Nokia announces some exclusive apps for Lumia - Hipstamatic Oggl Pro, Flipboard, Path, Panagraph and more

Elop Cam Apps

Nokia is on stage showing off the Nokia Lumia 1020. It’s a beautiful phone with an even better camera. Alongside the device itself, some accessories were announced, and some new exclusive apps for the Lumia range. Let’s check what all was announced for apps.

The Lumia 1020 some crazy cool apps. A few are taking advantage of a new camera SDK that Nokia is realeasing for developers to take advantage of. Those are CNN, Vyclone, Yelp, and Foursquare. Some apps that will be exclusive to the Lumia 1020 include Panagraph, SNAPCAM, Flipboard, and Hipstamatic Oggl Pro.

We’ll be learning more about them throughout the day. But a lot of you should be stoked about Path, Flipboard and Oggl Pro. Path is a social network a lot of you  have been wanting to get on Windows Phone. Oggl Pro is a camera app that allows you to upload to social networks – including Instagram.

Check out Panagraph’s site to learn more about it.

We’ll bring you more today as we get hands on with the device and learn more about the apps. 

And regarding what is going to be exlusive to Lumia devices or just exclusive to the Lumia 1020 we will find out shortly for you guys. Stay tuned for hands on with those apps! 



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jfivieght says:

That'll be why I bought Nokia

Ankmeyester says:

I wonder how fast you were typing this. Well, good job guys! All hail the steroid boosted lumia 1020 :D

jrpeters89 says:

Wait so those apps are only exclusive to the Lumia 1020 or Lumias in general? Hoping I can grab them on my 920 

12Danny123 says:

All lumia phones I think

chezm says:

SAME! I want Flipboard on my 920!!! :(

mma2885 says:

Hopefully for all Lumias, i want them in my L920

saturobi says:

Its for the Lumia range of devices. So, yes, you will be able to get them on your L920.

jrpeters89 says:

I hope so! This line is just a little misleading: "Some apps that will be exlusive to the Lumia 1020 include Panagraph, SNAPCAM, Flipboard, and Hipstamatic Oggl Pro."

Sam Sabri says:

We'll get clarification shortly. 

UzaiBaka says:

Its times like this that I wish I didn't go HTC...but at least what the 8x lacks in apps, it makes up for in looks right?

That is one of the main reasons I upgraded from a Titan II to a 920. The 8x could have been free on contract and I wouldn't have touched it.

cruelvaldez says:

Believe me, I'm jealous of my dad's Lumia 620, and the sad part is the 8x is superior to the 620. :-(

Yes, we will give you that much.

dubnukem says:

When I got my 8x I also chose based on design "since they're all running wp8". Boy was I wrong.

Great. Only one I have heard of is Flipboard.

Choco22 says:

I still can't found Path in the Store. Anyone?

jjmurphy says:

They're all coming after the new SDK, not today.

cjallan417 says:

I wonder what Xzibit or Leoonardo DiCaprio (pick a meme) think of exclusives not just to Lumias, but to one particular Lumia.

immyperez says:

Why would those particular celebrities care at all, lol? Or am I to assume that they own Lumias themselves???

cjallan417 says:

I was making reference to the Xzibit "yo dawg" and Inception "we need to go deeper" memes, but couldn't decide which was more applicable in this case...so my original comment lacked context.  :-)

Dawg, u mad bro?

Ratman826 says:

Dear Instagram Developer:
Have u see the new SDK? How's your mind now? Getting down to Instagram for WP yet? I hope u do :)

rodneyej says:

I thought he was going to say Instagram was coming.. Lol... That would've made my day even better..

cjallan417 says:

I was really on pins and needles as he was listing the apps to see if official Instagram would be coming. I don't use it, not sure if I would, but I know it's something that'd help WP8.

Sym3 says:

Can anyone find the video(HD) where they showed the insides of 1020?

neo158 says:

Looks like I'll be keeping my Galaxy Nexus around just for Flipboard then!!!!

12Danny123 says:

Good apps for WP 
PS Sam you spelt exclusive wrong before you mention the app names 

Sam Sabri says:

Thanks! Fast typing this morning. 

varunx says:

Glad to see flipboard on board !!

