.

Laura Knotek says:

I haven't seen any improvements in Board Express, even though I paid for the Pro version. It's as buggy as ever, with zero support.

I paid for this early Tapatalk app, since it's the official app, not some 3rd-party knockoff that gets made and forgotten.

jmerrey says:

Interesting. I use it every day with no problems. That sucks you are having a different experience.

Duvi says:

Can I post pics like the other platforms?  BoardExpress never brought that functionality. 

Just purchased, but can't connect to one of my forums "connectivity issues" ....oh well part of the bugs, and I'm glad I was able to support the devs on this. I'm just glad they made the darn thing for us WP8 users

Zokudu says:

Bought. Been waiting all week.

jmerrey says:

Well, this app does highlight one of the negatives of the metro interface: the constant back button pushing that can be needed to get back to the home area of an informational app. I just hit back 9 times to get to a different forum :-(

darkdyviniti says:

I think that's more the developers fault, then the design imo. Could easily put a home button on the Ellipsis menu, taking very little away from the metro style.

traduma says:

What a price.

Saste says:

Of course its a little expensive, but compare it to the wpcentral app 1.99 for "just" one forum or 2.99 vor thousands ... I have been waiting for this since wp7 release... So great that its finally there... But Also i have to wait for a cheaper Version due to financial reasons XD

Jay Bennett says:

1.99? If you're talking dollars our app is 0.99?

Saste says:

Sorry just bought it and thought it was 1.99 so i would have bought it for 1.99 cause this app is amazing ;) 0.99 is a fair prize :D

R0bR says:

I bought it for $1.98, had to re-buy due to the Store bug but it's worth every penny being my most used app.

shelbi805 says:

Bought. Not that I'm experienced enough to report bugs or faults but like it was said earlier to support the developers :)

amitnahar says:

Now, someone give us an updated WhatsApp please.

Sponge920 says:

£2.29 in the UK. Call me a cheapskate, but I'd have bought it if it was cheaper. I'll wait for free now. Sorry devs.

3ftw says:

Wtf? 3€ is too much guys..i think 1.50 is a good price...or add trial to test it first...

d3ac0n says:

3€ is too much to spend on a #00€ device? Get real...

Castor Troy says:

$3.00 is the least I can do to support these guys. Purchased.....

So just got and I think I'm gonna love it!! So as a suggestion, the explore section love the fade in, why not put a tile beside the category of random forums in that category. Add a little color to it, obviously nothing necessary but I think it would just make that page pop a little.

Or to keep it clean looking maybe just accent colors on the text.

RedSamurai says:

Dat yellow Lumia!

rodneyej says:

Lumia 920's are ugly,,, in whatever color!

Disagree my man!

enthuz says:

MS is chipping away at my list of cons for switching to WP8. It may not be as fast as Android, but it is holding its own. I'm loving WP8 more and more.

budney says:

Purchased!!! Been waiting way too long for this app.

Joe920 says:

Bought it, looks at least as nice as Board Express Pro. I miss the light theme though, unless I'm overlooking it. Also: I'm amazed they didn't put a 'feedback' option in every section of the app. I know we can put a review to the store, but a direct email or uservoice option would be better. 
Request: be able to pin unread sections of any forum to the start screen with live tile showing the number of unread posts. 
Edit: should have thought of this, you can leave feedback on the.. Tapatalk forum. Duh!

R0bR says:

Might buy it, was hoping for a trial to see if it works with the boards I frequent.

lesd777 says:

Bought it. Refused to wait.

Luminatic says:

Bought it. Neat. All my forum logins in one pocket :-)

dinod says:

Odd, my login does not work.

Got it and now I can get into a forum that I couldn't with Board Express Pro - now my Lumia 900 experience is perfect, that is, until I see the Lumia EOS ;) 

spectre51 says:

Sweet. Been waiting for this app. I'm even in one of the screenshots on the store :) Bought without hesitation.

Flavio76 says:

Is it the guy from foroplex who is the developer from this app? The guy had this app, Foroplex, which I bought, and suddenly he left the app to develop the tapatalk... Wondering if its him....

Noahma says:

It is, he joined the TapaTalk team.

Flavio76 says:

AH ok, Foroplex is way better ( until now) than Tapatalk.... well, Tapakalk is nice and beautifull, but foroplex is faster and have more options....
Let-s hope he continues to develop....waiting for upgrades.

hipporama says:

Very barebones for now, but I bought the app to support the developer :)

MadSci2 says:

Is there a way to determine in advance if a particular Forum is compatible? I was disappointed with "the Other" forum app as most forums I am interested in were not recognized. I don't mind paying for the App if it works, but, fool me once...

adamfehres says:

Bought this and wont recognise my username at all and now cant see it in the store..... Nit impressed so far. Had this on my old iphone 3gs and was good and have tapatalk hd on my nexus 7 and works well for quickly flicking between all the forums i use. Hope this is temporary issue or i just wasted money

gerzhwin says:

Would have loved the icon to be more WP8 like ...

Flavio76 says:

Can't attach things yet. Can do likes in forum. Foroplex was better, so upgrades must be coming soon ( I hope ).

But I'm a little bit happy ( arrived to WP) but disappointed with the quality of the app.

zipro says:

Well worth the money - have been waiting for this one ever since I got my WP8 device. BoardExpress has been dead for almost a year now. 
Here's my top three apps still missing:
- Feedly
- Flipboard
- Instagram
That's it - if these three pop up (and chances are, at least Feedly will make an appearance soonish as the WP8 client is on their roadmap), I'm completely covered. 

blackhawk556 says:

Does the iOS and Android app allow you to post pictures?

MatsuDano says:

Yes. I had it on my galaxy nexus for a while. it was hideous in design but fully featured.

sandman says:

I already paid for 2 different forum apps that are no longer supported and no longer work correctly. I'll wait for the free version.

pmhgeneral says:

Can you post photos?

Flavio76 says:

No , you can not do that yet

blackhawk556 says:

They replied to one of my tweets saying the feature is coming.

hub_by says:

The app even won't start in my device... It immediately prepares error report...

iggypop120 says:

I ain't paying for a port

Noahma says:

its not a port. The developer who wrote Foroplex was brought on board at Tapatalk to develop there Windows Phone version of the app.

gaita14 says:

Bought by now all right, nothing to do with Board Express.

Racxie says:

I bet you guys are flattered that your site is in one of the screenshots ;)

blackhawk556 says:

I'm extremely cheap as I never buy apps. I have been waiting for this app since October 2010 so I actually paid for this app. I'm so happy its finally here and happy to support the developer.

migueli2 says:

I personally think its to expansive. Not gonna buy it till it becomes to a decent price!

phize says:

It's lacking a bit at the momemt, I'll happily use it over Board Express though.

3lmanana says:

This so ugly app. They could've hired some designer. I don't purchase apps in which I don't see 100% hard work on all levels.

Daedalus says:

Hummm I bought Tapatalk and Tapatalk HD for my HTC One and Nexus 7, Now I have to Carry a WP 8 for work is it really worth buying the software once again?

Jazmac says:

Official Tapatalk now available in the market. 2.99.  Get it.

brianlg says:

What happened to free, and trial?