Facebook, Flipboard, and NFL apps coming to Windows 8

Facebook, Flipboard, and NFL

Microsoft’s Windows 8 app store has yet to be a juggernaut of variety and applications. We had previously heard that the company mentioned this holiday season as a goal date to bring a majority of popular apps to the platform. Yesterday at Build 2013 in San Francisco, Microsoft’s loveable CEO Steve Ballmer stated that Facebook, Flipboard, and NFL apps will be arriving soon.

The statement “soon” could mean anything from the next few weeks to the next few months, so we don’t suggest holding you breathe for the apps to show up in the Windows Store. Beyond Steve Ballmer’s quick statement at the Build event, no further information about these applications are available.

For the latest information on Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system and forthcoming apps, stay tuned to Windows Phone Central.

If you missed yesterday's Build 2013 news, you can check it out here.

What applications are you still wishing for?

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rcasey says:

Can we expect any WP news from Build? Kinda disappointing on that front so far.

doomtuba says:

No, they have their own separate event for WP. It's the same one they used to announce WP8.

ZX9 says:

WP Summit

narv says:

and when is that?

I want to know that too.

kullkid92x says:

well last year it was June 20th when they announced wp 8 to the world. now of course that time frame is out of the question this year, but many are saying that they would like to move that event to sometime in October or maybe even September?

mrcraggle says:

I really hope they show off something sooner than that. They got it right when they showed off Mango. Seeing all the new features and how it improved over 7 was what made me get a WP over Android.

ZX9 says:

Perhaps it was because my first smartphone upgraded to Mango, but for some reason that upgrade was simply thrilling. MS did a great job with that one.

fwaits says:

Yeah but then everyone complained about how long until release was.  Can't win either way.

Sean D. says:

Nope, not if you're MS. But not having the latest version of android on the vast majority of their phones doesn't seem to bother anybody.
(or is that not a thing anymore?)

gerhard101 says:

When will whatsapp bring their update?

tbkern466 says:

My question is when is Google going to live up to their word and release You Tube.

aaa6112 says:

I don't have my hopes high for that one. I don't remember the technical details, but what I do remember is that the official version is going to be crap, sorta like a wrapper around the mobile YouTube website. :/

David Ray says:

That's the replacement until they build the native app. 

jMawl says:

I think that my native app still works. Was that supposed to go away at some point?

David Ray says:

It was supposed to. I personally can't update mine. I get an error.

Exactly! And I'm waiting to see how the W8 Facebook app will turn out. Facebook Beta is good, but it needs to drop the 'Beta' soon...

WhippedKream says:

I agree, but it's a bit glitchy I find and feels slow... I hope they do something about that when they drop the beta. It is quite glorious, and MS also should take note in their own peoples hub, for photos to make it take the space like they did with the fb beta :)

Flipboard will be on WinPhone as well.

WP95 says:

Yes, I heard that as well. Im getting it on WP rather then W8.
Or both haha

lionmane says:

Can't wait for this. My most used app on my iPad.

Darkness690 says:

Any word if it's just WP8 or are they going to release it for WP7 too?

jlynnm350z says:

Oh good we don't have a Facebook app yet. . . Oh wait, we have 5,000 of them. Is this Ballmers time or regular time frame here??

inteller says:

i hope when the official app comes out Microsoft cleanses the store of the 1000s of unofficial imposters.

pepsijosh says:

Yeah, I wanted to complain to Micorosoft about that but I couldn't find a complaints address.
Same with Windows Phone.

aaa6112 says:

I am wishing for a revamped Flickr app. The current one (and the third-party alternatives) is way too limited in terms of functionality.

inteller says:

the current one doesn't even let you sign in! 

Jeff Kibuule says:

Hopefully we'll see an NBA app in November and MLB app for Windows 8 app in Spring.

PhilR8 says:

I'm still bitterly disappointed by the lack of an At Bat 13 app.

Sam Sabri says:

Why? So the Lakers can break my heart even on my Surface? :(

Sean D. says:

Man... I feel your pain.  :-/

(Boo D12!!)

