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WhatsApp enables voice-messaging for Windows Phone

Good news if you’re a fan of WhatsApp, the popular platform-agnostic messaging service that spans the world. The app, which has been receiving numerous updates in the last few months with the help of Nokia, has remotely enabled a new feature today: voice messages.

When users enter into a chat with a contact, to the left of the text window a microphone icon should now be present (see the photo above). Users can simply press and hold that icon to record a voice clip which is then sent instantly to the contact. The quality of the recording is excellent and it is certainly a welcome feature, especially with services like Voxer breathing down the necks of companies like WhatsApp.

On our Lumia 925, we don’t yet see the voice messaging icon but on our Lumia 1020, we do. So like all things that are rolling out, this could take time before it hits everyone. Regardless, you won’t need to update the app to enable this feature as it is being done so via their servers.

All in all, a pleasent surprise to what is becoming the go to messaging app for Windows Phone. Pick up WhatsApp for Windows Phone here in the Store.

Update: All Things D had an interview with Jan Koum, the company’s co-founder and CEO earlier today where the new messaging feature was revealed, making an interesting read.

Thanks, Mohamed S., Shreyas S. and the site Plaffo, for the tips!



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plasmid_uk says:

Enabled on my HTC 8X GDR2

rodneyej says:

Aren't you special!!.. Lol.

GDR2 sounds like a star wars character lmao

plasmid_uk says:

My comment was quite simply informative. Your comment was quite simply trolling. Trololooollollol.

Eas195 says:

Enabled on my Portico Lumia 620.

Rishicash says:

Very cool! And what did you have for breakfast?

explosive0 says:

Is this real life?

lol 2, is it in real life? dont wake me up dude =))

rodneyej says:

Do you need me to pinch you❔

Rishicash says:

You are such a flirt!

pukem0n says:

or is this just a fantasy?
seriously, i don't know

Racxie says:

Good to hear!

vinxent10 says:

What a surprise! 

williog says:

This is really a welcome feature

Eas195 says:

WA will be on head-to-head with WeChat now. Haha

Eas195 says:

All devices are enabled. Mine does get enabled too.

DennisvdG says:

Nice I guess :)

MrSimmix says:

Wait I could already send voice messages long before this article.... I am confused....could someone please explain to me. Thanks in advance.

You have come from the future with your Lumia Flash :P

No seriously we had that voice massege feature since long time.. But that voice command icon we did not have.. I want it :)

cookgoose says:

I am thinking it's more like a walkie-Talkie style, its more instant than sending a voice note.. Voxer app works in this manner..

Eas195 says:

It's simpler than you must tap Attach and then tap Voice. You just need to tap and hold to say, and after you're done, just release it.

sholokov says:

Its similar to what we had, but it is more walkie talkie style....roger and out.

MrSimmix says:

My friend with a iPhone 4s also got that thing on the side so it looks like it's a new feature for everyone and not just Windows Phone

ChrisPS3 says:

You mean, a pleasant surprise

davortsan says:

Enable in Lumia 920 with GDR2

aphrophyre says:

Is This GDR2 only since it supports a whole bunch of additional compressed WAV formats?

Eas195 says:

No, at my Lumia 620 (Portico/GDR1) gets enabled too.

cookgoose says:

As Daniel said out of nowhere.. Seems like someone has woken up the sleeping giant with these last flurry
of updates, just add multiple photo sharing, the ability to hide your time-stamp when you were last seen online and this will be GOLD..

DreadVenom says:

Also add ability to share saved vid from phone and this will be Platinum.

cookgoose says:

Dead on correct.

explosive0 says:

Had to uninstall and reinstall for it to show up on my 1020. 

sholokov says:

All you needed to do was go to any chat, then wait a few seconds or just pop open and close the attachments menu.

pmich says:

I think you have a faulty 1020.   You should just send it to me.

How can i have that icon on my lumia 920?

btw we had for so long that sending voice masseges available

hbkzara says:

Uninstall and reinstall, it worked for me

Eas195 says:

No need to reinstall, it's already available remotely.

wptom says:

Not on all phones. It's missing on mine for example.

Eas195 says:

Just wait, it will come. ;)
But it's always be advisable to check for the updates. Mine has the latest update on WhatsApp.

borasar says:

possibly tied to GDR2

Eas195 says:

GDR1 is also gets updated remotely. It's on the app-side, not the OS-side.

rankachmiari says:

It´s showing on my L820 :)

ardit_el says:

Change the date,it works on my lumia 920

Aaron Cortes says:

This worked! Thanks :)

How to change date? And to what date change it?

ardit_el says:

Go to settings of you phone,on date+time just change it to tomorrow date

xratola says:

You're a genius man! +920

The date change thing worked for me. I don't have GDR2

Eas195 says:

I don't do anything, it just gets changed just when I started WhatsApp again.

