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Nokia Purity Pro BH-940

Deal Alert: Nokia Purity Pro BH-940 wireless headset discounted by $100

We’ve been itching to get a pair of the Nokia Purity Pro wireless headphones for some time now. The over-the-ear design plus active noise cancelling feature always sounded awesome, but the $349 price tag gave us pause.

Luckily, right now on, you can pick up the Purity Pros in either black or white for over $100 off (unfortunately red and yellow are still at the high price). Specifically the black model is discounted to $249 and the white model is a cheaper $223 ($125 savings). That’s not a bad deal or at least, it’s a significant drop from the full retail price.

The Nokia Purity Pro BH-940 headset features…everything. Seriously, it has NFC for tap-to-pair, wired playback, wireless playback (Bluetooth), a microphone built in for phone usage, it can pair to multiple devices, has noise cancelling and probably the kitchen sink. To turn ‘em on you just unfold them open and the over-the-ear fit sure ensure they stay comfortable for some time.

We’ll order up a pair and give you our thoughts when compared to the Nokia Purity (wired). Just too bad we can’t get that yellow at a cheaper price!

Read our full review of the Nokia Purity Pro headphones here, for more information.

Source:; Thanks, Nathan H., for the tip!



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avtoj says:

2.5 weeks ago i bought it with old price :(

carlosrdd says:

Do they come with wire option and how is the battery drain with Bluetooth on the 920.

spyderzWPC says:

They do come with a wire option honestly I use them alot and havent killed the battery yet, I believe they said close to 24 hours of battery life, and if the abttery dies you can still use the wired option.  The 920 has a nice app that pops up and tells you how the battery on the headphones is doing also you can use it as a live tile.

carlosrdd says:

Nice thanks for the reply!

carlosrdd says:

Anyone know why these don't come in cyan?

ByeVanno says:

i remember amazon had an old policy that if the price went down within 30 days you could e-mail them and they would give you back the difference not sure if it's still up but you could check :/

avtoj says:

I bought it on uk amazon where the price is still the same. So doesn't make any difference for me

Stevied1991 says:

Start a live chat with them, they will refund you the difference.

paulxxwall says:

I need a pair i want to wait for price drop but man they look sweet

rightisray says:

You don't consider over $100 off a price drop?  I'd say that is a pretty darn good price drop!  ;)

rodneyej says:

He means more of a price drop, and I agree because these things are just to expensive.. I ordered the purity wired headset last week because they were on sale for $49.99,, down from $199.99... Now, that was a price drop❕

jsnod25 says:

Yup I grabbed them too, should arrive today!

sayonical says:

I won these at the 1020 party in NYC. I like them a lot esp since I hated the purity HD headset. I wish they were a little louder and the noise cancellation isn't exactly cancelling all the noise but it works really well with my 920 and surface rt.

Kuldip Shiv says:

Just to clarify, did you say these headphones are not good?? and can i connect it wireless with my surface rt? I am thinking to buy one. but only want to buy ificanwatch movie inmy surface rt and can listen with this head phone wireless..i know this will be awesome with my L920, but stilll..Need a little help

sayonical says:

I like the headphones a lot. Yes you can connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same same so if you are watching a movie on your surface rt and a phone call comes in it will pause the sound and you can answer the call on your lumia. Really cool feature!

the_icon12 says:

Yeah those are the wired ones..

ViN_DuMmY says:

thos are not the pro version

Agent-P says:

The price is great, but my only problem with them is they're on-ear. The BH-940 are over-ear (which I prefer).

What's the difference between the pros and the regular version?

immyperez says:

Does anyone who owns them feel that they are slightly off center (sound wise)?

avtoj says:

Not at All. Only problem i found is when I'm on bicycle connection sometimes is bad and microphone a bit week

immyperez says:

The forward/rewind buttons don't work when wired. Is that normal? They work via Bluetooth, but when wired play/pause and volume work fine, but not forward/rewind.


avtoj says:

To be honest i didn't try that option. I bought it because of Bluetooth capabilities. It's not with me now. Tomorrow i can answer your question

immyperez says:

I look forward to it.

avtoj says:

So, i tested now and that's true, forward /rewind don't on wired but you can make forward simulation with double tap on play button, rewind impossible though. Hopefully will helps to you

sarim_xyz says:

I ordered the Nokia Monster Purity HD for $50 :-)
yes, I know, they are wired ones.

myrandex says:

Me too, nice cyan matching ones for my L920.

rodneyej says:

Yeah, that's what I call a deal❕ I ordered the Cyan ones too... I think Cyan and Red will look good together..

Res215dg says:

Order placed =]
I love this app- because of the live tile, I found this deal alert!! Can't wait to receive these, been using the Purity In-Ear and they've been good as well!

As unfortunate is the fact that the Yellow and Red versions aren't discounted is also the fact that does not ship overseas and Nokia haven't bothered to release in India yet :(

Cubeddd says:

The price for all colours had dropped in uk for a while now. Might need to order another one in a brighter colour though.

BonzeUK says:

weird - the yellow ones are the cheapest in the UK :-)

sholokov says:

UNfold them open...

