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Windows 8 Apps+Games

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Windows 8 Apps+Games

Tentacles: Enter the Mind coming to Windows 8 this summer


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Sic'em Studios bringing Detonation and Rambledam's Escape to Windows Phone 8

Sic'em Studios Rambledam's Escape Detonation coming to Windows Phone 8

At Casual Connect USA last week, I didn’t just interview big mobile studios like Handy Games and Game House. I also spoke to smaller gaming studios on the verge of releasing Windows Phone and Windows 8 games.

Take Sic’em Studios, for instance. They may not be a gaming giant, but they have sizable plans for mobile Windows platforms. Steven White, a former QA Lead at BioWare, is the owner and programmer at Sic’em. His studio will be releasing two games on Windows Phone 8 this year: Rambledam’s Escape and Detonation. See them on video after the break!

Rambledam’s Escape

This little game stars a character called Professor Jim Bob Joe Mortici Rambledam, or Rambledam for short. The Prof has accidentally unleashed a tainted moonshine that turns its consumers into zombies onto fair Aardvark City. Before long, the city dam breaks and Rambledam is forced to swim for his life amid the chaos.

Rambledam’s Escape is an endless swimming game. Basically, it plays a lot like Jetpack Joyride but underwater. The goal is to swim as far as you can while avoiding death by “zombie-pedos,” jugs of moonshine, mines, and zappers.

Rambledam's Escape

The other long term goal is to collect as much money as possible. Cogs act as the currency instead of coins. Pick them up in the water or complete missions for cog bonuses. The cogs can then be spent on power-ups in the shop. Sic’em also plans to add new things to spend them on in the future.

I’m not crazy about the simplistic art style in Rambledam’s Escape, but the gameplay looks pretty addicting. It has a unique sense of humor, which also counts for something.

Rambledam’s Escape will cost 99 cents when it launches on Windows Phone 8 later this year.



Now here’s a game whose art I can get behind.  Detonation utilizes a fine retro style that resembles classic games like Golgo 13 and Elevator Action. The theme is fairly serious too, as players control a bomb robot sent in to aid SWAT teams as they battle terrorists. Sic’em still slips in some humor though, like a tip screen dedicated to their favorite animal: the aardvark.

Detonation is essentially a maze game. Players have to navigate their bomb through buildings and other structures without hitting any girders. The bomb line uses realistic physics, so it will swing around if you move it too fast.

The buildings your robot bomb carrier navigates are filled with good and bad guys alike. Touch a SWAT team member to gain extra time. But touching despicable terrorists takes your time away, so watch out for those losers.

Detonation will cost 99 cents when it arrives on Windows Phone 8. The upcoming sequel will follow at a similar price point.

Big plans for Windows platforms

Detonation aardvark tip screen

Of all the developers we spoke to at Casual Connect, Sic’em Games was the only one other than Arkadium (Taptiles) who is actually interested in releasing its games as Xbox Live titles.

Rambledam’s Escape and Detonation have online leaderboards and achievements anyway, so why not incorporate Xbox Live? But these games are still in development and Sic’em hasn’t applied for Xbox Live status yet, so we’ll have to see what happens.

Either way, both games should arrive on Windows 8 sometime after the Windows Phone 8 versions.


For now, Sic'em Studios has put plans to port these games on hold. Instead, they will be releasing Text and Die on mobile Windows platforms.



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Jamdot says:

They look awful.

ahmedjan87 says:

Yeah same as my thoughts

Have to wait and see the game play. Though I do agree... It looks like he had his kids do the artwork in their kitchen while he was mowing the lawn..

Shantek says:

Yeah I'm a little unsure about the games. Like already said, the first game I would just rather jetpack joyride. And detonation has some potential, but can't really make a judgment myself until I have actually played them I guess

Taptiles will be ported to WP?? I wish. :)

Good. Now bring us or GTA and similar higher production games and we will be good to go.

viciouzone says:

Its stuff like this that is ruining our market place.

jsnod25 says:

These look like windows XP era games... Not interested, even if free.

Andresuxx says:

Why aren't posting lot's of articles? :( missing them

jsnod25 says:

Its the weekend, it slows down on Saturday and Sunday

Arsenic17 says:

No Xbox support? I understand the trouble for small indie developers to publish Xbox games alone, but come on. Xbox live integration sells games. They get prime treatment on the marketplace and just the association buyers assume higher quality (even though completely false)...

Zeeshan360 says:

U can create cheevo guides for Xbox Live games not for indie ones .. :P

Arsenic17 says:

Exactly my thoughts. Ill give any Xbox Live game a try, but even the best Indie games I am hesitant to get. ....

nutzim says:

what is this? what should be on the 5th again?

1ll1TERAT3 says:

They look ok I guess. I will take any ok looking games at this point. :)

Zeeshan360 says:

So many articles about new games coming to WP/W8 in the past couple of days but hardly anyone is a Xbox title .. Interesting !!

Man wish metal slug would arrive on wp :'(

Voxophone says:

The first one (as already mentioned in the article) is a cheap rip-off of Jetpack Joyride. And the second one, to me personally, doesn't sound fun at all... This guy is ex-Bioware? That scares me.

Paul Acevedo says:

Endless running is a legitimate genre. Doesn't hurt to have more of them as long as they're fun.

Voxophone says:

Sure, but why not play the original if this one's an exact rip-off?

TechFreak1 says:

Well your missing the point (both games cost only 99 cents! So your not losing out much) its indie devs like these that make the games that often start a craze. Furthermore people should be happy a dev is taking time to develop or even port a game to wp instead of bashing em. Also they are the ones that will help bridge the app gap, since the app count matters abit to much for some people. Me personally ive got the apps i need, anyway i hope ms will simplify xbox live certification and push xbla more.

Paul Acevedo says:

Nicely said. You know, even if a small studio can't make a game look as pretty as Halfbrick or whomever, it's still nice to have more games on our platform. And if the studio grows enough, maybe their output will improve visually.

schlubadub says:

Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll?