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(During the keynote while we disable comments on the editorial live blog above, we'll leave commenting opening below so you can react to the news in real time - all comments will be automatically published).




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just 25 minutes to go ...
oh its like 25 years ...

..when does it start working the stream?...its not working here in india or has it not yet started

rolandfier says:

I dont think it started yet ... All we see here in South East US is a blank screen on multiple PCs 

hi guys says:

3 hours to go mate

hi guys says:

u said u r in india.so the show starts at 9:30PM IST or maybe as early as 9

Sarang68 says:

Please check this website. Countdown is shown.

JoshMD90 says:

assuming there is not actual live stream of this is there?
also why did it say the blog started 3 hours before the conference??

its stream alrright

the_nuts says:

A site called wpcentral uses a live blog which is not working on ie10 mobile?? Any alternative?

jonchai says:

Change your mobile IE to desktop mode?

Martinspire says:

There will be a livestream at this link:

kevin_poo says:

It is starting now

theefman says:

Is Microsoft streaming this anywhere for Windows phones? Work clamping down on web use so have to use my 920.

chezm says:


ImAdrian23 says:

Am I the only one in here who adores Microsoft lately? Few years ago I liked them but I wasn't A DIE HARD FAN BOY. Now I am for Microsoft everytime. Defending IE/Bing & Spreading out the word of WINDOWS PHONES.
Thank you Microsoft! One day  I will work for you!

Cubeddd says:

My God. I can't take this anymore. This is too much awesomeness to take in just a few hours. Cant wait for the final product. Watching the live stream and wondering how windows phone 8.1 would benefit from some of the features especially the bung unified search. Can't freaking wait!!!

ricmar says:

Shouldn't it be \\build\ instead of //build/ ? :)

Mark Cesari says:

Not if its in the cloud?

MrGoodSmith says:

I still don't like the implementation of the Start button. It just takes you to the start screen where all app icons are displayed in an unorganized manner. The original start menu had all apps categorized and alphabetically organized. I had to manually add the start menu in Windows 8 using the toolbar feature just to get convenient access to my applications.

Swiftyrox says:

Just go to Stardock.com and purchase Start8 for $5.....Not only do you get a customizable start menu (much like what you have always been used to)....BUT....there is also a setting that allows you to bypass booting into the Metro UI and go right to the desktop. Once you've had Windows 8 for a while...navigation isn't a hassle...but Start8 was the perfect remedy, and one I would recommend to all "New" users of Windows 8 to offer them some familiarity and flexibility!! :o)

EvoFxStudio says:

nice keynote and no support for indie developerment for the xbox one
the stream got cut offf , so if i made a mistake about this post 
can somone please post

and when the live blog starts today ?