Aryan Angel says:

You should be the first comment.

Julek says:

Worked on my L820. Thx Man!

PeterFnet says:

Look out Skype

rodneyej says:

Yeah, and Voxer❕

sholokov says:

Yeah. More Voxer than Skype.

Karanstyle says:

Just noticed it surprisingly while chatting with my boyfriend and i was like WHAT THE HELL 5 mins back there was nothing but YAY..!!
EVEN mt boyfriend using iPhone 5 say iOS too got sudden changes.

JoRdaNeK says:

Was reading until the word "boyfriend" considered leaving, gave benefit of the doubt, last chance to redeem self, read that boyfriend uses iPhone, moved to Venus for 6 month to fathom out human nature and habits...

WixosTrix says:

Please stay there.

Karanstyle says:

Hahaha Thanks for a good reply @Wixos Trix!! :D

jefftam68 says:

Why not voice chat?  Just voice messages?  Seems like too little too late.

rodneyej says:

Too little too late.. You sound like one of those fandroids now... Lol.. Just joking.

JoRdaNeK says:

Too much, too early I say! :P

ShahdHamdan says:

Hmm I don't see it yet on my 920, is it related to your region?!

ardit_el says:

Just change the date of you phone

Xpider_MX says:

Change the date to...?
No voice icon here (L920)

xratola says:

tomorrow or next month

schlubadub says:

It's fine for me, so possibly set to unlock 07/08 - the date for me now.

ShahdHamdan says:

Thanks guys, changing the date to next month worked!!!

purefire21 says:

I been sending voice message also before this like months ago

Xpider_MX says:

Whatsapp support voice attachment, but via the clip.

Tamer81 says:

This is totally different and way more awesome!

It says right in the link you posted, "WhatsApp has told AllThingsD it will soon introduce voice messaging similar to TalkBox" with a link to the AllThingsD article - http://allthingsd.com/20130806/the-quiet-mobile-giant-with-300m-active-users-whatsapp-adds-voice/
What did you say about original source?

@john mark1, neither of those were the "source" for the story because we had no idea this was coming. We found out by user tips telling us there was this new feature and the Italian Windows Phone site Plaffo alerting us as well. You could argue that the ATD article expands upon the topic, which I agree, but that's different then calling them the source.

purefire21 says:

I guess it's new to wp8 cause I have 7.8

schlubadub says:

Nope. My HTC HD7 running 7.8 has it

sholokov says:

Just get into chat with someone and it will show up. Hint: try sending audio attachment. It triggers the new icon.

davortsan says:

Whatsapp for Lumia 800 shows it too!

avdbusse says:

I have it on my non-GDR2 L920, so not related to GDR2 rollout as some have wondered

borasar says:

thanks, good to know

Eas195 says:

That's what I mean. My Lumia 620 that's still on Portico/GDR1 update gets updated too, so it's not related to GDR2 issue.

p4nfa says:

Got it here In Aus this morning. Have not received gdr2 yet either!

schlubadub says:

Same here. I'm not even on WP8 :P

bramstone123 says:

Nothing for me... 920 unlocked Germany

mma2885 says:

Change the date to tomorrow, I'll work

xratola says:

I predicted that!
bcs if u didn't notice in the requirements section at wp store it says VOip calls needed :P

pcuser42 says:

Noticed this about 40 minutes ago on my Lumia 920. The girl at the other end had it on her Galaxy SIII for some time...

Bailey199719 says:

My whatsapp still says there's a problem with my push notifications and wants to reboot my phone. I'm tempted to get rid of whatsapp. Its gone a bit downhill. Haven't used it for ages.

Xpider_MX says:

1.- Uninstall Whatsapp
2.- reboot phone
3.- install whatsapp

damien-tt says:

Got it on my lumia 620, thank you! :D

SergikUK says:

Thanks dude it helped me to get rid of the bug.