DJCBS says:

249$...that's 200$ above what they're worth. and that's assuming they're the last Coke in the desert.
I seriously can't understand people who waste so much money on headphones like these. And I'm a music lover. And by music I mean real music, properly composed and played by an orchestra, not this autotune-pop-rock-techno-dubstep-trash that we have to deal with these days.
I can hear perfectly, with all the nuances and subtleties any piece of classical music with a pair of 9€ Sony earphones.

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it! But Sony does make some nice headphones for cheap.

@DJCBS, You also forgot to say "Get off my lawn!"

DJCBS says:

Get off my lawn, old man!
Happy? ;)

(Yeah I added "old man" 'cause technically you're older than me Daniel. Not by much, but still...)

WeirdFM says:

You owe it to yourself to try out a better headphones.

(Not necessarily these, since I don't know how good these are.)

DJCBS says:

I've tried several expensive phones. None of them was that good to justify these prices. I'm not criticizing this out of the blue ;)

Sergio0694 says:

Maybe you only listened to Mp3s with a low bitrate.
Try a couple of good IEM over 100$ (I have a couple of Shure SE215) with some wave or flac uncompressed songs, and trust me, you'll hear details and frequencies you never thought were there in that song.
Simply because cheap earphones and Mp3s just cut them off :)

giorgio h says:

Can you listen to flac on your phone?

Sergio0694 says:

Of I can't, you'll need a PC or a good music player (I have a Sansa Clip+, which reproduces .flac files with great quality).
WP is stuck with mp3s for now...

Chef316 says:

I've used the Shure's ....and I own the Sennheiser HD 280-Pro over-ear wired headphones.

William5849 says:

I agree. I love real classical music. But iem's with triple drivers will blow your mind.

lippidp says:

I call bullshit. I also enjoy/perform orchestral music. Perhaps there are naunces you weren't aware existed. Good speakers/headphones are essential. I have many times listened to pieces I had also performed onstage and don't hear in the cheap headphones entire passages that I had heard onstage until I got great headphones. This holds true even for pop music sometimes. In short, you are probably missing out!

pmich says:

You had me with your points right up to the last one.  Believe me there's a huge difference between a good set of earbuds/headphones and the shitty ones.  Brands like Shure, Westones provide sound with much more clarity.  Unforunately Monster is not a brand i would ever consider buying at this price point.  I love my Shure 315s...  Take a plunge and purchase a decent pair.  You'll never go back to $9 Sony earphones.   

4look4rd says:

Microsoft store had these for $150 when I went in to pick up my 1020.  I failt to see how this is a good deal considering they are basically monster headphones with nokia branding.

jmerrey says:

There are two versions, on ear wired and over ear wireless/bt. You saw the wired version for $150

4look4rd says:

I asked for the wired version but they were sold out due to the $50 promotion.  They said they had the wireless version for $150.

damo579 says:

Any idea when the jbl speaker is going on sale?

It was on sale for $150 online at AT&T last week when I bought it.

For the price how doesbit compare...say to other headphones like the beats black headset(which is probably overprice too)

They're both manufactured by Monster (at least Beats used to be, not sure anymore) and from my experience with both are about the same in terms of quality.

Robborboy says:

These and Beats are over priced BS. Do yourself a favor and get a pair of easy to drive Koss, Sennheiser, or Audiotechnicas.

pmich says:

+1 (or Shure or Westones)

Ninja1043 says:

I'll give this opinion based on the "Wired" version (I know not the same).

Anyways, Beats tend to lean on the Bass side of music (Wireless - Bluetooth version).

The difference I see so far is astounding. On Beats, a guitar would sound off and bass would follow a few milli secs afterwards. It made it feel as if your ear was near the guitar cords (I'm not rating the music IQ of the headset).

As for the "Wired" version of the Purity Pro -- keeping in mind of course that they are not the same model, and the "Wireless" version is most probably better. The music tends to lean towards the middle and less on the bass.

So coming from a Beats headphone to this will make you feel weird at first. Rather feeling the guitar and then the bass following, you'll feel both at same time (neither one higher than the other) and it seems the "Wired" version cannot handle both streams properly, there is a slight noise when it happens.

Again, this is based on the "Wired" headset and no way does it represents the above ones. I'll be buying the Wireless anyways :)

raghuknv says:

I own these (350 USD) for couple of months now. These are far better than my beats by DRE headset which i used before. Go for it hell of a Deal.

david90531 says:

US only. Again. Of course

Robborboy says:

You're not missing anything.

oscardog616 says:

I got mine!!!!!!! Just purchased them thanks for the tip!!!!

Me too!  I was going to get the red pair, but I couldn't pass up a deal like this and got the white ones.

rodneyej says:

The Lumia device is shown explicitly 3 times...

bluesman897 says:

Buying now! Sweet!!!

Still 230 euros in germany. :-(( 

cdbstl76 says:

I so wish I had the money for these right now!

Robborboy says:

Noise canceling is awful. And aren't these the ones made by Monster? Haha.

Ninja1043 says:

I'm buying one of these and the first thing I'll turn off is the Noise canceling, because I have no need for it.

Just understand people buy things because they like something of it, and not as you seem to imply as popularity purchase etc.

