The Google & Microsoft lifestyle: a match made in hell

The War

There was once a time when being a heavy Google services user and a Microsoft fan was the easiest choice on the block. The boys in Redmond could provide a robust and productive operating system platform while the Mountain View search cowboys could back you up with web services. Now, the two companies are going head to head and it might just be causing a hellish nightmare for consumers.

Microsoft has been attacking Google with their now infamous “Don’t get Scroogled” campaign; the advertising strategy is carried out by picking on Google services and software, stating that the company makes money off of you by sharing your personal information with 3rd parties.

On Google’s home front, they are pulling services from with under Microsoft’s feet and refusing to build applications for the operating system giant’s latest platforms including Windows 8 and Windows Phone stating that:

“We have no plans to build out Windows apps. We are very careful about where we invest and will go where the users are but they are not on Windows Phone or Windows 8…”

– Clay Bavor, Google Apps Director

But like all fights between corporate giants, the consumers are the people being hurt in the mix. How easy is it for heavy Google services users to pick up Microsoft’s latest operating systems and get to work?

Comscore estimated that Google’s Gmail service was attracting just under 288 million unique visitors in October 2012, while Microsoft’s Hotmail/Outlook service was attracting around 286 million. This pits the number of active users between the two email services very close.

Are we willing to believe Google Director Clay Bavor’s statement that users are truly not to be found in great numbers on Windows Phone or Windows 8? Microsoft’s latest adoption rate for its PC operating system has been lacking behind Windows Vista and Windows 7, but it is still selling. Most likely, Google just isn’t willing to play nice with the boys in Redmond. That being said, the Redmond boys aren’t exactly sharing the playground at the moment (though they did at least add Google Talk support to Outlook.com).

The Users

So how are users actually being affected by Microsoft/Google War? Looking at a possible scenario, based on Google’s post popular services, we can construct a fictitious character (let’s call her Nina) and assume that she uses Google Search, Gmail, and YouTube.

Nina has decided to upgrade her current Windows 7 laptop to a Windows 8 Ultrabook hybrid (let’s say the Lenovo IdeaPad YOGA). After booting up the machine she heads to the Windows store to download her collection of Google applications.

Right away, on her search for an official Gmail application, she notices that there isn’t one. Other apps from smaller email hosting providers and even Yahoo, but there is no Google. Interesting that Yahoo is able to publish an application for the platform, but Google (one of the largest email services in the world) just doesn’t have time.

Nina can use the built in Windows 8 Mail application and she decides to go ahead and do so, but there is no push support for her account and she is limited to grabbing her email every 15 minutes – a bit troublesome since she wants to know exactly when her latest digital issue of Popular Mechanics is in, but she can deal with it.

Back in December of last year Google made a move to pull support for Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync protocol, giving Microsoft just over a month to solve the problem. Currently, Microsoft is supporting Gmail’s IMAP protocol allowing users to receive their email (just not instantly via push).

In addition, Google chose to now support calDAV and cardDAV, two protocols not supported by Microsoft, to push calendar and contact information. As of now, Windows Phone and Windows 8 products do not support either although Windows Phone users who get the upcoming GDR2 update, will reportedly have this feature. Users can also opt for a third-party Gmail App that gives a near native like experience.

As a result of Microsoft and Google battling it out, Nina is left with an incomplete email service that won’t sync her contacts and calendar. Microsoft’s suggestions is to switch to their Outlook email service. Google’s suggestion is to… buy a Chromebook? The Mountain View company has not made it clear to Gmail users on Windows 8 what they should do, for now – they are in the cross fire.

Google Search applications are currently the only apps published by Google for Microsoft’s platforms. This makes Nina quite happy and she downloads the application and pins it to her Start Screen. She isn’t exactly happy with Microsoft’s decision to integrate Bing into the entire system, but for her, the Google application makes up for it. Same goes for other Google services like Voice or Maps, which need the assistance of third party apps.

Lastly Nina wants to sit back and watch some cat videos on YouTube and once again, there is no official Google application to do so. Luckily the world’s best YouTube client MetroTube (seriously, this isn’t an advertisement – it is awesome) is available for download.

The Future

As of now, the Microsoft ecosystem relies on third party applications like MetroTube,  MyTube or MetroTalk to connect its users to core Google services. The problem begins to arise when Microsoft platform users cannot access Google protocols (for example: calendar and contacts).

Trying to live the Google/Microsoft lifestyle is currently viable thanks to 3rd party developers, like LazyWorm Applications, and their willingness to work with current Google APIs. But what would happen if Google tightened their YouTube API?

We can see this issue with the current Google+ API for developers – there really isn’t one. While basic access to Google+ is available, there isn’t a complete system for developers in place; this results in applications that simply serve as launchers (similar to a web bookmark).

To summarize, the two corporate technology giants are flinging shots at each other left and right. While Microsoft chooses to attack Google in advertisements to try and advance their Bing service and Windows Phone platform, Google chooses to restrict access to essential APIs and refuses to build applications for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

This childish game first started growing out of hand when Google made a claim that Microsoft and Apple got “into bed together” to wage a “hostile, organized campaign against Android”. This “organized campaign” was the big patent war of 2012 in which the three companies battled for what they claimed was their own intellectual property.

A war between two of the major conglomerates will always have casualties, and unfortunately for us, this time we are the casualties. We aren’t yet at a state where it is impossible to use Google services on Microsoft platforms, but we are moving towards a stricter ecosystem world where we might see Googlers/Gmail users on one side and Bingers/Outlook users on the other.

We can only hope for the sake of technologies future and for the sake of innovation that the two companies can learn to work together in an ever expanding world of data.

A question to our Gmail users: How do you feel when using your Windows Phone or Windows 8 device? Do you feel restricted and has the wall that Google and Microsoft constructed ever make you feel like jumping the Windows ship and running to the Android platform?

Let us know in the comments below!



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AndyGriff says:

Actually, for me, I did the opposite of the last statement: I ditched GMail and Google search and started using outlook.com and Bing. I have very little cause to use anything from Google now.

Gryfster says:

I thin you meant +42 

dcutting says:

No, I meant 41, as in 41 MP...

Gryfster says:

Oh.  Sorry I thought you were talking about the meaning of life 

paliotti says:


PolishHitta says:

Well I'm still stuck with YouTube... But same. Ditched Gmail for outlook and google for Bing. Whoever uses Bing, log in for heir rewards program to get cash for WP8 apps

I still have my gmail up and running, but only for the spam mails from all my social networking profiles. :)

ashu11sharma says:

lol so true !! I also use Gmail for spam mails from my social networking profiles whereas I use Outlook for serious work :D

zippolite28 says:

Same Here ... (Y)

Dragenox says:

Are we twins ?

rd_nest says:

Bing is as useless as any other non-existent search engine. Totally irrelevant outside some of the 1st world countries. 
Same goes for maps. Bing maps? Why would anyone use this? 