Dear Sam and Daniel Rubino: now you can finally confirm to me that Path was one of the two apps that you Daniel said a couple of weeks ago that they are coming to WP?? :)
And, wich was the other?? Is on this list??

Penny_1 says:

It's the reason I got a Lumia, but I can't help but feel like the level of exclusivity Nokia has on popular apps might hurt WP8 overall. Other OEM's may just not want to try.

neo158 says:

That's my feelings as well, there is absolutely no reason why these apps shouldn't be available to ALL WP users regardless of the manufacturer!!

jcutting says:

Except for the fact that Nokia is investing their money and resources to work with those app developers to bring their apps to WP. I agree it would be better to have the apps for all WP devices, but you simply can't fault Nokia for making them exclusive for a while when they're the ones footing the bill to make it happen.

neo158 says:

I must have missed the part where they said they were timed exclusives, would you mind pointing that out for me?

dkp23 says:

Here is your reason, Nokia invested real money in getting these apps. There is absolutely no way any business would invest their own money for another company to use.

What has been the case is that these exclusive apps eventually made it to other manufacturers.

While you as a consumer want these apps right away, in a business sense, why would nokia who invested to get these apps and work in partnership with these developers directly to get these apps want other OEms to have the apps that they paid for. So basically, HTC and Samsung sits on their asses and does nothing yet they have access to all the apps NOkia works their ass of for? Ya not going to happen. If HTC/Samsung wants these apps, they need to work a little bit harder on the wp platform.

You can use an android/ios example about how apps are available right away to all their devices, but it is simple, these developers develop for those two platforms first. developers need incentives to develop for a 3rd ecosystem which is wp8. So to help get these apps on wp8, in return, they ask for exclusivity.

neo158 says:

I have no problem with timed exclusives but the problem is that 3, 6 or even 12 months down the line these apps will still be exclusive to Nokia. Windows Phone already lacks a decent app ecosystem and not everyone wants a Nokia Lumia, is that so hard to understand?

Nimdock says:

I disagree.
It's how Nokia are showing they are awesome and that if you want the best device you should go for a Nokia.
If others don't want to try, that's OK with me. I would prefer competition but there is more than plenty of competition coming for other OSes anyway.

Penny_1 says:

I'm not so worried about the other manufacturers. If they don't want to try as hard, they won't be as good, and that's fair enough. What I am concerned about is that this exclusivity, in a sense, causes fragmentation. Some customers who may not know that Nokia has all these exclusives can pick up a Windows Phone from a different manufacturer and then get frustrated when they find out that all of these apps they want are missing. They would be EVEN MORE frustrated when finding out that WP8 does in fact have this cool app they want, but it's only available on the phone you don't have. That I think could drive some users to other platforms, and could very well hurt Microsoft's ability to create long-term brand loyalty -- crucial when they will try to get users to buy into the entire unified ecosystem, not just WP8.

kokola95 says:

What? Hipstamatic oggl pro?? Then what about the Hipstamatic oggle for the rest?

neo158 says:


1. It's not as if these apps REQUIRE some specific piece of hardware that only Nokia provide in their phones.

2. Most people have other things they have to spend their money on instead of a new phone every week.

3. Some people have a contract already which doesn't run out any time soon.

4. Some people, me included, don't want a Nokia Lumia.

theefman says:

Because Nokia paid for them. When Microsoft is ready to get apps onto all WP's then this wont happen, till then its Nokia's show.

neo158 says:

How does your post in any way relate to my post?

walter1832 says:

Neo, really?  Come on man!  You can't blame Nokia for wanting to have exclusives for its customers.  These developers aren't doing it out of the kindness of their heart.  Nokia is paying for the exclusivity.  If you say you "don't want want a Nokia Lumia" then you are also saying that you don't want the exclusive apps that come along with owning a Nokia Lumia.  When your contract is up again, don't get fooled again.  Buy Nokia and see/feel what real support is like.  You won't get it with HTC or Sammy. :)

neo158 says:

Really, buy a new phone, is that the best you can come up with?

