Nokia Lumia 1020

EOS incoming: Images surface for the AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020

One week from now we’ll be a day away from the big event. July 11th is where we all expect Nokia to announce and detail their upcoming Lumia ‘EOS’ smartphone. The device will be an exclusive to AT&T here in the United States with its 41 megapixel camera sensor. Famed leaker @evleaks has shown off a render of the device with AT&T branding.

Up above you’re looking at the Nokia Lumia 1020 destined for AT&T. The image comes from an internet leaker that has had accurate leaks one after the other. From the front it doesn' t look too different from your typical Lumia 920.

What do we know about the Lumia 1020? Quite a bit at this point. It’s basically going to be a Lumia 920, but with a big difference. On the back of the device where normally find an 8.7 megapixel camera you’ll instead find a 41 megapixel beast. This sensor is expected take two images simultaneously. One large 38 megapixel version for editing, zooming, and archives. The other will be a 5 megapixel version that let’s you share to social networks easily without suffering from huge data charges when you’re far from a Wi-Fi network.

We are a bit curious about the Nokia Pro Cam tile.  Speculation has this being a camera alternative that gives you complete control over the 41MP camera.  Much like we have with the Pro Shot Windows Phone app.

Anybody else looking forward to picking up this bad boy from AT&T and Nokia? Or are you more of a Lumia 925 and T-Mobile guy/gal? Sound off below.

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StevieBallz says:

Given Nokia's previous stance with the N8 and 808 I don't see it supporting the RAW format. You can find those discussions on Nokia's own blogs.

dnmartin98 says:

I have been wondering if this will bring RAW capability with the Nokia PRO feature that has been talked about.  As a professional photographer I have been critical of Nokias implmentation of sharpening and noise reduction at the top-end of the ISO range in their JPG files on the 92x so far, though the 92x is still far better than anything else on the market.  I haven't looked at any of the discussions in their forums on RAW.  I'll have to check it out.  If you have any links to hand, care to share any specific threads?

kinpin2131 says:

Sad to say this will end up being another half backed device with mediocre performance. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter how good the camera is ( i know the cam will be greate), the tech press is going to dwell on the fact that it doesn't have a quadcore processor , 1080 resolutions and windows phone's missing features.  Couldn't Nokia have waited till the next Windows Phone major update? 
Microsoft is doing basically nohting to help Nokia out. 

StevieBallz says:

Holding it back until early next year won't help them either.

CaptDjob says:

Which one would you use more frequently. Four cores in CPU, or camera?
Also screen is 4.5" so you don't see pixels even with 720p resolution. So which one is more useful to you, more pixels that you can't see, or awesome camera?

Logic is irrelevant when dealing with a majority of the tech press, especially when it comes to Microsoft. They are not going to bother spending any significant time with the phone, they're just going to run down the spec sheet and pick out the perceived negatives.

Spedez says:

I can already see the headlines in Engadget and The Verge: "Boo, only 720p screen!".
Verge score: 7.1
+ reasonable camera
+ passable battery life
- No 1080p screen
- No quad core
- No > 5" screen
- No Android

JoRdaNeK says:

Hey im fro. UK where o2 is leading the way in terms of WP, the other carriers have most of the windows phones, but 720 and 925 are pretty exclusive all round, my question is: what does Nokia gain from exclusives and which carrier is winning in terms of number of Nokia WP's on offer?

HillBillJr says:

Marketing support and shelf space. Carriers will bear the cost of marketing the device, which Nokia couldn't do if they went alone.

Is anybody else feeling a little jipped by calling the EOS the Lumia 1020?  It isn't that much of a step-up from the 920.  I feel like they should save 1020 for the upcoming Blue phones whenever they come out.  At least those will support HD and look and feel like a truly professional and up-to-date phone.  That's not to say I don't want this phone, I just wish they didn't try to write off a new camera as a huge enough innovation to throw another 100 on the numbers.

xconomicron says:

It was renamed last minute by Nokia. Its the 909 now.

Nokia is now rehashing the same design over and over again. I mean we saw this literally over 2 years ago with the N9. Time to let it go

Apple is now rehashing the same design over and over again. I mean we saw this literally over 2 years ago with the iPhone 4. Time to let it go

I like triangular or pentagonal designs much better.

Ah, so you're the one who bought a kin, lol.

Jazmac says:

The candy bar design is here to stay. If you haven't noticed.

Spedez says:

I'd like to see you designing a phone that can be manufactured with current tech with reasonable profit margins which is nice to hold and durable.

WPCrook says:

This doesn't apply to me then. :( I live in the UK. :(:(:(:(

HillBillJr says:

It will, the exclusivity is for US. There is a chance this device is exclusive to one of the UK carriers too.

As long as it comes in yellow and does not look as bland and boring as the 925/928, it should be a good niche product.

