Nokia Lumia 1020

Exclusive: New render of 41MP Nokia Lumia 1020 in yellow, white and black plus more details revealed

As we get closer and closer to Thursday, it is probably of little surprise that more information is coming out about Nokia’s 41MP Windows Phone, the Lumia 1020. The device, which has gone by the codename ‘Elvis’ on AT&T and ‘EOS’ in general, is expected to be Nokia’s biggest splash yet in mobile photography since the PureView 808, but this time with the power of Windows Phone behind it.

In the new render above, you can clearly see an unbranded Nokia Lumia 1020 in yellow, along with three other 1020’s in yellow, black and white with the 41MP camera exposed. Featuring a Xenon and LED flash, a massive camera sensor (and $70 optional camera grip accessory), the Lumia 1020 should give photo buffs a new dream phone for everyday use.

We can also confirm a few more tidbits about this phone before the reveal…

Nokia Lumia 1020

  • It has optical image stabilization (OIS) built in
  • It takes the image in a 32MP and 5MP at the same time in 16:9
  • The 5MP image is over sampled dropping 7pixels into one “super pixel”
  • It shoots 38MP in 4:3
  • “Nokia 909” was an early name for it but it will be “Lumia 1020” for release
  • 2GB of RAM, an increase of 1GB from other high end Windows Phone 8 devices
  • 32GB of internal storage, no SD
  • WP8 V 8.0.10322.71
  • FM radio (Amber)
  • Flip to silence (Amber)
  • NFC is on board
  • Optional wireless charging backplate will be available

The addition of OIS sets the Lumia 1020 apart from the PureView 808, which lacked the ability to have non-blurry photos in low light. This same OIS technology was introduced with the Lumia 920, and followed up in the Lumia 928 and Lumia 925.  

Combined with the much larger camera sensor, the F2.2. aperture and now OIS, the Lumia 1020 should easily trounce its competition in the mobile world. The addition of extra RAM is most likely required for the massive images that this phone will produce.

Likewise, we can share some details on the Pro Camera app, an exclusive Nokia offering that will give advanced photo settings to users in “live mode” meaning you can change them like the third party Pro Shot app. Those settings include

  • ISO
  • White Balance
  • Manual focus
  • Shutter speed
  • Flash

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is expected to hit AT&T by the end of the month, with Microsoft Stores receiving shipments on Monday, July 22nd and an actual ship date later in the week making this a quick turnaround for Nokia. The inventory price (off-contract) lists the phone for $602 and in three colors, including yellow, white and black, though it will go for significantly cheaper on contract or the AT&T subsidized price.

No word on international availability but it has been reported that the UK will be getting the phone, hinting that if this device is exclusive to AT&T, it won’t be for long at all.



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Sean D. says:

One or two extra steps. Plug phone into PC, drag pictures to either your SkyDrive folders, or online directly to your SkyDrive account.
Still easy.

Heatnup says:

or use NFC, very few people have ever used it and it works great....

Buy a cheap backup phone with SD card. Bluetooth transfer. Boom. Problem. Solve.
(e.g Nokia 207/208 - it's splash proof btw)

Lewis Black says:

Samsung phone with sd and crappy camera or HTC phone with 64 gb and crappy camera OR Nokia 1020 with no sd and 32GB  but fantastic camera?
Not a very difficult decision.

aboodesta says:

Is it just me or does the yellow look matte? I hope it is. As much as I like the shine on my glossy yellow Lumia 920, it gets these annoying scratches on the glossy coating that are impossible to prevent! 

I don't think Nokia gets it yet.  There are still a lot of people that won't consider a phone without a micro SD slot!  I would like a phone with this good of camera, but other than the camera, it's still a step backwards from some earlier Nokia Phones like the N8.  There's no FM Transmitter, there's no micro SD, there's no mini or micro HDMI, and the onboard memory is kind of wimpy (32 gb) when you consider the size of the images it will take.  Plus, I'm still not stoked about having the windows OS.  It was quirky and not the best OS, but I liked symbian, and more importantly, I liked that it was Microsoft, Apple, or Google. 
For a company that is still on the verge of collapse, you would think that they would try a little harder to give people things that they want and that make sense.  I've had money set aside for a new phone for more than a year now, but I'm not buying another Nokia until they add back the micro SD slot and the FM Transmitter (I want but can do without the hdmi).  Until they do, I will sit on my $$ and keep using my N8, which still works fine, and gives me things that I use and need more than the camera or windows OS. 

