WhatsApp for Windows Phone updated again; bugs being squished, things getting better

WhatsApp Windows Phone

It seemed like just two days ago we were telling you about version 2.10.506 of WhatsApp for Windows Phone with presumably more bug fixes and tweaks. Well, another day and another update as version 2.10.523 is now out, once again with no changelog.

That means they’re still optimized the code to improve reliability and for some of you who are still having problems, you’ll want to grab this update ASAP.

We can say that the beta for the app is still going strong as well, meaning this is still an “in the works” project. But like the Windows Phone Facebook team, the beta features and improvements seem to roll out to the public within days and not weeks or months—a nice change in strategy.

Pick up version 2.10.523 of WhatsApp for Windows Phone here in the Store. Thanks, Dennis A. and TYSON, for the tips!

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PolishHitta says:

Kinda funny how WhatsApp at first didn't really care much for Windows Phone now we see updates very often

Nawzil says:

Thanks to Nokia.

Wicho80 says:

+Future 1025 or 1028 hahahahaha

Martinspire says:

I'm still wondering how they do this. They seem to be submitting updates before they are released (or have a very short checking period).
I hope that they don't have the same approach as last time. Lots of updates in 2 weeks and almost none in the 6 months that follow.
Not that i mind those updates, but it seems to me that they don't really test very well

venetasoft says:

It,s just because WeChat is showing them how notifications work.

rockstarzzz says:

WeChat has the most horrible notification system I've ever experienced! Drain your battery or get nothing.

giorgio h says:

Lol the bugs are getting sprayed

aerosmillie says:

Still behind on ios/android features and extremely annoying that you cant send existing videos or use the ffc. Much better than before....long way to go

ttsoldier says:

That's the limitation of the os. Not whatsapp fault

a5cent says:

What exactly is the OS limitation? I don't think anything mentioned is.

dalydose says:

Developers do not have access to your video library. That's why we can't upload to Vimeo, YouTube or any other app.

The front camera should be fixed by WhatsApp, though.


aerosmillie says:

Why did the windows phone team make such a limitation?

UzaiBaka says:

The one guy that writes the code for WP decided to take his vacation so he didn't have time to finish the OS.

ThatsAwesome says:

How are we able to share to facebook or twitter using a Windows Phone then?

clappenings says:

I honestly don't get the point of this app. I guess not everyone has unlimited texting?

DennisvdG says:

You get it ;)

Also, unlimited SMS does jack if you're texting someone 3K miles away in a different country. Or want to send them a pic. Or video.

adrian1338 says:

Or use something else than a smartphone..oh moment

Or you want to keep in touch with a group.

aaa6112 says:

Correct guess

yes not everyone has unlimited texting. it's a big world out there with varying rates and plans.

Capitalization, you should try it...

i feel like if your argument or comment is strong enough, you don't need to worry about grammar on an online blog where the writers themselves play fast and loose with it.

MyThIc3LiTe says:

Making arguments that make sense, you should try it?

Karpito says:

I use it every day to comunicate with my family overseas. Also use it a lot when I travel outside US.

jlynnm350z says:

U hit the nail on the head. Not everyone is as fortunate as you and me.

With the rates we pay in the US compared to some other countries, I'd say they're the fortunate ones.

Shane says:

No, not everyone has unlimited messaging. Gives you the ability to text much like iMessage when a cellular connection isn't present. Also, for those of us with friends overseas, it gives us a cost effective way of texting them.

xankazo says:

I understand. But don't be sad, not everybody gets the point of everything everytime.

ThePKReddy says:

Not everyone has unlimited. I do. But this app comes handy for international texts. You could just send emails but the threads get clumsy after a while

rockstarzzz says:

What country and carrier gives unlimited international texts and MMS?

