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Microsoft's "On the Whiteboard" takes us to a top secret medieval torture chamber

Microsoft’s On the Whiteboard” video series is beginning to show us how terrifying the Redmond campus actually is. Last week our host, Pamela Woon, took us on a tour to a place where no one can hear you scream. This week we are touring a building that is described by Surface team member, Ben Reed, as “a medieval dungeon where each room has a device that is a torture chamber.”

The top secret Microsoft Reliability Lab has no windows, no markings, and our host can’t even tell us where it is located – but, we can step inside for a quick tour.

The lab tests hundreds and hundreds of various units under stressful conditions to find their breaking points. The facility has over thirty different torture scenarios to run on hardware including environment tests, mechanical tests, and life tests.

Whether these hardware geeks are dropping units, cooking eggs on them, or using them for bowling pins (seriously, check out the video), we can be reassured that our Microsoft products stand up to the test of time.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think!

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Verkunder says:

Two days after I got my Surface, I dropped it from my coffee table and it cracked the screen. Go figure.

Doom At Last says:

Physic is everywhere

similar thing happened to me too.
dropped the surface from my lap after having it just for 3 weeks...would have had to be 350€ to get just the screen replaced...luckily the guy I gave my surface to for repair (he would've done it for 220€) screwed up and bought me a new tablet, including a free type cover (within the microsoft offer period here in Europe)
Just being extra careful now :/

Simon Tupper says:

I dropped the surface 2 times and not a single chip on the hardware. But I accidentally place de leg of my chair on the charger's wire and it won't charge anymore.

spcdog says:

My surface RT was going through the security scanner ay the airport, and the TSA worker knocked the entire tub off the conveyor belt. The tablet went flying through the air and landed hard on the screen on the tile floor. Not even the tiniest scratch anywhere. I think it's really just down to luck -- i.e. there are a few ways the device can land in just exactly the right way that make it more likely break (and I'm sure a few are bound to have invisible flaws in the glass that make them more likely to crack). But overall they are clearly not a fragile device.

berty6294 says:

mine got run over by a car and nothing happened. lol

bankrober0 says:

And they do all this and there's don't

Capsloc says:

I have a tendency to spill my phones in water.  Where do I apply?

Your English very good is.

Capsloc says:

No joke, at this point it seems my phone is the one spilling into pools, the ocean, pools again. I made no mistake in what I meant!! Lol

Flavio76 says:

Nice videos.....hope mine doesnt fall like that

Choco22 says:

No Windows? But they are testing the Surface?
I know. Lame. LOL :D

Laura Knotek says:

Check out the Forums. One member had a Surface that survived getting run over by a car!

Xsled says:

Curious what the display looked like on the surface that landed face down at the end. I was surprised they didn't show us.

Fogo says:

Surface is definitely a tough little device, but not invincible. Mine fell a few feet onto a concrete floor and had a nice chunk of the case knocked out. The screen survived with no problem though. I've now got a nice little patch of Bondo in the corner giving the thing some character.

themopar says:

Is it just me.. but does it always seem like they ONLY test the Surface RT? I swear I never see a PRO doing toruture tests.

Jack Larson1 says:

Now try that with an S4 ;D

astroXP says:

Molly Wood would love this chamber!