Rob van Uden says:

How I forced this to appear on my non-GDR2 Lumia 920:
1. Go to Settings
2. Go to Date + Time
3. Change date (I set mine to 18 August or something, so a few days ahead)
4. Open WhatsApp
5. If you are already in a conversation, open another conversation
5. Change date+time back to original settings
7. Enjoy voice messaging

borasar says:

that works, thanks

schlubadub says:

It should work on the 7th... So set it to 07/08 or just wait until after midnight :P

Eas195 says:

Mine gets updated just in time :)

Rob van Uden says:

BTW: I think like the UI for this :) I just hope it's not placed in such a way that you press it by accident, but time will see.

schlubadub says:

You have to hold it to record... So it'll be hard to do accidentally

CobraJ82 says:

Exit whatsapp, change time in phone settings to what ever, open whatsapp, u will notice the new icon beside chat box, now you can put your time back to normal.

aemond says:

This feature is there since months... It was just not the same UI. (had to do "attach file" and then mic)

That's not really the same thing though and we can't pretend that it is.

aemond says:

Well, it's your opinion and I respect it. Even as a marketing guy, I think that "enables voice messaging" is bullshit but that's just my pov. Used this new feature a few minutes ago and didn't see a real change in terms of what I can do... just a (welcome) change in how it works / how I can do it. In the end, it's still sending a recorded voice message. Just less painful.
I'd love to have voice call on Whatsapp... or Skype audio messages on WP8 ;-) to have a good all in one solution.

ttsoldier says:

It is different.
1) the number of taps to send a "voice note" is reducded.(lets not even pretent that it was not annoying before)
2)there is now no time limit to the voice note
3) your message lights blue when recipient is listening to it. (guess you had that before too right?)
4) volume automatically switches from speaker when held at arm’s length to soft when held next to an ear

pr0phecy says:

Wow thanks for this feature list! Didn't know these indeed!

rodneyej says:

Why bring up the past.. Come to the present with us❕

CobraJ82 says:

Its not the same feature, this one is like coxer and wechat, walki talki style, the older feature used to be an attachment.

poddie says:

So does Whatsapp do groups like GroupMe? GM is slow and buggy on WP... I kind of wish the people I know were on something else. Which is stupid as GM is owned by MS. When will they wake up and make their own WP apps as good as the versions on competiting OS?

gjdj93 says:

Love the sounds it makes :-)

HarisA1 says:

Got the update on 7.8

troylytle says:

How did I get it in Tennessee before you @danielrubino

foxibs says:

Great feature

Great feature. Works on 7.8. Only change de date that will work...

Tamer81 says:

This is awesome! Just uninstalled and reinstalled and it shows! Tested it against my wife's Galaxy S 3 and she is jealousss even though she won't admit! Shows me how she does that on her phone by clicking 5 times before she actually sends something which doesn't even come close to what WP version mow has! I think we should all thank Nokia for this great feature as well besides the Whatsapp team!

leviathan18 says:

Because Nokia is helping whatsapp team with the wp version

ttsoldier says:

It is being released to all platforms. it's nota windows phone specific thing. she will get iteventually.

mide64 says:

Got it too on my L520

sharathu7 says:

But not on my L520... i am from India... dont know y..?? eagrly waiting...

Nakazul says:

As I like to point out, a warning to Xbox music buyers to change dates on your phone. The DRM protection can kick in = you can't download your bought music or stream it, it won't show up. Just so people know that it can happen. Only fix is a hard reset, happened to me once.

Btw, did anyone notice that notifications on whatsapp seem to be broken again?

nez99 says:

this is awesome, and yep its on iPhone too but not android yet it seems. its very cool, push to talk like heytell as opposed to attaching an audio clip.

Paola1993 says:

*Finally homee* Yes, noticed this afternoon. Out of nowhere indeed. L520!

I got this voice msg symbol on my Lumia 620 :)
this was really big surprise when m open WhatsApp on morning..

ttsoldier says:

Reinstalling the app also forces it.

taymur says:

How can they update without us approving? I kinda font agree to that.

KKRLessey says:

How is it there? Without me knowing :S

JoRdaNeK says:

So I gets jealous, uninstalls the whatsapp that has been working just fine without the mic symbol for a year and a half (free) reinstalls my favourite (free) app and BOOM!! Muther Furkin warning screen pops up sayin 69p shit all up in ma grille!!!

Ankmeyester says:

Ehrmagherd  :O

jebroni jeb says:

wechat already having this feature and they also have videocall..

schlubadub says:

I'm sure that's great for the 5 people using it :P

It works for me, since my friends and family use it. I'm an alpha male. :)

dkxs says:

Not on my Lumia 920 yet. Hope it's something like voice message in WeChat. Whatsapp's previous voice attachment was awful.

