Nokia Lumia 1020

EOS incoming: Images surface for the AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020

One week from now we’ll be a day away from the big event. July 11th is where we all expect Nokia to announce and detail their upcoming Lumia ‘EOS’ smartphone. The device will be an exclusive to AT&T here in the United States with its 41 megapixel camera sensor. Famed leaker @evleaks has shown off a render of the device with AT&T branding.

Up above you’re looking at the Nokia Lumia 1020 destined for AT&T. The image comes from an internet leaker that has had accurate leaks one after the other. From the front it doesn' t look too different from your typical Lumia 920.

What do we know about the Lumia 1020? Quite a bit at this point. It’s basically going to be a Lumia 920, but with a big difference. On the back of the device where normally find an 8.7 megapixel camera you’ll instead find a 41 megapixel beast. This sensor is expected take two images simultaneously. One large 38 megapixel version for editing, zooming, and archives. The other will be a 5 megapixel version that let’s you share to social networks easily without suffering from huge data charges when you’re far from a Wi-Fi network.

We are a bit curious about the Nokia Pro Cam tile.  Speculation has this being a camera alternative that gives you complete control over the 41MP camera.  Much like we have with the Pro Shot Windows Phone app.

Anybody else looking forward to picking up this bad boy from AT&T and Nokia? Or are you more of a Lumia 925 and T-Mobile guy/gal? Sound off below.

Source: Twitter

Thanks for the tip Krystian!



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azskygod says:

Cool...when Verizon getting one.

carlosrdd says:

Anyone else think it looks like a 920...

It's basically a 920 with a bigger sensor and a few improvements.

vlad0 says:

If the camera sensor and the lens are indeed ported from the mighty 808.. this puts the camera on this device above & beyond anything else on the market.

I'm sure it is improved from the 808 though.

pranav rai says:

Yes, this one is rumored to have the OIS from the 920 to boot. Thats quite a massive improvement if true. :finagercrossed:

Yeah.  I'd imagine it would be the 808 cam + six lenses + OIS + Nokia's most updated cam software . . . at the very least.  Which would easily make it hands down far better than the 808 (a good thing).  If it has more than that going under the hood (say, some new, unannounced Nokia hardware wizbangery) on top of the above mentioned features, then I may have to change carriers.

vlad0 says:

I would be very surpsised if its better than the 808 in any way.. especially in terms of IQ with the first firmware they ship with.
I hope that I am wrong.. it will be really nice to see imporvements.

StevieBallz says:

I'm rather certain that we will see updates with regards to IQ in future updates as we have seen with basically all Nokia Camera phones to date. I still think it is possible that it does things better than the 808, simply given that there is over a year of development from one to the other. If it really has OIS that alone would give it superior Video stability and Low Light Performance to the 808.
But all that aside - if it is even close to the 808 in it's performance it will be my next phone :)

Kreblon says:

Anyone else read the article?

Yes, I did. It still looks like a 920 to me.

Of all the replies to the comment, none of them answered the initial question...
I'm on Verizon so I also await an answer (928).

Mingu7 says:

Word is that the EOS will be exclusive to AT&T like the 920 was.
But the good news (at least from the rumors), is that this time, that exclusivity period is only 3 months instead of the 6 months we saw with the 920.  That means you could see a Lumia 1028 on Verizon and a 1025 on T-Mobile by the late fall.  Maybe we will see some Lumia love on Sprint as well...

hopmedic says:

And the Verizon one will be white, with a metal one on T-mobile....

Give us color on Verizon!

Preach it, brother!

xconomicron says:

Definitely looks like a 900 to me

adrian1338 says:

looks more like the 800 to me

arg0g says:

Let me think.... no!
EDIT: without image it's not half as fun:

Yes, yes it does.

giorgio h says:

I have a bad feeling about this...

ivo_apo says:

Shame that Nokia went for the brickish 920 design. 925 is so much better. Not quite ATIV but is getting there.

Sumit8 says:

wait... you're joking right? The ATIV is the ugliest of all WP8-Phones (looks like a cheap Andriod phone), and the 925 is the ugliest from all Lumia phones.
Tastes are different of course and i can see SOME people liking the 925. But ATIV? wow....

