Official Facebook app for Windows Phone updated with latest beta features


Microsoft has once again updated the official Facebook app for Windows Phone, bringing the public version up to speed with the beta. If you've not been following our rather frenzied Facebook Beta coverage, this latest release ( includes numerous improvements and fixes. These include the ability to unfriend someone, as well as "unlike" a page and numerous stability improvements - essentially everything from each update since version 5.

This will become a regular occurrence as Microsoft works to further improve the Facebook experience on Windows Phone. If you haven't yet already, we recommend you download the Facebook Beta (Windows Phone 8 only) if you're interested in trying out all the latest improvements before the official app is updated. You can download Facebook from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, Scott, for the tip!

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Wow, yet another update!
EDIT: I thought this was for the Facebook Beta. Sorry!

Awsome now Nokia please bring back your counter app please Microsoft not putting people first instead they are putting carriers first -_-

Josh Harman says:

Carriers have to say implement Datasense, what makes you so sure MS is holding it back?

gfunk84 says:

There's no reason for Data Sense to require carrier support. Just add the ability to enter your billing cycle and data cap. It might not be 100% accurate but at least you can see which apps are data hogs. Without Data Sense you have no insight into app data usage.

ninny1176 says:

Carriers have a lot of incentive to not implemenet Data Sense - they're the ones who disable it, not MS.

kunwar_91 says:

Again the same question which i asked someone on some other article... "WHAT ABOUT THE UNLOCKED DEVICES?"

Nataku4ca says:

as far as i know (and from some research) it appears DataSense depends on some infrastructure that the carriers have to enable, and that's why some carrier has it and some don't
i understand gfunk84's idea, but that's not what DataSense is for, or at least "entering" your own cap/time can be done at app level like what Nokia has done, so I guess that's why they don't want to confuse customers by doing that

jonchai says:

Data Sense comes in GDR2

NMTavares says:

Totally agree, they have the chance to improve the user experience, but prefer to lick the carriers bottom... I'm the one who needs an app to control my data usage, not the carrier...

Toxid_Fox says:

Great to see the speed of the update increasing!

sasukeluffy says:

Chat improvements, please! I don't want to refresh the chat window all the time when chatting..

Rich Edmonds says:

We could always talk publicly, on comments... I really don't mind :-)

CreepinJesus says:

Alright - how's that rash? Have you tracked down that girl from the bar?

sasukeluffy says:

Well, that escalated quickly..

sasukeluffy says:

What? Sorry I don't understand what you mean... ;_:

_Emi_ says:

he (probably) means instead of using facebook chat, you could always send a profile comment to your friend and keep talking there. I used to do that when I had facebook.

genuinefrand says:

Use the facebook chat in the message hub. Really useful feature

immyperez says:

When it works, lol...half of the time it 'can't connect', lmao!!!

charlyc311 says:

Enough about the Facebook App, it's good enough now, I think we need the YouTube App back on the store :(

MacDaMachine says:

It definitely isn't "good enough"

xankazo says:

NO, definitely not good enough! I'm not even installing it anymore until a proper, functional version comes out. 

Well, actually the Facebook app is not "good enough", but I agree: where's the new YouTube app?

Kindis says:

From what I gather Google and MS is now working together which means that MS will get access to correct API which will give us a awsome experience but with commercials. So YouTube should come in a new version soon.

walter1832 says:

it's been over a month...they don' t need to rebuild it from ground up to add a few API's

dreonedon says:

We want more updates for f.b beta lol

Still needs performance improvement, especially in chat. It's very sluggish and chat isn't 'real time'.

where the heck is the new update for wp 7.x, MS?
this is just so damn annoying!

Jaskys says:

WP 7.X? You selfish bastard, where's update for windows xp and Windows mobile??? Greedy and lazy microsoft...

Troyseph says:

Lol. This makes my morning.

well you see, MS said they would make the wp 7.x app available soon after wp 8 app came out of beta, which it did quite some time ago.
they never said anything like that about windows xp or windows mobile, did they?
and if you're trying to be funny, it's like you're saying "where are the dinosaurs?", when i'm just asking about the asiatic elephant.

Montpbm says:

Where's the Facebook app for W8!?

i guess they said it would come after the public release of windows 8.1

arbetaren says:

WP 7x is dead and abandon. Buy a new phone.

