So long SkyDrive, Microsoft required to change name after trademark dispute


SkyDrive, most of you use it daily and love it. It’s the cloud service from Microsoft that offers storage to your files anywhere and anyhow. If you’re using Windows 8 or Windows Phone it’s also the service that backs up a lot of your settings to create a coherent experience. Unfortunately, you won’t be calling it SkyDrive for much longer.

Over in the UK, a court has ruled against Microsoft in a trademark infringement case. British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB) claimed that SkyDrive infringed on the “Sky” trademark. Microsoft will not be appealing the court’s decision and BSkyB will allow them to continue to use SkyDrive for a period as they transition to a new brand.

So long SkyDrive, it was fun while it lasted. Before you guys and gals shed a tear, the service itself won’t be going away, just the name.

What do you think Microsoft should rename SkyDrive? As long as it’s not something like Microsoft Cloud Storage Cloud Edition 2013 we’ll be good.

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Marco Enxuto says:

Actually there was a service before, called: One Care...

MrSimmix says:

Well they can go screw themselves! We're not losing OneDrive...

ebradley says:

I forgot all about One Care

dlvlg says:

Wouldn't HTC just use the opportunity to throw a tantrum fit as well? I'm surprised they didn't for Xbox one (since its a word and not a number)

MrSimmix says:

+920 for OneDrive.

OMG55 says:

Dude, nice!

machina says:

nice One! :)

and how about SlyDrive, lol

simphf says:

Tell BSkyB to go fuck themselves. This has nothing to do with their business model, as far as I know.

bilzkh says:

Bullshit IMHO.

If you need to crap on names, then it means your business sucks. Microsoft should've told them to get beat.

bobsentell says:

"Windows Cloud" or "Win Drive" will work.

stjimmie says:

Stupid sky, whack production value for inflated prices... And you know how much they love apple dont you... Lets be honest.. Its Microsoft vs the world .

jlzimmerman says:

"British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB) claimed that SkyDrive infringed on the “Sky” trademark."
It doesn't make sense to me but what do I know. How can you patent the word "sky?"  And it's "SkyDrive" not "sky," so.....? *sigh* whatever.

kevin_poo says:

Well, after this, the BSkyB will claim that the sky above is theirs XD

matteguil2 says:

...Then God will claim His 'Sky' trademark from BSkyB. xD

TechsUK says:

Obviously i know about sky. They supply my adsl. I never even made the connection until now. Its crazy.
How about Microsoft network, or msn for short?

dwigfor says:

That's what I was gonna say.  Never once did I make the connection between SkyDrive and BSkyB..  This almost ranks up with forcing MS to remove Internet Explorer from computer in the EU.
MiCloud? MsDrive? 
lol @ Windows Azure Consumer Cloud Storage Services

Wael Hasno says:

Oh come on, what the actual f**k!!

suresh419 says:

How about "iBox Drive" lulz

Epic Pie says:

MicroSpace...? Cloud Pocket...? .... I give up.

inteller says:

Cloud Pocket is actually a GREAT name.  I think it is time we get rid of anything with "Drive" in it because such a concept is really old fashioned.

keifwoki says:

I keep swapping between JDB Facebook, the official beta, and the official... I don't know if it's something on my end but I only get tile and toasts on the JDB app... I like the official/ MS version but notifications just aren't working at all... Is it just me?

Dk92 says:

Mydrive? Windrive? Drivedrive?

OldMillXxX says:

MyDrive is cool, but then Apple would say it sounds to much like iDrive...

eolorvida says:

Air Drive? XBox Drive? Microsoft Drive? Cloud Drive? Wind Drive?
Freak, sky cant be used anymore. Thats full of shizms!

tribexx says:

That's my suggestion, it's higher than Sky!

Windowsdrive may be

Spicymikey says:

How about CloudDrive 2000 !!   :)
Seriously, I'm glad they will change it.  It was a stupid idea to brand a longterm product on a fad marketing term.    And no, please don't call it "CloudDrive" or any other fadish name like that.  
I realize it works from a marketing perspective (right now) and you don't want to call it "Internet Accessible Server Side Services - Drive", but "Cloud" and "Sky" is not going to be the term we use to describe such services in 5 years, just like we don't call the internet the "information superhighway" anymore or name every product with "2000" after it.
Good bye "Sky" Drive. :)

bilzkh says:

SkyDrive was a great name.

