Live Blog: The Nokia Lumia 1020 announcement in NYC (11 AM ET)

Join us for the Windows Phone Central Live Blog of Nokia's announcement.

We're live in New York City with Nokia, front and center, ready to bring you the latest on their ever changing lineup, including the expected announcement of the Lumia 1020 with a 41MP camera phone.

Join us after the break for the live stream, our live blog and your comment room! You won't want to miss it! The event starts at 11 AM ET.



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StevesBalls says:

I really hope they don't kill it with that $299 price tag. This NEEDS to be $199.

Speaking of which, MS also NEEDS to move their ass and hurry up with the OS updates.

n3psydaz says:

thank you for making it happening for the nokia fans who cant attend the event.

jsnod25 says:

Wonder what they will be announcing?

Josh Harman says:

I don't know, something about a camera that sends text messages.

thzman says:

Lol. Good one. :)

jsnod25 says:


texantony says:

Rumor has been spreading about a bad ass camera... and are you ready for the game changer?.... it has a built in phone!!!

Horrorace says:

Anybody got the URL to view the live video stream?

it will be live streamed at conversations.nokia.com :)

RAWAD_K says:

Im so excited about it>>>

schlubadub says:

Damn... it really is 32 GB and no SD slot :(

linkxboy says:

Yeah :\ but at least video is 1080p not 720p like the AT&T ad suggested. I wonder why they announce 720p smh

Beshoy Hanna says:

With all the leaks on the 920, somehow it killed the excitement for me. The 1020, however, still has swirling hype around it.

LMZR says:

Damn, the live stream is too late for me. :(
Oh well, i hope the live stream craps all over the 925's :)

Jay Qi says:

Great!I can't wait for the moment.

Choco22 says:

The press conference will be start in 41 minutes. Stop teasing Nokia! hahaha

Flavio76 says:

well, only news is when , where.... all the specs are out there, I think

uopjo6 says:

I'm a happy man if they just announce a "fix coming really soon" for the Other Storage.

Rolorob says:

Would love an announcement for a kick-ass whatsapp update, but I know this won't happen :( It should though!

shreyas15 says:

Live blog doesn't include a live video stream?

Flavio76 says:

hahahahha 4.1 minutes...

neogodless says:

The Pureview 808 launched last year at $699, and is currently $450-500.

Natebird says:

July 26th for 299.99 idk about that one

peterfares says:

Well color me unimpressed. It's a 920 with a better camera. This took 8 months? 

bilzkh says:

Someone ask about Canada!!!

dkp23 says:

$299?  peace out

trickym81 says:

No mention of Canada.
I hope it comes to Rogers...

dalydose says:

This is impressive, but I'm not one of the wealthy enthusiasts.  I'll have to wait until my 920 is out of contract and/or the price comes down.

DaSchnee says:

hahaha the Forbes Lady was epic :D

Benjamin Cox says:

She said what everyone was thinking!  Elop handled it well though.

jfivieght says:

Time to dump exclusives was what she was getting at I believe...

DaSchnee says:

Yeah probably, but I'm not from the US so I can't really judge what she said

NAMISH says:

So no word on any updates for the Lumia 920... a tad bit disappointed! But did simply love the innovation in 1020!

Viipottaja says:

EASILY the best Nokia presentation I have ever seen! WELL WELL WELL done, whole crew!
Looks like I may need to spend some money soon. I am sure my wife will be happy with a red 920. :)
ps. and Dr. Kristina... lovely!

giorgio h says:

Lool at the heavy last question

jfivieght says:

That screen split thing was epic!

Zamir Yusof says:

Wow! and now here I am with a new Lumia 920 (just upgraded from Lumia 820).  Going to save enough money again during these few months 

mayur89 says:

Great!!!!!! Loved the features they brought to Lumia 1020 :) :) :) :)

mnika says:

Really impressed with the phone and conference! Hoping the phone becomes available on other carriers asap. Anything but AT&T, I say