Josh Harman says:

^this, or at least deal with it.

altinselimi says:

No idiot, he's got a point. Not all of us are rich ass bastards wanting to buy every latest productmicrosoft releases. Even iphone 3g users have a better and more responsive fb app than we do. And guess what ,iphone 3g was released 5 years ago. The problem is microsoft likes to sell beta OS like wp7 was, letting us wait for apps that belong to the post-era on other OS , years from now. I hope microsoft creates a unified wp9 that would work on our single processor devices too !

Josh Harman says:

So... Deal with it.
Please stop going around calling people "idiots". It does nothing for your point, actually hurts in my opinion because I stop reading when a post starts like that.

I'm a rich bastard? Maybe if I didn't have any bills...

Paola1993 says:

There are cheap WP8. Ask my 520, specially if you're in USA (here, Colombia, it isn't that 'cheap').

MacDaMachine says:

Uh the FB app isn't even fast or fluid on an iPhone 3GS, so you can stop with ya lies. The thing constantly crashed and took forever to load.

Paola1993 says:

It isn't even good on Android..

TechManiac says:

no it's not (yet) -_-

1. wp7.x is dying, not dead yet.
2. many developers have abandoned it, true. but MS said they would release the new wp7.x app soon after wp8 app came out of beta, which it did quite some time back. so that's the reason I asked about it.
3. I got my lumia 710 hardly an year ago. and we don't have carrier subsidies here, like the US, so buying a new phone every year isn't feasible.

mdscj4 says:

That's almost like saying where's the app for my android 2.3? Long gone not supported anymore

before you go about making comparisons, i'd like to remind you that MS had said it would release the update for wp7.x soon after the wp8 app came out of beta, which it did quite some time ago. so that's why i asked for it.
your comparison would hold true if i asked about something like, say temple run.
though even in that case it wouldn't.
3 more versions of android came out after 2.3.
while 8 came directly after 7.8.
also android 2.3 was released over two years ago. 7.8 came out this year.
so next time, just get the facts right.

Paola1993 says:

2.3 is more supported than WP8, sad but true.

3ftw says:

WP 7.8???????

walter1832 says:

dead man walking

Read the comments above

cgallaer says:

Nice. Seems to work well.

Aryan Angel says:

Meh. Who uses this when we have beta?

Josh Harman says:

I do, dropped the beta... then reinstalled... then dropped it again.
If they keep this speed of updates up, I'll have made the right decision. Right now, the official is is up to date with the beta and it only came a week later, a small wait for insured stability.

PolishHitta says:

Anyone know if push notifications finally work?

s3rgiu83 says:

Today i got my first on time push notifications :) Never got ine 'till now... So it works... For now :))

PolishHitta says:

What about messages?

s3rgiu83 says:

Don't know yet... Didn't det any since the update... We'll see

s3rgiu83 says:

Nope... For messages it doesn't work yet... Just asked someone to send my a message , you got me curious :) , no notification 'till now

I think it is kind of wrong and misleading that the official facebook app has higher version number than the beta which implies that it is newer (with more features). They could of course use different version numbering between official and beta but I think that is confusing.

hipporama says:

I don't think it really matters considering the beta is not available if you search in the store. It's for those who want to have the very latest and I think anyone using the beta will be aware of the version numbers.

Josh Harman says:

Or... since it's now up to date with the features of the beta and beta tested, it sort of is ahead of the beta.

twixy16 says:

Is there a difference between the beta version and this one?

Josh Harman says:

No. Not currently, but the beta will receive another update sooner that will change something (features, bugs)

Quick question: I have two Facebook accounts. I also have the Facebook Beta and the original Facebook app on my phone in order to access each account. When the Beta is made official, will the original app be rendered useless?

hipporama says:

The beta will remain separate. It's not going to be made official. It's like the beta and developer channels in Chrome. Any improvements in them will be added to the release version.

