Cyan Updates!

Lumia Cyan is going global for the Lumia 920

Canadian Lumia 920 on Cyan

Lumia Cyan update coming to 920 in Canada

Lumia Cyan Updates!

Lumia Cyan going out to Lumia 520, 920 and 1020 users

Lumia Cyan Updates!

Cyan update hitting Lumia 920 users in UK, Italy and Spain

Cyan on AT&T

Lumia 520 and 925 on AT&T finally get Cyan and 8.1


Microsoft needs to make another Lumia 925 for 2014

Microsoft News

Microsoft 'betrayed' Finland, says Finnish finance minister of layoffs


Microsoft's aiming for flagship Windows Phones, killing Nokia X but selling MixRadio


New Treasure Tag app update ditches the 'Nokia' brand

Microsoft News

Rumor claims 1,000 former Nokia employees in Finland could be laid off by Microsoft

WPCentral News

Swing by the forums if your Lumia 925 or Lumia 625 grabbed the Lumia Cyan update

Windows Phone News

Lumia Cyan reportedly coming to Spain for the Lumia 925 late next week


New Nokia MixRadio update ditches the 'Nokia' brand

Windows Phone News

Lumia Cyan update begins on a provisional basis in Finland for the Lumia 925

Windows Phones

Lumia 930 pre-orders begin in Norway Wednesday for July 10 launch

Windows Phones

Microsoft Store US site pulls pre-order listings for Nokia Lumia 635


Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 released, Lumia SensorCore SDK out of private beta

Windows Phones

Nokia Lumia 635 for AT&T and T-Mobile available for pre-order at US Microsoft Store site

General News

Microsoft teases possible launch date of a green Lumia or successor to the X

General News

Microsoft partners with British designer to create wireless charging pants


Video of the Amber update for the Lumia 920

Amber update for Nokia Lumia 920

The Nokia Lumia 925 launched with a slightly improved camera compared to the Nokia Lumia 920 and 928. That sixth lens does help, but it’s the software in the Lumia 925 that makes the biggest difference in improving the photo results. Don’t fret Lumia 920 and 928 owners, the Amber update from Nokia will help bring your camera up to par. Here’s a video of it on the Lumia 920.

The video shows off some of the cool features you’ll be getting with the Amber update. Things like always on clock, double tap to wake, the Nokia Smart Camera app, and more improvements throughout the phone. You can also flip your phone to silence it when a phone call is coming through. List view since you all like to scan and not read:

Amber – Lumia only update

  • Double tap to wake
  • Glance setting – Lockscreen clock feature
  • Flip to silence
  • New wallpapers (grab them here on SkyDrive)
  • Smart Camera app
  • Ability to set color profile for your screen

GDR2 – Windows Phone OS update

  • IBN Notes Traveler and Sina Weibo (China only) account integration
  • FM radio
  • More carriers with DataSense support
  • CalDAV and CardDav support

Another cool thing with Amber for Lumia devices is about that physical camera button on your phone. You’ll be able to set what happens when you press the physical camera button on your device. It’s always been that with any Windows Phone device it would open the stock camera app, but you’ll be able to set the Nokia Smart Camera app to open instead. That’s something we reported a few weeks back.

Which features above are you most looking forward to?

Additional reading:

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Josh Harman says:

Nah, that's not even on my list.

how the Lumia 620 ?

Somerichs says:

Anyone know what IBM Notes Traveler does for you? Just lets you access your (notes) email remotely?

no rotation lock?
seriouly msft nokia?

Jaco Ra says:

I hope Lumia 520 gets this update

Aaron Cortes says:

I'm feeling a bit frustrated. How in hell can't Microsoft implement the rotation lock feature? It bugs me every morning when I'm still in bed. This is the only reason why I hate windows phone. Oh and the lack of a proper whatsapp app.

Josh Harman says:

I'm not a fan of rotation lock, just keep your phone straight.

poddie says:

I'm not a fan of people campaigning against MS implementing an incredibly easy and completely optional feature that is highly demanded and bothers many people daily in a big way.  

Really can't wait. Nokia Lumia 920 will have Glance?

jfa1 says:

it would be nice to have had some audio to listen to in this video. 

AfroPhysics says:

I personally don't care for any of these updates in particular.
I'd rather see MS fix feature issues with the OS rather releasing feel-good updates.

There's just so many things the OS lacks.  It's an enormous list.

p51mustang says:

Was just about to post the same thing as AfroPhysics!
Why can't MS just fix the basic stufff ... I still can't get my business POP3 email to work correctly (my private POP3 email works correctly, but does not allow me to sync less than three days), sound volumes should be seperated for ring tones, alarms and games. Add third-party calendar support to the API, allow the ability to select all emails with one click, etc, etc.
I love my 920, but really MS, this is basic stuff. This is what seperates WP8 from the more mature and stable competitors. When people ask me about WP8, I tell them that although I love it, it is still immature compared to iOS and Android.

I think they do release this and any other OS updates to improve the overall performance as well as adding new features.

