Nextgen Reader bumped to version 5.1; adds new design improvements

Nextgen Reader

Nextgen Reader is the popular RSS Reader for Windows 8 and Windows Phone, being continuously updated before and after Google shut down its Reader service. If you're looking for a solution to keep you on top of latest headlines, Nextgen Reader is certainly worth checking out - check out our review to see what our thoughts are on the apps.

The team has pushed out version 5.1 for Windows Phone, which includes numerous new design tweaks and improvements, as well as a few fixes to keep everyone happy.

These new design improvements include a new slate theme for consumers to take advantage of the new dark look, great for low-light browsing. To join the new theme is a new article view design, which preloads next and previous items for efficient loading. New font style and text alignment options are now available, alongside a set open method per feed (summary or full article - previously exclusive to the Windows 8 version).

Nextgen Reader also looks great on Windows 8

Nextgen Reader will also now remember the list style per feed (headline, headline with images, etc.). That's quite the update and we're sure everyone who utilises the service will enjoy the new look and feel. As for fixes, we're looking at the following:

  • Load summary when no internet connection or request fails
  • Show image captions correctly
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Do note that because Google has indeed shut down its RSS service, Nextgen Reader apps now fully support Feedly (cloud.feedly.com). You can easily create an account with the new service, so it's not a negative as such. On the Next Matters blog, an article detailing this latest Nextgen Reader update also teases at API and platform improvements in Windows 8.1.

You can download Nextgen Reader from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99 - an unlimited free, ad-supported trial is also available.

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Zeeshan360 says:

Daniel working on a fix

Can't wait for Nextgen to take advantage of 8.1! Even just fixing snapped would be a huge boon.

arrow22 says:

Yup! Would also like to see articles open in a IE windows with a 50-50 split rather than in-app.

icstars989 says:

Love nextgen reader. Sounds like a pretty nice update.

Love this app since wp7.

Micfur says:

Love this app, of I could I'd pay twice. Lol

Danjp says:

Does this sync across platforms? I've been waiting for Weave on windows 8, but am ready to try something else if it doesn't cone soon.

Seth Hanisek says:

The backend is feedly for both apps, so it should sync with both.  My Nextgen app on WP8 syncs with feedly itself pretty semlessly.

jwinch2 says:

It does.  I have the app on both my phone and pc, and it syncs without issue between devices.  As the above poster noted, it is linking both through Feedly, so it is really just syncing them with that service.  It works very well.  

jaceot says:

As long as you need a google account to use this, I won't be trying it out.

toph36 says:

They are supposed to be adding support for other logins soon!