Colby Lee says:

How is it useless? I find it more comprehensive for the most part. Please explain, because I am curious as to why you think this.

Do you have Google shares??? I live in South America and I can tell you. Google Maps puts my address 2 km. from my home, while Bing Maps puts it right at the door. Google FAIL # 1.
Same here with the SPAM on Gmail, REAL mail on Windows Live.
And BING... it does alright. At least you can differentiate the Ads from the search results. It's harder every day on google.
I use duckduckgo for my searchs.

Skippy07 says:

+1 for duckduckgo

Lilleverden says:

+1 went to Outlook, use metrotube for youtube

venom5150 says:

Likewise,  I dumped everything google but still use you tube and the occasional Google earth (Is there an alternative out there with Street view and actual pictures, etc?).  After using Windows Phone and Google not supporting me I have this ill will towards that company. 

mihirt7 says:

you can go to nokia's here.com.. it has street view as well but doesnt cover as many cities as google

ymcpa says:

Bing maps has street view as well. I'm not sure if it's has the same coverage area as google, but it's there.

meth819 says:

I did the same thing. Ditched Gmail and went to Outlook.com. It was a pain to initially cut over but one I was done I haven't looked back.

same here.. since i have a windows phone i only uses bing and outlook.. bing is growing up und outlook was everytime the best way.
i hope they will shake their hands one time.. but hey! Without competition there wouldn't be so much new innovations in the mobile / IT / Computer-World.

m4tthall says:

Same here. Prefer Outlook now anyway. Search isn't too far off but I have to go to Google for some things such as being able to filter search results by date, which I use a lot. Used to like what Google did and the way they approached things, my opinion has slowly changed over the last few years.

Otto Gunter says:

+ 620 (sorry, deprived Telus user here)

kitelessd says:

Same here. Was a hard core Googler since the day Gmail came out, and Android user since the Verizon Droid 1. Drinking that delicious delicious Google cool-aid for years and loving every minute of it. Then Google Plus came out. I hopped right on and loved it. Then the profiles with real names enforcement came along. It's silly to use my real name on the Internet I thought. My profile was suspended, breaking many features of my Droid 4, and for a day it also broke Gmail. Of course Google Plus was no more. I'm also not allowed to have a user icon to this day on any services, and Latitude was broken for weeks. I appealed to Google, but it was useless. Needless to say I was heart broken. 7 plus years I was a Google Faithful only to be cast aside.

Deciding I needed a change, and not wanting to go back to an iPhone, I got the only WP 7 phone for Verizon, the Trophy. I was impressed with how well it ran considering it's specs. Change was in the wind at Google. It was time to jump ship. Eventually removed Chrome from all my computer, started using Bing more and more. Wow it's actually good! Outlook.com came out around that time and I got in day one. Wow it's REALLY GOOD and only gets better.

Shiroi says:

This! Plus was the ultimate killer! It paved the way for the Reader's death. And who uses it? Google diehard fans.

cmusician says:

Wonderful post! I had the Trophy and loved it also. I now have the HTC 8X. Love it!!

kitelessd says:

Thanks so much for the Kudos! :)

Bigsro says:

Yep I moved over to outlook.com and setup forwarding on my Gmail. I try and use Bing more and more, Google make this easier due to the intrusive number of ads you get in search results lately...

Same here now I only use Gmail when I have to use a Gmail account for something and YouTube is the only thing I truly use from google.

Mouthsmasher says:

Same here. The only google service I use is YouTube. (and I use Chrome as my browser on my desktop).

ThePKReddy says:

Have you used Firefox lately??

Eas195 says:

And Firefox 22 is the new king of the hill, ditching the long-term winner Google Chrome, you know that?

Try WaterFox, the 64bit FireFox build for Windows... you'll see it fly!!!

Eas195 says:

I've tried it, but it seems have a little to no differences at all, so I decided to go back to Firefox until they had made their 64-bit version of Firefox ;)

PS: WaterFox is an unofficial browser built based on Firefox base code.

onysi says:

good for u.  we could literally live without google in our lives.  i mean they just started a decade +  ago anyway.

I just did the same thing.

WilliamC1972 says:

I did the same thing and have never looked back!

lavalleema says:

Same for me. Uninstalled chrome and set default search to Bing. Google provides some awesome services and applications but while they are purposefully ignoring my platforms of choice I cannot support them with my data.

+1 Not an issue. I basically turned Google off and, what do you know, I'm still connected to the internet. No surprise there. We were all connected before they even existed.

Nimdock says:

Yes, I am so glad I don't use anything Google.

zigzagr63 says:

Agreed.... Quit using Google 3 years ago and haven't missed it one bit.

cha1mani44 says:

I completely agree. I am sick of google think i am less a user because i use windows8/phone. I switch my email and search engine and am happy for it. Forget google.

yeah  for lucky only use their  search engine never liked g mail never was user friendly to me, is confusing gmail and a mess , i use yahoo mail and outlook more even just i like  both mail systems also still having my mail in ovi  and well  never either used chrome


venetasoft says:

Well done. If Microsoft decides to block all Google applications on Windows PCs, Google will simply disappear in some months as advertisement value will break down.

hopmedic says:

+928. Only Google service I still use is YouTube. As soon as there is a viable alternative, I'll jump that ship.

NIST says:

I take it Nina doesn't know how to use the internet and sees her laptop as a big iphone where she needs an app for everything.

sholokov says:

The Nina I know (my wife) has a 920, and uses Bing! Reward points to buy apps for her WP8.

WP has cool Free Apps. GooglePlay has useless free apps, and the only ones that work are paid. FAIL!!!

Stevied1991 says:

Maybe Microsoft should make an alternative, I would love that!

terrokkinit says:

Exactly what I did. Took a step in and never looked back. :)

SwimSwim says:

Agreed. Google seems far more like the bad guy here. Microsoft isn't doing itself any favours with the Scroogled campaign, but nonetheless, I still think Google comes out looking like the greater of the two evils.
This bickering is forcing consumers to pick a side, and I guess I'll side with Microsoft. Time to shut down Chrome and move to Internet Explorer. I need to migrate all my online accounts to use my Outlook address over my Gmail address. I wish I could find a subsitute for YouTube, but that isn't an option...
Anyways, once I switch browsers and email, the only Google product I'll be using, and again, that's because there really isn't any comparable alternative.

Sunofabob says:

I guess. But, Bing still needs better search queries. Google is better for now. Regardless, at least an alternative exists.

RJ Priest says:

Same here.  Google's behaviour in combination with the new Outlook.com lead me to start using my hotmail account full time again - no regrets.  Gmail is now my "junk" mail.  I've also 95% stopped using Google search, and now use Bing.  Outlook is awesome and bing is great (I love the daily Bing images both on desktop and as my WP8 lock screen).  Keep up the great work Microsoft!