Spicymikey says:

Yes, right now.  In 5 years it will sound ridiculous.  Trust me.  It's a fad term.  You'll be embarassed to even describe something that way in the not to distant future.   In fact, it's already getting worn out and sounding stupid to refer to something as being "in the cloud".


CloudDrive i accept not cloudrive 2000 its too last century, too common and wacky compared to SkyDrive. how is skydrive a bad brand. its better than calling it iCloud, which is too simple and common. 5 years time Skydrive will be a legnedary tech name. it will not sound ridiculous in your opinon. wait and see in the year 2018, they will still love the name SkyDrive.

11B1P says:

@Spicymikey what would be your suggestion? I don't mind someone telling everyone else how wrong something is, but please have an answer to the problem.

Spicymikey says:

I don't know 11B1P.  Something unique and not tied to someone elses fad term.  It doesn't have to have meaning in itself.  iCloud is stupid too.  Don't follow Apple's lead.   We all know they don't do everything perfectly either.   XBox is a good example of how to name something.   Cool, hip, and in short order, if the product is good, it has name recognition.  SkyDrive could be anybody's. 
Not that this is the only idea, but XDrive might be a good idea.  It themes with XBox, especialy since MS wants to make XBox a fully "cloud" based service in the near future with XBox One.

Spicymikey says:

UPDATE: I see some others already suggested it.   It's one obvious (and good idea).  Someone said they would be infringing on BMW's tradename for XDrive on their cars.  Thats probably not true.  It has to be similar enough AND in the same area of business, to confuse the customer.  That's why I'm surprised MS lost that SkyDrive case. 
It was some court in Europe AND it only affected certain European markets.  They could have happily continued to sell the service as SkyDrive everywhere else.  Also,  If they fought it I suspect they would eventually have won on apeal.   Which tells us MS probably realizes its a stupid name that has a short shelf life anyway, and decided it's not worth fighting.  Changign the name is easier and better in the long run 

coip says:

SkyDrive was a great name. It was intuitive and rolled off the tongue. Much better than iCloud (this is the one that will feel dated) or Google Drive (which for the longest time I thought was some type of turn-by-turn GPS driving application).

Xdrive would've been cool, but AOL already had an online storage service called Xdrive, so that won't fly (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xdrive_(website)#2000s:_transition_and_rebranding)

Spicymikey says:

yep, scratch XDrive.  Doesn't matter.  It's not our job to find a new name for MS.  I know a lot liked SkyDrive. I think it was a clever, but not the best choice.  Obviously MS knows that too and isn't going to waste time fighting over it.  They'll find something better.  In fact, they obviously already have, otherwise they wouldn't have probably given it up so fast. 

coip says:

I'd like to be as confident as you, but Microsoft is really hit or miss when it comes to naming its products. Some are quite good (Surface, SkyDrive, Xbox) and some are mindboggling bad (Windows RT / NT / CE / ME, Windows Live, MSN Messenger).

Spicymikey says:

Point taken.  I still don't know what RT means.  What were they thinking. 

interopbyt says:

Runtime, I believe. Still, a shame.

sayonical says:

just cloud it "The Cloud"

Warren Dance says:

Sorry..? You wonna cloud it what?

StaticPlaya says:

Sky own a company that is called the cloud in the UK. So out of the question.

Windows Cloud Drive/ WinDrive/ WinCloud/ Cloud(8)/ CloudDrive/

jfivieght says:

Ughh, say hello to Microsoft Box? Microsoft Drive? Microsoft Storage? Microsoft Case?

bilzkh says:

Rename it to SkyeDrive ... with "Skye" being a new Microsoft mascott to F around with companies such as Sky.

inteller says:

rename it JustADrive

erichon99 says:

Is skynet trademarked?

XCloud.... or XDrive.

iamoniwaban says:

New name: BINS = "Bins Is Not Sky" :)

wpoblation says:

To avoid future lawsuits, just make up a word not found in any dictionary, earth-side or alien. Like:

doubledeej says:

Yeah. Cause everybody is an excellent speller and would know exactly how to spell a non-word.

jlzimmerman says:

MSCloud. OneSync. MSSync. MSSS (Microsoft Storage Service). MS13 (Microsoft Storage 2013).  Oh wait, that last one is a violent criminal gang...probably not a good idea : /

gamepop says:

MicrosoftDrive or window drive

glassadam says:

Most people I know hadn't heard of it anyway, and when i would mention it ("hey, I posted the pics of the trip to my Skydrive") they'd usually think I was saying "sky dive". So, what I'm saying is, a name change here really isnt the end of the world, as long as it changes to something good/better.

