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Drawtopia, a Windows Phone puzzle game where you draw the solution


Drawtopia is a Windows Phone puzzle game where you draw the solution. It is a physics based game where you have to draw a path for balls to travel from point A to point B.

Drawtopia has forty levels of play with a nasty variety of traps and mechanics that you have to avoid or use on your behalf. Drawtopia is a fun game that will not only challenge your powers of deduction but also you drawing skills.

The forty levels of play in Drawtopia are scattered about five rooms. The first few levels of the first room, the Red Room, are more or less tutorial levels. Even after you complete the first few levels, the game will toss up hints and tips throughout the game.  Again, the object is to create a pathway to guide your ball from the starting point to the exit point or Point A to Point B if you prefer.

Drawtopia Levels

Sounds simple enough? Right, but here's the catch. Along the way you have shimmering stars that you'll need to collect for bonus points, maneuver around obstacles and avoid spikey dangers.  There are pin wheels that will knock your ball about and spikes that... well... that will just ruin your day.

You draw your lines by tapping and dragging your finger across the screen.  These lines will create paths to guide your ball to collect the stars, avoid the dangers and obstacles and eventually make it to the exit which will advance you to the next level. The spinning wheels that you encounter will help by pushing your ball along (good for when you have to draw uphill paths) but can also bounce it backwards off the track.


Another aspect of Drawtopia's challenge is that you have limited ink to draw your platforms/path/tracks. At the top of the screen is the your ink supply meter. As you draw, that meter slowly depletes.

Once you have everything drawn up just tap the play button at the bottom left of the screen to release your ball. If you over draw your lines, send your ball off the screen into the dark abyss or just generally screw up there's a reset button next to the play button.


Drawtopia has a simplistic feel to it but once you get into the game you realize that there's more to it. Drawtopia is a fun, slightly addictive, challenging game for your Windows Phone. Drawtopia's only drawback may be that there's only forty levels.

Drawtopia is a free, ad-supported game for your Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Drawtopia



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CobraJ82 says:

Thanks for the tip this look like an awes1stome game.

NaterBater says:

Xbl release today?

Playing Brothers on xbla..... Awesome game!

Trying now. Let's see what it's like

JoostDeNys says:

Finally a new game for wp7.8
Downloading :)

DennisvdG says:

Awesome, I was waiting for a game like this :D

Was going to just try a few levels before I commented, 19 levels later I managed to pull away. Very fun, highly addictive. So far the only negative I see is the fact that it's only 40 levels (not counting bonus levels).

donteatchalk says:

love games like these, thanks!!!

Residing says:

Downloaded.  Supercool and works great on my Lumia 900!  I can always count on Mr. Ponder for great app discoveries!
2 Billion plus downloads for the Windows Phone Store :)

MrGoodSmith says:

Tried this game today and liked it.
Are there any games with similar concept?

B1zzle says:

omogsh this is fun!

B1zzle says:

actually, 60 rounds since that last comment  = addictive

C Paszek says:

Just earned all 130 stars; clever how they included an additional puzzle to unlock one of the bonus levels.  A highly addictive and super fun game!  I'm in agreement that the only drawback is the limited number of levels... still worth the download though.

jamzc92 says:

Bit like that crayon physics game then

AskaLangly says:

I'm halfway through the Green Room, with the first two Bonus Levels out of the way. It is indeed a great game, reminds me of many physics-based puzzle games. Feels like that ragdoll game on iOS, physics-wise.