While i agree the 920 is a bit big (i don't care about it though) the best design, thiness and so on has the lumia 520, 620 and 720.

220SeaChaser says:

I like the ATIV......

sukimtk says:

me 2 i like more ativ s then 920 BUT 925 is more beautiful then ativ s :D

ivo_apo says:

Summit8, lets get this clear. ATIV design is based on SG3 - I believe best selling smart phone. It's slim, light, big screen, expandable memory. None of this can be said to 920. Obviously ATIV add Windows 8 which makes it better than SG3. Good to see that Nokia is addressing the 920 design issues with 925.

Residing says:

You make it sound like people purchased the GS3 because of the design.  That device sold because of marketing, and for the techies, Android.  Otherwise, if the ATIV S was based off of the GS3, and if the GS3 sold because of the design, then why hasn't the ATIV S sold as much?

turbo8227 says:

Probably six months after att

MDak280 says:

AT&T exclusive :(

dreonedon says:

Will this support 1080p

StevieBallz says:

Video recording: yes, Display: no - it's a GDR2 device and 1080p displays and newer processors will likely only arrive with GDR3 in Fall.

AhmedAtef says:

Oh my, this is sexier than Kardashian's ass <3

Get the EOS like everyone...I'll take her ass.

Tragic says:

eww I'd rather have the EOS's ass

Tips_y says:

Yuck! You can have her ass - give me the EOS!

KLinCHI says:

Eew...why would anyone want her ass at this point? Kanye's nastiness is all over her!

Nik Rolls says:

That's not saying much ...

sholokov says:

"big different"
"bag of the device"
Sam, pay attention!

Sam Sabri says:

Huh? What? It looks fine to me up above :) (thanks)

sholokov says:

Let me add one more. "expected TO take two images"

I taught that this would be the Full HD screen from it's name. Hoefully, it will be.

If it is 4.5 inches, 1080p will be useless.

tissotti says:

This will be released before GDR3 update that brings 1080 support. So it def wont have 1080 screen

Tips_y says:

The full HD version with quad-core will come at the end of the year, that's from a rumor. I see no reason to doubt it.

hopmedic says:

On Verizon! ;-)

fwaits says:

Won't see 1080p until Blue...

StevieBallz says:

All information currently points towards 1080p and newer SoC support in GDR3. The reason is that they won't finish Blue before christmas so they use GDR3 to launch new devices in time for christmas and will deliver the updated software later.

wpguy says:

Maybe the full HD 1080 screen will come in a Lumia 1025 package for TMo.

Oh, yeah, that's gonna happen! ROTFL!!

adrian1338 says:

I think it comes with the lumia 1080

Maybe they're gonna call the 1080p version Nokia Lumia 1080. Sorry, it looks like i misread 1020 for 1080.

Spedez says:

I don't know what hoes are you referreing to but WP doesn't support 1080p screens (yet). I thought everybody here knew that.

JoRdaNeK says:

Where did you teach this? I would have attended classes if only I'd known :P

xconomicron says:

Day one, first minute, first one in the US!

wpward291 says:

Looks just like my 920? Not good!

No, the buttons on the side are raised more, like the newer Lumias.

Spedez says:

You don't like the looks of your 920?

I'll get it in six months when Verizon releases a variant

hopmedic says:

Hopefully only 3 months... And it'll be a 1080p variant. But only in white... ;-)

Troyseph says:

925 for me. Nice and slim

Tragic says:

+1020 ma mang ;)

Otis23 says:

It'll be interesting to see the price point they introduce this model at since the 9xx has alwasy been $99, which is more a kin to midrange smartphone price point in the US. With the introduction of 10xx, is the price point going to jump to $199 or even $299?

xconomicron says:

It will probably jump to 199$.

James8561 says:

Nokia has always keep their prices slow partly because they use somewhat old (but still excellent) SoCs and because they want to be competitive. but who knows they may charge more because of "41 MP"

We'll see on that, but until now, they've basically used the standard variant of the Snapdragon S4 in everything. It's only in the past couple of months (HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4) that we've seen the newer Snapdragons in devices. This thing would likely be underpowered with an S4, depending on the needs of the camera. Regardless, it'd be a major disappointment to see the MSM8960 in this thing, when it launched over a year ago.

schlubadub says:

The price Nokia set will probably be the standard $600-700 that the 920/925/928 came out at, and only recently they've dropped under $500 due to clearance sales. The $99 or $199 are the heavily subsidised prices set by your carrier when you're forced into a new 2 year contract so they can recoup the true cost.

dangish says:

Not to complain too much but please proof read before posting. I'm the last person to complain 90% of the time. I've seen so many on this site lately and it breaks my heart.