"name change is end of the world"..
Um, it is built into everything from XBox One, to WP7 to WP8 and Windows 8 and moreso in Windows 8.1.  As the migration to Windows 8 continues to happen, there will be more people using SkyDrive in the next two years than all other services combined.
And you think a name change is going to end it?
Push rock off head, and crawl...

glassadam says:

Sorry, windows phone's shitty keyboard caused a typo. It was meant to say "isn't the end of the world" which should've been obvious anyway from reading the rest of the comment. :)

diplomat696 says:

I posted a comment on another spot when this first came up and still disagree but I guess that's why I'm not a lawyer!! To me though just because the name has sky in it should not make it a copyright issue. Are they next going to sue the makers of Skyrim or how about Mazda Skyactiv tech or try "Binging" Sky Tech and see how much crap comes up are they suing everyone now for using the word Sky in their tech products names???? Smells like a bunch of BS to me.......

Corvodin says:

Name it Columbia. 

mapleleafs89 says:

How about, SkiDrive

Mouthsmasher says:

No more "metro", no more "Skydrive". So sad...

caliborn says:

How about they rename it TPS Reports Storage Service?

Quin 2013 says:

Lol, I get what you're saying.

Mind as well call it PeterDrive or NelsonDrive

kmberntsen says:

That they were allowed to trademark the word sky by itself is ridiculous

justin071894 says:

I've got it! Introducing Microsoft's latest cloud technology: Files with Benefits!

Dean McCrae says:

Go retro: FloppyDrive, or simply A:

Deutscher2 says:

Why not a German Name?
I would like "Wolke"! Wolke means Cloud.

loosec says:

Carnt it just be called Microsoft SkyDrive rather than just SkyDrive

MrSimmix says:

That makes sense.

mikeeemm says:

since ms doent get love from any one it should be FUhatersDrive

Eas195 says:

PileDrive will be better. But will it be sued by AMD (Piledriver)?

dbam987 says:

"Windows Azure Cloud Drive" works.

Blkacesvf41 says:

I'd say MicroCloud but anything with "cloud" in it will probably mean that Apple will go after them. So how about Microsoft Share?

Eas195 says:

DriveBox maybe?

kbilly70 says:

That's a shame. I actually liked SkyDrive. Was this lawsuit due to Sky Broadcasting having their own cloud services? I'm kind of surprised there wasn't some licensing agreement worked out so MS could go on using the name.

gandhule says:

LinkSphere would be cool, but it would be a little hard to type the URL

Mandymoo11 says:

MiDrive. Get it?

Eas195 says:

Why don't LaDrive?

OMG55 says:

Personally think this is BS! First METRO, now SkyDrive because the word sky is used as a part of the name. The next person who complains about patent disputes is gonna get PUNCHED IN THE FACE, because this is just Ludacris....at least patents are based on technology, but sky mentioned as part of a name......really...C'Mon Man

dlvlg says:

Oxford should just trademark their entire dictionary, sue the rest of the entire english speaking world for copyright infringement, get it over with

jlzimmerman says:

How long before someone sues because of the word "Surface."  Surely, someone has this blatantly common word trademarked somewhere......

TechnoTim says:

I work for BsurfaceB. You can't have it.

interopbyt says:

But I work at BmicrosoftB. Copyright infringement, name yourselves Electronic Digital Service and Hardware Components Provider for Consumer and Commercial Corporate Providers 2013, Edition Corporation.

Eas195 says:

Yeah, it may be a CloudBox later, maybe...

But, hey, the name SkyDrive is also the name I have ever seen on motorcycles made by Japanese motorcycle manufacturer.

dlvlg says:

I'm sure someone branded the word "box" already..
not to mention letter "B" in front of "ox"

CommonBlob says:

Sky are douchebags

cruisezero says:

MS should change it to F@#$SKY&drive..
Maybe CUMULUS Cloud aka CC. #newname4skydrive

JLP says:

How about MOACS...mother of all cloud storage...funny how long it took for me to even hear of this infringement case...didn't even know it was happening

jlzimmerman says:

NSADrive.  Private and secure.


fuck off. stop with the NSA bullshit. its not funny anymore. those jokes are so last month.

