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SongArc for Windows Phone

Preview: SongArc will let you touch your music for wild gameplay on Windows Phone

Years ago on the Zune HD we had a popular game called AudioSurf. It was at the time one of the first mobile music/rhythm games that allowed you to interact with your Zune’s music in no other way. Fast forward to 2013 and while we don’t have that game, we may have something even better coming: SongArc.

SongArc is a forthcoming, brand new title from two well-known developers: Turtle Games, who make the popular game Rum Run and András Velvárt, who is the mind behind SurfCube 3D Browser. It’s yet another genius creation from the AppCampus Project (a joint venture between Microsoft, Aalto University and Nokia) and it should be coming out in the next month.

From the description of the game (and revealed in the above teaser video):

“SongArc is a music / rhythm game for Windows Phone, with a revolutionary gameplay that lets you get intimately close to the music and feel as if you were playing a real instrument. It allows you to play with any songs you have on your phone. If one of these songs doesn’t have a Sheet for it yet, you can create your own, and even share it with others to play with."

We’re really quite excited about the potential of this game, as Windows Phone needs a hit title that allows you to access your music library and engage in rapid thumb pressing akin to the standard Dance Dance Revolution.

We’ll of course bring your more on SongArc as it nears release, but in the meantime you can follow the project yourself on Twitter (@SongArcGame) and Facebook ( 



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hethler says:


xrs22 says:


juanitoriv says:

I'll be looking out for it

RommelS says:

I hope they add PULSE to Windows Phone and Windows 8.

slkrck says:

Nice!! I played this a lot on Zune.

Ah AudioSurf. An epic game. I have it on my desktop machine.

Yes *-* I'm spending a lot time in Audiosurf

Munkeyphyst says:

That second sentence is a doozy

L0gic Bom8 says:

This sounds like fun!

L0gic Bom8 says:

As long as it's addicting game play, I care not for much else! ;)

blackhawk556 says:

I Remember that game on the Zune HD. It was a basic game but damn did it give me hours of fun.

ebk14 says:

Tell me more tell me more! I absolutely loved audiosurf

Zamir Yusof says:

I think I've saw a game like this before on iphone

kingkoopa09 says:

Epic, I can't wait is there beta testing for this app I would love to help in any way possible I was a audiosurf tilt champ fav app of all time, since Microsoft went mia after announcing over a year ago it would be ported

Thanks for liking SongArc! SongArc is not like AudioSurf apart from both being music games. SongArc relies on "Sheets" that are hand-crafted by yourself or the community to their favorite music. With a well-written "Sheet", you can feel like you are playing with a real instrument, instead of just roughly following the tempo of the music. If you must find a similar game, it would probably be the Tap-Tap series, but they simplify music to only three notes, which is just not enough. We can cover a much bigger range of notes and thus bring you closer to the actual music you are playing with.

pookiewood says:

I really miss Audiosurf. :(  I love games that use music interactively.  I'll be checking this out.

Farnic says:

Will this work with Xbox Music Pass streaming, or will songs have to be downloaded?

You will have to download the songs, but you can download them from XBox Music for free, if you have Music Pass. The app will direct you to the download / purchase screen though.

electriclamb says:

cant wait to try this with my deathmetal haha

Chris_Kez says:

This looks very cool.  Cannot wait!

blegs38552 says:

Thank you for remembering the Zune HD.

ltjordan24 says:

   Sounds cool. Looking forward to it.

onysi says:

There is a rumor that audiosurf is in the works.