Dantekai14 says:

I am still use Google services because I think Google provide better services than Microsoft services.
As WP user I miss Google services in my Lumia.
Both companies are fighting, Microsoft attacking Google and in response Google isn't providing any services to Microsoft users. So, I totally areed with last paragraph. I am planning to buy Nexus.
But I think world will be a better place if both company resolve their dispute and provide better services to their consumers.

sarim_xyz says:

+ 8.1, I have switched to Bing. And I never had any Gmail account, except the one provided by my university. Outlook is the best. And when can we get the updated Mail app shown in Build?? That's was awesome!

fachru says:

I use Gmail since sometime around 2004. but now only use it as a place to receive SPAM and to register to not really important site and of course I'm not sync it into my phone or windows 8. I forget when is last time I log in into Google+. still use google search If I can't find what I'm looking for in Bing(mostly in very specific search). not really use chrome lately. but my jobs force me to have all major browser installed. Too bad youtube was bought by google. youtube is the only google service I still used

ikvn says:

Exactly what I did. Switched from using Google services to using Bing and outlook.com

x I'm tc says:

What is so great about this is that you can happily switch.  While it is true that there are some downsides to big corporations duking it out, the simple fact of the matter is that Bing and Hotmail/Outlook are awesome now because they had to compete with Google's search and gMail.
MS is a fast, nimble company now releasing software at a breakneck pace because Google and Apple forced it to be that way.
Just like Firefox moved the whole Web forward by bringing innovation back to browsers, in the end, competition is good for all of us.  I consider Google to be a spyware company (actually, I'd say that's objective fact), and so I don't like to use their products.  But the fact is, they make a lot of excellent products to spy on us with.  And that makes their competitors make excellent products to compete with them.  And so, we all win, overall.

dlalonde says:

Same here! Google's not gonna bully me into using their products where they decide. I chose Windows Phone and Windows 8 and if Google's not going to allow me to use its services on those platforms then I shall use the ones I have available! Who do they think they are?

nube_android says:

At this rate, I would really love to do that.. But unfortunately I am an Android developer and Google gives me money from that, so it'll be a while before I can close that down. :(

nube_android says:

<p>I would love to do the same, but I am an Android developer... But I could at least do my part by using bing. &nbsp; ;)</p>

Screw Google... I've transferred fully into MS services, and have not looked back. The only google service I still use consistently is YouTube.

ericjojo says:

*sigh* wish you tube had a competitive alternative, would dump it immediately!!

Dk92 says:

There's Zippcast, which uses youtube's classic UI. Its not too bad at all, hopefully it will become a direct competitor with YouTube someday. Edit: nevermind, the site was terminated again -_-

ThePKReddy says:

With ad blockers ;-)

KrightonX says:

Fuck Google's attitude. I dumped them like 3rd period French class. Assholes. I use nothing Google and in time, I hope no one else will either.

Narr says:

I feel sorry for those people using Google services with WP or W8; thankfully I'm 100% Google free.

bcasteel says:

The only Google app I currently use is YouTube (via MetroTube) and I have no intentions of ever going back to Google Search or Gmail. And screw Hangouts and Plus :|

sholokov says:

My work email is Google, and it sucks.

theefman says:

No nightmare for me, don't use google spying services.

aitt says:

Its sad to see Android having this mentality when they were in the same situation when on Apple board and broke away. I will still use Google services and platform friendly to both, but I have deterred being so dependent on Google services.

Android... is it that NOT Operative System that looks like a 15 year old discontinued application?

ninny1176 says:

I, for one, am glad I dumped GMail for Outlook - the transition was super easy. Althought it did take a really long time for Outlook to pull all of my (7yrs worth) mail from Google...other than that, it's seriously not worth hanging onto Google as there isn't anything spectactular about GMail.

sunnybyday says:

I use Gmail on my windows phone 8 and Windows 8 , but have been gradually moving away from GMail - to Yahoo and Outlook. If you can't support my platform, I will not use your services in long term - its that simple. Google is living in a fool's paradise if it thinks users will switch to Android just because a few google apps are not available. Heck, if Google is so childish, it will lose its bread-butter search customers to Bing - MS is already integrating bing tightly with its products.

deloa84 says:

Yup and even Apple is using Bing as their primary search engine. Not to mention Facebook as well.

Quin 2013 says:

I'm with you on that. I use Gmail still, but I'm getting to the point where if I have to choose one, I will choose MS over google. I hate the fact that google uses me as an ad target.

It'll take a whole day to switch over all my accounts to outlook email, but in the end, it'll be worth it.

I don't need an official YouTube app, I already use metrotube, which is was better than the actual you tube page/app.

Xpider_MX says:

Only Youtube and Google search, for everything else ---> Microsoft. I can use all MS services on iOS and Android (and Windows and Xbox), I can't use Google services on Windows Phone. I choose Microsoft services.

Ticomfreak says:

Even on BlackBerry, Microsoft is still more supportive...

djSupport says:

I've jumped ship to MS but I'm tied down when it comes to youtube and Google Analytics...

Ushae says:

I'm using google less these days, Internet Explorer on W8.1 is supriaingly fantastic, very fast. And through that I use bing naturally, not really had any real issues finding things on it. I still use chrome occasionally but i find myself using it less and less. And of course Skydrive and Hotmail are my natural choices.

walter1832 says:



Micah Dawson says:

I'm attempting to use nothing but YouTube from google. I like Bing but sadly there are times when google search is slightly better for me. I live in America but for the most part Bing does well

tgr42 says:

This is so dumb.  All you have to do to use Google stuff on MS platforms is open a freaking web browser.  Is that so hard?  Apparently so.
As for push email, I get it on my Windows Phone (7.5) from Gmail and all sorts of other places.  It's DIRT SIMPLE.  Just create an Outlook.com account and set up your other stuff to forward a copy of incoming emails to it.  Done.  This is neither rocket science nor the cataclysm you make it out to be.

Josh Harman says:

Read the article, push is not supported from Gmail to Outlook. There is a 15 minute delay, same with my AOL mail.

venom5150 says:

Not to mention, its the point of it all.

tgr42 says:

I read the article.  It doesn't mention email forwarding.  Maybe you should read my comment.  Email forwarding is simple and effective.  When an email is sent to my Gmail account, it gets forwarded IMMEDIATELY to my Outlook.com account, which in turn makes it available on my phone.  Within seconds!  There is no 15 minute delay.  Try it.

Josh Harman says:

I might if I actually used my Gmail account, but I have the same setup with my AOL account and their is definitely a 15 minute delay.

KLinCHI says:

What's the point of having 2 email accounts when you can have 1?

