Full specs revealed for Huawei Ascend W2; it’s a budget friendly phone

Ascend W2 with Windows Phone 8

If you just glance at headlines you’d feel like we’re living in a Nokia world when it comes to all the OEMs making Windows Phone devices and apps. We haven’t had anything substantial from Samsung or HTC since the launch of Windows Phone 8. But there is a dark horse in the OEM scene – Huawei.

The Chinese company doesn’t have a big presence here in the US, but between making brazen comments about buying Nokia and upcoming handsets you might start noticing them a bit more. One of those handsets, the Ascend W2, has been making the rounds the past few weeks in leaks, teases and now in person at the 2013 Mobile Asia Expo.

We’ve more or less had the Ascend W2 on our radar since early-April. At the time we were under the impression that this device would be on par with other high-end smartphones like the HTC 8X and Lumia 920. That’s not exactly the case, in fact it’s the complete opposite. Pics from the event in Shanghai show the specs of the device to be what you’d consider “budget-friendly”. That’s not at all a bad thing though, devices like this excel in emerging markets and will help push the overall marketshare of Windows Phone. Kind of like what the Lumia 520 is doing right now.  

The specs we now have for the Ascend W2 include:

  • 4.3-inch WVGA screen (800x480)
  • Dual-cre 1.4 Ghz processor
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 8GB of internal storage
  • 134 x 66.7 x 9.9 mm dimensions

Ascend W2 Specs

While they won’t set you mobile computing experience on fire, it should be adequate for people needing basic smartphones. You also get fun colors to choose from. Something most Windows Phone OEMs seem to love to do. As usual, you know we're partial to that yellow below.

Ascend W2 in Red and Yellow

We’ll share more about the device as we learn.

Source:  Weibo / popmobile

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Henky Foo says:

The more the merrier

That's true but would be good to see a high end device from Huawei.

blackhawk556 says:

Will they support the platform similar to the way Nokia does? Or will they pull a Samsung on us? Why should we buy these phones of they only intend on making money on the sale and then they abandon us?

Delin95 says:

I think they're going to pull an Oprah on you and give you a free car.

Karanstyle says:

Well if they dont provide basic features then its a shame as Nokia is always there ri provide luxury apps...

Josh Harman says:

Considering their CEO had some not so nice words to say about WP and its potential... I wouldn't expect heavy support.

Bloobed says:

Not so nice === quite realistic

Josh Harman says:

Maybe, but to say it publicly seems like possible sabotage or at the very least a lack of support... which is what was being asked.

I was at my local WalMart and saw a display for the w1. Must be a decent device as it seems they had sold out of them. The display model was all that was left. I got a Lumia 521 and they only had 1 left after that. WP is seemingly gaining momentum.

swizzlerz says:

I wonder too or is it that there are few made...

You have a point. Huawei did say that it costs them more to make WP than paindroid due to licensing fee.

aaa6112 says:

Get some sleep Sam. //build/ awaits.

trwrt says:

They should have called it the Zowee.  Then it'd be the 'Wowee Zowee'.

devize says:

Camera specs??

avo1d says:

think it doesn't have a flash

NIST says:

But it has dual-cre. Dual-cre is awesome.

Eh, you can't run WP8 without dual core, that's standard.

it has a camera? 

Josh Harman says:

Their isn't a "big presence in the US" because of attempts to keep Huawei out by Congress and the trade commission, among others.

prestonalan says:

That would be because of their shady ties to the Chinese government.

Josh Harman says:

Clearly a product of intellectual property theft.

Nejcooo says:

but is it cheaper than 520? i doubt

avo1d says:

there's no price

kurotsuki says:

I don't know. The W1 on my country (Indonesia) is a little more expensive than my 520. Take a note that W1 was only has 4GB storage. It's only advantage was led flash and battery. So, I don't really know how Huawei will place the W2 in the market.

Its a little disappointing, but ok

What's low end about it besides 512 mb instead of 1Gb memory.

kurotsuki says:

Well ... that's also goes to Lumia 520 since it share nearly equal specs. Yet we said 520 was a low end :)

prashant45 says:

Bakwaas phone...

jlzimmerman says:

"Make a possible"   ?
All your base are belong to us.

lippidp says:

what about it being water proof?

Janhouu says:

There's already Lumia 520, 620 & 720, so who wants this?

Jaco Ra says:

I hope all these low end devices mean they're saving the 1080p screen 2G RAM (Probably 1G) 2ghz Processor phones for 8.1

rebel_yell says:

How could this phone ever sell? I mean, "The masses" are clamoring for 1080p, Octo Cores, 64gb onboard memory, SD slot, 4 barrel carb, dual exhaust, 4:11 gears, competition clutch, lake pipes...How the hell is WP ever going to get traction if they don't start selling muscle phones? That new Nokia phone should be called the "Lumia Boss 402". At least the "Lumia GT 1020". Just look at the hood scoop on that thing. Looks like it's got a supercharger.

joaoseabra35 says:

What about the colored windows logo?

avo1d says:

perhaps there will be
suggeting by screens colored logo won't be

binthham says:

Any idea on when we might start seeing these for sale in the US?

gerrymad says:

Engadget has a video of it showing the capacitive buttons changing color to match the theme colors.

mango.lover says:

But is it waterproof?