DJCBS says:

Oh they get it. They just want you to buy cloud storage services instead and make you pay for the data connection, thus pleasing Microsoft AND the carriers ;)

Vb2012 says:

This is not even confirmed but its not a surprise since its coming from you nok hater

Fndlumia says:

This is true MS is pulling strings, check out nokias features before the merger. Seriously N8! It is rubbish slow and crashes flat out, sure was good for its day that's why I have one but passing up on a 920....

Residing says:

@Michael Grubb...Lol!  In other words, you were never going to buy a Nokia Lumia to begin with.
If you want a micro SD slot, and since you appear to enjoy using Symbian, why not just upgrade to a Nokia 808?
Symbian devices were most likely the last of their devices where they accomodated a SD slot, and given that other manufacturers are moving away from SD card slots, you may want to take special care of your N8 :)

Dize Odisu says:

thats right
the phone is soo useless.. a cheaper version is an upgrade
Why doesnt Nokkia see sense?
even HTC  has started making phones with SD cards
Data is still expensive-----sky drive is a moot  point for most of us

rebel_yell says:

News flash, Stephen Elop just read your post and committed suicide on-the-spot. I guess this means you'll be buying Samsung? Oh wait, silly me, you're reading this on your Samsung with sd-card, FM xmitter, mini-HD connector, and so many other features that I can't count 'em all. Wow! With all that goodness, why the hell would anyone want to buy a Winokia phone? What was I thinking?

jcutting says:

I completely agree with the posts knocking the 32GB of storage. With this camera, it should have *at least* 64GB. Yes, SkyDrive's fine when you're not out and about, shooting a bunch of pics. I'm already having issues with my 32GB 920 just from apps and music, so adding this camera to that only hurts. Come on, Nokia, storage is cheap.

For what it's worth, that's my only concern about this device. The rest looks great.

Jakeway says:

Indeed its a real killer. They must be aware that 4 out of 5 people are going to shoot every picture they take full resolution just for the joy of it.... With apps, music, maps and pictures at 40mb a pop its going to fill up far too quickly.

jcutting says:

Yup. I'm up around 10GB in apps (mostly games) and app data and around 10GB of music (this is after deleting some stuff since I was getting low).  With pics, temp files, and documents, things are getting a little tight.  I love my 920, but I sure do miss having the extra 8GB I had on my Focus thanks to that 32GB SD card.

DaBlackGod says:

I hope it really don't look so 920 ish , come Nokia you guys make great handset stop doing the apple

polychromenz says:

As a really keen photographer i can tell you I really want one but no matter how good this is it cannot replace a large lens. Unless they discover a way to cram as much light through that tiny lens as I get in my massive f2.8 Nikon kit then it will never get close to a DSLR. That said, people rubbished DSLRs when they arrived

arg0g says:

As you say, there's no way, it's the laws of physics. But you've got to consider the relative dimensions, too. There's no way your massive Nikon kit and the DSLR will fit in a shirt pocket.

schlubadub says:

I'd much rather have this point-n-shoot on me in ALL situations than a DSLR that I can only use when I plan ahead and where I won't be the target of thieves. I prefer a small camera when travelling and usually leave the DSLR at home.

polychromenz says:

totally agree and thats why i will probably get one. That said, DSLRs are getting cheaper all the time, soon I will buy a new DSLR and my old one will live in the car. Better to have a camera that gets stolen than one that doesnt get used. I have insurance.

laserfloyd says:

True.  But like someone said, it'll fit in your pocket pretty easily.  It's a compromise but a good one.  I don't like lugging my DSLR around unless it's a very special event.  The real test for me will be pics of the Moon.  I love walking outside and seeing an awesome Moon rise/set and wishing I could snap a pic.  The 920 at best just doesn't cut it.  If this thing has lossless zoom and I can adjust ISO, exposure, etc then I can at least get a decent pic in a jiff vs getting all my gear, setting up and so forth.  So, we'll see. :)

ejlee072006 says:

Like what I said.. 4.5 won't be enough.. Although it's very tempting

Kram Devil says:

The Nokia 1020 has OIS, 41mp camera, NFC, radio, an optional charging plate, camera/battery plate, amazing exclusive apps, Nokia Drive and other Nokia apps and WP8  but does not have a built-in bottle opener. The 1020 not having the ability to open my beer is a deal breaker for me.  I am MASSIVELY disappointed.  and what use is a 41mp if you don't have instagram?  Being able to take magnificent 38mp pictures and incredible low light shots sounds gimmicky to me as the only valid use for a phone camera is taking low-res instagram.

