This is what Path on Windows Phone 8 looks like

Path for Windows Phone 8

Path was just announced today for Windows Phone. The guys at Nokia have been working closely with the Path team to bring the app onto the Windows Phone platform. Over at the official Path blog, we now see the first screenshot of Path for Windows Phone.

The blog post also reveals a few interesting facts about Path for Windows Phone. It’ll be using the new camera SDK that Nokia released for developers to integrate into their apps. The SDK does a few things, but one thing Path will really be taking of are the 50 premium filters you get through it. The camera SDK and filters are available for developers to use in apps for any Windows Phone device. Even those made by HTC and Samsung.

Path is a pretty cool social network. You're limited to only 100 connections. So you'll only be using this with close friends and family. 

No word yet on if Path will be exclusive for the Lumia at first, but we imagine it just might be.

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luimende says:

I like this path, Nike running posts to path, I hope one follows the other.

Vb2012 says:

Meh all i can say is meeeennnn !!


blackhawk556 says:

What is path? I need to look this up.

Mouthsmasher says:

I've been thinking the same thing. Not sure what Path is at all or why I need it.

ImAdrian23 says:

Path is something liek Facebook.

I was interested until I saw this comparison.

jjmurphy says:

Path is a much more personal social network.  It's mobile only I believe and it limits you to 100 friends.  You tend to be much pickier about who you Path with.  That and it isn't a mess with ads, games, and all that other ridiculous bs.

thinkdan says:

It isn't a mess... yet.

theefman says:

Nokia adding benefits to the WP platform yet again. Awesome.

jbigelow says:

I wonder if WP Path will upload the contents of your address book for spamming sharing purpuses like it did/does on Android?

lasm2000 says:

Exactly my thoughts.

malih says:

this is part of the reason why I still have some love for iOS, it has app privacy control for location and contacts on OS level

tositem says:

My question's been answered! Thank God! By the way, the limit is 150, not 100 friends.

Finally! This is one of the few apps I missed when I got rid of my iPhone, good to see it on wp

Brian3 says:

Can't wait for this! I've been wanting this since they announced it almost a year ago. It looks like it will be well worth the wait seeing as the app is beautiful.

tribexx says:

Are they bringing the spam text too? /s
Just kidding, this is good news.

DJCBS says:

I just sent some quick messages to my friends asking if they knew what the hell was "Path".
Not a single one of them knew what the hell it was.
So I'll just skip this. I already am on way too many social networks, I don't need another one lol :P

Eas195 says:

Seriously only 100 people? I taught it can connect up to 150.

NJKevin says:

You might need another half phone for 150. Maybe an android would serve that purpose.

NJKevin says:

Ahh. I see that 150 is confirmed. So good news - you don't need to buy that droid after all.

Pepe D Vegas says:

Path is cool, internationally its more popular but itsa nice alternative.

Nice!!!! Now all I need is a Nike+ app and I will finally have all the apps I felt like I was missing from my iPhone days.

CrackFachry says:

Yes!!! Path is my no.1 Social media app at the moment! Really glad Nokia's bringing Path to WP.
For those who haven't heard of Path, It's a private social media app (restricted for 150 friends) that combines the some functions of Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Get Glue in a really neat design.

Eas195 says:

Yeah, 150 friends. That's great for me to limit to just closest friends and family. :)
And again, it's 150, not 100 like what the article said. :/

For a minute there you got me excited, with me thinking that PATH New Jersey transit was offering a Windows Phone app.
Oh well.

lavo96 says:

Guess that means Pulse has been assigned to the scrapheap, as Path essentially does what Pulse set out to do.

malih says:

this is good news, my friends use Path a lot, and I'll use it more now that my phone also have Path

Wait, so this is for all Lumias (even the 512Mb ones) and not just the 1020?

edjr07 says:

So excited about this! I love path!

saputraj says:

Thanks Nokia.  I'm an avid user of Path for quite sometime and love it. This is definitely good news for WP users.
Flipboard is also nice.
Candy Crush Saga next?

Karanstyle says:

I'm so waiting for Candy Crush Saga & Instagram(though Instance app is also cool or Statigram Web)

andreirlopes says:

Just one thing: WHEN? Especially for Path.

Eas195 says:

the answer is: SOON! Especially for Path.

BUT, Path has its own teaser, meaning that it will come sooner than soon!

Dimas N says:


It's july 24 ... Still no sign of it in store ... Can't wait to downloaf it ....

how can i download Path to my windows phone?

Dk92 says:

It's not available yet.

bernardyho says:

Its 2014 and still no sign of it. Sick of waiting, wp progress is very slow. Wp wont be able to match apple and android this way.