If u ask me WP is in a class of its own, a quality OS that I instantly got into the flow of using, very easy to use and seems very solid but yet so fluid at the same time! Sure its not perfect and there's some things Id like to do with it but cant, but hey ull get that with any phone. Its like the WP OS molds to the user very easily, its so intuitive! I love it

jcw108 says:

The one thing I'm looking forward to is the presumed improvement in photo quality. Color saturation and automatic white balance are still way off at times. Judging from the photo samples of the 925 running GDR2/Amber, the update should help to improve things.

johaas says:

"List view since you all like to scan and not read"
lol, I loved that!

MrDaedra says:

No useful feature from MSFT. Very disappointing.

Karanstyle says:

MSFT actually never did a update since WP7 but being frank i just notice no. Change No Background tasks work properly because of which WHATSAPP, VIBER & many apps suffer MORE THAN THAT I SUFFER. Wish i had Android in my Beautiful Nokia..!!

Josh Harman says:

Just a punk troll, first he says he's getting an iPhone next, now he's talking about Android... all while mindlessly babbling about who knows what.

Exactly, and plus there has already been a few WP 8 updates since its release thank you very much!

Karanstyle says:

I heard FEW... :|
Fact is you're right, there have been only FEW updates unlike other OSs. A OS needs to be strong enough packed w/ powerful features yet fluid that get you more OEMs but I dont see it w/ MSFT. :/

MSFT is only FLUID!

Karanstyle says:

HEehehehehehehehee!! :D

Karanstyle says:

Any Day dear Android & iOS are tons better than WP8. As iOS & Android dont sell a phone with these features:
•No storage issues
•Screen Orientation
•Eye soaring screen brightness(slider pls)
•Separate Volume Control
•Background Tasks for all apps
•Notification Center
•Proper XBox Music
•Cant play many videos(very simple formats) from SD Card
•No Toggles for Controls

Spedez says:

Lockscreen clock is king.

Aldair20Soto says:

I have a question about the update of amber .. only be for the nokia lumia 920? or will be for all nokia with wp8?

Moustache321 says:

For all wp 8 devices I think. But the l520/1 won't have the glance screen

kushki says:

If the features like orientation lock, separate volume controls, custom notification tones, more than 6 tabs in ie, notification center are not there in this update, I will give up on MS for good. It shouldn't have taken this long in the first place. I think I have waited enough, and although I don't really like android ui I will buy an Android. at least I can use it the way I want. WP is good but it needs some solid improvements.

Karanstyle says:

I mean really its horrible to see getting an update of 3 features ONLY from MSFT & out of which only FM happens to be useful & globally available... W*F..?? Whereas Nokia alone sends more Updates But never buying a WP OS but still a Nokia fan for their enthusiasm.. Switching to iOS or Android.. Waste Investment neither the WP7 got the major update for my father Lumia 800.

Josh Harman says:

Don't let the door hit ya on the way.

Karanstyle says:

Thanks for enlightening me with your EXPERIENCE about THE DOOR HITTING YOU! :D

Karanstyle says:

As i can see Nokia is doing in the name UPDATE than MSFT. Seriously you get me FM + CalDAV &CardDAV Support as an UPDATE ..?? Is that a Joke..??

dalydose says:

You should just throw your phone against the wall.   You seem to hate it with a level of passion that should be reserved for terrorists who kill puppies belonging to blind children.

Karanstyle says:

OMG i thought only I'm going Crazy with the list of updates MSFT is providing in GDR2 but you already seemed to have crossed the boundaries of Craziness.. God may bless ya and world would be more peaceful place w/o crazy trolls :-P

Josh Harman says:

Troll Patrol.

Karanstyle says:

Can I join in your "Troll Patrol" Group, because you seemed to be such a FREE TROLLER that you even have a great name for your Group! :D :P 
You won this troll cometition  :D

mayur89 says:

I wonder Windows Phone is ignoring "Lock Portrait Mode"!!????? :/ they are bringing all the features but portrait mode lock .. :( People do surfing/texting all the time while going to sleep and this screen rotation frustrates :( Please bring this feature :)

Josh Harman says:

Do you people sleep sideways hanging upside down? I don't understand, I'm laying down right now.

Karanstyle says:

Josh, Tell us in which position you lay down at night and we'll also adjust ourselves to your pose after a long tiring day..
JOSH, Wait!! what if we could adjust phone's Screen Orientation instead of ourselves? :O


mayur89 says:

Dude! I Love windows phone.. but the only thing that frustrates people the most in WP is "Lock rotation".. I think if they bring this feature, that'll be very good... after shutting down my laptop, I do chat wd my friends, check updates and it's difficult to type in horizontal mode.. :/

Karanstyle says:

Mayur89, I agree that I too suffer from same. And also the Horrible Screen Brightness(Lumia 820. You also suffer that..? )... :/

Jakeway says:

Will it fix my music... Albums are split up for no good reason. All the data is the same.

Karanstyle says:

Wish I could hammer out the WP8 OS of my lovely Nokia Lumia..!!