Neo Nuke says:

You're very good at sarcasm. +1020

rebel_yell says:

Kram Devil, you are THE man. Comments are now closed.

Chesmez says:

I was not expecting 2GB RAM. Now I wish waited for this instead of buying the 920.

WP7_Genius says:

This thing will be insane. I can't wait

sholokov says:

I wonder if they made the phone bigger (5.5"+), there would be more room to fit the 41mp sensor/camera and would reduce the hump.

arg0g says:

No, because you need depth (that is, thickness) to accommodate a big sensor and its lenses. A bigger front surface won't help.

Jelle Jansma says:

Fuck, just 32GB only? O no...
Why does Nokia often have such great devices but forgets about some simple details?

rebel_yell says:

I was wondering the same thing. Didn't I just hear that Nokia fired their entire engineering staff because of this one, gigantic oversight?

The yellow one looks sexy 

paparatman says:

What would be cool is if they just made it 64 gb. Then I wouldn't care if there was no SD support.

onlysublime says:

I'm suddenly quite interested in this phone after reading about the predecessor (Nokia 808 PureView).  here's a great article on the predecessor from a professional photography site (DPReview):
if you are not psyched about this camera after reading that, then you don't like photography...  this could replace my point and shoot.  not a replacement for a DSLR but what is?

vlad0 says:

The N8 replaced my P&S.. the 808 replaced all else I had. My DSLR is collecting dust..

Fndlumia says:

Have one in white sir, 2gb ram! I will call mine the beast, screw 1020

Can94 says:

Question if this was real why is ZEISS branded on the back as Carl Zeiss, didn't they change their branding for phones now too?

Looks just like a 920 from the front. I think I'll stick with my 920, even though I wouldn't mind getting a 925.

Betomann says:

Great!, another phone I can't buy.

Lumia 1020 Superphone... but i waiting Nokia Pelican superNovaPHONE

MBaughan says:

People keep complaining about 32gb internal - it's not that big of a deal, for me.
I have a Lumia 800 (which would be AWESOME with the same specs as the 1020 btw) with 16gb and I have about 2 gb free.
I take photos once in a while (but would definitely take a lot more with the 1020), and although I have a lot of music on my device, I still have 2 gb free.
To me, it makes sense to keep all of the photos on the phone, but when I get home and put myself on wifi, I can just transfer whatever I want to skydrive
I just really, really hope that this device comes to Telus in Canada.

Narr says:

Still nothing on the CPU? Speculation that it will be quad rather than dual; is there anything technical stopping this?

arg0g says:

WP8. Quad-core support will only come with GDR3 toward the end of the year, at least as far as was leaked.

schlubadub says:

What? WP8 is supposed to already support up to 64 cores? That's what they said when it was first announced last year

a5cent says:

The WP8 kernel supports 64 cores, but that isn't relevant. What is relevant is SoC support. So far two SoCs are certified for use with WP, both of which have a dual-core CPU. That will not change until GDR3 is released.

bulutsuzgece says:

Yeah, what about CPU and GPU? it would be great if it has quad core cpu and adreno 320 gpu.

a5cent says:

Not happening

Sean D. says:

Sorry y'all, I do see what some of you mean as far as storage but something like that being a deal breaker or even something to complain about it ridiculous.
32 is plenty, and SkyDrive makes even better.

arg0g says:

+1, even with a data cap, users will probably have access to a PC or be on WiFi more often as they can fill up 32GB.

schlubadub says:

Without microSD = 32 GB. With microSD = 32 GB + potentially endless storage if you keep buying microSD cards :P Simply put, why limit yourself and jump through hoops (SkyDrive, sync to PC) when you have hot-swappable SD readily available. It's not like we're asking for some outlandish technological marvel, it's a bloody slot that they don't want to put in only because it "ruins the aesthetics" *eye roll*

arg0g says:

...and also because people want impossibly thin phones. A microSD card slot takes up a lot of precious space. Nokia even took wireless charging out of the 925 to make it a few tenths of a mm thinner...

sl#WP says:

I don't understand how those stupid people use up 32G. Mine is 16g, 2.5 years old. Still more than half left. I will never fill up the 16G. I don't know what those people do with the phone.

arg0g says:

They put in all their music, pictures, videos, and maps. I doubt they are filling 32GB up with tweets.

jjmurphy says:

I can't believe that there hasn't been an on contract pricing leak yet from AT&T.

eekaspider says:

Hooray for black on yellow! I would probably go with black on white, but both are appealing options.

koenshaku says:

I was actually going to buy the new iphone I guess I am glutton for pushnishment though. I will grab this when it hits ATT and hope they fix the playlist sync tool at some point...

vlad0 says:

OIS.. i am surprised to say the least. Good job Nokia!

FC1032 says:

Urggg, I'm at breaking point on deciding my next phone.

SDKevin says:

Red RED!!!!!!!!.........

Almost my dream phone.
But no SD Card slot? Such a bummer. Maybe they can release a 64gb version.

Nabkawe5 says:

I understand that an SD Card is important, I just don't think its that important anymore, and where in the past we would talk hundreds of photos that looked terrible but hanged on to anyways, because we can capture COOL photos the amount of photos we keep on our phones are a lot less , What i usually do is skydrive them all and when i get to my Windows8 i use the auto copy feautre on the Windows Phone app (metro one) to get all my photos in full quality.
Then i'll go ahead and delete all of my photos for a fresh start of cool good pictures. :)
Then again i think people who like SD cards like it for the tv shows factor (watching tv shows on the run)
I personally don't like that anymore as WP sucks at saving batteries while watching videos.

Residing says:

Agree with you on storage - on my N8, I added a 16GB SD card, and even with all of the music I've chosen to carry on the phone, along with apps, themes, and documents, I still have about 18GB free.  When I snap photos, I load them on my PC - I only keep a few on my device.
Heck, I've still got 5GB free on my Lumia 900, so 32GB will be more than plenty for me.

NTUser says:

Please oh please let this come to Verizon. Oh please let it come. I beg you.

lubbalots says:

It seems no Verizon at this time. But I'm getting impression that Verizon probably get the Phablet with aluminum and new camera tech, lytra? There's no way ATT would get double dip. If anything, ATT would get the late 2014 exclusive model. Just my prediction.

rebel_yell says:

Sorry. Ain't gonna happen. Verizon took one look at the spec sheet and the collective roar from the board room after they shouted "What? No micro-sd Card?" was seen as the death knell for a future Verizon-1020 marriage.

ricardios says:

Can't wait for the photo comparisons between this and the other smartphones. If the leaked sample photos from today are true this should be no contest.

lubbalots says:

We all talk displays, 1080p vs 720p. Now Apple iPhone older models has a very sharp display without the 1080p. How is that possible? And yet we hunger for 1080p! It seems like off subject but regarding this phone, some do question it. Others question cores. Now that 2Gig of ram is rumored, is quad necessary?

Cellus13 says:

Its thin! But renders.. Yeah I'm going to have to see it during the ZOOM event. Still a beautiful render. Reminds me of the days before the Lumia 920 came out.

fancy0479 says:

I want to know if the Pro Cam app will be available to current Lumia WP8s.
Please confirm this at least on the Zoom event, WPC, thanks!

Fung Kam says:

41MP but no SD Card?
I am afraid we cannot take too many photos.

rebel_yell says:

I'm afraid you're right. Especially if you don't buy one.

uopjo6 says:

Feels like a 920 upgrade on camera only. Is it really worth trading in if you have a 920 already? Its even a downgrade on wireless charging. Sticking a case on it for that is a step back.

32GB is fine for a phone but you have to question the storage with that cam. 25GB SkyDrive sure but MS hasn't given an answer about the OTHER storage issue and autoupload will stack the other storage like crazy.

I would hold out for the next "flagship" as this seems like a 920 rehash.

Neo Nuke says:

Love WPCentral exclusives. Love seeing Tom Warren cite this site. He can be impartial at times but I feel some of that Verge pretentiousness coursing through his veins as he embraces the duopoly

rebel_yell says:

Congratulations, you just won the cursing contest.