No. You're wrong. They're still funny.

sdoiuasd says:

Lets hope they change their puritanical content restrictions along with it.

dtails says:

Dang, SkyDrive was so cool. So completely petty. Hmm, what about MSDrive or DataDrive

forked says:

How about BSkyDriveB?   /s 
Only lawyers and judges would be stupid enough to think that people would be confused between Sky, the broadcasting company and SkyDrive, a cloud service.
For a serious suggestion, I saw someone else suggest BingDrive which isn't bad particularly if they are building a bunch of services around Bing already. 

kevin_poo says:

X-box box.. Just like dropbox.. lol

AccentAE86 says:

I say, LiveDrive 
Live is already in their branding.  And it's already linked to live.com accounts.  

SleepyTheDon says:

LiveDrive is a good one too

sumothong01 says:

LiveDrive is good

daveh101 says:

great, except that the accounts are no long Live Accounts, they are now just called microsoft accounts - live is going as far as i know

jsudswp says:

God I hope not. The live branding was horrible and it was a good decision to kill it.
SkyDrive was a perfect name and a great brand and it's going to be difficult to come up with something as good. It needs to have as few syllables as possible so that it rolls off the tongue. AzureDrive makes sense at one level, but it fails both of those tests. LiveDrive passes those tests but is just bad branding imo.

SleepyTheDon says:

Okay so call it LiveCloud OfficeCloud CloudOffice Cloud365

sholokov says:

Apple might start jumping in because of their iCloud

vikrant6 says:

Will they go after Skype now?

kbilly70 says:

I'm wondering the same thing

sholokov says:

Don't give them any ideas

bshu55 says:

Well then shouldn't BskyB go after Sky Vodka? Lol I mean this is stupid idk why they would go after a name like Sky

trwrt says:

There has to be the potential for confusion.  BSkyB apparently provides internet service so I guess I can understand how their customers might think that SkyDrive is a service provided by BSkyB rather than MS.  Products in other industries like SkyMiles or Skyy vodka wouldn't have the same issue so no trademark problem.  Just like the old Apple Records vs Apple Computer case, it was okay only so long as Apple promised not to get into the music business.

hopmedic says:

All this name stuff is ridiculous. I suppose I have to refer to the atmosphere above me by some new word now.... Maybe I'll call it Metro.


the cloudrive

reloaded17 says:

Really? They own the word "sky"? Insane.

sholokov says:

Would it still be a problem if it was made into one word "Skydrive" instead of "SkyDrive".

TechsUK says:

SharePoint 2013 presents itself as SkyDrive Pro to enterprise. Maybe they'll call SkyDrive 'SharePoint' now?

spaulagain says:

MS needs a new legal department. Current staff should be fired.


excuse me its actually Medicore SKY needs to grow some balls, because their pafetic ways of patents is not important. they nearly killed Skype back in 2010 before it was brought by Microsoft. You should know already if you read the story that is BSKYB fucking fault for this patent fued.


dont use x. it will tarnish the xbox brand. errch dont like xdrive BS.

Bailey199719 says:

If they called it xdrive BMW would throw a hissy fit just like BskyB is.


totally. this is so stupid, just for a name. suing for  a name. Its like im suing you for using my name on your birth cerificate. lol

Samst22 says:

Please don't call it BingDrive. I'd go for something along the lines of the Office brand. Microsoft Office Filing Cabinet.

DonnaxNL says:

Maybe something like Drive 365 or 365 Drive.

prestonalan says:

Are you fucking kidding me.

Bailey199719 says:

I'm quite sick of that phone hacking life destroying company. Rupert Murdoch looks like he's melting. His wife should wear a straight jacket and his ceo son looks to nerdy to be allowed outside.

Rubenidas says:

Microsoft Exosphere!

Josh Harman says:

Could they keep the name everywhere except the UK?
If possible, that's what I'd do.

hellodav7 says:

Cloud 9 or OneDrive

lbaxter says:

Microsoft Zeus?
Microsoft Stratosphere?
Microsoft Anything That Won't Warrant A Lawsuit Drive?

joshinoyeaH says:

The stuff that stores your shit is the new SkyDrive.

stephenjxn says:

SynCloud (Sync Cloud)

MrSimmix says:

Do you pronounce it SinDrive? Because if that is the case I can already see all the Scroogle and apple people making jokes about it...

texantony says:

ONLY in the UK... It should be renamed to "Drive TUYA" or Drive This Up Your *$$

rrsrv says:

How about XCS Xbox cloud storage

chucky says:

Call it MicroDrive!