VHMP01 says:

Transition from one acount to other?

Mingu7 says:

On Windows 8 or RT, you can fire up IE and have a full-screen web experience.
The only area where this war really hurts is for Windows Phone.  Doing web on a smaller screen is do-able, but far from ideal.  Also, Google has blocked some services by user-agent (IE) in the past.  Hopefully they are done with those shenanigans, since WP8 runs IE10, a modern browser.

Nakazul says:

For most people this is hard to do. Tech is supposed to make stuff easy. For non geeks, this is to complicated. Its a new world, people used to use web browsers to get things done. Everything today is apps and services.

ThePKReddy says:

It doesn't change the fact that there are no native apps for any of their services except their retarded search, which none of us (most of us) want anyway. I don't like gmail anymore. It hasn't been good for like 5 years. It gets crappier and crappier.

Anyway, having native apps would leverage the features of Windows Phone/Windows8. Such as toast notifications (hah, these suck in WP..but whatever), live tiles, consistent user experience (finding settings, searching, fonts, etc..), Voice/Talk(Chat), blah blah google could all leverage features of Win8, but noo..it's all dumb politics. They think they can get the better of MS for workstation OS, cloud computing, office computing and so many other things that MS already has a strong foothold in.

At the end of the day, it's just businesses being business, but I like MS model better. They have ALWAYS been the company to allow consumers choices since the beginning, by partnering with different vendors. Apple and Google are ruining choices. Anyway, all of google services suck, except for the one they bought (YouTube).

thesorehead says:


So true!!


One thing that Nina forgets is that apps are redundant when you have a decent browser. She could use IE, or even just download Chrome to her Yoga (assuming it's not the RT version), pin it to Start and live happily in Googleville forever.


snakechia says:

Maybe Nina just uninstall the IE. :P

Nelman says:

I avoid all things Google so no issues here.

rebel_yell says:

I gave up gargoyle and all that implies when I cast my lot with Wp7.5. Trice up and heave to. Full speed ahead, steady as she goes.

deansmilk says:

Good God what a badass post, lol. No /s either.

trwrt says:

Why doesn't Nina just use GMail in her browser like practically everyone else in the world does?

Maybe some of us would like an RT app?

trwrt says:

A lot of Ubuntu users would like Office.  Does Microsoft owe it to them to port it?

walter1832 says:

Haha! that was funny!........no, seriously, it was funny

trwrt says:

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Xpider_MX says:

You can use Office on Linux, thanks to wine.

"You can use Office on Linux, thanks to wine."
...and a six pack of beer when you find things aren't working properly and want to beat your head into the desk.
If you are seriously going to use Office on Linux, just run a Windows VM and save yourself a lot of pain.  If you are a light user, just use the web version of Office and save yourself a lot of pain. 

Vb2012 says:

Oh please android will get office and then aftr who knows stop being noobish

mister2d says:

So Daniel is Nina? Nice.

coldfish85 says:

That's what I thought too. Daniel wouldn't know so much about Nina just like that. ;)

Nakazul says:

Nobody is using Webb browsers for email anymore.

"Nobody is using Webb browsers for email anymore."
With outlook.com, there are a LOT of people that prefer it to even the richer clients like Outlook itself and Windows Mail built into Windows 8.
It is the first 'web' based email service that can compete head to head with rich clients, and most casual users outside of a corporate environment just don't need the hard core features of Office Outlook on the desktop.
(Besides, you can use it with your phone or at the library and get the same experience.)

Dk92 says:

YouTube HD is better than Metrotube. (Just had to throw that out there haha)

HaibaneReki says:

Ever tried MyTube? Best UI EVERR!

Whodaboss says:

The only Google product I use is YouTube (occasionally) other than that nada.

Snazrael says:

I don't see what the big deal is with Win8. Use Google services in Win8 just like you did in any other version of Windows. Who cares? Google has never made dedicated Google apps. If they want to give us less reason to use their service by not providing nice apps with push notifications then its their loss.

If I drop a thousand dollars on a computer, I'll switch whatever services I have to to make the computer work best for me.

Josh Harman says:

Other than YouTube, I don't use any Google services as a choice against their unfriendly behavior and privacy concerns.

I would suggest people of all OS's to do the same.

Well unlike others here I used the advantages of both here. I use more windows things however I still use some google things. When you limit yourself to one particular view...typically your outlook on things is skewed so I try to be partial to both parties and can see the advantages of both as a neccesity.

Sekyal says:

Google is just going to push people away from using their services if they try to restrict it more than it is already. I have an Android tablet but a Windows Phone and Win8 on my PC and frankly I should be able to access anything on any device. I've started to move more to outlook.com though and I mostly use the built-in mail for all my mail, not just outlook and gmail accounts.
I also prefer Bing and use it whenever I can. I do feel MS should make the new search function in Win 8.1 be able to use other search engines - which doesn't seem like it can just yet.

casualk says:

I woiuld never jump to Google/Andriod. What i have done was stop using all things google but  youtube.

kaliil10 says:

I'm happy for my outlook account

sdreamer says:

Those on Windows 8, there really isn't a problem. It's called IE10/11, and pinning the respective service to your Start Screen. The only downside is no offline access, but with the world so connected, and you kinda need a connection to even download your email, it shouldn't be that big of an issue.
Those one WP8, similar solution, but due to the size of the screen, you're a bit more limited since it defaults to the mobile site. Load up the desktop site, and the screen size at this point becomes a problem, but you do have all the updates.
If anything, all services that Google offer work best directly from their web pages, and not through apps that require updates before they have all the functions of the websites. I think this is one advantage of having a Windows 8 tablet is, you literally get the full web experience, no need for all these apps. You need to look for something on Youtube like Nina? Just put Youtube to your Start Screen. I'd say you get 100% of all the features of Youtube, since it is on the internet vs an app that constantly needs to be updated to catchup to any changes Youtube makes to its website. Same can be said with Facebook and another handful. If you really think about some of these apps, they're just wrappers for the webapps.

bramstone123 says:

Anyone having problems with metro tube with 8.1? Mine has stopped working

kirklyt says:

Been on Android device before lumia 920, just used the Gmail and YouTube though. No Google+ for me and other services. I even use Bing on that device for Internet search.. Youtube is the only Google service I use nowadays. Heck, even MS is using YouTube. LOLz. :D

Jazmac says:

I use just enough google I could drown in a single flush. I would love for MS to refuse google chrome from installing its browser code in hidden folders. Also prevent voice from working on windows 7 and 8 operating systems. Then let them go "invest where the market is". F google.

donebrasko says:

YouTube is the biggest thing I miss. Being able to easily upload videos at any length.