RayWP7 says:

Agreed. It makes my brain fart when I read too many typos or don't see words that are required in English. I mean, what would Mrs. Duderstadt say!!

stealthology says:

Yep.. Improper usage of apostrophes bugs me

procen says:

She will say WTF :-P

poddie says:

I also don't care too much about this usually, but I do worry a bit about the site's reputation. Ideally, I'd like to still see the news go up asap from the writer, but I'd like to see an editor proofreading and correcting every few hours.

Murani Lewis says:

I love the 925's body style but the capabilities of the 1020 intrigues me as a photographer and videographer. Maybe i'll get the 1020 and do some short films to kick all my iPhone toting friends in the teeth with.

vijax21 says:

Its always good to see new gadgets keep popping up and set a benchmark for others to follow, customers are benefited anyways. But, personally no more Lumia for me till next July at least.. :):):) Spent too much already 1 another after..

MakJae9 says:

This would be a perfect time to announce official Instagram app also. -- Price point will still be around $100 range. Nokia and MSFT are trying to gain market share and $199 and $299 doesnt help that.

And perhaps Hipstamatic too

Cellus13 says:


There are benefits of the BEZEL BEZEL BEZEL.

Cellus13 says:

I know. I just wish they made the sides a bit thinner. Not like the s4 but thinner.

Spedez says:

Damn, only if Nokia had listened you beforehand. Now they lose you as their customer. Go and buy s4 like everyone else!

Cellus13 says:

Hahaha no -_- besides its an At&t exclusive anyway so that ship has long sailed.

Flagz says:

Some people don't like to much BEZEL BEZEL BEZEL so we have a right to complain.

Residing says:

There really is no need to complain though, as you don't even own the device.   At the end of the day, simply don't puchase it.

Thank you. I mean is the bezel really going to stop you from buying a phone?

Flagz says:

No, but a bigger one isn't going to make me buy it either. To me bezel is just as important as a 1080 vs 720 or 41MP vs 8MP. I don't need 1080p or 41MP. I also don't need all the Nokia exclusives, but when shopping for a Very Advanced Smartphone, you have to be picky or be sorry in the long run. I weighed my option my last purchase and tried all 3 Flagships and the 8X is my daily driver and Ativ S is my back up. Now I'm looking for more power, slimmer profile and less bezel. Waiting for Sammys and HTC's next flagship to again weigh options and buckle down on a decision.

I understand that people want slimmer phones and lighter phones and that's fine, but the bezel thing is stupid. I mean if it was freakin' huge I would understand, but it isn't that bad. And if you want a slim phone, this isn't for you.

Cellus13 says:

Exactly which is why I'm going with the 925. Even with its bezel...

Cellus13 says:

Its just my preference. To answer your question, yes, if the bezel is so large that the phone is unattractive. A big screen is useless if a large bezel is taking up much of the space and closing in the content of the phone.

First world problems.


gerrymad says:

Yes that is true, but you could say that about most of the comments on this site. In fact I would suggest that this site is geared to first world problems.

Spedez says:

But does it help? No. If there is nothing here for you then move along.

jkercado says:

The "BEZEL BEZEL BEZEL" is what makes the 920 tank-tough and the lack of it makes the 928 prone to getting smashed. I'd rather have a bezel.

hasasimo says:

Reminds me of the Lumia 800 from the front. #SweetNostalgia ^_^

DJCBS says:

I'm more of a I-don't-need-a-41MP-monster-nor-a-cheap-looking-phone-so-I'll-keep-my-920-for-a-while type of guy ;P

Same. Lol. Unless Nokia makes a great 920 replacement. I will just wait till November. :)

Rhamsey says:

Same, I rather keep the wireless charging than gain the 41mp monster. As cool as it may be.

Cellus13 says:

So I was the only one who saw Smart cam changed to pro cam? I guess that means it won't be a beta or its a update.

Miistercoool says:

Wow I didn't notice, since I'm getting the 925 I hope it gets the updated app as well!

twelvetudors says:

It's not changed, it's a different app.

Musicman247 says:

Glad to see Nokia making harware everyone wants! I'll stick to my 925, soon as it's available.

I hope that Canada gets it.

RJ Priest says:

I hop that Canada gets it on Bell, Telus, and Rogers. No more exclusivity please.

ramonq619 says:

Man I hate exclusives! I want it to come to T-Mobile

The 925 is great. I like it more than this, because I really don't need that big ass sensor. The 925 is thin, light, and sexy.

Musicman247 says:

Agreed. I don't need to take huge pictures with my phone. I have a camera for that, and the 925s camera has proven to be better than some dedicated cameras.

Daniel Stack says:

I don't think the 925 is going to be an exclusive very long. I've heard or read something that it will show up on ATT eventually. I don't care about huge photos either but what I'm interested in is perfect focus for every part of the picture. Maybe blurring the capabilities of camera versus phone.

patsfan06 says:

I can't wait to get mine!

The only thing I want to know about the launch of Lumia 1020 is which app that Daniel Rubino said a few weeks ago that it would be released along with it. .. And he had said would be two apps: one at the end of June (has passed ... was released already??) and one other in the middle of July ...

And another thing: now it's time to Nokia to sit down and think of joining some of his photography apps, because now there are many and could be only one. Criative Studiio, Smart Camera and now Camera Pro could become just an app. Many similar apps can confuse the users.


Sam Sabri says:

Patience is a virtue! You'll find out next week it looks like :)

Z3MN says:

OOGL, Sam? ;)

charlyc311 says:

I wanna get that one... but unfortunately since I got the 920, my upgrade won't come anytime soon :(

fwaits says:

That's ok we'll get the 930 or 940 or 1030/1040 when WP9 rolls out in late 2014. =)

peterfares says:

I really hope it's more than just a 920 with a nicer camera. It's been 8 months since the 920 came out. I hope they have something more than a fancier camera.

Spedez says:

Did Samsung have something fancier in their s3->s4? Or iPhone4 -> 5? Both of those companies are about 10 times bigger than Nokia. Your expectations for 8 month R&D cycle seem to be totally unrealistic.

peterfares says:

S4 has a larger screen with same body size but slimmer, larger battery, IR emitter, higher resolution screen, added super sensitive touch (which the 920 already has), added ability to hover over the screen to do stuff, higher resolution camera, and a few other things. Much bigger improvement than tacking on a higher resolution camera to a 8 month old phone that didn't even have cutting-edge hardware on release.
I don't see how it's unrealistic. Nokia seems able to churn out tons of phones in short time. I don't see why they can't make one new high end one.
And how about making it a little less BEZELRIFIC 

Spedez says:

Oh wow, few millimeters bigger screen. That's huge improvements right there. One millimeter thinner, that's also a "biggie". Practically they didn't bring anything new to the table. Just using existing evolutionary technology. 41MP camera sensor is totally Nokia's own in-house stuff that no-one in the world has. I think that should be considered a big improvement but if you thing a few mm bigger screen is better you should definitely start digging Samsung and buy all their junk they provide. Nokia is definitely NOT chruring tons of phones in anything related to short time. 925 is not even on sale in US and god knows when they come to my country. Not even 520 is on sale in my country so they definitely have a big capacity issue. 909 is the new high end one but as said, if you don't like it then don't buy it.

Sam Sabri says:

To be fair, that was probably a gross understatement and the entire engineering team at Nokia hates me for it. Ha, but it could be true. I'm expecting to be blown away by the camera, everything else should be things we've seen so far.

Right now the OS is holding Nokia back it seems like. Once we get future upates to for 1080p support / new processors we'll see better hardware overall.

jlynnm350z says:

Looks really similar to all the other Nokia phones, wich isn't a bad thing. There going to have to change it up a little eventually.

fwaits says:

Still same generation really (WP8 year 1) so they won't veer too much yet...

westex74 says:

Nokia and their damn AT&T exclusives!
Hey, will NEVER get to where you want to be with only 1 carrier selling your handsets. period.

Cellus13 says:

You aren't use to their exclusive phone deals? Its annoying but history always repeats itself. If they made 900 & 920 exclusive then At&t will make sure to be the first in the US to get their hands on the next absolute best PureView camera.

ade333 says:

Makes you wonder if AT&T signed a long term exclusivity deal vs. multiple individual exclusivity deals on a number of models

That's what they always said about iPhone too.

oh come on nokia..don't go the samsung way of making almost every device look the's been too much now..the 800, 900, 920, 928, and now the 1020 all look nearly same from the front..the 800, 900, 920 even look similar on the back! we need more designs now, though the current ones are good..

mango.lover says:

Agreed. Also tired of the "tube" look.

Cellus13 says:

You know they have other Lumia phones with different designs. Unlike Samsung Nokia puts variety in their designs. Nearly EVERY Samsung phone has the s3 design. Budget and Flagship high end phones. Not Nokia. Besides Lumia doesn't have the mainstream presence of apple or samsung so as our community grows it'll give the impression to the new comers that its fresh and new. Finally the design is original and VERY attractive so of course Nokia would use it for their best phones.

yes i know they have other phones with different didn't read my comment apparently stopped at "samsung way...." :P
and i also mentioned that the current design is good..i'm asking them to continue the design language, but not repeat the same design..not that they will listen to me..but whatever! :P
and there's no doubt that all samsung galaxies look like s3..

Spedez says:

So you want every and each of their device look different? That would make a great product portfolio! Nokia should hire you as their principal hardware designer.

onysi says:


mango.lover says:

fyi, the Lumia 925 is coming to AT&T in September

quacker1982 says:

Hell this thing will rip through storage space.

Neusyn says:

Personally waiting for 1080p quad-core but my fiancée would love this as she is always using my lumia to take picks.

procen says:

This phone will be good for her since she like taking pictures.

Spedez says:

And quad core and 1080p display would make your life better because...

Vb2012 says:

So u like getting a new phone with the same specs with same price are u serious. Fyi im not talking about EOs im talking in general next year i want a quad core device is tht so wrong ??

ebradley says:

Wrong, no. It would make sense though if WP8 suffered from the jitters on the S4. The quad core will not be useful if developers do not optimize their apps for quad core chips. ( even the 8core GS4 is reduced to 4 cores operating with heavy usage. Only 4 cores active at any given time, per Samsung). IMO, you would pay a premium for something that would not get proper utilization, until all devices had the same CPU.

Neusyn says:

The Samsung Exynos chip is basically 2 quad-cores on the same die. 1 set is high performance oriented and the other is power efficient. The high performance cores will only kick on (completely switch to) when running heavy tasks. For some reason, either lack of knowledge or lack of IP, they aren't running a single set of quad-core with active power phasing. And also quad-cores allow for better thread processing meaning you can run more threads simultaneously thus improving performance. I don't need a quad-core for anything now but what if in the future I do with the shift towards the same OS core as desktop. Just thinking about possibilities.

Silenced critics, better game/app development interest, nicer display, personal preference... Need I go on ?

Spedez says:

Are you a critic? If not why should you care? Better what? I don't think even one tenth of currently available games can utilize fully even dual core. Those same games has to work on lower end specs too you know. Most popular games belong to the category of Angry Birds / Candy Crush and whatnot so no, quad core is currently useless tech. Can you see the pixels in 920 because I can't. Current pixel density is very good for 4,5" displays. Sure, huge screens appeal to some audience typically youngsters but for some reason apple-fanboys are very happy with their 4" retina display. Personal preference, yes please go on... Me for instance would like to have cool new features that are actually useful like better camera. Of course I'm all about going thinner and lighter frames which can still have good battery life. That's why I'd probably choose 925 over this because it seems to have quite reasonable camera already. Wireless charging is another cool new tech that I'd choose over screen rez any day.