Josh Harman says:

Wish you would hammer your way out of here troll.

Karanstyle says:

Indeed I'd really prefer to do that as the WP8 doesn't even bear the most basic features and lacks best games Real Racing and apps Instagram, many others. I mean, I'm going for real quality either Android or iOS as MSFT is What You See Is Not What You Get. Love Nokia hate MSFT update feature from WP7 to WP8 to GDR2, i mean really just 3 features i mean that'd enough for babies like ya..

Josh Harman says:

What's worse than a hater? A poorly informed hater.
Real Racing is available on WP and a 3rd party app for Instgram is also available with video coming soon... not that I care about either of those. I mean who cares about instagram other than a 15 y/o girl, but I'm not judging you on that.
And there are more than 3 features in the update, but you wouldn't be happy if it came with a flux capacitor.

Karanstyle says:

A Blind Fan is much worse than a Hater trust me on this :D
1. Real Racing is available. Which Version? - Real Racing 2 (Paid) whereas iPhone/Android have "Real Racing 3" THAT TOO FREE!!!!! (Do you read word Free & latest.. ?)

2. Instagram 3rd Party apps are very good initiative by the Developers for which I really do a hats off! But Officals apps dont give a F about WP OS neither MSFT cares... Its Nokia who brought many Lumia Exculsive games and also patnered with Gameloft & EA!
3.You know only outdated ppl dont care about the apps they dont get like Instagram and Yes I'm a Photographer and love taking shots but from only phones and best service happens to be Instagram but Photoplay on WP8!

4.You know I'm happy that you're happy! atleast I dont fight like 10 year old girl nagging around about her Barbie OS. Pls realize the competition like Nokia already has and better MSFT too get serious now.

dalydose says:

Peace out. Won't miss your posts. 

Karanstyle says:

I promise peace! ^_^

Duffau says:

Dude, enough. We get it that you're unsatisfied, we see your posts, you've made your point. But posting the same thing over and over doesn't change anything aside from making you look like a troll.

Karanstyle says:

O_O--'  "I on purpose ignore you!" :D

mpt15 says:

Is this all the gdr 2 and amber will bring or is there more?

Duffau says:

Could be it could be more. Dunno yet

Yaw Agyei1 says:

I can't wait to have FM radio on my phone

boxa72 says:

Yeah I'm on crack!! Absolutely filthy that they STILL haven't fixed "other" memory!! MS r u out of ur f#$@ing mind!!!

vslayer31 says:

The sad thing is wp7 cannot run wp8 coz they in diff kernels thats end of the road of wp7 but its worth it on 1st gen wp devices like my htc hd7 and thats why i dont upgrade to lumia 800 and 900 coz its the same software version i think now its worth it to upgrade to lumia 920

ajbdonug says:

It seems like I get different answers everytime I read another post about these updates. I recently got a Lumia 810. Will I get both updates?

Spedez says:

Depends if your carrier plays it nice.

Duffau says:

Tmobile EOLed that phone. And since they're the only carrier in the world that had it, I'd say updates are unlikely. Hopefully there will be other ways to update.

bpmurr says:

I thought GDR2 will also allow for wav playback?

Suden says:

Are these Updates will also for Nokia Lumia 620 .

IceDree says:

"Another cool thing with Amber for Lumia devices is about that physical camera button on your phone. You’ll be able to set what happens when you press the physical camera button on your device. It’s always been that with any Windows Phone device it would open the stock camera app, but you’ll be able to set the ...."
Is an Amber exclusive ir part of GDR2 ?
Will HTC or Samsung have the option as well to launch their own Camera App (if there's one in the first place) ?
& Ohh , Flip To Mute is available on HTC devices , my 8X have it .

Josh Harman says:

It doesn't appear so.

AneticsUK says:

As much as i love my WP im getting a little sick of being light years behind Android and Apple, ive been a loyal MS phoner since the early days of WM5 and to say that WP is a backstep is an understatement, there are sooo many thing that wp CANT do that others can and im getting really tired of waiting for MS to catch up, i want to be able to stream media from network shares, i want VPN, i want PROPER mass storage device, i want a less restrictive development enviroment (yes i know why the security is there) but at least give me the option to turn it off, im due for an upgrade next year.... Let the countdown begin!

Josh Harman says:

You should have known the disadvantages of WP vs iPhone & Android, particularly if you been on the platform since WM5. Not sure what you're surprised about.

James Young6 says:

So out of Curiosity, with around 55,000 users so far voting for this, when is Microsoft going to fix the very simple issue of having custom text message tones? Or is this another silence no response thing? 
I have never known such an obvious and easy feature update to get so ignored.

When will this update be released for Lumia 720 (running on WP8)? Please Respond

Josh Harman says:

Depends on your carrier.

You mean "IBM" Notes Traveler, right?

Josh Harman says:

Yes. They fired their editor.

anoopkn says:

App installation on SD card still not possible?
That is the most wanted feature on my 820. 

worldfar says:

Still no screen rotate locks? Sh#t!