Nokia Lumia 928 giveaway

Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone photo contest winners!

What seems to have been a lifetime ago, we announced a photo contest where the winner walks away with a Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone from Verizon. Well... the best laid plans of mice and men were overturned by a little event known as //BUILD/ and determining a winner was delayed a wee bit.

Our delay is your gain in that along with a grand prize winner, we're tossing in two runner up prizes (gift cards to the WPCentral Accessory Store). It took a little head scratching but we've pick our three winners.

First Prize goes to DumMetlHed for his photo taken with a Lumia 822 at Seal Beach, Ca as his son races towards the surf.

Photo by DumMetlHed

Our first runner-up is from jsnod25 taken with his old school Samsung Focus at his favorite watering hole. Looks like someone took a sip out of the first two glasses!

Photo by jsnod25

Finally our second runner-up comes from jmk1127 taken of his girlfriend as she enjoys a beach sunset.

Photo by jmk1127

We'll be dispatching emails shortly to our winners to get the particulars on getting their prizes to them.

There were a ton of quality entries but these three images stood out to us. Windows Phone Central would like to thank everyone for participating in the contest. The quality images are strong testimony on the photographic capabilities our Windows Phones have and the talent that rests behind the lens.



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MacDaMachine says:

IMO: Girl on swing set >>>> all those photos. It looks good enough to be used in advertisement.

Mooncow27 says:

Some nice pics. Congrats

aaa6112 says:

Congrats to the winners!

jsnod25 says:

Thank you, I thought for sure you were gonna win... Again!....

afg_farnab says:

That is kind of you to say, congrats to you! Nice photo :)

aaa6112 says:

Can't win everything :), the competition was tough and winning photos are all awesome.
Congrats once again and keep clicking!

jsnod25 says:

For the record, those were 4oz glasses not pints, it was a sampler of a micro brews full selection of beers on tap so I could decide which one I wanted to drink. This was on macro lens mode, so it made it look bigger I guess.

tpitts15 says:

wow I would rank those pics in the exact opposite order they were ranked

Jf.Vigor says:

Agreed. And if I knew the judges were looking for shadowed pics, I woulda won this contest lol

what is the exact opposite of a second place in a 3 places competion?? :S :S :S

jsnod25 says:

Well I guess I would have placed the same then LOL. I'm just glad and honored I was chosen.

DumMetlHed says:

Well I am glad you weren't ranking them then ;-P
Nice pictures though to the other two winners not to mention those not selected that I saw in the contest thread

erzhik says:

get ready for an influx of upset WPC users.

Troyseph says:

What was the third one taken with?

jlynnm350z says:

C'mon the beer pic. Yeah there fantabulouse. Thought this was for photography genius sort of speak. Wonder why picture of my rock stuck in the mud didn't get top billing. Just as good as beer pic.

jsnod25 says:

My pic posted in app is compressed or something. If you view in browser then click to enlarge, it looks 10x better...

jMawl says:

I don't know about 10X better...the first two beers still look like someone took a sip.

jsnod25 says:

LOL, its not as pixilated and shows more detail and reflection... And maybe the bartender took a sip, bit I hadn't yet when I took the photo.

jsnod25 says:

For the record, I didn't take sips yet of the first two... Now you point it out, I think I was shorted a little!!!

pmhgeneral says:

Congrats to all winner's:smile'

donebrasko says:

What were the settings used for these pics? Auto?

jsnod25 says:

Yes, but mine was on macro focus setting, those aren't full pints, they are 4oz sampler glasses. They fill the frame, but they are small.

donebrasko says:

Could you explain the macro setting?

jsnod25 says:

If your in camera app go to setting>focus>macro it allows you to focus in on objects really close to your lens, also adds kinda an f-stop effect to the foreground, as its only focusing on the close items and the far items get slightly blurry the further they are.

AaronSmith86 says:

Dissapointed with these results. Only the second runner up photo has any real composition. I was hoping they would have someone judge who had some photography background, but with the top two chosen that's definitely not the case. The first two look extremely amateur as well.

jsnod25 says:

I know mine wasn't framed well, but I wasn't in a studio and was eager to drink my beer, so I took it on the fly, and really liked the lighting, angle and colors of the array... I'm no pro, but its a damn good photo for a 1st Gen Focus!

kamikaze80 says:

Agreed. Neither of the first two have any place in a photo contest. Congrats to the winners, though.

Jazmac says:

Congrats to the winners.

What app did you winner use? Clevercamera? Proshot? Camera preset? Speak or I will declare it witchcraft

DumMetlHed says:

i used the basic camera app with no tweaks, filters, or changes. I just saw my kid playing and thought it would be a cute pic so had to take it fast before he moved on to something else. Was lucky to catch him mid jump

jsnod25 says:

I used no 3rd party app, just the camera app built in. No tweaking, auto settings... Just liked what I saw and grabbed a pic before I destroyed it!!!

Why didn't my nude wife self pic even get a mention? :(

jsnod25 says:

That one was put on tumblr

Great jobs and nice pictures

Eye Doc says:

Not very good photos, though maybe the entries weren't good in general...

HansTj says:

Would any of the judges eleborate on their judging criteria? What exactly are you looking for?
I remember one guy posted a panorama pic (not my pic) where he is standing on the peak of a pretty high cliff with both arms raised up, and the background of the valley beyond the cliff. I thought that was pretty outstanding. I am surprised that it does not even make it to the top 3.

TechFreak1 says:

Congrats to the winner and runners up, all three are great shots!

I guess ill just have to by the phone now. le sigh 

Spedez says:

I don't get the "first runner up". What's so special about that? I can go to any bar and snap even nicer pics from pints in line (no offence of course). The other two are very nice though.

DavidinCT says:

Congrads to the winners ! I guess next time there is a contest, I need to submit a few photos....

MSFTMatt says:

WOW what great photos!

jleebiker says:

Congrats to all the winners! I would not envy the judges! Must've been a difficult task!

Tjarren says:

I didn't even try because my Trophy takes such lousy pictures.  : (

jmk1127 says:

Holy cow can't believe my pic made the cut! Thanks!