Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020 confirmed with photos uploaded by Joe Belfiore

Nokia's next Windows Phone with the 41MP shooter will be called the Lumia 1020, according to sample photos published on flicker. Microsoft's Joe Belfiore posted a series of shots from various Nokia Windows Phones, but two from the collection stood out as they appear to have been taken using a "Nokia Lumia 1020." One of the photos is listed at 2947 x 1658 (noted to be almost 5MP), while the other is 1352 x 1568 (hitting 3.7MP). These images suggest that Nokia's upcoming Lumia PureView Windows Phone will likely shoot at multiple resolutions.

The new name makes perfect sense, being a sure enough upgrade to the Lumia 920. Confusion has surrounded the device before it has been announced by Nokia with it being recognised at the Nokia 909. Here's the uploaded shot from Belfiore:

Joe Belfiore

We'll have more details on the Nokia Lumia 1020 this week.

Source: Flickr (Joe Belfiore), via: The Verge



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Musicman247 says:

Wow, that pic looks super clear.

Mr. Tofu says:

I was just thinking that. The detail and sharpness are impressive.

Musicman247 says:

Go to the source pic and prepare to be blown away. You can count the hairs on Joe's head!

WP7_Genius says:

This whole album taken with the 1020?? Those food pics are my favorite(Im hungry now) but the rest are great too.!

ymcpa says:

Not all the photos were taken with a wp. Look at the bottom. The windows phone pictures have a WP in the file name. The one's taken with a dedicated camera have DSC in the name.

rx74ray says:

original photo was removed. Does anyone have it?

jayruguitar says:

Frickin' sick!

x I'm tc says:

Yeah, like a picture from a Lumia 920, but actually in focus!

shreyas15 says:

Holy mother of Lumias!

yep, also I never noticed the lumia phone in the yacht.

aitt says:

I'm so getting this phone.

rodneyej says:

Why would he do that❔

DJCBS says:

I'll wait for Nokias confirmation. 1020 makes no sense whatsoever with the phone being just a 920 with a higher camera. Unless Nokia now names the phones according only with their cameras....which is stupid since they shouldn't focus their phone strategy around a camera.

btbam91 says:

Kidding right?

hipporama says:

I sure hope he is.


Yeah keep waiting what if 1020 was real, you going to be disspointed that it didnt pack with 4 or 8 stupid cores with useless 1080p display and a stupid screen size pahblet that you cant fit in your pocket. no, this phone is not about useless specs that smartphones have today just fancy shit with no practicle use with crappy battery life. this is what i call a real smartphone, it has an efficent and still good processor for today standards a quality display that is relevant in today smartphone specs and you make no sense and point why this should not be 1020. this is the real camerphone becuase if you look in tech surveys and you look at people outside they take pictures on their smartphones everyday and most of them upload them social media thats what great about this phone not only the camera other stuff in this upcoming phone, its great for summer tech buyers with real quality pictures no gimmick shit like samsung and its still windows phone the most useful software use out there without bullshit that you get with nearly all android smartphone flagships i.e samsungs galaxy and this will blow galaxy samsuck zoom, its an real competitor to those who think sony xperia lame camer and samsung fail zoom camera, so you dont know their strategy, you dont own nokia stocks, you dont work for nokia nor you are a stakeholder of nokia, so to hell with you. this is nokia not samsung lg bullshit. nokia dont play tricky shit with consumers, you and me, we are just consumers, sometimes we are used to too much spec spec spec crap, that we dont need in a phone that wont be useful for everyday use.

DJCBS says:

You're so stupid that I won't even bother to give you a proper answer.
Just for the record, there's a big chance that I was a Nokia customer already when you were still in the eye of the milkman.

TonyDedrick says:

I don't think its that serious enough to get bent out of shape about. Its merely a sequence of numbers that doesn't affect whether or not its a good phone.

lippidp says:

Yeah, of all the things to get upset about this ranks in the high billions for me...

WP7_Genius says:

Trillions for me lol

^^ This! I agree completely. I am definately on picking up this phone, but it would be a shame if it is the 1020. Unless they add a quad core and/or 1080p support, I believe they should stick with keeping this phone in the 920 series. 