Clodderes says:

Got it at my L920 :-)

gevabar says:

Nice....i have been waiting for this....

soumitro316 says:

Got it on my Omnia W(WP7) :D

raycpl says:

Suddenly its on my 920 .... Malaysia

aerosmillie says:

Kinda enjoyed the uninstall/reinstall process. Got to see the new load screens (sad i know).
Good interview too however it would of been interesting to see the response to some lingering WP related questions eg. behind on features etc.

J2bv16 says:

Samsung focus Wp7.8 changed the date to the next month and is working. Surprised!!

Roach26 says:

Got mine without uninstalling/ reinstall app or change the date.

JG333 says:

Works on my AT&T Lumia 920!!

mauriciod73 says:

Got it on my Lumia 800 :D
Now if they just released voice recognition for WhatsApp in WP8...

Its working on my HTC Radar. 7.8 :)

I can see the microphone icon on my Omnia W

vijax21 says:

I was under impression it will be speech to text. But its audio recording & it was already there in attachments. Just another button to do same thing.

Just appeared seconds ago on my lumia 920 on carrier Telcel, not that everyone really cares but just wanna post something hell yea!

Chris Yahya says:

but i cant send my location in whatsapp :(
i pressed share location, and nothing happenned.

cowboy6201 says:

Love it working fine on my red 920 on AT&T cool feature.

cowboy6201 says:

yes that would be nice to see.

mayur89 says:

There was audio note as well......

pr0phecy says:

Yeah, but it's different as ttsoldier already posted:

1) the number of taps to send a "voice note" is reduced.(lets not even pretend that it was not annoying before)
2)there is now no time limit to the voice note
3) your message lights blue when recipient is listening to it. (guess you had that before too right?)
4) volume automatically switches from speaker when held at arm’s length to soft when held next to an ear

pattayo_ib says:

Got mine! Cool! Like wechat... And that 'slide to cancel' is great!

rohitmarines says:

I got this feature in ma lumia 820 ..loving it thanks whatsapp.

pr0phecy says:

Does anybody know if the voice chats are stored locally on the phone, or in the cloud? If it's stored locally, I gotta watch my space. Specially if the voice chats have no time limit. :)

touni says:

That works for me. Whatsapp is just an awesome app.

enabled on my Lumia 520 as well..... awesome quality and ease of use

Last night it was not on my lumia 920, but today when i opened whatsapp , tlit was there, awesomeee

the audio messages has been enabled on my device about 15 min minutes ago.
im in barcelona, spain with unbranded/unlocked Lumia 920 from united kingdom
it's 9.50 CET here
no GDR2 fuu## slow nokia

Luminatic says:

Neat little feature, I detected it this morning. My iPhone-using friend detected it at the same time. Its nice to get a new feature at the same time as the fruit phone. Well done, Whatsapp.

I don't use watsapp but any app that gets voice commands is good.

raycpl says:

Slighlty out of topic, and its about watsapp installation on WP.
If I already had watsapp installed on my L920, do I  have to go through the re-registering process if  I insert a new SIM card (different number/carrier)?? I ask this cos, I had to do this before - on my Nokia C7-00. Incidentally, my wife was using an android. She didnt have to do anything, her watsapp would function as usual (on the original number too)

insi says:

Not enabled on my german unbranded Lumia 920

jcw108 says:

There's a simple trick, which worked on my unbranded German 920: Set the phone date to a later date (e.g. August 9), open WhatsApp (the microphone should now appear), reset the phone date to the correct date. Here you go.

ytazbddj says:

Microsoft u Suck. Whatsapp enable voice messaging and u can not. Shame.

MrHeckles85 says:

THE DATE TRICK WORKS. Set date a few days to the future - open whatsapp - close whatsapp - set date back to normal - enjoy yourself.

nafilkz13 says:

Got Really surprised when opened my whatsapp

K_lando says:

I wish there were more solutions to when I want to voice chat... I mean, I want to speak something and have someone speak a reply back.  If there was only some way of doing that with a phone.  Jeez.
Just kidding.  I know voice messaging is vastly different from actually talking on the phone.  But can't help but think of the humorous irony.

AccentAE86 says:

hmm, working on my 920, but nowhere to be found on my 620.

PCCalixto says:

If someone who has it enabled sends you a voice message it enables for you if you don't have it yet.

jnksgb says:

works on my 920..i like saves on typing lol

NikLumWP8 says:

Yes, in my Lumia 520 the latest version of WhatsApp (2.10.529) updated on August 2, 2013 has voice message. I like WhatsApp.