Attention Hackers: Can you take on Microsoft’s BlueHat Challenge?

BlueHat Challenge

This week Microsoft announced the new BlueHat Challenge, a series of challenges to test your reverse engineering, vulnerability discovery, and web browser manipulation skill set.

Microsoft states that the tests are simply about having fun.

There are a variety of challenges in each aforementioned category with levels that get harder as you continue on. Anyone can participate in the challenge, although Microsoft wants you to know that this is not a contest despite the fact that the company will publicly recognize people who finish the challenge.

The Xbox team has even chipped in to create a few Xbox Live avatar items for those who complete the challenge. Items include a “hacker” t-shirt, a “MSRC” t-shirt, and a blue “hacker” hat.

To join in the challenge simply send an email to bhchall@microsoft.com and include one of the following statements in the subject line depending on which challenge you would like to join: “[reverse]”, “[vulns]”, or “[web]”.

Let us know if you sign up for the challenge and good luck!

Source: Microsoft



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L0gic Bom8 says:

Wish I were good at math, then I wouldn't suck at programming.

webnoi says:

I suck at math and I'm good at programming...

Kram Devil says:

I suck at being good and I'm programming with math.  For those who are good @ programming and math, please consider the $19 WP developer license promo that's about to expire.  Visit the WP dev page.  Find out if you can using this region info.  You might want to start with something you really need.  Like if you're in the U.S., you guys SERIOUSLY need an end to end encryption messaging app. Like SERIOUSLY

schlubadub says:

Expires 27/08 but thanks for the reminder :)

schlubadub says:

BTW what's wrong with the oPenGP app? Seems to do what you're asking for?

Kram Devil says:

It ain't free.  I'd love a free version  ;)

schlubadub says:

Yeah, no one is going to make that - unless it's filled with ads

schlubadub says:

You only need logic to program, maths is not required. In 15 years of programming I've rarely done anything more complicated than basic algebra, averages, and once I used tangent to a curve :P I've forgotten 98% of the advanced maths I learned in highschool & university. It's all proven useless! Of course it depends on the programming - if you want to build a game engine from scratch you'll need tonnes of maths :P

catalystgod says:

LOL, I know many for whom basic algebra, averages, trangent to a curve etc are all advanced mathematical concepts. 

MyNL822 says:

I don't know how to do anything and even when I typed the code I do know I pressed run and it didn't do anything, I'm doing the web one btw, I know I'm definitely not going to get in the final levels.

tbkern466 says:

I would love it if someone cold hack a News page onto the Bing Search app. I don't mean the current headlines tab, but instead when you search somethin a separate page for news instead of lumping it together in the "Web" page

the_tyrant says:

Anyone wanna join up and form a team to beat the challenge?

the_tyrant says:

Add me on Skype: the_tyrantx

gsquared says:

Mama saiz G's Kung Fu be strong. Right On! You's watch out. Slap ma fro!

addz77 says:

I just want the hat

bAN01TgAZ says:

@the_tyrant yeah.

the_tyrant says:

Add me on Skype: the_tyrantx

Hanhua Yin says:

The blue hats are coming!!!

I want the hat, but I feel like I won't be able to complete the challenge :/ I'm an aspiring programmer and I'd love to do this, but I just started my first year of university ^_^'

nbolmer says:

What are.... Items of clothing no hacker would ever wear. Do I win?

The female avatar has the face of a guy. Couldn't make it look like a girl?

jaxbot says:

I guess they miss me.