NIST says:

When you buy an actual camera, your interest is in the picture quality not the processor. Why would this be any different?

Disagree completely, the camera tech, plus the camera software puts the phone in a league of its own, 9xx would confuse too many people, 1020 lets people know it has everything a 920 does plus something more.

Nataku4ca says:

not really, if its a massive upgrade to 920 then it would be 930 instead, look at the difference between 920 vs 820 then 820 vs 720
the first number change usually indicate feature changes/upgrade, not entire hw upgrade

simphf says:

The way they are doing it now is the second number indicates generation. When the next significant OS is released they will start releasing the x3x phones. Or November.

fwaits says:

The series relate to features on the phones.  1xxx series presumably now being the higest end with the best possible camera.  9xx being similar but with a less capable camera in a smaller package.  Go down a series and lose features.  Has nothing to do with upgraded CPU, memory or screen resolution.  Those will not come until then next generation of WP devices after Blue.  Then we will see things like 930, 830, 730, 630, etc...  It's a cost thing.  The 1xxx series will be the most expensive, and each series lower will cost less (Within the same generation).

poddie says:

Fwaits gets it. And BIGBEN needs less caffeine and to learn how to use proper case and punctuation to make his posts readable.

bambuco says:

Any thoughts/bets when we might see a 1028 variant come to Verizon?  

As a long time VZW customer, I would think a VZW variant of the 1020 would be available in time for Christmas 2016.

dougolupski says:

I am with the great Satan At&Terrible, I am sure they will get a six month exclusive and VZW would get it mid 2014. VZW has had a bit of success with the new WP8 line so I hope for your guys benefit they will seek to secure the phone as soon as they can.

bambuco says:

... Dammit.  now the question is: wait for this or get the 928 end of this month?   What do you have Carl?

I have the 928 (and love it) The camera isn't all that yet. The Xenon flash adds a hue to most pictures, and with some pitcures the colors get washed out and lack detail. I am hoping the Amber update resolves most of this.
My wfie had a 928, but returned it for the Droid DNA. I don't take as many pcitures (nor use them as miuch) as she does.

leonnerd says:

Just in case someone couldn't figure out, here is the link to the full image:

Zamir Yusof says:

oh my..... we can even count his stubs

rebel_yell says:

His wedding ring says "Hecho in Mexico" in little tiny letters. Never heard of "The Bronco Nagurski" marathon.

NIST says:

It's like using deep zoom.

lippidp says:

Fail. It clearly says "en" not "in", gringo...

I LOLed..

rebel_yell says:

Carramba, so busted.

darkninja962 says:

So everyone gave up trying to keep the phone a secret?

rodneyej says:

Yeah, on purpose.. They want the hype surrounding the press event to be huge.

Wait, isn't this what they were supposed to be announcing in three days?
Why would they just leak stiff like that?

sasukeluffy says:

Teasy bastards at Nokia and Microsoft.. ;_:

gibbage says:

At least the 1020 didnt get lost in a bar......

phil2415 says:

It's pretty ugly, though, if that's the final design.  Also, it's Flickr, not "flicker".

Sam Sabri says:

It looks fine! Plus... do you see the photos that beast is producing? I'm drooling right now and it's not because of Joe's hair. 

Dexterrino says:

*Joe's COUNTABLE hairs*

ThePKReddy says:

Idk, I'm digging his hair

RobbCab says:

I'd just like to take this time to highlight some other important info from the EXIF data.
Look at the ISO (100) and the crazy fast shutter speed (1/270). Try that with a "slow" optical zoom lens and a sensor 1/4th the size (I'm looking at you S4 Zoom)
EDIT: especially in those overcast conditions!

Nabkawe5 says:

Wow someone else picked up on this too, 808 used to have darket photos at 100 ISO in bright days , (but seeing how the aperture here is bigger 2.2 vs 808's f2.4 i'd think its explainable.

