ESPN Fantasy Football now available for all Windows Phones

Samsung Fantasy Football

The exclusive deal between ESPN and Nokia regarding the Fantasy Football app for Windows Phone has ended. If you own a Windows Phone you'll now be able to download the ESPN Fantasy Football app, regardless whether or not you're rocking a Lumia. The app enables you to manage fantasy teams and monitor performance with real-time FantasyCast scores and news.

Along with said management, you can also sit back, pull a cheeky pint and enjoy news, video highlights from ESPN and catch analysis from ESPN fantasy experts. If you subscribe to ESPN Insider you will be able to get personalized alerts, game predictions and ESPN PickCenter Plus recommendations for your line-ups. It's worth noting this app will only let you manage current teams.

You can download ESPN Fantasy Football from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, John, for the tip!




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rubenbest says:

I hear nfl app coming to all windows phones soon as well...no longer a verizon exclusive

cannon#WP says:

Where did you "hear" that? Verizon has a partnership with the NFL so it wouldn't make sense for it to be available to all carriers.

rubenbest says:

The verge. Let me see if i can get a link

cannon#WP says:

"NFL Mobile does the work that was previously spread out between two apps — an NFL-built “cross carrier” app that provided scores, highlight clips and other goodies; and a Verizon-made app that gave the telco’s subscribers the chance to watch live games."
Thanks for the link. I see what's happening. The NFL wants more control and eyeballs on their product so they're breaking out of VZ's stranglehold. Interesting.

rubenbest says:

Yea....i hope it works...ive been dying for an nfl mobile app

toph36 says:

The app will be available across all platforms, from what I read. However, the live streaming of the night games, and NFL RedZone on Sundays is still exclusive to Verizon. One of the main reasons I won't switch carriers. Probably wouldn't have switched to WP without this app.

rubenbest says:

All i really want in an nfl app is highlight access...i watch most eagles games at home (please dont bash my team :/) streaming is cool but i dont need it. I just want nfl.com access in a better native format

cannon#WP says:

Eagles fan here too from outside of southwest Philly. E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

rubenbest says:

NICE!! im from newark DE... Cool to see fellow windows phone and eagles fan around....im not the only one ^_^

toph36 says:

This should be all that you need then. But... go Big Blue!!!!

rubenbest says:

What team is that?

TechJunkie81 says:

Big Blue is the New York Giants.

cannon#WP says:

This is awesome, but what I'd really like is a Yahoo FF app.

Gurggles says:

I wish for a NHL app. Yahoo's portal does not like WP8's IE

gar216 says:

I cheched with Yahoo a few weeks ago, they claim that they didn't have enough users with a need. But encouraged me to send a request and be persistent. So if u want the app like I do bomb them with requests.

cannon#WP says:

Hit us with an email address to spam!

snowmutt says:

Haven't used Yahoo in so long, but will bombard them with requests along with everyone else.

gar216 says:

Here is the link that they gave me, it goes directly to the people who make fantasy football. http://yahoo.uservoice.com/forums/206158-us-fantasy-football

Shadai says:

So totally this

bpmurr says:

Great news since my league is using ESPN this year.

rodneyej says:

Huge news❗❗ Big win❗❗... But, it was kind of expected from the Xbox One press event.. Awesome❗

CreepinJesus says:

Is this the football that's not played with your feet or a ball?

cannon#WP says:

There's a spheroid like ball and we do kick it occasionally (although if the commissioner has his way, there may not be much kicking in the future).

schlubadub says:

Yeah, it's armpit-ball :P

Is this the football that's not played with your feet or a ball?

There are numerous sports known as "football," including Association football, Rugby football, Australian Rules football, Canadian Football, American Football, etc.
To avoid confusion, the term "soccer" was coined in Britain in the nineteenth century to refer to the sport where players manipulate the ball with any body part other than the hands, in a largely futile attempt to move it between two goal posts.

CreepinJesus says:

"...in a largely futile attempt to move it between two goal posts" - you got that right!

TechJunkie81 says:

"What you call football we call soccer, and what you call war crimes we call football."

This is a really good app, used it all last year. Its too bad it wasnt for all ESPN fantasy sports though.

toph36 says:

Need more fantasy sports app! Do you hear me CBS?!!!!

Chris_Kez says:

I can only hope that CBS will come out with something better than their iOS fantasy football app.  I suffered through that last year and it was abysmal.  Honestly, I thought even the web portal on a desktop was pretty bad.  Both were in need of a major UI overhaul- perhaps this is where WP8 could be helpful.  :) 

snowmutt says:

Had it the moment it was available. Now, as my bench players score 20 more points then the guys I started, I have immediate ability to be mad at them all. Jerk Football players. They do it on purpose.

myrandex says:

Fantasy baseball come out next please ESPN...

CBS Fantasy Football app please!

Josh Harman says:

Now if ESPN can fix/improve their regular and add a CFB Live app.
Everyone harass the via email & twitter to demand full mobile support.

neo158 says:

I'm not the biggest fan of Nokia, as most of you know, but this is good news :)

Bob101910 says:

This app is really good. Helped with making last minute adjustments when I wasn't home.

Kenny G Jr says:

I'm just glad I can use it on my old LG Quantum.  It's nice when these apps work for all versions of Windows phone.

Toonce1101 says:

Used it last year.  I'd like to blame the app for not winning my league, but that wouldn't be the truth, the app is great.  Losing a chance at the playoffs because of a 56 yard field goal isn't great! 

Carl Muir says:

Um....I must be missing something here. It lists the 2 ESPN leagues and my team names in both. When I chose one, all I get are League Overview, Message Board and League Settings. No rosters, add/drop management etc.

MoFest says:

Need CBS Fantasy FB app!

slap0rama says:

Lets get espn fantasy baseball now. How come msn doesn't make fantasy/sports apps for windows phone? I thought that was Microsoft's product?

Shobiz says:

NFL.com Fantasy App please