Lumia 1020: Demonstration of Nokia’s on-board video editing

One big complaint we’ve heard when it comes to Windows Phone is the inability to quickly edit videos on the go. There’s no way to quickly cut and edit your capture until you get home to a PC and by then, it could be too late or you don’t care any longer.

Luckily, Nokia heard your complaints too. The Nokia Pro Camera app has built in video editing, which is demonstrated in the above video. It basically allows you to trim and save the video for sharing, all while taking advantage of that super awesome on-board camera.

Best part? We’re told that the Pro Camera suite is coming to the Lumia 92x line in the future, meaning lots more of you can take advantage of these new features.

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Evster88 says:

YEA! I was waiting to see if Pro Cam was coming to my 920. Super pumped.

Sweet, waiting on my 928 :D

kevin sledge says:

Awesome always good to share the love to the phones before. No complaints here.

DaSchnee says:

This guy sounds like Kimi Räikkönen :D

theefman says:

Probably because they are both from Finland. :)

swingmanryan says:

Haha! If Nokia could convince the Iceman to endorse their phone, they'll be the COOLEST in the world.

gajomau says:

can someone at wpcentral please ask, when and if nokia pro camera will be available to other lumias???

sepatown says:

Read the article, it's a short one.

joe_easton says:

Will editing save an original and an edited version?
I can see how you might want to scale down a video to send a clip but then keep the original for uploading to a PC later

Andresuxx says:

So yeah, now I can't watch any videos, fucktastic

tribexx says:

I expect you all should try taking photos and video with the 1020 for a couple of articles.

Hey jay, this goes for all videos, but when I press videos then the official YouTube app, it then says "choose an app to use this link", which shows both the YouTube and MetroTube app. Doesn't do that for MetroTube though.

mr toes says:

+1 ive noticed this also
Could you set a default player so that when you press video you automatically go to metrotube/mytube/youtube app?

neogodless says:

It's a good start - settings while capturing and limited editing capabilities. Now, how do you rotate the video that someone recorded vertically? :)

K_lando says:

I like to believe that WIndows Phone automatically turns every vid to horizontal is done on purpose to teach those people to don't do vertical!

gravage says:

I would like to know if it compresses the video so you can share it over SMS. I saw messaging was an option. Windows Phone currently won't do this. It just tells you that the video is too big. It would be nice if you had the option to compress and share the video as an MMS.

chezm says:

great news, looks awesome!!! cant wait to use on my 920

Chris_Kez says:

SO EXCITED for even this little bit of video editing to come to the 920!

Moustache321 says:

Blaah. What about the lumia 82x line? I would be so pleased with this feature I've waited for SO LONG. C'mon.

Josh Harman says:

Would be nice to have video editing only my 822.

ZuNuKoo says:

I don't see why it wouldn't be able to be added.

Does the camera button open the standard windows phone camera?

baileystein says:

It defaults to the Nokia app, but you can switch to stock camera by changing the settings.

bahamut443 says:

Please please bring this to the 928!!!

MrAdelphi02 says:

Give me this ability to shorten video, adapt it to audio and make it as a ringtone maker...and we have a deal

jjmurphy says:

Nokia is playing the Atlus role to Microsoft's world at the moment.

cgold1 says:

You really got my hopes up when you said you can edit video, was thinking a timeline and piecing together different clips with music... Titles... You know things video editing programs do. But I guess trimming is a good start.

edjr07 says:

Is this becuae of GDR2? does it allow access to those video files now?

sarim_xyz says:

The above video needs some OIS!! Too shaky..

Fndlumia says:

Matte yellow in black camera grip....thoughts?

OMG55 says:

Is it me or does this phone look much thinner than the 920? The only thing that reminds me of the 920 is the bottom of the phone. The top actually looks like the 720/620, it looks more rounded on the top as opposed to the bottom.

AlanTeew says:

What I need -- your requirements might be different:
Must haves:

  • Audio removal / mixing / editing. For example, I recorded a beautiful video, in a crowded aquarium, which kind of ruins the effect. I'd like to be able to strip the audio out completely. Replacing it is option, but removing it would be a great start.
  • ROTATION. I accidentally recorded a video upside-down. Moving the camera doesn't help.


  • Pre-made sound tracks so you that you can use to replace or add to your video.
  • Reframing, preferably dynamic, so you can move it around as necessary.
  • Stabilization, basically automatically reframing based on a horizontal or vertical reference line.
  • Converting resolutions down.
  • Auto-upload to FLICKR (that goes for the photos!) at FULL resolution, please.

ramg_9 says:

Hi there. I have a Lumia 1020 and I edited (trimmed) some videos. I saved them, but I can't find them now!
I searched in all of the folders when I connect it to my computer. Where are they saved to?