Spicymikey says:

What's so special about the photo? Looks the same as my 920

laserfloyd says:

If you pull up the high res version you can see considerably more detail.  Keep in mind that even that image is the downsampled version.  So it's quite a ways beyond what the 920 can do.

Spicymikey says:

Ah yes, of course.  I guess I wasn't thinking as usual :)   The hi res is impressive!

NH3MAN says:

You frickin wish your 920 could do that! My 920 certainly cannot do that. My Canon DSLR would have to be setup just right to give me this at 100 ISO. I can count his future grey hairs, and do a scan for skin cancer. Pics don't come any sharper than this IMHO....

RobbCab says:

Exactly. And it's not just the sharpness. The lack of noise at that ISO and shutter speed under less-than-optimal lighting conditions speaks volumes.
Go through his Flicker sets and see how much noise there is in some of the pics taken with a Sony DSC-RX100 (with a 1" sensor and f1.8 lens) and a Canon EOS 40D (ASP-C sensor translation: big). While I'm sure those cameras can take better pictures, comparing a smartphone camera to a high-end point-&-shoot ad a DSLR is just plain crazy. And yet the 1020 compares very favorably.

mzoslater says:

I think that Two new Nokia are on the way. Nokia 909 and 1020.

Bodzianek says:

What is that white watch ?. Is it Nokia smart watch?

Mr. Tofu says:

I was wondering the same thing. Thought it was a music player of some sort

NH3MAN says:

I WANT! Just from the look. Almost looks like a NOKIA iPod with dual audio output.

NIST says:

This pic has all sorts of Nokia teases.

It's a Nokia Bluetooth Headset. I have that one, the model is BH-214.

Dexterrino says:

its a bluetooth headset

benners76 says:

That thing is beautiful. Damn those Finns can design some hardware!

nMIK-3 says:

No matter what its final name is, if it has the same specs like the Lumia 920 (again) with different/better camera, for me is nothing more than a Lumia 920 v3, with v2 being the Lumia 925.

Spicymikey says:

so what's your point?  The 920 is their top shelf product.  Are you looking for a revolutionary new product?  Your top product of course is going to evolve and improve to remain at the top and compete with the competition.  iPhone 4, 4S, 5,.....
I'd love to see a razor thin version of a 920 with a 4000ma battery and that 41megapixel camera as their next version, but that's just unrealistic I think

nMIK-3 says:

I am expecting a true Lumia 920 successor based on todays high-end standards.
Snapdragon 800, 1080p Screen at ~4.7-5.0 inches, thinner and lighter design, better cameras. This is not only realistic but pure reality in the Android side. Samsung is releasing a Snapdragon 800 version of the S4, LG G2 leaks showing the same kind of specs, Nexus 5 should also be based on those as well.

Spicymikey says:

I hear you but 1080p support is not baked into the OS yet but coming from what I keep reading.  4.5 sure seems big enough for most for a phone so that's hardly a feature everyone is demanding in a phone. For the 5"+ devices, phablets are coming from Nokia soon from what I've read, but that's obviously going to be considered a different product line.   We just need to have patience for that I guess.
I guess the bottom line: this is NOT a next gen 920.  It's just a step up model in the same generation as the 920.  It IS just the 920 with a better camera.  That's not necessarily bad.  .

lippidp says:

And it will still suck.

The 920 has good enough specs for me. The only thing that can completely ruin this phone is if they do a 16GB version with no micro SD slot.

What version is the 928 then?

nMIK-3 says:

Lumia 928 will be v1.1, the only real difference is the Xenon flash :)
But considering the fact its on Verizon with CDMA support and with huge Verizon logos in front of your face is more like a downgrade for me personally lool.

nMIK-3 says:

I am not saying the 920 specs are bad. They are very decent. But outdated.
When Lumia 920 came out, its specs were along the top of their time but that was a year ago.
Nowdays the top of the line high-end phones (which are leaking all over in daily bases) have Snapdragon 800 and 1080p displays. Not even discussing anything else.
Speaking of course as a Lumia 920 owner that will look to update my old now 920, sometime in the fall.
And btw the images above from the new PureView Camera look absolutely stunning! 

tositem says:

This is amazing! Go nokia! Go windows phones! Go! If it is real, than i don't mind to adopt Lumia 1020, and keep my L920 :D

camstreet1 says:

Any chance Nokia will release an actual camera, aka s4 zoom, as well? Would love to see this 41mp sensor combined with a proper >20x optical zoom...

aitt says:

You obviously missed the point of this phone

camstreet1 says:

No, i don't think i did...

aitt says:

If you don't understand the zoom function of the phone yes you did.

camstreet1 says:

No. Lossless digital zoom / oversampling is great for a phone where there's no room for optical zoom. What i was talking about is combining the lossless digital tech in a camera form factor together with an optical zoom... Duh.

aitt says:

So then buy a camera

JCerna says:

No yes the 808 has great digital zoom but I would not mind a adding a 20x lense and then use digital zoom.

Since the back camera is being improved from the 808, I hope they improve the front camera.

NH3MAN says:

What's amazing too is the lack of visible post processing artifacts. The in camera software is not showing itself with sharpening or noise reducing artifacts like the soft noise reducing blur on my 920 that has to be cleaned up with sharpening but then you have those artifacts as well. Very Nice....

RobbCab says:

You can see it a little bit where his chin touched the blue ribbon. All things considered though it's a remarkable looking image. You pretty much have to be reminded it was taken on a phone.

Rem97 says:

I personally can't see enough of an improvement to be investing in a new phone. Imo i don't think the camera should be the focus point of a phone. Its great to have an "amazing" 41MP camera but, i think other things should take priority on a smartphone.

lbaxter says:

I can agree with your point that the camera shouldn't be THE feature of the smartphone. But, to the average consumer, it might be what sways their dollars toward Windows Phone. Granted, Nokia (& Microsoft) must have some "this is why windows Phone 8 is better" features they can tout along with great camera specs.

ade333 says:

There's a Nokia for that. You just have to replace "that" with what you think the focus should be.

Heatnup says:

Possibly true for you, but when I am lugging my family around to events I bring my real camera to take pictures since the camera on my 920 is just a little weak for me.  Of course bringing my phone is a must since I have to be connected.  I would love to have a substantially better camera on my phone so I can eliminate having to bring my camera.
Being able to eliminate my camera completely would be one of the only reasons I would need to upgrade from my 920.  This may not be true for everyone, but I think it is true for enough to make this a very meaningful phone.  The only thing that could make it better would be if it is waterproof!

Lewis Black says:

What  other things?
To me this is the thing, not  zetacore samsung with 1080p display and crappy camera.

Rem97 says:

I guess it's just personal preference. I'm perfectly happy with the camera on my 8x. I know this camera may be a "million times better" but for me personally, the camera on my 8x is good enough. I'm not against the 1020 i think it'll help WP, hopefully the 41MP camera can sway some people from android and ios.

Daniel Meek says:

Well sure, the camera should not be the MAIN focus of a phone... but all the same it is a very nice addition to all of the other features that are just fine on phones already.
I mean, they make great phone calls, and to have any better quality there would require major upgrades on the part of the phone networks. They all have great bright screens that are nearly impervious to cracks. They get as good of battery life as can be afforded with today's technology. I could go on and on, but the point is that cameras on phones get a lot of attention simply because they have always been the weakest link of any feature set. I have always thought that the camera on my 920 has been fantastic, but in the back of my mind is the constant disclaimer that it is 'fantastic for a phone camera'. The 1020 looks to be the first camera on a phone that can be a true replacement of any point and shoot on the market, and even begin to get into the realm of basic DSLR quality (granted without a lot of the features that the platform provides). If it lives up to the hype then it will simply be a great camera without any disclaimers, which is a big deal in a market where everyone is pretty much on equal footing on the rest of hardware.

dukrem says:

Nokia has been focusing on other areas too for their other devices, but this device is clearly just a 920 with a good camera. Its an enthusiast device. Why shouldn't they emphasize its camera? With windows phone 8.1 there will be new Nokia devices with a general focus - high res screens, quad core, etc.

aitt says:

Well played product placement with Nokia ... Music thing watch something

Would have been but its not, this is bh-214 bluetooth headset announced in 2009....

aitt says:

Ah. Gotcha. Left Nokia products round 08

andrewkeith5 says:

Those 2 dots on the back worry me. If wireless charging isn't built in, Nokia really are missing a trick. Surely people must prefer a flat back over those stupid looking bulges????