Yes, I have tried Klipsch (good headphones, mediocre cable quality) Beats, Seinnheirse, Shure, Etymiotic etc.

Monster used to produce the Beats line (that's not necessarily saying something). Don't hate sheepishly!

immyperez says:

You can't switch off the noise cancellation with these. When the battery is dead it won't be on...but then neither will the wireless function! However, the noise cancellation is pretty good and unobtrusive.

Ninja1043 says:

I thought there was a way to do it, by supposedly pressing Volume Up and Down at same time? (Something like that).


pmich says:

Forget Noise Cancellation..get Noise ISOLATION.  Infinitely better and without all the white noise.

Monoprice 8323 DJ Style headphones. Best cheap headphones. You can watch reviews on YouTube and buy them on Amazon for twenty something dollars. They are plastic but reviews say that they sound better than Beats. Patrick Norton from Teckzilla on his other show HD Nation recommends them and a couple other reviewers too.

Nejcooo says:

jesus cant believe how expansive are this things. i spent around 200$ for my graphic card

John20212 says:

I don't get why people are willing to pay $200+ for these mediocre Nokia/Monster headphones when you get get much much better ones at that price point.
e.g. see: $299
or $199?tag=wpcentralb-20

danielgray says:

No nfc or Bluetooth on those.

Well, neither of those are wireless.  And that second pair is really ugly.
The Bose pair includes a mic and inline controls, but it states it works with iPhones, so who knows if it would work well with Windows Phones.  We have that guarantee with the Purity headphones.

John20212 says:

If you are buying headphones for the sound quality, then you want to go with wired. Same reason why PC gamers go with wired mouse over the wireless crap.
Also when paying $200+ my main criteria is sound quality, and perhaps comfort, nothing else.

Sounds great.  We should all be thankful that there are different headphones available to fit our individual wants.  Sound quality is perhaps the most important factor in headphones, but it's not the only one.  Many of us are willing to make tradeoffs for other criteria important to us.

astondg says:

Exactly. And just because you have the Purity Pros doesn't mean you can't have another set of headphones as well.
The usability features of these headphones, the practicality of the wireless & NFC pairing, the noise cancelling (good on public transport), the long battery life, the ability to take calls (from phone and laptop), etc. make these the kind of heaphones I could use every day to commute, sit at my desk at work, Skype call in the evening, play the odd PS3 game... That's a varied range of uses and those aren't all ideal listening conditions, and when you combine that with the type of music/voice/game audio source you're using these headphones could compare quite favourably to a high end pair.
So then you spend another $150 on a decent pair of open headphones that you can use when you're actually in a nice environment, kicking back and listening to the original recording of your favourite opera or symphony.

knd46 says:

I have Bose quite confort and they are great. Microphone doesn't work with my Lumia 920 though. I would be interested in a comparison between these 2. Is there a chance Nokia makes them work with their Lumia line? :)

Jazmac says:

Which of those two phones do you have and why did you choose them?

knd46 says:

I have the qc 15-over the ear. At the time of purchase I had an iPhone, reviews for the headphones were very good, also tried them at a friend.

tgzgeorge says:

These are great headphones but they are overpriced. Even at 249.

Ninja1043 says:

In hindsight, yes they are.

Even the wired headsets from Nokia/Monster are. I'd pay $50 at most for it, and I did a few days ago.

Beats (Wireless - Bluetooth) are also overpriced, and the most they should retail, should be $149, at most.

Some people, such as myself like not only the sound factor, but the form as well. I'd prefer them as slim as they can be, and if that means compromising a little bit, then some would do so.

Maybe the V-Moda ones above are really good, but I do not like the design, they look like utter sht.

Same goes with the new Beats (Oval ear cup rather than the circled one) I hate it.

Jazmac says:

Nice drop. I may get those and return the other Purity phones I just got. I realize as technology advances, I've become more anti-wires these days.

Jazmac says:

Audio Technica ATH-M50 are not bad for the price.

Lol... These are $608 dollars on Sometimes I hate living in Canada.

Dexterrino says:

what?! they are discounted there,  but still not available here?!?!?!!!?!

damn you Philippines!!!!

spaulagain says:

I really want wireless, but I'll wait till these are closer to $150.

Yes, I would love for you guys to compare this with the Purity HD wired ones.

rodneyej says:

Extremely slow day.. I guess my tip was bunk...

Still to rich for my blood. I'll still rock my Koss Porta Pros... Basically the best headphones for the money. Like ever

kingkoopa09 says:

I want a pair need some witless headphones probably sell my studio beats and get these

If u don't want to be ripped off and u want good quality/durable headphones, try THESE:
I promise your ears and your wallet will be happier.

I'll wait for the next generation.

OSean says:

I ordered a black pair. Could have got the white and saved $20 but I wasn't sure if they would look dirty after handling. I hope a review is done that goes into exactly how many devices can be paired with them. I heard it can pair up to 8. If they end up being able to pair to all my Bluetooth devices simultaneously, they will be worth the price to me.

micaels says:

Still that's a great deal. Paied around 300 US for mine here in Sweden. 

shinkueagle says: