Clove also announces Nokia Lumia 1020, pre-orders priced at £588

Lumia 1020

UK retailers are starting to announce availability and pricing for the Lumia 1020, as well as opening up pre-orders. We've only just covered Expansys UK, but Clove has quickly confirmed they will also be stocking the Nokia flagship Windows Phone. The device is expected to be priced at £588 (including VAT) and will be shipped out in September.

Again, if you haven't already checked out our in-depth Lumia 1020 review, we strongly urge you to do so. Just like Expansys, Clove will also be selling black, white and yellow variants of the Windows Phone. Head on over to Clove to pre-order.

Source: Clove



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sri_tech says:

Its 550 pounds unlocked mobiles.

I know it has great camera but at that price it will be a niche device.

MattLFC says:

Unlocked mobiles quite often increase the price after release though, and then send an email explaining the price increase to pre-order clients :( id trust the clove price to be about right.

Jeternal740 says:

What calendar app is that? It looks gorgeous.

Guess its choronus calendar

markyjns says:

The calendar app is 'Simple Calendar'

paulheu says:

At 550 pounds it is priced quite fairly tbh. I am amazed how people expect a phone like this to come free with a box of cereal..

theefman says:

Coco pops or Weetabix? :)

nick62589 says:

Priced way too high to be competitive. Won't appeal to the mass market. Was really hopefull of it being around the 500 pounds mark but 588, 600 is way too high. Well, will wait for it to settle down :)

Loz Blake says:

Looks like I'll have to wait and see what the deals are on Three or O2, I can't justify spending £600 on a phone outright, I'm gutted, by what can you do.

paulheu says:

Anyone expecting a phone like this to be much cheaper really needs a reality check.. It's available now for £550 and will probably get a little bit cheaper, but I doubt we'll see it drop to £500 anytime soon (as in this year).

nick62589 says:

Around the £500 mark seems reasonable to me. Just not worth it at £588. This is the reason why I never bought/owned an iPhone. Just not worth it at that price!

norville2 says:

How much is an iphone 5 32gb  unlocked?.

norville2 says:

Amazon Uk quotes £625 unlocked for the iphone 5 32gb. Do you really think the Nokia is expensive at £588?..

JoRdaNeK says:

Considering the iPhone is a bit shit compared, i for one sir, do not :D

ctafield says:

Amazon can quote what they like, but the official Apple store price for a 5 32gb is £599