Deejay Ron says:

So what they're saying is... The Facebook apps that's already there isn't legit???

aaa6112 says:

We don't have a Facebook app on Windows 8. I think you're confusing the article for WP8.

Rick Smits says:

So will the NFL app coming to wp8 or is it left out like usual?

Nakazul says:

How many apps is in the store?

1,60,000 as of now.

mjfadaway says:

Will this be a Facebook app made by Microsoft or will Facebook actually make it?

Facebook for W8 is developing by Facebook itself NOT Microsoft. Same for Flipboard.!!

mr toes says:

Facebook is developing flipboard? Weird . . . ;)

Sean D. says:

Which, if history serves, means ABSOLUTELY nothing. FB apps are broken across the board.

btgusto says:

flipboard is coming to our phones as well checkout the link http://www.phonearena.com/news/Flipboard-in-the-works-for-Windows-Phone_id44610
and here is what was said Flipboard developer Jason Pearson cleared it all up saying in an e-mail: Flipboard will be available on both windows 8, and its mobile version


it says "he Windows 8 version of the app is not expected until later this year." so huge wait for us.

as you said, it will be Windows 8 apps. So should we expect Flipboard & Facebook to arrive on Windows Phone 8 also?

as you said, it will be Windows 8 apps. So should we expect Flipboard & Facebook to arrive on Windows Phone 8 also?

goranwik says:

I wish for these Windows 8 applications:
FB messenger
Instagram official
Handy Safe

Snazrael says:

WPCentral :)

blasher4 says:

W8P needs a lot more apps. It needs an app for everything like iPhone and Droid. Will be switching to one of those very soon.

aaa6112 says:

Ok, but I think the article is talking about Win 8, not WP8.

Ummm...just today itself we got a huge number of official apps, at some point app parity will be close, then it is the OS, camera and other features that will differentiate

Tyradius says:

The only app I currently want for both win 8 and wp8 is..... Mint.com Pageonce is ok but it's no mint.

jMawl says:

They just announced it...but you probably already saw that.

afgzee says:

Is this Facebook app going to be official or be developed by Microsoft? Maybe this means Facebook will begin to develop an official one for Windows Phone too.

EBynum says:

I'm still wishing for Amazon MP3 and Instant Video apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. There is a desktop app for Amazon MP3, but I want one for the modern UI.

Twario says:

Will the Facebook app be for windows rt too?

TonyDedrick says:

Pumped for a potential Flipboard app for WP

Am I the only one that got all excited, then realized that the title said "Windows 8" instead of "Windows Phone 8".
I haz a sad.

Robot DeviL says:

I want an official Sonos app to run on my RT. Phonos works well enough on WP8 - especially now that it works with Sirius/XM.

pmich says:

YES FLIPBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

ah06 says:

So does this indicate a FB app for WP made my FB coming soon too? "Codebase synergies" and everything they sold to us when they trasitioned to NT kernel.

With no love from Whatsapp and Gtalk (and with Messenger now sucked into Skype), could really use an official FB Messenger app....

Shobiz says:

All I need is the NFL.com Fantasy App.  

RaRa85 says:

They had me at NFL!

nakialj83 says:

All the apps that's on Android and on Apple needs to come to WP8. That's the only way they can keep people for being on Windows phone etc

Wrong, 49 of the top 50 apps are on wp8, wp8 will mature in its own time and serve its own niche, I can never go back to iPhone or android now, too irritating

Choco22 says:

I would like to see these apps:
WPCentral (W8)
SoundCloud (W8 & WP8)
Path (W8 & WP8)
Bing Music Recognition features (W8)
Temple Run 2 (W8 & WP8)
Yahoo! Messenger (W8 & WP8)
Instagram (W8 & WP8)
Zynga Poker (W8 & WP8)
Ultimate Guitear (W8 & WP8)
...and waiting for these apps to be updated:
Line (W8 & WP8)
WhatsApp (WP8)
Skype (W8 & WP8) < really, Microsoft?