Sniper1087 says:

At this point wireless charging is just dumb, what is the point ifnyou have to still plug in the wireless adaptor to the wall, at that point I rather plug it into the wall.

NH3MAN says:

I have three wireless chargers throughout my house with a wireless stand at my desk. I never plug anything in and if you ever experienced that freedom then you would know there is nothing dumb about it.

Ever try plugging in your phone at night with sleeping people and no lights? Or want to quickly take your phone and you forget and it pulls the cord out? Or even better go to a restaurant that supports wireless charging right at the table? Come on man.

andrewkeith5 says:

As anyone who has ever used wireless charging (or at least used it as it is intended to be used) will tell you, that is a totally moot point.
The entire purpose is that you have a number of fixed locations but that the device just has to be put in those locations, you don't have to mess around trying to plug in or remove cables - in the process, wearing them out and potentially damaging both cable and device (as happens very, very frequently).
For example, I have a wireless charger on my bedside table, on my dresser, in the kitchen, on the coffee table in the living room and on my desk at work. The net result is that I never have to worry about my phone not being charged unless I'm away from home for more than 24 hours, in which case I have a backup battery, meaning I also never have to carry a charger or worry about whether I'll have a socket to plug into. In fact, my Lumia 920's charger is still in the box, in it's original, sealed package...

Zamir Yusof says:

nah..only people that haven't use wireless charging yet will question the point of having it. I play games a lot before I sleep so with wireless charger I can just rest the phone on the stand w/o ever need to open my eyes to find the cable whatsoever and rest assure I have a full charged battery in the morning. You just need to plug it once since the charger use very little power in idle unless you are poor enough need to plug out every electrical device every time to save on electricity.

The image quality certainly makes my 920 seem like a silly toy by comparison. But since I usually carry a proper digital camera anyway, this phone kind of seems like a downgrade with less storage space, no wireless charging (which I love) and overall ugliness compared to the 920's design. Still it must be as good as it currently gets for someone primarily looking for a camera phone!

wpguy says:

Q: How many countable hairs on Joe's head and face?

Daniel Meek says:

While I would prefer a better subject than Joe's mug, that is still one very impressive picture if it was really taken with a phone.
Still not sure if an upgraded camera is going to be enough to make me move away from my 920 so soon, but it holds a lot of promise for what my next phone ought to be able to do!

smartfonefan says:

I think this is mu next smartfone had the 920 since Nov so time for an upgrade. Wouldn't touch apple and android in time gets really slowwwww. Wp8 on the other hand is still as fast now as when I got it. 41mp wow....

mnika says:

The original picture on flickr was deleted. Very impressed by the quality though!

DaWn o WaR says:

Yep, very sharp. Open up the pic, zoom all the way in, and you can easily count individual hairs on his fingers.

Fndlumia says:

So now its confirmed? I'm sticking with Nokia would not name it that, hoping all this 1020 shit comes from the case with 1020mah battery... Just a wrong name and how is it confirmed? Did I miss the p.c?

NIST says:

Dang! A battery just for maps? Cool.

Fndlumia says:

Fixed typo, is that better NIST. Glad you have the time loser

edsal says:

Other than the camera did anything else change in the phone to make it a better phone ?


Even the stock price is hovering around $4.14

Cellus13 says:

Is he trying to make duck lips? Lol! Pretty interesting photo.

rahul naik says:

Does anybody know wht is he wearing around his neck? nokia clip? or nokia watch ;)

Nokia bluetooth headset, BH-214 model.

rath79 says:

What if that image was taken with the front camera?

gamato says:

Not sure why is he leaking the news. Looks like sort of bragging. But it is no work of MS at all. It's all Nokia's credit. Just my 2 cents.