Outlook.com to remove chat messaging history - backup your pastime conversations today

Outlook Messaging

Today Microsoft made an announcement for users who use the messaging feature on Outlook.com; if you currently use the Outlook web interface to chat with your friends on Facebook, Google Talk, or Messenger, the site keeps a copy of your chat history in a folder. Starting this fall, the Messaging history folder will be removed.

If you are interested in backing up your chat conversations, here is how you do so:

  1.  In Outlook.com, right-click Folders, and then click Add a new folder.
  2. Enter a name for the folder and press the Enter key.
  3. Click Messaging history, and then click the check box at the very top of your message list.
  4. Click Select everything.
  5. Right-click any message and then click Move.
  6. Select the folder you want to move your messages to, and then click Move.

Microsoft states that the messaging history folder is being removed as part of adding Skype video, audio, and chat messaging to Outlook.com.

If you have never used the site to chat or don’t care about backing up your chat history – you are all set.




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awneze says:

What about the messaging feature in windows 8, Facebook chat for instance, doesn't sync between my win8 and wp8, horrible

xratola says:

do you have sync turned on at messages settings?

awneze says:

on the phone or on my win8 tablet?

RyanAMG says:

Its syncs for me on my W8 laptop, Surface RT, Nokia 928, & 8X.

xratola says:

same here, It seems that he's just realized that he could do that lol

RyanAMG says:

LOL Love how people complain before taking a look. My mom did the same thing "why doesn't my iPhone work Ryan?" I drove over to her house and it was turned off.

xratola says:

lol !
Just like my grandma!

OT: What type of AMG do you have?
C63 AMG is my love :)

RyanAMG says:

I have a C63 I've tuned her to 528BPH and 519ft lb torque

Got any pictures of that sexy beast?

RyanAMG says:

Just posted some on twitter @Ryan_AMG

I envy you and your C63

awneze says:

Oh right, 2nd

xratola says:

Don't use that feature so nothing to worry about :)

Laura Knotek says:

Same here. I never even used MSN Messenger back in the day.

astroXP says:

Seriously? What's the harm on keeping this anyway? Ugh.

astroXP says:

Outlook.com to remove chat messaging history - backup your pastime conversations today

Kram Devil says:

Probably for privacy concerns.  Microsoft has to comply with U.S. laws, but if they are not there to be found then would it be their fault if PRISM doesn't get anything?  IE was first with do not track, Office already has end to end encryption built-in for quite some time, and now past conversations.  Nice Microsoft, really nice.  ;)
I'm still going to push for net sovereignty with my government ( my data gets stored only on servers in my country and not in the U.S. ), but I'm a little bit more ok with your services now. 

Considering that all our data sits on Microsoft's Skydrive servers unencrypted, removing Messaging history would not do much to improve privacy.

rodneyej says:

Unencrypted❔.. What❔

Rishicash says:

No worries. If you need a backup just ask the NSA. Just think of them as free cloud storage!

L2nak says:

My question is is this going to mess with text message backups when I get a new phone?

I'm assuming no, but as you all know, to assume makes an ass out of u and me.

Asrialys says:

I asked Outlook.com on Twitter earlier this evening, so let's see if I'll get a response eventually...

albertico says:

Good question, seems like the text message backup situation is only getting worse.

Nawzil says:

Text Messages backup from Windows Phone won't be affected by this.

Idzaudin Idz says:

It is! It will effect your FB messages in your phone.. Thats why microsoft told u to move the folder

Nawzil says:

We are talking about 'Text' Messages (SMS) here, not Facebook messages.

la3z says:

I does affect it.  I follow the instructions and all my text messages have been removed from my phone.  I still have them in the new folder I created though.  So where are our text messages going to be backed up from now on????

la3z says:

Sorry for the terrible grammar, wrote this super quickly before a staff meeting... 

Nawzil says:

That's not supposed to happen. Text Messages backup is not connected to Outlook, it's on Microsoft Drive.

astroXP says:

Microsoft Drive? Oh Gawd, they already changing it so soon :-(

Its not supposed to happen but it happened to me on my Lumia 920. I followed the instructions above and a little later, maybe a couple hours, I noticed that some SMS (text message) threads completely disappeared (erased) and other threads the most recent texts are missing and is only showing texts that are weeks or a month old.

ShahdHamdan says:

Mine are all gone, except the ones using Skype!!!

ShahdHamdan says:

SAME HERE!!! I'm so pissed off!!! But I don't see them in any folder, they're just gone!

Eddie4646 says:

Wish this would have happened sooner. Ex-Girlfriend wouldn't have found my very brief conversation with that other girl.

ho0lee0h says:

Hahahaha. Good going.

xratola says:

Fail! hahaha lol
why did you let your ex read your conversation though?
In the other hand I can't judge you since that happened to me too... damn message history -.-

clappenings says:

Please fwd all my messages to the NSA. Thanks MSFT

Kram Devil says:

That's probably why they're doing this, so that there are no messages for them to fwd.

This is dumb. Truly why does anyone think an OPTIONAL feature of keeping a history of messages is a bad idea? C'mon, MSFT!

Nik Rolls says:

It's not going away. From the email: "After the Messaging history folder is removed, a history of your Skype, Google Talk, and Facebook chat sessions can be found in the messaging pane."

coip says:

So basically once the new version is in place it will once again save chat history, it's just that in the transition from old to new they cannot automatically transfer over the old chat history, do we have to manually do it? That seems odd.

Nik Rolls says:

I expect that it would take a massive amount of resource to convert all the data for all accounts, vs just ask the user to make a backup if they care about it (which would usually be no).

link68759 says:

I wonder if this affects the ability to view text messages via URL hack?

please tell me who you can vieuw text messages via URL hack?

Nik Rolls says:

What you forget to mention is that History is now in the Messaging section. But because it is being stored differently (eg no longer a folder) it can't be migrated.

"After the Messaging history folder is removed, a history of your Skype, Google Talk, and Facebook chat sessions can be found in the messaging pane."

xpxp2002 says:

Agreed. Every time I turn around this Skype integration is taking away a valuable and perfectly functional feature from the old Windows Live Messenger, and replacing it with some half-baked alternative that is unreliable or just doesn't work as well.

Nik Rolls says:

I think you missed the point of my comment. History is not going anywhere.

xpxp2002 says:

No, but the functionality is being significantly reduced. Once history is only accessible through the Messaging pane it will no longer be searchable like email is and it won't be possible to back it up since it won't appear in a folder like email does. It's a downgrade no matter how you spin it.

Nik Rolls says:

Unless of course they add those features to Messaging.

weaksauce27 says:

I know this is kinda off topic but does anyone get annoyed typing in "@outlook.com". I don't mind it but didn't have to type it when I used Gmail.

Mystictrust says:

That's cause Gmail only has Gmail.com. Outlook/hotmail has hotmail.com, live.com, outlook.com, and any personal address people may use as a Microsoft account (real nice thy have that as an option). Because of that, I can't see them removing the typing of the entire email

I did used to find it annoying, but just kind of got used to it I guess. I also have three ms accounts ending in Gmail, outlook, and live... So I can't complain if it can't figure out what I want :P

weaksauce27 says:

Ahh makes sense now thanks!. I already got used to typing the ending too :p

larspassic says:

I use google apps for my personal domain, so when I sign into my Gmail I have to type "@passic.com" :) Outlook just happens to have multiple domains built in

Outlook also has personal domain features, as it is a subset of the MS Account features. 

Nawzil says:

That's because there are 3 domains: @hotmail.com @live.com and @outlook.com
There was @windowslive.com too, which is no longer available.

krigel says:

I only see the chat icon on the top right. Where is this "Messaging history" that one supposed to click?

exyaster says:

Under your folders, on the right.

larspassic says:

I am very excited for the whole chat / messenger / Skype / outlook situation to improve. I hate being in this coexistence phase. Make it good, Microsoft!!

iamoniwaban says:

Stop panicking people. My email from MS states. "... After the Messaging history folder is removed, a history of your Skype, Google Talk, and Facebook chat sessions can be found in the Messaging pane." history isn't gone... They are moving the location of the history

limchd says:

If you move the text messages from the messaging history folder away, it will disappear from your WP8 phone too.
Also, there's no way to move only non-text messages.

Don't move them, only make a copy of them. Wait until Microsoft removes the folder and the messages during their migration process.

Idzaudin Idz says:

Cannot copy.. Only move option available..

"5. Right-click any message and then click Move.
6. Select the folder you want to move your messages to, and then click Move."

No... Do not MOVE your messages.
Copy them to the new folder instead.

Wait for Microsoft to migrate the messages and delete the folder themselves before you remove the messages from it.

If you move the messages from the folder before Microsoft migrates this feature, clients that use the messaging folder will no longer have your messaging history.

Kevin Rush says:

Does this relate to Family Room messaging?

Morq says:

Another step backwards, congrats MS.

hopmedic says:

I trust in the NSA to maintain my backup for me.

kulf says:

They most definitely do. But I'm not sure they will hand it over if you fail to back up your data...

hopmedic says:

Maybe a FOIA request...

Janis91 says:

They better improve Facebook chat on Windows Phone. While it works great in Oultook.com, it's very unrealiable on my phone. (I often have to wait several minutes before new messages appear.) Also, sending pictures would be great.

This means Skype for outlook.com is rolling out soon. Yummy!!!

thinkdan says:

Yes! Very soon... Sometime in the fall :/ yayyy

snakechia says:

Until today I received the notification email, only knew that there is such a function in outlook.com

Idzaudin Idz says:

Got it! You only will lose message history. But, the actual message is not the message history. So, you wont lose anything