Eljonn says:

they keep updateing facebook app everyday, but facebook chat in messaging app has been broken for weeks and they do nothing about it :( crap

Josh Harman says:

I think its been at least a couple of weeks since the official FB was updated, certainly not everyday.

upsidedown says:

Wish they'd add feature to hide a page on my feeds, as opposed to unlike.

safeer2222 says:

Not able to change cover pic and profile pic from the app.

safeer2222 says:

Facebook version-
Facebook beta-

b3rni3703 says:

"UNFRIEND" ..... -thumbs up!- lol

Pavel Gotze says:

Well, if i have FB account, i would use it :-) But i am smart, so i dont have :-)

Josh Harman says:

Or... maybe you didn't have any friends?

trickym81 says:

Do notifications work properly yet? 
I never get Facebook message notifications on my Lumia 710, yet my Android tablet gets them immediately. This is honestly one of the main things that I would leave Windows Phone for. I’m holding off getting a new phone until I see if WP8 can solve this. I want the Lumia 1020, but the notification problem is keeping me from moving forward.
Is it even close to being fixed?

s3rgiu83 says:

As i already stated earlier , today i got my first on time push notifications :) Never got ine 'till now... So it works... For now :))

trickym81 says:

That sounds promising...

s3rgiu83 says:

Doen't work for messages though... Hope they'll fix this too in the next update

trickym81 says:

Messages are my biggest problem. I usually receive other notifications late, but message notifications don't come at all.

s3rgiu83 says:

Seems you still have a problem then :) It will probably be fixed at some time ... But who knows when.. I understand you perfectly... I'm getting tired of some problems on wp , too... Shame because i love my Nokia... I'll five it a little more time.. You should probably do the same :))

s3rgiu83 says:

I'll give it a little time , sorry , autocorrect screws me all the time , my phones language is not English :)

trickym81 says:

Thanks for the help.
I love Nokia too and I don't want to give up on them.

philharmonik says:

How in the world do I keep Facebook from refreshing everytime I go back from reading a post or viewing a picture. Really annoying, because I have to scroll all the way back where I left off. I made sure shake to refresh was off as well and it was.

Jay Bennett says:

You could get in touch with the developers through their support channels? Or if you're really lucky we'll try doing that

Ratman826 says:

Still can't share posts due to the privacy settings
Any help?

SleepyTheDon says:

I am very please with the efforts Microsoft is making with apps and their OSs, like apple with the 1st iPhone Microsofts OS is ahead of its time (not with FB app)

hethler says:

Any news when it is coming to 7.x

Nimdock says:

Sometimes I have to press and press and press before my touches register. So annoying.

Voxxie says:

The app isn't in Dutch anymore.
So it seems like the languages are removed. 

korg250 says:

Now translate the app to Portuguese. People are really pissed off here in Brazil about that.

phasar says:

Microsoft still hasn't learned that people don't want a phone that behaves like a computer. They want a phone that works like a phone with an abundance of features.

phasar says:

Can't understand why Nokia would team up with an OS that is not capable of performing task that Nokia was performing 5 years ago. That is really sad if you are a Nokia supporter.

Chris Yahya says:

is that group post notification bug has fixed? i mean, in case someone commented on my post, and i'll get notification about that. if i'm in facebook apps, when i clicked it, it redirect me to group main page..)

marky_yo says:

Waiting for my 1020 next week what do you guys recommend? The beta or the official app?

Dionigi13 says:

Maybe MS is thinking that if doesn't make apps for 7.8 we wil run to bye 8? This is wrong.... Maybe we will go to other platform where respect our money.... I didnt ask every app...  At least the most common. I have a lumia 710 and still no FB, no skype (no sign in with MS account). Come on....

Jandieg says:

Still can't see Instagram photos on the feed, can't click on hashtags either.

nguyem86 says:

When are they going to implement the ability to attach multiple photos to a post?? (IE more than one photo to a status/check-in)

SocalTouch says:

Just throwing this out as an option for those not happy with WP8 FB apps -
While I do not use facebook, my wife does on her iPhone 4S. I asked her to show me the FB app on iOS so I could compare the two platforms, only to find out that she hates the iOS app too and instead used FB on her mobile Safari on iOS! I opened 'User Agent Switcher' app on my Lumia 920, changed agent to iPhone, loaded the mobile FB site and asked her to login and tell me how her experience is. She said she could not even tell if the two were different - same  experience for her as her iOS. 

Notifications funcioanan I live tiles in real time on the application of beta and official facebook facebook arrive but are notificaicones habeses old wanted to know if it is normal or only happens to me if users ami and if one worked for them or anyone pefeccion funcioanan and if there is any solution for me to work thanks