Microsoft kicks off universal Windows games with Halo: Spartan Assault


Halo: Spartan Assault on sale today through the 9th for $1.99


Halo Spartan Assault gets an epic mobile Windows sale next week, plus a Steam release


Halo: Spartan Assault is set to land on Xbox 360 this January 31 for $14.99


Prepare for war as Halo: Spartan Assault launches on Xbox One with new co-op mode and more


Halo: Spartan Assault landing on Xbox One December 24; will include co-op mode and new weaponry


ArchiTech, Halo: SA and Pocket Sheep are this week's Red Stripe Deals


Pick up your free copy of Halo Spartan Assault for your Nokia Lumia 1520


Halo Spartan Assault dropping on Xbox One and Xbox 360 this December


Halo: Spartan Assault Lite now available for Windows Phone 8


Halo: Spartan Assault updated on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8: brings new missions, support for devices with 512 MB of RAM and more (updated)


Halo: Spartan Assault to receive major update this week including new levels and Xbox 360 controller support


Halo: Spartan Assault now available for all 1GB Windows Phone 8 devices as Verizon's exclusivity expires

Microsoft News

Halo: Spartan Assault among first Havok powered games on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8


Having trouble downloading Halo: Spartan Assault for your Windows Phone? Microsoft working on a fix

Windows 8 Apps+Games

Get your Surface ready, Halo Spartan Assault now available for download on Windows 8


Halo: Spartan Assault now available for Windows Phone 8


Halo: Spartan Assault avatar items beat the game to market by a day


Halo: Spartan Assault officially launching tomorrow, July 18th; Verizon has exclusive for 30 days


Halo: Spartan Assault for Windows Phone 8 will come to Verizon first in the US

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Nokia outs Halo: Spartan Assault release time: 4PM PST today

A lot of you have cried foul over no Halo: Spartan Assault release yet for today, though we know for a fact it’s coming. Indeed, Nokia US on their Facebook just posted the exact time at which it will go live: 4PM Pacific Time (click here for your local time zone).

That’s not too far as it’ll happen in less than two hours. Game on!

Source: Facebook; Thanks, A A A, for the tip!



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DreadVenom says:

Finallyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Thank you Nokiaaaaaaaaaaaa.

greedypnguin says:

You doods want to tell us how much memory we need :)

DreadVenom says:

At least 4GB is my guess. Lets hope the store and ms' servers can cope with the amount of requests they are about to receive. :)

Robborboy says:

4gig for two hours of game play. Wooo boy.

thehidedout says:

The game won't be 4 gigs, but the amount of space required to download will be in that area

Robborboy says:

Just under 700mb for the game. Sure is close to 4gigs, huh?

kurotsuki says:

Then I'm out. What's the point of supporting 512MB RAM when to install it, we need 4GB free room? All 512MB models are either 4GB or 8GB (both with SDCard, but that doesn't count since installation always using phone storage). I only have 1.7GB left. Uninstalling other games would delete their progress, so I won't do it. Music, Videos, Maps ... are already in SD Card. Oh well .... >.<

aaa6112 says:

You're welcome, Dan.

oh, it wasn't a mystery for me...I've been enjoying the game already :)

DreadVenom says:

That was a low blow dude but, how is it?

aaa6112 says:

I was just acknowledging your thank you for the tip part :)
I'll be waiting for another 30 days though, ATT customer here.
Edit: not too bad though because I'll be getting this on my Surface TODAY! :)

jlynnm350z says:

Thank you for writing something about the release today. It has been dead silent in here.

This is how you know Nokia is WP8

Josh Harman says:

Microsoft actually tweeted the time first. Sometime before 4 pm EST.

inteller says:

good luck downloading that shit with the store errors.

Josh Harman says:

It's the music store not the app store.

KKRLessey says:

Another game I can't install due to 'other storage'.

KKRLessey says:

Will lose my Whatsapp messages

sasukeluffy says:

Back them out to whatsapps cloud service, hard reset, and get them back from there. Easy.

KKRLessey says:

How to access it?

sholokov says:

Whatsapp has a Backup feature. You won't loose anything.

pankaj981 says:

Whatsapp's backup is made locally only so a reset is going to wipe everything for good

KKRLessey says:

Hope they add SkyDrive integration

patsfan06 says:

Be careful if you do a hard reset on an AT&T 920. There is a bug that will cause it to get stuck in a reset mode and the phone won't recover. This happened to me about a month ago and had to get a replacement phone. AT&T tech at the store knew exactly what happened when I called so it seemed to me it is a common issue

SaucePolicy says:

Ditto. I guess MS doesn't want my money.

danj210 says:

Delete pics, videos, music, maps... All can be added back afterwards.

How about game saves? No solution for that yet.

danj210 says:

No, but you don't delete game saves you can't and they are too small to matter anyway. Pics, vids, music, maps.