Tragic says:

what if T-Mo gets a Lumia 1025? after the GDR3 update? Imagine, that would really be something.

euichii says:

I think I will be getting this phone as an upgrade for my L720. But only when wp8 is more stable already and specially, when movies and music can be downloaded to my SD card in a torrent-ish way.

elderjlward says:

This seems like a competitive device. Nokia is bringing something to the table, in an acceptable form factor, rivals/surpasses all of the competition in regards to mobile photography on a high/midrange(different measures would position differently) and(likely) affordable handset. With great marketing attaching the device to the growing mindshare of the Lumia line will definitely help to differentiate it from the competition. As some have assessed the playing field has in a way plataued in that virtually all smartphones accomplish the core tasks users expect in a mobile device, only in different ways.
Creating a device with a stand-out camera that generates the "Wow" factor even when compared to the less aesthetically appealing Galaxy S Zoom(which approaches smartphone photography with an optical zoom and less megapixels).
This provides a great selling point for sales reps who have seemed to have found it challenging to sell Windows Phones. If Nokia is indeed providing new software to accompany the hardware that only aids in a sales pitch and consumer appeal. With photography such a ubiquitous use for smartphones, this phone can really help to drive Windows Phones into many hands.
Additionally, Nokias and Microssoft's targeting of the Non- Smartphone populace, the EOS's lack of departure from the almost year old 920 tech with the exception of the camera will likely allow Nokia/Micrsoft to offer this appealing device at a very competitive price point. Though the camera tech is awesome, it's inclusion in a virtually refreshed 920 is probably meant less for us, On-The-Edge Windows Phone Enthusiasts, and more as a attention getter for the Uninitiated Potential Smartphone buyer.
Our Must Have device will likely launch Q1 or Q2 2014 after WP 8.1 debuts officially raising WP devices to full HD, possibly bring additional features and OEMs build hardware to match.

Solo_wing says:

When is Canada getting one ?

JANGEL13 says:

I'm surprised that the clock doesn't show '10:20'.  It seems like Nokia usually likes to drop those kind of hints

lippidp says:

I haven't seen any info here about how the camera rig will do with video recording. Does anyone know? Being able to "zoom" while shooting video would be the feature to make me dump my beloved Quantum. I'm doubtful, though.

CaptDjob says:

Sure you are able to zoom, why not? N8 has that ability and also 808 and so will this. And because of 41mpx sensor, you have nice and long lossless zoom.

TechnoTim says:

Hopefully instagram exclusive at launch

vlad0 says:

Why would you want to ruin those pure pixels with instashit ?

TechAbstract says:

Instashit lol. "The app turns your great looking pictures into shit instantly"

vlad0 says:

Any pixel peeper with some self respect will tell you the same .. if you care about IQ, stay away from insta

Vb2012 says:

Hahaha lol :D nice one +1

Cellus13 says:

The clock says 10:00. So does that mean it'll actually be the Lumia 1000??? Hmmmm. I would like that name better.

WTF AT&T get all the cool exclusives?!!! I'm buy this unlocked so SCREW AT&T

uopjo6 says:

Not being a troll, but I honestly think using the 920 (n9 perhaps) aesthetics is over the line a bit. Especially when your numbering is hitting the 1000 mark, and 920 was the peak in terms of a n9 WP device.
A different approach would definitely make it more unique and even attract more 920 users to upgrade. A 41mpx flagship should have its own identity. Not a buffed up 920.....

vlad0 says:

this phone is kind of a ... rushed out model for all the people complaning about not having the 41mpix sensor on WP. I am sure that we will see a proper camera phone in 2014.. by proper i mean it having  removable battery and SD card slot.

Spedez says:

And when people finally get the 41MP they start complaining about something else. Quad-core and 1080p displays seem to be high on the list. People like to complain in general.
P.S. wpcentral commenting system is buggy as hell at least with Chrome.

vlad0 says:

I don't care about screen res and SoC.. practical convergence is what I care about most

Spedez says:

Me neither but plenty of people care.

Khoa Lai says:

Thus far, the design of the N9 and the Lumias 800-900-920, in my opinion, is the best phone design ever. I will be more than happy if they just keep the design and upgrade the hardware.

CaptDjob says:

Have to agree. Best design by far.

But still, I kind of hoped the "banana" style of design for this that was leaked year ago or so. Many people didn't like that, but I did. Anyhow, changing my 920 for this as soon as I have spare money. Although if this doesn't have wireless charging, then I have to reconsider.

Jay Bennett says:

We're pretty much certain at this point that the 1020/EOS will require an additional snap on cover to charge wirelessly, similar to the Lumia 720 or the 925.

vlad0 says:

The camera app should be a port from the original Symbian device.. its brilliant.