IceDree says:

Damn that sucks !
I like the name SkyDrive :'(
How about CIEL ? French for Sky ... Just don't tell Cadillac ;)

toph36 says:

How about the Swedish word for "Sky"?  Oh wait, the spelling is the same!  Damn!  Would it count if they change how it is pronounced?!!!!!  Many they could use LumiaDrive.  I am sure Nokia won't mind!

IceDree says:

But what about us with HTCs & Samsungs ?

How about Sky in Arabic , "Sama" ... SamaDrive ? Nah doesn't have the same SkyDrive tone to it

Zeeshan360 says:

Guys follow @SadSkydrive on twitter .. Funny parody account


what about Airdrive. no sounds lame

TechnoTim says:

Call it atmosphere. It's beyond the cloud.

rubenbest says:

Please no xbox name lolk

DonnaxNL says:

Renaming will cost a lot...

DaveGx says:

I'd fight it. To not be able to use Sky in a product name is ludicrous

Sloop JB says:

What's SkyDrive in Klingon?  Use that.

eXoTaylor says:

I don't think renaming it to "Live" would be so bad. They already own the trademark. Xbox has Xbox Live and live.com is already fully transitioned to outlook.com which is two clicks away from getting to your skydrive folder. They could further keep the branding tied by calling free "Live Silver" (but just known and seen as Live) and Pro could become "Live Gold" but i do like the "pro" varient better.
What ever its renamed to it better be easy to remember and easy to type. The shorter the better. Live is pretty short and sweet.

uopjo6 says:

Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) !

Mr JM says:

ShareDrive, ShareSpace

rudranil says:

How about FlyDrive? Access your docs on the fly...

xratola says:

How the hell someone allows a company to trademark a simple word as Sky!!!????
I see google's monopoly hands on this ¬¬

JimmyRespawn says:

Azure is kind of cool actually.

Gurggles says:

Metrodrive. Trademarked!


Now what consumers are going to be confused if they using microsoft products on the cloud services. they going to say where the hell is my Skydrive, where I store my content and my docs. Microsoft have to inform them the new service name brand to them to find their cloud storage stuff. FUCK U SKY.

nestess5 says:

AirSpace, OpenAir, NetDrive, The Locker, AirSafe, SatelliteDrive(Satdrive for short), AirWave, WaveDrive, StorageSpace, SpaceStorage, SoftDrive, MicroDrive, CloudRoom, I can go on but I won't.

paulheu says:

Just rename to WinDrive and move on..

Just Blank says:

keep it simple. +1 for Microsoft Drive.

chataddicted says:

The best name will be windrive... How about it

Bacchus1976 says:

Time to bring back "Live". LiveDrive? Live Cloud?

K_lando says:

Aero- could be another prefix to use
Or how about things that fly in the sky?
Like JetDrive...IcarusBox... uh... I dunno.  Does it HAVE to have -box, -drive or -cloud?  What about 'Phoenix Cloud Storage', but just Phoenix for short?

SmoothDog says:

Microsoft should sue every damn company in the EU that puts an X in front of anything. Since somehow they can claim that the word Sky can't be used with obviously ANYTHING else or it's an infringement. What has this world come to with these ridiculously stupid lawsuits. Must be a sign that the end is near.

gevabar says:

They didn't check before they marketed the name

MrSimmix says:

That's pretty catchy.

toph36 says:

I have seen a few suggestions that are possiblilites that are already Microsoft brands.   Microsoft, just please do not use Windows in the name!  Something with SharePoint or Azure in the name would make sense. 
Azure is defined as "a color that is commonly compared to the color of the sky on a clear summer's day."

RERLTuna says:

Xbox Cloud, or something similar I bet haha.

link68759 says:

Ridiculous that some assholes trademarked the word "sky" and the court finds this valid.

benners76 says:

Ugh... Once again MSFT letting it dribble down their leg. One of the biggest branded features of the OS and now they have to change the name. These bumbles are frustrating!