FC1032 says:

OMG yes..... *foams at mouth*

I hope the ear piece is in a different spot otherwise a case will either not offer full protection or it will block the ear piece. I know I'm going to hear the usual indestructible comments, but from experience I've had one shattered 920 and currently have a 920 with dented corners. The first was dropped in my house and the second outside. It now rests nicely in a secure case.

Verkunder says:

I'm waiting for new hardware this fall.

paulxxwall says:

So the only improvements is the camera? Really im sure when a new version of a phone comes out they usually better than the last but by more than just a camera gs1,gs2,gs3,gs4, all were better than the last and not by just a better camera im just wondering!

jayrod213 says:

My wife is due for an upgrade I told to hold off on getting the 920 and upgrade to the 1020. I have a 920, by far the greatest phone I ever owned.

kakarla says:

quadcore processor, 1.5GB RAM, ..... if nokia releases this phone with these two requirements, I'll be among the 1st few to pre-order this phone. otherwise i'll wait till nokia produces one with these specs. Alas my wish may not come true :(

TashiJLE says:

I have to wait until November, and pray AT&T will allow me an early upgrade, (they did last November for the 920). So as much as I like this 1020 over everything else currently available, I'll have to see what's out at the end of November.

Adretheon says:

I'm alright with it looking like a 920. I think the 920 looks good.I'd like to see what that camera can do.

ShaunKL says:

NINE TWO FIVE!  Roughly two weeks away from my first Windows Phone!  Yaaay!

PeterFnet says:

Wonder if there will be a lot of dust behind front facing camera.

Forc3 says:

Lumia 1000 not 1020! look @ the clock...

xconomicron says:

Neither....Nokia changed the name last minute. Its the 909. Check evleaks.

kendric84 says:

Does anyone know what the storage situation will be with this thing?  The 920 did not have removable storage if I recall correctly.  That would be a major handicap if still the case.

ltjordan24 says:

I'm looking forward to the phone but this carrier exclusivity is getting real old. I guess I'll have to wait another six months before I can get this on vzw.

ejlee072006 says:

If it's 4.5 inch. Im skipping this..The 920 is already the best,fastest camera phone out there.. Its so funny,cuz everybody at the party was using cannon,Nikon,slr camera and here I am with a yellow 920 in my pocket taking the best night photos without the hassle of carrying those heavy slr..
anyhow I said before,if it ain't 5 inch im skipping it.. Im still rocking my 900 and a gs4

vdubskey says:

Why no expandable storage!? I just don't get it. You have a phone with possibly the best camera ever on a phone that will take high quality pictures with large file sizes. And it saves two of every image taken. With the amount of pictures I take I will fill up this phone by the end of the week.

goldenpipes says:

Is the screen AMOLED? That's the only thing I prefer to have. Blacks on AMOLED are second to none.

Looks like the 920...

Paybackxx says:

I will get the 925 from T-mobile. I Can't imagine what I would need that level of camera for.

Its another Lumia 920 variant, with a much better camera. The remaining hardware and the WP OS is the same as when it launched last Fall almost a year ago. 
Nothing new to see here. 

elderjlward says:

This seems like a competitive device. Nokia is bringing something to the table, in an acceptable form factor, that rivals/surpasses all of the competition in regards to mobile photography on a high/midrange(different measures would position differently) and(likely) affordable handset. With great marketing attaching the device to the growing mindshare of the Lumia line will definitely help to differentiate it from the competition. As some have assessed the playing field has in a way plataued in that virtually all smartphones accomplish the core tasks users expect in a mobile device, only in different ways.
Creating a device with a stand-out camera that generates the "Wow" factor even when compared to the less aesthetically appealing Galaxy S Zoom(which approaches smartphone photography with an optical zoom and less megapixels).
This provides a great selling point for sales reps who have seemed to have found it challenging to sell Windows Phones. If Nokia is indeed providing new software to accompany the hardware that only aids in a sales pitch and consumer appeal. With photography such a ubiquitous use for smartphones, this phone can really help to drive Windows Phones into many hands.
Additionally, Nokias and Microssoft's targeting of the Non- Smartphone populace, the EOS's lack of departure from the almost year old 920 tech with the exception of the camera will likely allow Nokia/Micrsoft to offer this appealing device at a very competitive price point. Though the camera tech is awesome, it's inclusion in a virtually refreshed 920 is probably meant less for us, On-The-Edge Windows Phone Enthusiasts, and more as a attention getter for the Uninitiated Potential Smartphone buyer.
Our Must Have device will likely launch Q1 or Q2 2014 after WP 8.1 debuts officially raising WP devices to full HD, possibly bring additional features and OEMs build hardware to match.

xconomicron says:

This is the 909 not 1020...according to evleaks

nanoware says:

I'm still a firm believer that there will be two variants of this device. This polycarbonate for at&t and an international aluminum frame version.

IAmBay says:

Needs more than just a better camera. I'll wait for the 1120

terrokkinit says:

Ugh, why does AT&T get all the good stuff? VZW...(sigh)