El Pinguino Run - a fast paced, avocado saving Windows Phone 8 game

El Pinguino Run

El Pinguino Run is a running game for your Windows Phone 8 devices that places the legendary bounty hunter, El Pinguino, in a position to save Mexico.

Apparently all the avocados are disappearing leaving the world without guacamole, taco, or burritos. El Pinguino must collect avocados and defeat the bad guys in this 2D platformer.

While the story line is a little out there, El Pinguino Run is a fast paced game for your Windows Phone 8 device that will keep you on your toes.

The main menu for El Pinguino Run is simple and straight forward. You have options to jump into the game, access the store where you can purchase bonus items with your taco points, skins and skills upgrades, as well as viewing your gaming stats.  The game screen has your score and taco total displayed in the upper left corner and a tally of items collected in the upper right.  The stats do blend in a lot with the colorful scenery of the game, making it a little hard to pick up on at a glance.

El Pinguino Run

You control El Pinguino by swiping at the screen. He is constantly running and the swipes allow him to jump over holes, duck to avoid projectiles, and throw maracas to take out the bad guys.  You do get a few on-screen warnings to help you avoid danger but if you look away from the screen for just a second, you run the risk of missing a jump, duck or throw that keeps El Pinguino safe from harm.

As you run the course, you'll collect avocados, tacos (that can be used in the store) and other bonus type items. The goal, make it as far as you can by running the streets or rooftops or the city, collecting as much as you can.

Once you get the swipes down to control El Pinguino, game play can be somewhat challenging. Graphics are nice and overall El Pinguino Run isn't too shabby of a running/platform game for your Windows Phone 8 device.

El Pinguino Run is a free, ad-supported game that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Micah Dawson says:

This looks like a cute and fun little game

ahmedjan87 says:

But I love the game

GearDoGi says:

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rodneyej says:

Will the 2gb ram L1020 be able to handle this game❔

kwambe5 says:

Last I heard it was 2GB

walter1832 says:

To make things fair, I order to split the 2 gigs in half.  You each get a gig.  The king has spoken.

sarim_xyz says:

Hahhaaha!! :D

rodneyej says:

Nobody ever answered my original question..

kwambe5 says:

Because the was basically answered by itself. If the game runs on the 920 which only has 1 GB ram then why not the 1020? I just figured you were being rhetorical.

rodneyej says:

Actually, I was being facetious.. Or sarcastic...

bigdelboy says:

Shockingly bad game