This sort of thing WILL hurt WP in the long run.

rodneyej says:

So, you're going to go with Samsung, or HTC, the next time around❔.... We're telling you now that its stupid to bitch about app support in the future if you do that... You should know what you're getting into by now... Really❔

leviathan18 says:

then go cry to the manufacturer that is barely supporting wp8 to work closely with developers and spend money in developing exclusive apps for that phone.

rodneyej says:

Why in the world would you not want a Lumia device❔.. Besides not being able to upgrade right now, tell me why you wouldn't choose a Lumia device over the others...❔❔❔..

neo158 says:

How about bad experiences with Nokia hardware and Software before, such as bug filled laggy software and hardware that would fall apart within a femtosecond of using it!!!

From what I read none of that has improved either, with dust under the screen, overheating, problems with the wallet and problems with factory resetting the devices causing them to be bricked.

dkp23 says:

If HTC and Samsung wants these apps, maybe they should do the work Nokia is doing. 

rodneyej says:

Exactly❕.. People bitch about exclusives, but they consciously buy WP devices from those who don't fully support the platform.. That just doesn't make any sense..

Rubios says:

Not even Microsoft fully supports the platform.

cannon#WP says:

I'm sure that once Microsoft pays HTC & Samsung like they're paying Nokia, they HTC & Samsung will do the work.

VKStreetwear says:

Its coming as well for all other users

prophoto1 says:

ok, but where is instagram?

On the dark side.

DJCBS says:

What a nice bunch of Apps that no one cares about or even know...

Seems like just you that left alone in the dark here.... Where do you live? A cave? Lol Kidd bro

DJCBS says:

Nah, I left the cave. Google bought it.

eduardopl says:

According to the verge vine is coming too. BTW where is the tutorial to download this apps for my 8x >_

dkp23 says:

The hipstamastic app when i was reading the live blog said it was exclusive to 1020, but not sure what was actually said in the event. 
If it is, it makes sense, but not sure why the others would be exclusive like flipboard.  I dont think that would be exclusive or path. 

rikipy says:

Waiting for the app ><

Lenn Liggins says:

Got to get Instagram, it's a must have.

neogodless says:

I have a hard time believing people still want Path after all the stunts they've pulled, like snagging your address book and texting/calling everyone trying to get them to sign up by lying and saying you've shared content with them. That is definitely not a company I would trust with my content or having access to my phone and personal information.

Rubios says:

More fragmentation on top of an already extremely lacking app ecosystem, this is beyond ridiculous.

Is Microsoft even trying at this point? :/

max_blunk says:

Yay! You've Made my day!

Darkness690 says:

Has it been stated if there will be 7.8 versions? I'd love to get Flipboard on my Lumia 900.

marktomjor says:

What's SNAP CAM ?

Daakkon says:

No flipboard for my 920? :-/ -1020

c0wb0ycliche says:

Gizmodo is reporting that these apps (or at least Oggle/Hipstamatic/Instagram) will be 1020 exclusive. But this doesn't make sense because didn't they announce it with the 925? Will it only be on the 1020? Both? All Lumias? :|

MacDaMachine says:

Instagram wasn't announced...

c0wb0ycliche says:

Oggl Pro from Hipstamatic with officially sanctioned uploading to Instagram

Still not Instagram. I speak English, but that doesn't mean I'm from England.

donkhalil18 says:

This is like news of the day haha

cannon#WP says:

I find it funny that apps are now going to be exclusive to only one Lumia variant. I guess other Lumia users will join the cacophony of other OEM users who talk about app store fragmentation.
Doesn't bother me none. I just want a damn HTC One w/ WP8.

tony1213 says:

Flipboard! YES!

m3kk says:

F*** you wp8 why can't all phones just have separate stores also?!this is worse than android fragmentation. I'm really just sad and mad because I bought a Samsung , thought it didn't matter! All these exclusive this and that is just bs..

m3kk says:

Just open a "Nokia store" and rename it to Lumia os based on windows phone

mark.lio says:

is there any chance having those apps on wp7.8?