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Canada gets Lumia Cyan for Lumia 520 and 620

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Lumia Cyan update rolls out on Canadian Lumia 625

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Lumia 1320 goes Cyan

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Lumia 625 on Telcel in Mexico receiving Lumia Cyan

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Cortana hitting the UK in 'less than two weeks' with China soon thereafter

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Looking for a bargain? Grab the Lumia 930 on EE for just £350

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Lumia 930 now available in the UK, white color variant exclusive to Phones 4u

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Rumor claims 1,000 former Nokia employees in Finland could be laid off by Microsoft

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Swing by the forums if your Lumia 925 or Lumia 625 grabbed the Lumia Cyan update

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Nokia Lumia 625 rumoured to be hitting UK stores on August 26th

Lumia 625

Nokia announced the Lumia 625 late last month in London, but we're yet to see the Windows Phone hit the shelves here in the UK. ViziLeaks has published a tweet stating that the device will in fact be hitting stores August 26th. We'd recommend taking this with a grain of salt, but it's certainly a plausible date.

Mobile operators who will be stocking the Lumia 625 are yet to reveal pricing and availability, but should the above tweet be accurate, it shouldn't be far off. Stay tuned for more Lumia 625 coverage.

Source: Twitter (@vizileaks); thanks, Mike, for the heads up!



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sm4llzie says:

Am I the only one excited for this device? I have an 820 but I really want to try the 625 just because of its build and screen size

Aryan Angel says:

Yes, out of 7 billion people, you're the only one whos excited for this.

Chemilinski says:

+520, although for mw this would be more of an upgrade :P

sri_tech says:

Its already available in China on T-mall and jingdong.

Deliveries start August 5th.

Jayflip says:

This thing with its biggest-in-Lumia-catalogue screen and an affordable price will do good in sales.

sm4llzie says:

How much is this selling for?

Lloyd Grose says:

Yep and @vizileaks also said 1020 will be available in selected UK stores from 27th September! Jeez I get married early sept and I was hoping to get it before then :( Do I go crazy and get one state side?