Also, the clock is showing 10:00 ... I betting on 1000 being the number for this device, not 1020

texantony says:

I'm still hoping the name will change to PureView instead of Lumia.

lubbalots says:

Oh the bezel and the hideous ATT ball logo! Why? Why?

procen says:

Are  you planning to get one, since it looks like the L920?

lubbalots says:

Tempting but I'm gonna have to see it first. I'm leaning towards no because I'd rather save my extra line for the Phablet.

procen says:

Yeah, I want to see a Nokia Phablet with higher specs. Right now I will be getting the 925 and maybe a Phablet also.

Jack Larson1 says:

With all the apple and Droid fanboys flocking to you,(failing to make valid excuses that their phone is better.) the 2mm Att ball will be the least of your concerns! :D

lubbalots says:

It concerns me all alright. It fukkin looks ugly as hell! You don't see crap like that stamped on the iphone, GS4, or HTC One.

I guess I spend more time looking at the content on the display than the bezel...

lubbalots says:

I guess we all have different taste. Some don't mind the wasted space whereas I do. And then there's folks that are not detracted by the ugly and unnecessary ATT ball stamped on the front. To each his own. But suggest folks look at the display of the HTC One and its design.

MrGoodSmith says:

Please let it be a penta-band with FM Transmitter

DaSchnee says:

I start to wonder something. They sad that a phone is guaranteed to get OS updates until 18months after the initial release, right? That means te 1020 has receive updates until early 2015 but its hardware is more or less the same than our 920. This should mean that we'll receive updates up to this point as well. Great stuff :)

StevieBallz says:

Given when the 520 launced which has a lot weaker hardware I never really feared that the 920 would be outdated too soon.

benrp says:

My understanding was that the the version your device ships with will be supported for 18 months. Once you ugrade to the next version of windows phone the 18 months starts again, so if in 6 months you upgrade your 920 to Blue, then wp9 in 18 months, your 920 will have 24+ months support.   

Amran Nagal says:

I wonder how dual core will handle 41MP.

xconomicron says:

The single core on the 808 handled it

It's using a GPU co-processor just like the 808. It will be just fine. The SoC will not have to do any of the image processing.

vlad0 says:

The trivia fact is that the 808 is running 41Mpix + oversampling on a CPU architecture from .. 2003

Amran Nagal says:

So it's not a quadcore? I think I'll replace my old Lumia 710 with an s4 now.

Vb2012 says:

Oh please sammy fan go away u dont even own a Lumia!!

Jay Bennett says:

What benefit do you perceive quad core would provide you?

kinpin2131 says:

808's camera had it's own processor. 

Jack Larson1 says:

Now your lunch pics on instance will be in HD!! (as well as other things) Actually, doc. Scanning apps will certainly benefit from the camera.
Once again, Nokia is raising the bar!

ilabene says:

Wow. I don't like to get new Windows Phone devices unless it's necessary for a new OS, but if this is on AT&T, I'll be keeping an eye on when I'll be able to upgrade.

TreizFaction says:

I'm sticking with my 920 until 8.1 phones drop. I will sell the hell out of it at work though.

Fndlumia says:

If photo is correct the time points to eos being called 1000 not 1020, photos of 920 and 925 both had times corresponding to model numbers too

tyaan says:

I will stick with my glossy white 920. I like the from factor and wireless charing. The image quality is great enough to impress the dropis and iPhones people.

jabtano says:

925 I'm on T-MO ..wouldn't switch for the 920 will not switch for this, 6 mo after this hits AT&T, T-MO and Verizon will have one.

Sam Sabri says:

And the T-Mobile version will be thinner and made of aluminum right? :p

dreonedon says:

Will this support 1080p resolution

L0gic Bom8 says:

I'm not getting for two reasons: 1 - I used my upgrade for my Lumia 920 (no regrets). 2 - it doesn't have a microSD expansion slot. I'm a serious media and photographer nut, but the file size of the images will be insane, especially if it offers shooting in RAW and/or TIFF. Megapixel numbers aren't the end all be all that some people think they are. And everyone knows it won't replace SLRs either, but I am intrigued by the potential for the camera.