Dize Odisu says:

still no sd card

Still not worth the price as high end phone
They are out of ideas.. instead of a great phone .... theyve shown us a goood camera and so so phone
instead of making better software like you see in android high end phones or most expensive app
How can this even compete with GS4 note 2 note 3 or even GS3? dont even compare it to the sony or htc  superphones
Samsung beat this phone hands down a year ago
I had hope  to buy one ... but  nokkia just arent serious enough

rebel_yell says:

Now who can argue with that? I'm glad all of you children were here to read this authentic, frontier gibberish.

mark nt says:

Don't always have internet connection to use SkyDrive and Xbox music, hence having to have larger memory on the phone to store music and photos

Jim_MAY says:

Nokia is never going to make it offering all their premium phones to just one carrier. I'm not switching to AT&T just to purchase a new phone. They need to offer it to more than one carrier.

Graven Pshya says:

I kind of wish the yellow 1020 was all yellow on the back.. Looks odd.

And what about thickness?? I hope it wont be as Galaxy s4 zoom( the general fail of "cameraphone")

MrGoodSmith says:

I want this pentaband and unlocked on Day 1. Please let me know where to throw my money

GustavN says:

I would to have more than 32GB (or SD support) and wireless charging built-in, but otherwise it looks good.

Amran Nagal says:

Shut up and take my money!

laserfloyd says:

The best thing that can happen in this reveal on Thursday is this:
"This is the new Nokia Lumia 1020 and it's available, right now."
Eh? Am I right? :)

laserfloyd says:

To people complaining about 32gb you have to keep something in mind.  This thing isn't going to save 41mp files unless you specifically want it to.  You'll have the option if I'm not mistaken.  If every photo has to be 41mp (honestly, why?) then you'll have to plan accordingly.  The technical prowess of this camera is taking the massive data and downsampling it into something like 5mp of awesomeness. So, storage shouldn't be a problem save for a very small few people.  It's all good.

rikycaldeira says:

Looks rather sexy in yellow, much more than the black version. I think the camera area should had some contrast with the body color, maybe aluminum against the black polycarbonate. Also like the ear speaker format, sexier than the 920

erzhik says:

That's a really, really fake render. It has the tiles from 920 unveil.

Daniel Meek says:

Very nice Nokia!
Sadly my 920 is adequate, and there are a few things that I would like to see on a 41MP camera. Namely, I require more storage. With my 920 there are a lot of things that I would like to store on my phone and simply cannot due to size constraints... and that is with an 8MP shooter that I only use occasionally. With a 41MP shooter that takes concurrent 5MP and 28MP shots at the same time, and with a high likelyhood that I am going to take more pictures when I have a better phone, then I really need more storage. 64GB may well be overkill, but it is something that I almost need now, and would definitely need with this beast.
Also, while not a requirement, I would love to see 1080p display come before I upgrade. 768p is adequate, but with pictures of this resolution I will take every ounce of resolution I can get on the display to ensure that I am not flubbing the shot. I would also like to see wireless charging come back inside of the case, but I can live with an external add-on if necessary.

One last thought:
The image leaked yesterday was 5MP and looked absolutely fantastic. Is there a real need for 38MP shots to be taken? The real cost to this phone/camera is going to be the necessity of a 4K monitor just to look at the pictures in a venue where they can be properly appreciated!

Dannay says:

Have to admit i didn't really like at first but the yellow one with the black hump it looks a bit better :) this looks like such a good device i just hope 32gb wont fill up too quickly and hopefully wont be super expensive haha
only thing that scares me like all new phones is non removable battery, ive never had to replace a battery on any of my phones but i could always if something went wrong argh

Aleksi says:

I sure hope it also has the same stereo recording mics+quality as the 808.

CobraJ82 says:

I'd rather wait for next years flag ship. I need my Nokia new WP-OS 5 inch'er phone.

sn0wbl1tz says:

The mother of all Windows Phones. I hope HTC, Samsung, and other OEM's step up to their Windows Phone offerings. It will make the ecosystem a lot stronger and more dynamic.

LaNiQuE says:

Anyone know if the 925 or 1020 have 4.0 bluetooth

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