If it wasn't for YouTube...i would never use google services...outlook and Bing rock..

zishbu says:

For me I'm stuck since my MS account is my @gmail.com account. I would have dropped google completely if I could cleanly migrate to @outlook.com or to my Microsoft hosted custom domain. I used to be impartial but google is using their power (user base) to thumb their nose at the platform that gave them all the users. Restricting services, not creating Win8 apps, its childish and IMHO short sighted. Wait for chromebooks to take off or secure a desktop platform a bit better before making this move, if that was the plan all along.

trwrt says:

What services did Google restrict?  He was pretty vague on that.  As for not creating Win8 apps, why do you automatically assume they would?  All their stuff is still easily available through the browser, same as it ever was.

walter1832 says:

You may ask yourself, how do i work this?
You may ask yourself, where is that large automobile?
You may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful house
You may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful wife
Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
Into the blue again, after the money's gone
Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground
Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was

ladydias says:

Seems to me I used to have a Gmail account attached to Xbox live as my MS account and was able to change it over by changing the setting in my Xbox user name. Can't remember how I did it though.

You can easily switch that. Create a new alias with an @outlook.com domain. Then switch your primary alias to your new outlook.com alias. Next add your Gmail as a send and receive account. Viola. Now you have switched completely to outlook.

HaibaneReki says:

But I'd have to factory reset my phone to do that, not willing, not yet. So just the aliases for me.. =/

"But I'd have to factory reset my phone to do that, not willing, not yet. So just the aliases for me.. =/"
Having moved through MANY phones, you are making this out to be a bigger issue that it really is... Outside of Apps backup/reinstall and few login changes you could do this in a manner of a few minutes. 
The last phone change I did was when I was testing the 928, and flipped everything on it to my personal MS account literally on the way to hitting the airport for Vegas on a dead run.

IamSparta says:

I've had enough with google. They used to be the innovated kids on the block. Now there are just kids on the block making trouble. I'm moving over to all Microsoft. There services are way more awesome anyway. Microsoft has always been willing to be inclusive and google is becoming exclusive. Same reason why apple can be annoying.

Loz Blake says:

My MS account is on my old gmail address which I used on WP7 a while back. I've moved everything across to outlook and skydrive etc, however thanks to microsoft's stupid system, there is no way I can move my app purchases in WP8 and Windows 8 across to my new outlook account, very annoying.

cjallan417 says:

Not trying to throw hindsight at you, but for others in a similar boat: you can rename your gmail-named MS account to a new Outlook email address (as opposed to setting up a new @outlook address).
The rename lets you keep your history, 25GB on skydrive (if you had that), etc. I've renamed my @live account to @outlook as well as renamed my wife's @gmail MS account to @outlook and it went very smoothly. Everything came over. Just needed to reset the WP devices, but WP8 makes it easier than WP7 because it lets you restore your app purchases all at once.

sugardad says:

As Andy said way above I ditched Gmail with no second thoughts after It's childish behavior that cost a lot for many users. ActiveSync/Exchange maybe proprietary and stuff like that but it's a well documented and widely accepted protocol/service In contrast to G's api's
I'm very happy I got my services back and not even by a bit sad to leave G.
Mind that I also have a Note 2 and my primary contacts/calendar/mail account is Outlook, Gmail is now my official spam Bait-Box! :)

HolyBell says:

Only Google services I use are Google Code and Youtube. I'm hoping the project I contribute to on there switches to Git and Github or Bitbucket instead of SVN and Google Code. Stuck on YouTube though since there's no real good replacement for it.

Joel H18 says:

I fell in love with the WP platform .. Microsoft all day everyday.

Rem97 says:

I personal don't use google services, i have no need to MS provide me with equivalent services some being better Imo. The only google service i do use is youtube.

trwrt says:

Does the Windows 8 mail client not support IMAP IDLE?  That should give you push GMail if you don't want to access it through the web interface.

Google sucks they steal from people to make android and don't want to share it with others but want other people work/invention for free.. Then go out and sell people information for money! fuck google! I already switch my email back to outlook/hotmail I wish I could del my google e mail but I need it for YouTube; Google is shit and that's why I'll never spend any money on their services. Apple and Microsoft needs to run Android out of business because it is made up of Microsoft and Apples pass work!

Isn't it funny how the company that loudly supports and touts open software requires you to use a Gmail account for their Youtube service and that Gmail accounts cannot be made with an email account from another service?

Yet, Microsoft accounts let you use whatever email address you want.

MethodGT says:

Wrong. My YouTube and Google Groups (or whatever it's called) account is my @hotmail.com email address. I have no Gmail and am glad of it.

Do enlighten us oh wise one.

mango.lover says:

Just ditch Google completely.

Laubscherc says:

Ditched Google apps, got myself office 365!

catalystgod says:

I Love Windows Phone and GMAIL services. There is not a day that goes by when I do not find this combination of tastes to be of a disadvantage to me.

Google made money off Microsoft and apple invention ... Windows 2000; Me; XP; Vista; 7; 8 and apple os with google search if it wasn't for Microsoft/Apple google wouldn't exists today neither would android so they need to realize they ain't shit I wish people understand what google is about and pure EVIL

Sam Not Spam says:

I generally don't use Google services aside from Youtube. Honestly? I'm glad they're around, because they're forcing the services I do use to try and keep up, if not improve. I do wish Google would have a mobile version of Google Apps, though. Seriously - Inlove web apps because my platform (theoretically) doesn't matter.

Oh, and Chrome on Metro? Very nice :)

hethler says:

Nice (and long) read. I've migrated all my existing accounts (Gmail, Yahoo Mail) to my Live accounts eversince this brouhaha. Now, I'm having a seamless experience.

tribexx says:

Once I went to Windows 8, and recently upgraded to Windows Phone 8. I left Google for full MS services...
Although I do still have a cheap android tablet that I use....

bpmurr says:

Google's stance with Windows Phone and Windows 8 is only hurting them.  I was a big user of their services but now find myself only using YouTube.  I've converted everything else over to Microsoft Services.  This is only allowing Microsoft to get more services business.

CheekyTaurus says:

Remind me, which GMail/You Tube/Google application does she use on Windows 7? Oh right. It's called a "web browser".

enzom09 says:

I wonder what would happen if MS made it impossible to d/l chrome, go on gmail, etc... on windows computers, including xp, vista, 7 and 8. If this would be subject to an anti competition lawsuit, why isn't blocking apps and features for phone OS's subject to that?

Sadly the reason seems to be that the government has a soft spot for Google (at least here in the US). The EU hasn't written them off yet, so there's still hope that they'll face a more strict investigation there.

Ordeith says:

The NSA has a soft spot for Google.

S_C_B says:

That is not quite the same thing. MS blocking the apps is one thing. Google not making the apps is another. They are free to not make any apps for Windows 8.

