A stunning Windows Phone concept: The Surface N

Chinese designer KuanGaa Chen has created something magical, which we somehow missed under our radar. It's a Windows Phone Surface concept, which would be the end result of a Microsoft venture into the mobile space to match its Windows 8 tablets. The video above runs through some of the features of both the hardware and advanced software Chen has managed to pack into the concept.

We've covered numerous concepts before, but this is something else. Probably the more interesting feature is the accent change within Windows Phone reflecting the colour emitted from the sides of the handset itself. We're also sure the transparent screen with Air Holographic projection capabilities would turn some heads.

Source: YouTube, via: MonWindowsPhone



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Onur ALTUN says:

ms cant do this :)

Alphageek_UK says:

Where do I send my money to, Kickstarter?

I sure hope Microsoft takes a hint from this guy's design :)

especially from the information center! it's really awesome.

cdb033 says:

That's very beautiful!

Sumit8 says:

Seriously the Notification center and the grouped app list is awesome!
Holographics are a little too SciFi right now but Microsoft should use some of the interface stuff. 

shut up and take my money ;)

lubbalots says:

I'm broke. Trying to save for a w8 tablet.

A surface phone shouldn't be too hard to design. 1. Start with a Zune HD, up it to a 4.3 inch screen with phone guts 2. add WP8 3. Take my money.

Roach26 says:

Would definitely get that phone...

JimmyRespawn says:

I've tipped you guys a month ago.

Nejcooo says:

ok microsoft! know i want:
-swipe right: info center
-swipe left: menu like in video
-user can select any colour he wants just like in video
-new fancy animitons just like in video
that's it :)

erg1507 says:

Beautiful... Except The touch buttons...

lubbalots says:

Tweet Joe B. This video.

Credo93 says:

I sended this video to him over Facebook....
i want that notification center and that app list!

Lenn Liggins says:

This should be the phone that's coming out on Christmas.   It would blow the doors off anything out there.   If they come out with this phone make sure it's on all carriers.

lubbalots says:

Sometimes I wonder if MS pays attention to these kinds of things.

Bacchus1976 says:

Don't really care about the hardware stuff, it's all vaporware that frankly wouldn't add any value. The zero bezel design would be SO annoying to hold and use and the thickness would mean no battery, crappy camera and fragile as heck. 

The software concepts are amazing!!!!!
I want that information center so bad it hurts. It's just perfect and it solves every one of my gripes about living with WP8.   It has a notification center, it gets the media controls out of my way when I'm listing to music and trying to open an app, it gives me a place to turn my radios on and off quickly, it is SO good. The weather is a nice addition, but that I don't mind leaving to the live tile. 
The app switcher is excellent and I really like how it groups apps and gives you the quick jump at the left side. This could also toggle to quick jump by group and by alphabet so you don't have to pull up a totally new screen for the alphabet. You could also come up with a nice way to have your hubs reflected here too. 
The theme picker is a no-brainer too, no idea why MS hasn't gotten this in their yet either. Give me chocies please, MS. This implementation is basically perfect. 
Microsoft makes me so angry sometimes, these problems are not hard to solve as demonstrated in this concept. 
PS: I know this is a cheap shot, but the concept wins solely because it has Zune and not a broken Xbox "Music" app. Good grief, what a disaster. 

expresswagon says:

This is amazing! If they made a phone this amazing noone could resist. If the price was reasonable of course :)

peper-eliot says:

Surface 'N'...
N... What else! ;)

ltjordan24 says:

 All I can say is DAMN! I really hope that Microsoft/Nokia/etc. incorporate some of the ideas shown in this person's concept or just hire them to work on the WP team. I would break my contract to get that phone. 

Kenny G Jr says:

Now that's pretty cool. Hope it comes soon.

sinister1 says:

What a joke, how is a phone that can't even address the fact that It can't even let you add you own SMS\MMS in this day in age ever going to do this. This made me laugh so hard lol... ha ha ha ha... Looks like this was made back when Mango was still around.

vieya says:

The operating system might not be up to date but they really took the ideas to a new level. The tiles feel actually live now. The animation and videos really bring it to life. The organization of apps is much better and even within the music app it's more organized then what windows phone 8 currently has. 

ebradley says:

Samsung is going to see those concepts and run with them for Android. I would really hate to see that.

Eas195 says:

much more innovative than we have today!
but, some will have their way through, so I'll keep looking forward to it ;)

b3rni3703 says:

This. Is. SICK!!!!! Watch out iOS / Android....

b3rni3703 says:

i've watched it 5-10 times in like 10 mins... lol just WOW.

b3rni3703 says:

makes the upcoming L925 look like shit beyond comparison lmfao............. smh

that is so fckn gorgeous *.*

Pakhtun says:

MS WinPhone8 will go a loooong way if they remotely try to attempt anything like this.. but I bet you Apple or even Samsung might beat them to it...

Oh sure they can! But they wont :(

wormy6 says:

Of course it looks beautiful and high tech, it is impossibly thin.  If a working prototype could be made it would have no battery in it at the least.

wormy6 says:

Impossibly thin phone not thick enough for headphone jack = fail.  Not thick enough for battery either probably.

Gadgetfreeak says:

I Lov It............

cj-m says:

If MS could bring this into production, I think not only will it be a game changer but also push MS straight to the front in terms of design, not necessarily market share, but I bet a lot of people would migrate across just for the experience. I am a bit of a stingy b*stard but I would happily pay to own that type of phone. 

Winminator says:


badger8080 says:

love it and hoe Zune was on there wow that blew me aways LOVED IT can't wait now 

Ultrafla Fla says:

absolutely beautifoul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is mind boggling... 

tejedor1967 says:

Did you see that the guy used WP7-like interface to make the demo? As an example 0:48 shows two columns of icons (like in 7.5) and the black column on the right of them.

May be this video is old. I don't know.

booog89 says:

That is some cool hardware and software shit! Its the FUTURE! 

ShreyansShah says:

this was awesome. absolute classic piece of imagination.

some of the features are to be included in 8.1 though. i think somebody from MSFT has seen this video and then took these features in programming such as the paralax, info centre and calling screen.


gmcos says:

GREAT concept !!!!!

Johann Dirry says:

Some things are very unrealistic. Everything transparent and the holographic display is not possible in this form. But I really like the design of the app and pulldown menus.