EspHack says:

first metro and now this, why microsoft keep dropping their brand names so easily? they cant just buy the damn patent troll and keep going like a giant company does? or fight them to dead in the court like apple, this is just pathetic to see a crap company stealing a WORLDWIDE company like microsoft

ozzman0830 says:

Microsoft Stratos

neogodless says:

Nimbus 2000
Lacunosus (this one is here for irony!)

joe_easton says:

Call it Outlook Cloud or Office Cloud or MS Cloud

JodyMaccz says:

I would go with Xbox Cloud or One Cloud.

raggioazzura says:

StratoDrive is okay.
A little fifties though.

AkAdam says:

Microsoft Cache or MS Locker

MBaughan says:

They should just call it "Microsoft Shelf"... You get your docs and pics and just put them on the shelf

i know MS didnt screw this up, but they should stop changeing their product names, Live Mesh --> Skydrive --> dont know yet, and to make this more confusing there is SkyDrive Pro & they released new tool in Windows 8.1 & Server 2012 R2 with limited functionality Work Folders (which is similar to SkyDrive Pro but with limited functionality). Windows Media Player --> Zune --> XBox Music. it is confusing.

If it was confusing how'd you remember it

marantaz says:


This is stupid. British, what do you expect. Makes me want to send Rupert a stinky bag of poo.

Microsoft should just buy an existing cloud storage company and merge the two services into one.

diktea says:

'BingBox',, space store,        upbing,   WinDrive, WinBox, WinCan, 

texantony says:

Hey, I actually like "BInGBOX" and if you make the "n" tiny, it looks like BIG

brandonr416 says:

If apple can make a patent for "rounded corners" on smartphones and sue Samsung and anyone else this should not surprise anyone.

brandonr416 says:

MScloud or MSpace

DBDev says:

First metro, and now skydive, and both were just silly. Why does it only happen to Microsoft! :(

Rhody#WP says:

SkyDrive was never a drive per se. I would prefer they get away from the word "drive." I think it should be either something ethereal like Microsoft Space or something to do with storage like Microsoft Locker or Outlook Locker.

MrSimmix says:

Ha ha ha...How about SkySpace? But I think MySpace and BSkyB or whatever might not like that name...

ncrader says:

Microsoft OneScreen or just OneScreen - after all, isn't that the point? Many screens - 1 experience. Obviously, works well with new XBox name and could be extended to windows family for v9 - WindowsOne WindowsPhoneOne. Only problem I see - HTC's use of "One"

sixium says:

S-Drive is a line of Yokohama tires.

ncrader says:

Good tires, I might add.

Quin 2013 says:


But on the serious side, SkyDrive has been around longer than Microsoft has owned it. Why did they bother doing this now?

The owners of that dumb whatever it is must love apple/android.

xankazo says:

The time is coming when every single word in the English dictionary will be patented. Sky, Cloud, Metro... What's next? Beans, Orange, Carrots?

sixium says:

Well, Orange is the new name for France Telecom (formerly its mobile division).

DouttJ says:

How about- BingGo, I do like OneDrive (to rule them all) mentioned earlier.

ssk187 says:

Microsoft Drive. Kiss

Wooooow this seems like quite a stretch. Not happy.

CarlosTSG says:

How about calling it X-Files or TCDSFKASD (The Cloud Drive Service Formally Known As SkyDrive)

naz92 says:

Just think they will probably hit skype soon as it has sky in it

Microsoft Storage, or wincloud

etrosce says:


Poor Microsoft. All their brand names I like being challeneged and taken away. :(

Tenorek says:

I'm thinking WINDrive. They could even keep the little cloud icon for brand recognition, just add some squiggly lines to indicate a much more breezy service lol. Same number of letters too.

I'd also like to add my voice to the chorus of this thinking this is utterly ridiculous. How the hell does a company own the word sky?!

joltcoder says:

Trademark conversation to crack addict baby rapist in 5... 4... 3... 2... Really!? Why did you not bring Nazis into it as well? Smh.

MrSimmix says:


StefEBear says:

Then Google could copy something and call it G-Spot

I suggest... "Go F Yourself British Sky"
Anyone in the UK that thinks this is ok, you need to push back on this before this company and others roll over anyone they want. 

JoRdaNeK says:

Google driv........no wait iclou......erm :'(

danWP7allday says:

And, by the way, I live in the UK. I get my landline and broadband off Sky and subscribe to Sky TV. I will now cancel all those services and get BT broadband and FREE BT Sports. Over a lifetime, that's a lot of money they've just lost. Hope Rupert Murdoch or one of his executives is reading this.

MrSimmix says:

Hehe... I don't think that is going to work...