I assume I understood your post correctly?

enzom09 says:

Well when MS makes the application to run google then changes the servers/apis to be able to run Gmail or get calendars to work on windows phone is essentially blocking it.

S_C_B says:

I'm pretty sure the blocking has to happen on the recipient's end for it to be an anti competition legal issue.

I'm no lawyer.

MVogelezang says:

I hated the thought to not have the Google options on My Lumia and win8 pc, but I don't miss It anymore. Use Bing al the Time and the only Google account I am using is a business account and that seem to syncing. So no sweat here for now...

ogracia says:

I live a life without Google's shit AND I AM PERFECTLY FINE, I only use YouTube and I try my best to block every ad to refuse give a f*king dolar to a companie that don't support their costumers

Name a massive tech company that 'supports' their customers. 

In Limbo says:

I love my Outlook account with two-step verification. It's the perfect heart of an ecosystem. Everything syncs beautifully.
No mess. No fragmentation. No Google. A better world.

I used to use Google services for everything, but Google is pushing me away. I tried to wait it out, but at this point I'm beginning to migrate away from Google to Microsoft web services. Here's the great part, Microsoft plays extremely well with other platforms (like Google used to). So I basically have my iPad powered by MS services and it stays in sync beautifully with my Windows Phone and Windows PCs. Sorry Google, that could have been you but I'm not going to buy a whole new set of devices just to keep your services...

brorim says:

I'm using two gmail and two hotmail accounts on my 7.8 lumia 800 and it works without any issues.

If you would forward your Gmail accounts to folders on your Hotmail account, you wouldn't have the delays in getting your messages. Food for thought.

AnuragSonti says:

Youtube is completely getting out of control. I hate using it. There is too much advertising. The advertisement loads seamlessly but not the video i want to watch. And google search, when i search something on it it keeps posting the advertisements of my searches on whatever page i go to. I have completely moved to MS now. I use bing, outlook.com, metro tube, Nokia maps and Nokia drive. I use 920 for office and 925 for personal use.

I have no problems ,from Google i use only Youtube ,i'm a happy  Binger/Outlook user :)
But what these two company are doing is not ok .

tranite says:

I've gone all Microsoft. I'm tired and sick of Google. OK, they're not best friends with Microsoft. OK, Microsoft tease them. But grow up, take care of your users and "fans".
Me, I can gladly live without Google. Started using Outlook.com, no need for Gmail or Google Calendar. Started using Bing, no use for Google Search. Only thing is Chrome. Not quite given up using that browser, too bad. But soon.
I stick to Microsoft, they care. They tried making a Youtube app after all, Google did not.
I do not stop using Microsoft / Windows because Google is not available. I stop using Google!

I do not want to use Android, so too bad for you Google.

Ticomfreak says:

Use Firefox if it's the addon support you need... FF has much better addon support than Chrome.

If you just need raw speed and stability, IE 9+ is far more stable and as fast or faster than Chrome.

Sean D. says:

First off, it's not that hard to leave google behind for the most part. I understand that people don't want to change 100%, as I also have a gmail account that I use regularly. But IMO google services are HUGELY over rated. And truthfully, other than youtube, they are pretty much unnecessary on WP (not sure about W8) because there are far better alternatives for whatever they offer built in... no "apps" needed.
And as far as Gmail is concerned, I've never used an app for it anyway, so going online for my mail is not an inconvenience for me.
But IMO google will (or should) regret this. I know it's difficult for people to view google for what they really are and to view MS positively for some dumb-ass reason, but if/when apple fully pulls away from google services they will change their stance all over again.

I know I'm going to get loads of hate from this but I am an avid user of google's services. I started on google and I don't want to move, they offer a seamless experience with almost every internet service you could ask for. Google's ecosystem is fantastic and getting better all the time. I've tried all the competitors but they don't offer all the services google does. I mean I use: YouTube, search, maps, gmail, wallet, android, chrome, google play, music, google drive, blogger, translate, calendar, docs, google+, hangouts, google now, google sketchup and probably many more. No company offers all of that as well as google does and that's why they're awesome and much better than any microsoft service.

Ticomfreak says:

Microsoft offers competitors to all those services and more. Not to mention, Microsoft services run on more devices...

Try and use your Google services on BlackBerry 10... Oh, you can't? Sorry.

gab1972 says:

Just playing devil's advocate here, but Google updates things far faster than Microsoft and Nokia.  Try looking at aerial photographs and you'll notice that Google map images are updated more frequently than Bing/Nokia.  And you can't argue that Chrome is amazing.  Saved passwords across ALL platforms?  Can IE do that?  That's a legitimate question by the way...not sarcasm.  And for me, Chrome is just faster than IE.
Say what you will about big brother watching over you shoulder, but you have to admit that Google does do a lot; and to say they are "complete crap" is unfair.  Don't get me wrong, I love my 928 and I'm trying to use more and more MS products everyday, but it's not like Google services are completely useless.

Every 'essential' feature you mention is also a part of the Microsoft set of services. So this kind of diminishes your claim that 'Google is awesome' for offering all these features/services.
*Microsoft killed their version of Youtube, so that is the only thing you mentioned that is unique to Google.

You need to poke your head outside the Google bubble once in a while and see what else is happening. It might be also worth noting that Google's privacy policies are significantly different than Microsoft. (Example: A Google employee can do a 'search' for you, and literally read your email and view your content stored on GDocs/GDrive. A Microsoft employee cannot, because it is not human readable or accessible like it is at Google. Maybe you would like a pervert taking an interest in you and your photos, but most people wouldn't. At Microsoft, these are machine readable and dual encrypted data stores, that even if Microsoft wanted to open up an account, it has to fire through a set of machine fired and time based queues. -Like a Safe. And even then the employee can't access the data, as it sends out a 'release' to the user first.)

sasukeluffy says:

Same here, switched from Google's services to Microsoft's (except YouTube). Gmail to Outlook transition still going, other than that I'm done. Bing is great but Bing rewards isn't on at Finland :(

Funny, I've never once felt effected by any of this other than I've seen the Microsoft services I use get better over time.

I use a Gmail mostly for YouTube and send spam there my main email is @gmx.com second is hotmail

Jabid21 says:

Well this is an unfortunate situation to be in being a Microsoft os user who uses google services. The only reason I'm using a Gmail because I needed a "professional" email address as other webmail services do not have a good reputation. I really don't need most of the unique features in Gmail.

YouTube doesn't have any true competitor and google is the leader in search and maps so they are a necessary evil if you use the internet.

But lately I've been noticing yahoo is shafting Microsoft users like google now since I don't get the new home page on windows phone. Neither is there a good Flickr app.

cjallan417 says:

Unless I missed it in the article, I'm always confused when I hear people say Google doesn't make apps for Windows 8. They have their own app: http://www.google.com/homepage/windows8/. On the surface (no pun intended), it's just a search app, but the voice search is nice and the Applications link takes you to other services. It's just the browser view in the app, but for someone longing for Google services that wants to just open an app (not favorites in a browser), it seems like a decent compromise.
To answer the question: I'd never switch to Android. I still have my personal Gmail and could switch to Outlook if pushed further. I also have my work email with Google Apps so I have no choice there, but would jump to iPhone if it ever reached a point where WP couldn't get me email/calendar items.
As a Windows Phone user, I've been content. Email and calendar sync just fine. The page for mobile sync settings seems to conveniently not recognize the WP8 browser as mobile all too frequently so I need to fake the Default User Agent on a desktop to make changes sometimes, but at least things work despite the annoyance.
As a Windows 8 user, both parties annoy me. When they gave the Mail/Calendar apps a refresh the first time, Microsoft took away the EAS support and pointed the finger at Google. Google gave EAS a stay of execution while Microsoft sorted things out with WP8 moving toward CalDAV and CardDAV, but when those apps got updated, Microsoft went to IMAP and made a page blaming Google for yanking it. Why is Windows 8 not getting CalDAV and CardDAV support (yes, I know Google is dropping that too, but obviously MS is on the whitelist of those that can keep it)? It's annoying their solution is to move to Outlook. As I mentioned, I don't have a choice with my work email so I'm stuck with a read-only calendar on my tablet because these two can't resolve their stupid little slapfight.
I'll probably be more loyal to Microsoft in this, but I'm far from feeling they're a saint. Neither side realizes the consumers are the ones getting sprayed the most in their pissing match.

trwrt says:

All this hand-wringing about Google "withdrawing" support for WP devices could have been avoided if Microsoft would make ActiveSync freely available.  Like CalDAV and CardDAV, for example.  Plus, no mention of how Google agreed to push back the deadline by six months to give Microsoft more time to get things in order?  Google pisses me off all the time but to act like Microsoft is so saintly compared to them is just ludicrous.

Sean D. says:

Ok, but in that same respect is it fair that the vast majority of people seem to do the opposite... they hold google as in a weird saintly "can-do- no-wrong" light, while MS is looked up with undue disdain, and held to the fire for everything they do or put out.

Why should they make ActiveSync freely available, when even in their OWN products a client side license is necessary, especially when you deal with the corporate world.

Apple seems to have the money to pay the ActiveSync licensing fees, is Google really that poor?

Microsoft created EAS and ActiveSync, and EAS isn't even covered by the same licensing restrictions as full ActiveSync, since one is seen as a non-commercial protocol.

You can't compare a highly evolved and rich technology, even if it is openly documented like ActiveSync to older mechanism that are far less features and less secure.

PS Google could have continued to support EAS without paying Microsoft, that is the dirty secret Google doesn't seem to mention, as they focus on the 'Exchange' class ActiveSync that is designed for enterprise and does require licensing.

Microsoft made no changes to push Google to dump their support, yet Google decided to dump it anyway, and sadly it doesn't hurt Microsoft, it hurts customers and Google's own customers, which is a bit evil.

dallaboo says:

Asking for Google apps when you have a web browser. I mean, really? Did even Windows users go full retard? I have a 24" screen on my desktop but even on my 15" laptop I have 2 pages opened side by side. It's like the editor never heard of desktop shortcuts.

Dratwister says:

There must be reason for them to build native apps, right? Or they just build it like a gimmick? Just saying, someone demands a native app and don't like, or want, to use it on browser :)

dallaboo says:

I'd take windows and tabs on Windows rather than full screen apps that basically show exactly the same content from the web in a prettier shell. Everything Google shows you is from the web. Its not a 20 GB PC game that's stored on your hard drive nor does any of its content lies on your hard drive.

cruelvaldez says:

Tell me about it, I have a nexus 7 and I had to make a Gmail account, I felt like a traitor. :( But I'm probably going to buy a surface rt! Yay

EspHack says:

lol how the hell is people supposed to buy a junk called "chromebook" in order to use google's services instead of simply using microsoft alternatives that are as good if not better(NO ADDS!) than google's with a proper useful OS(windows) is beyond my understanding
there is only one service from google that i use and need some times; youtube... and maaan im so sick of using it they now force me to use their damn gmail thing instead of my simply nickname even facebook lets me use mi nickname to login and they keep asking my freakin phone number for stupid security wtf how can they even talk about security if their entire bussiness depends on advertising, its the most annonying webpage i have to use nowdays and im fuckin desperate to see a damn alternative from MS or even a new player like facebook
i see how google loses this war pretty easy

I feel pretty restricted. YouTube is almost impossible to watch on my WP7 and I can't sync my work calendar to my phone, two pretty annoying things.

sie282 says:

I'm starting to dislike YouTube with all the adds which are extremly annoying but I can't ditch Gmail(yet). But I am ditching google services as they are just acting shocking. :'(

MDboyz says:

Gmail and Live mail, both are used to be my main email account depending on sistuations.  However, now live/outlook is only the main email account.  I only use gmail when I need to register something that I know they may send me spam mails.

Like people here I ditched everything for MS services and Ive enever looked back. MS services like Email and so on are the best in the industry. I had to log into my Gmail account for some youtube comments a while ago and couldnt belivee how messy and hard it was to use in comarison with Outlook and Hotmail. Bing is much more accurate than google and safer, not selling your informaiton to websites and other forums for advertising and so on, and MS in the UK are putting out TV adverts stating MS's comitement to privacy and safety. I love them

danielgray says:

I'm disgusted with Google. Looking at switching my email. But use labels a lot, have lots of rules. Maybe an article needed on how uses like me can switch and still have this type of functionality.

neoxphuse says:

Ditched Gmail due the countless times they fucked over ms. Had issues with Gmail, YouTube, etc. I'm using outlook from now on.

jdawgnoonan says:

Great point regarding Skype.

The whole situation is a joke. Google takes advantage of every human on the planet that uses any of its programs and services. Microsoft tries to accommodate people who are pretty entrenched in the Google ecosystem and...Google acts petulantly & withdrawals needed support. I don't mind Microsoft's stance on this at all. They just need to work on their own ecosystem and make it more accessible. Google can fly a kite...

RahulRana says:

i am just courious too know what gonna happen if microsoft choose not to support any google application. like peoples cant run gmail on there windows device , no google search , no gtalk . out there in real world almost all computer mechines work on windows. now i remember words from  a movie Improvise Adapt Overcome ~ thats what peoples gonna do with google .if microsoft block them from every where peoples have alternate ways and much more like google product. and i am sure with in a year peoples gonna adat outlook, bing, bing maps as there primary applications . adn they would definetly say there was a Company named goooglee Pheeeew :D they used to provied e-mail service. and after 2 years NO ONE GONNA remember there name even

Sean D. says:

If MS acted the ways that google does, they would be vilified beyond belief! There would be article after article portraying them as the bully and google as some sort of hapless, billion dollar victim.
Matter of fact, take Skype... Skype is what it was long before MS bought it. Same with youtube, youtube is also what it was long before google bought it. But if MS refused to create a skype client for android devices the tech world would lose their collective shit, and revolt! Google refuses to make a decent usable YT app, and their bullshit reasons are backed up. 

Nimdock says:

No casualty here since I don't use anything Google and intend to keep it that way! :D

Gmail works fine in the Mail apps on WP and Windows 8, but I go to Chrome when I need to dig through old mail.

Google can take their services and shove it up their ass. Microsoft services are top notch

trwrt says:

This place has turned into CrackBerry.

lancguy says:

My first smartphone was an Android -- the HTC G2. It was ok, but I had to have a Gmail account for the store. Great yet another spam account, but I dealt with it. I could access my email from my ISP, and hotmail just fine. Google was built in search, same with maps, and I was ok with to until I realized that everything I did on my phone with g services was tracked not only to garage me with other services and products that I might like or want, but also sold to other companies. This was the real cost of this "free" os and services. Then after one update google no longer supported my phone. So I was stuck with a very buggy os that froze at least once a day.

I bought my 920 in launch am now fully on Microsoft and loving it. Bing gets the job done, the phone handles mail perfectly, and my contacts and calendar are available on all my devices. Nokia here is as good as if not better than Google maps. I still use you tube occasionally.

While I do like the universal search in W8.1, I do fear that Microsoft is going to get in trouble with the EU by not allowing other search engines which is BS.

Google could go bankrupt and I wouldn't shed a tear over it.

What I find amusing in this discussion is that not one person has bothered to discuss what happens if you flip this analogy around. The Microsoft supporter actually WINS and suffers little to no negative impact at all.
If you're a Microsoft fan in a Google world, you can get along just fine... All of Microsoft's major services are now available on the Android platform, except for Office itself (which we know is coming), and there's QuickOffice and OpenOffice that are available on Android in the meantime. Bing, Hotmail, Skype, SkyDrive, and so much more are freely available and work great on those platforms.
This means that in spite of all the hullabaloo about how evil Microsoft is, they're the ones being open and supporting everything. And while you don't lose anything going to Google, a Microsoft fan actually wins and gains on Microsoft platforms, because the overall experience is greatly improved and enhanced on Windows devices. So maybe Microsoft isn't the big evil company everyone wants to believe they are.

lancguy says:

And you know, that is the thing. Google always said that they would do no evil. But people are starting to realize just how evil the company really is. It just like the fiber internet service. They are cherry picking the best areas with the best deals and basically paying customers to use their service. Google knows that the business model is not sustainable. And there are very few companies with such a large hoard of cash that can do it.

jdawgnoonan says:

They aren't the google I thought they were. They used to be the company that was always on all platforms. They have changed. Or, success has changed them.

No, I think they were always intent on taking over and people either followed them blindly or were pushed/pulled along. I saw the writing on the wall with Google back in 2004/2005 with the introduction of Gmail. It was very clear they were planning big things. However, you're right... the whole point of WEB services is to be everywhere... and here's Google saying, no... we're going to be everything on OUR platforms and for the rest of you... nothing.
Even Google's services on Apple are very slim these days. I don't think it will be long before they declare iOS off limits too.

jdawgnoonan says:

Very good point.

lancguy says:

Stupid autocorrect - meant barrage not garage

bbqrooster says:

No issue for me. I just feel sorry for those whose life are locked up in Google services.

Solidstate89 says:

Man, I'm so glad I have absolutely nothing in Google's ecosystem. It wasn't even a conscious decision that I made - I just genuinely hate all of their products. Their browser, their e-mail, their social networking; everything they make is just garbage. Happy coincidence in my case, I suppose.

Google can suck my b***s and go crawl into a hole and die for all I care. They are thriving scum that steal code from rivals, then dare call it their own. Pathetic scum is what Scroggle has become.

Seeker77 says:

Tell us what you really think!

I'm still using Gmail along with WP8. And while I can live with e-mail and calendar syncing at an hourly rate, the thing that bothers me is actually the fact that I can only sync one calendar from my account (I have three).

realwarder says:

Odd.  I'm sure I have a bunch syncing.  I think there is a mobile site you have to goto to select all the calendars you want to sync.  Something like this (it's the same for iOS/WP8) https://support.google.com/a/users/answer/139206?hl=en

MrSimmix says:

I use MyTube for when I want to watch videos and I use Gmail on my phone. But I also have a @live email and Yahoo. Oh and I use chrome on my PC. I really don't feel like a casualty at the moment.

It actually makes me consider ditching Google services and move entirely over to Microsoft. I sucks to be a consumer in the middle of this pissing contest.
Email is one of the services that I can't just walk away from, and Google knows that. For Calendars & Contacts, I can store that information anywhere, and it won't impact me at all. The bigger issue is email, I need to know that the people I've been communicating with for years will be able to reach me whenever they want, without me having to update everyone on my new address.
Let's just say, if email offered "porting" in the way that the telephone business does, I would have jumped ship away from Google a long time ago. If it weren't for my reliance on this old address, I would not be supporting their business.

compassstl says:

While the lack of apps is sometimes frustrating for some, why is it such a big deal not to just use the internet browser to attain the same functionality? After all, the desired features were made for the internet, are fully featured on the internet, and with tabbed browsing and automatic page loads everything can be right there with the launching of one's favorite browser (IE for me for phone and computer, thanks). It's what I do with my WIndows Phone, and, excepting loading up files (i.e. changing a profile picture with something onboard my Lumia 900), everything else seems to work perfectly. I mostly only use Facebook, sometimes twitter, tried instagram when I tried an android for a few weeks (which sits in a drawer now) and found it boring and wasteful when all my shared photos go on Facebook where everyone already is anyway. I don't use a youtube app, I go to youtube.com. I don't use WPC's app, I go to the website. Wash, rinse, repeat. The only apps I really use are weather (thanks to Live Tiles) and games.
Because of google's attitudes and inferiority, I've actually closed my gmail account and had new business cards printed up with my Outlook email address (which, if you don't use it, you should really try it. Blows gmail out of the water in every way I use it for). I no longer recommend android to friends and family (why would I when Windows Phone is so much easier and functional to use for most folk?), I haven't used google search since Bing came out, and, excepting YouTube, I believe I'm google-free. Makes me feel like I beat a disease, really.

I used to say the same thing, but more and more I'm surprisingly more interested in an app experience. There's no tracking cookies or ads in the app experiences... and when there are ads, you can almost always pay to remove them, which is a strategy that has never worked well on the web.