AgentSplurge says:

I've been refreshing aaaall day to find out its not until midnight tonight.. So technically the 19th here! Ahh good things come to those who wait, will be buying for both my phone and surface straight away!!

lsoneboy333 says:

Finally!!!! I have been waiting all day.

Thank You! Now I can stop checking the store every 15 minutes.

What timezone? I'm in DC and I can't see it in the store.

aaa6112 says:

4PM Pacific

Viipottaja says:

I am in DC too!

Josh Harman says:

I've been to DC... does that count?

Thanks, wasn't reading because of an irritating bus driver.

@josh I guess it does

bilzkh says:

Microsoft: shady father
Nokia: amazing mother, always there for her kids (WP users)
WP users: where's my Halo, where's my update, etc.

Josh Harman says:

As I said to an earlier post, Microsoft actually tweeted the release time first.

Who cares ?? They still shit pal

Arsenic17 says:

Thank you. This is one hell of a game to end the failure known as Xbox on Windows Phone. Hope everyone enjoys it!!

sasukeluffy says:

Hopefully you too!! :)

Robborboy says:

A two hour, twin stick shooter, that reuses alot of assets from Halo Wars....yea....huge turn around...

Planblover08 says:

Wow NOKIA stays winning. Their definately gaining my brand loyalty. 

sasukeluffy says:

Riiight.. It's 0:30 at Finland, and the games coming out in two hours? Fuck this. I'm not going to wait till 2:00 to buy it, and then play it for the rest of the night.. I have to get up before 12:00, because that's when Steam quick-sales are changing :D

Mouthsmasher says:

Well, to be fair, Nokia probably heard it from 343i:

Josh Harman says:

Microsoft and Xbox Live also tweeted/retweeted at about the same time too, but tell that to the MS haters.

So I just change the region and use PayPal? To get around this stupid Verizon crap

WPSteve says:

Are we going to need 4GB free to install?

kingkoopa09 says:

Add me on Xbox Kingkoopa09 so I can see who ass I'm beating on the leader boards playing via surface

vaderthedog says:

Ok 4pm pst is 9pm gmt and still no halo...more ms bull as predicted.....all these lies are so boring.

Fanappy says:

It's midnight gmt bro! Not eastern time which is 5hrs behind

Flagz says:

We still got hour and 10 mins, lmfao wait bro.

InkabodCrane says:

I live in the PST/PDT time zone, and it's only 2:48pm. So 1 hour and 12 minutes to go.

Josh Harman says:

Normally, being on the East coast of the US, I would say that EST rules the world... but Microsoft always uses PST, unless otherwise noted.

gorebashd says:

Can't wait!!!

druger81 says:

Whose stupid idea was it to release it so late?

If you want they can postpone it for tomorrow morning :)

AriesDog says:

Probably timed to turn in with a San Diego Comic-Con panel.

1ll1TERAT3 says:

Question: I have a lumia 920 on at&t. Will changing my region in my settings allow me to get this game? If not, please tell me if there is something i can do to get this game right away instead of waiting another month.
Thanks in advance!

sicnus says:

K I say 50 posts whining...

Viipottaja says:

I thought it was supposed to be Verizon exclusive for a while?

druger81 says:

Just in the US.

paulxxwall says:

What exclusives did att ever have?

Josh Harman says:

1020, 920... maybe some others, I'm not on AT&T

paulxxwall says:

I meant games

Capsloc says:

Countdown.....30 days and 1 hour.

kendo_88 says:

Anybody a clue as to what the UNSC command tile is?

Waiting for L620 huft :'(

mikeharden says:

Wooohooo! Can't wait but I must! One more hour...LOVE MY NOKIA LUMIA 928!!

wpguy says:

I love my Nokia Lumia 925 more. Than my HTC HD7.

TrustySnooze says:

When all hope was lost, Nokia saved the day. Again.

Josh Harman says:

Nope. Tweeted first by Microsoft, Xbox Live and 343.

God dammit... I have an hour train ride to work where I could be playing it. Instead, they decide to release it right when I walk into work... :( oh well, at least Nokia are onthe ball and gave us a time/timezone. Will stop me checking the store every 15 minutes.

vaderthedog says:

Wonder if ios users experience this kind of "fun" with their major app releases from apple !

erasure25 says:

U saw their chopsticks commercial right!!!!?!???!?!??!!! Lol

Josh Harman says:

Verizon denied the app to me on Twitter hours ago when I asked about the release time, said "our friends at Windows have not confirmed the offering of this app"...

hysonmb says:

Servers going down in 2 min...

Neo Nuke says:

Omg. Is it time yet. I can't see it in the windows store for windows 8. I'm dying here

hysonmb says:

This has to be a place holder...
edit: That price is for Trinidad and Tobago (hence the TT) ;).
Currency conversion says it's $7.

Paybackxx says:

Use shrink storage app, freed about 3GB for me

AriesDog says:

Still not seeing it in the Windows 8 store.