Popular Zombie Windows Phone card game, Shelter to be made free on July 29


Shelter is a popular zombie card game for Windows Phone, dragging players into the depths of immersion and enjoyment. We're able to relay some good news today, particularly if you do not currently own this beautiful title. The developer has got in touch to reveal that the game will be available for free (usual price is $1.99) tomorrow in collaboration with MyAppFree.

Be sure to mark July 29th in the calendars to ensure you're ready to hit the Windows Phone Store and download your copy at no extra cost. So what exactly is Shelter all about? It's a hybrid game, sporting elements from both collectible card and castle defence games. There are hours of gameplay to enjoy while on the move. And who doesn't like a zombie game?

Shelter App

The game description itself draws you in. "Defend yourself from the zombie onslaught as you fight to be reunited with the woman you love. You define your strategy, but be warned... no single strategy will win." There are a number of features packed into Shelter that makes it worth covering here and we're going to strongly recommend you all check out the trial before tomorrow if you're that eager to get your paws on some zombie action.

Here are some highlights:

  • Deep but accessible game-play. Easy to learn. Hard to master.
  • More than 100 game cards.
  • Integrated deck builder for deeply customisable play.
  • Graphic novel & comic inspired hand drawn artwork.
  • Compelling story and characters.
  • 5 Campaign levels including a free roaming level.

It's certainly worth checking out if you're into card games, enjoy battling zombies or get enjoyment in defending towers. You can download Shelter from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99 - if you can wait another 24 hours, you'll be able to pick up the game for free. Available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x.

QR: Shelter



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rankachmiari says:

offtopic Viber got an update, not sure what is the changelog.

sicnus says:

Celery is crunchy

iamoniwaban says:

I just ate cheese

khaivu says:

I'm cutting cheese.

erasure25 says:

I'm cutting the cheese.

sicnus says:

Is this game any good? Is it PvP or PvAI?

I know :) you fail even more since you did not see my joke ;)

Oh, so it was funny? :)

clappenings says:

Free sounds good to me

Raylz says:

Always love free especially when 7.x is involved

hitchhiker90 says:

Cool.  I've been looking to get into an AD&D or Magic type of game but no one around here plays it and I don't know how. This might fill that void for me.

Bob101910 says:

There are a few Magic games on Xbox Live, PSN, and PC. I've only played the 1st Xbox version (there's a new one every year).

In the trial, you can play a mentor type mode where you get matched with a player online that helps you learn the game. Since not many people play that version anymore, it's easy to get matched up with a friend if they bought the game (if you know anybody online that likes Magic). This is how I learned to play.

There's also a regular interactive tutorial too.

Love zombie games, plants vs zombies, zombie HQ, time to move on to this one, looks great

dxdy says:

free for my birthday :) LOL

vijax21 says:

Happy birthday to you too.. :)

khipara says:

Happy Birthday

Ankmeyester says:

Oh look. Doesn't work on my low end 7.x WP (lumia 610). Meh.

schlubadub says:

Boo it's not free yet for me. And yes it IS 29/07 already... 00:15 to be exact :P :P

sicnus says:

Maybe where u r!?

Bob101910 says:

It free for me earlier, but it is now. Go go go!

schlubadub says:

Yeah, frew for me now :) (In Australia)

Seaweedbrain says:

I checked the Marketplace now and there are two version of it, Free and the Paid one.
Free version has ads in it, i hate ads but anyway it's free so.... :)
I'm from Philippines by the way.

Bob101910 says:

There should be 2 free versions. One of then only being free for a limited time without ads

Arun Chauhan says:

BS game...i dnt understand y do u hv to endorse such games

cgallaer says:

You can download the paid version for free today. Just downloaded it so I can play it tonight.

peper-eliot says:

It's free... And I'm going to discover it right now ;)

Jazmac says:

Free is LIVE, I think