How many times can the same reply be said? Apparently as many as it took to answer this guy.

borasar says:

I guess you don't have friends/relatives abroad, don't travel and don't message groups of people

clappenings says:

EDIT: There's always one who gets personal! I posted a comment that people didn't like! The shock! The horror! Strike me down with lightning bolts ffs

UzaiBaka says:

Your right...i don't have friends...*sadface*

jakersn says:

I have unlimited messaging, but still use this more than text messaging. Its a better experience. It's good to be able to see when friends are online, last seen or if they are typing. Group messaging is also great, so is knowing if your messages have been delivered

rockstarzzz says:

You have unlimited international messaging? What carrier?

slyronit says:

SMS doesn't support actual group chat, sending videos, sharing locations etc. You have never used it, I guess

Correct, in The Netherlands I pay 1 EURO for 25 text messages!!
BTW WhatsApp has much more features then text! Love the groups!

awneze says:

When u think about how limited wp8 is, makes u wonder... So how bad was wp7.5? Microsoft need to get their act together, thank God for Nokia

aaa6112 says:

Thank Nokia for Nokia :)

Nokia = God *Inception Noise*

iboypx says:

* Fix issue where users on some networks are stuck at the phone number entry screen.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.

rockstarzzz says:

What we need ASAP is a choice to remove that freaking vibration when someone msgs you. I was in two group chats and one personal chat. Vibrations killed my phone in 35 mins!!

aerosmillie says:

?? Isn't that your choice in the phones Settings?

rockstarzzz says:

Nope! Even if you have vibration off and phone silent, a new msg while inside whatsapp will vibrate the phone without fail

carlos118 says:

You just turn quiet mode on for the groups and u get no buzzing or toasts

sueha says:

No, WhatsApp ignores those settings.

Nope - it works

lowrider2107 says:

Hoe do you set quiet mode for an individual group, not all chats? Can't find that setting...

Open the group chat. Hit '...' then 'Group info' and the option to mute over different periods is there. Not sure if you can do for personal chats though?

HarisA1 says:

I have unlimited everything on my plan for 30 bucks ;)

Great update, much improve in term of notification

Locochat25 says:

I got a 820 and I received the update a few minutes ago, but still came with the same error and says I have to reboot my phone. Not good

NikLumWP8 says:

Yes, me too. Sometimes it (2.10.523) is still shows connectivity error: "WhatsApp has detected an issue with your device's push notification system. Please reboot your device."
I think they still need to fix this bug
Lumia 520

sjnv says:

I hope they have fixed the battery drain issue

rockstarzzz says:

Yes they have fixed it for WP8

kle0 says:

I doubt it. Whatsapp drains my battery in an hour flat. (Nokia L920)

ctr2000ng says:

Same here noticed it too.

thinkdan says:

How come it is using the Music API again???

ahmedjan87 says:

If you are on wp7 then it uses it

thinkdan says:

But I'm on WP8... It stopped using the music API two updates ago and started it using it again after the following update. Anyway, I just uninstalled it and reinstalled it again and now it's not using the music API anymore. Hope it stays that way.

mayur89 says:

I just broadcasted a joke to 43 ppl in a Row !!! :D i love the update ;)

WPUser111 says:

Can i hear the joke too?

rohanagarwal says:

My WhatsApp doesn't send me notifications after this update..i even rebooted my phone once..i am not happy..

lowrider2107 says:

It's not auto-saving incoming pictures any more even though that setting is still active. Anybody else noticed that?

DenniSundaY says:

Whatsapp is really stable on my HTC 8X on GDR2 now. Was already stable before these updates (both whatsapp and GDR2).

farsidius says:

Can't believe there's still no option to turn off notifications completely; or at least have the option to limit notification times, both of which I can do in Line. Still a long ways to go with this

prashant45 says:

Bhai tagdi ho chuki he ye app

skb12 says:

It takes time to see the previous chats in a group.:(

prashant45 says:

Its now working better than wpcentral app

prashant45 says:

Wowoo its working great

Coming to the point
Whatsapp for windows phone 7.8 in my lumia 610 is buggy,slow and freezes..useless updates !!

muizzamani says:

I cant load the earlier message. Nothing happens when i scrolled up in a conversation. Anybody else notice this?

sharathu7 says:

Now longer messages are viewing properly. Before it wasn't. I think this was one of the bug fix.