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SIM Unlocked Nokia Lumia 925 now available in Canada via Expansys

While we still don’t have any firm confirmations on Nokia’s plans for the Lumia 925 on Canadian carriers, those itching to pick up the thin metal Windows Phone 8 device can now order it SIM unlocked.

The site Expansys has the device in limited stock for CDN $714.56, ready to ship and in white with 16GB of storage. On board bands include 3G (850/900/1900/2100 MHz) and GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), so make sure you check with your respective carrier for compatibility.

The Nokia Lumia 925, announced back at the end of May, is still finding its way onto various markets, including just launching in the US two and a half weeks ago. While not a replacement for the Lumia 920, some carriers may choose to pick up the 925 in addition to the 920, or simply exchange the two due to the 925’s slimmer profile.

Featuring a 4.5 inch Super AMOLED display and an extra lens element for the camera, the aluminum Lumia 925 is certainly one of the sleekest Lumias made, in our opinion.  Those with a Lumia 920 though will be hard pressed to find specific reasons to switch outside of aesthetic preferences. The more pertinent question is if new customers will pick up the device. For now, Canadian carriers will be missing out on the phone, leaving it up to the unlocked market to fill in the gap.

Source:; Thanks, Brett H., for the tip!


Reader comments

SIM Unlocked Nokia Lumia 925 now available in Canada via Expansys


I can't understand why Nokia went with 16GB in this phone. I'm waiting for the Lumia 1020 anyway, which should be available in Canada officially late September early October according to a rep in Microsoft Store in Yorkdale Mall.

Agree. Last weekend I went there to buy my Lumia 520, and they agreed to price match it from $200 to $120, and giving me on top of it a $10 app credit. All respect to them.

I'm keeping my ativs... No point to upgrade. Not a huge difference at this point. Unless I got the 1020.. But then there will be a better one next summer at this rate at how fast there pumping out new phones...

According to the article no but that is surprising given that many times their phones do support it.

It doesn't appear to. Phones require both 1700 MHz and 2100 MHz in order to run on WIND's network. This device only has the latter.

By the looks of things EE in the UK incl Orange and TMobile are not stocking the 925. Tmobile are still selling the 920 at £37pm and orange and 4GEE haven't got windows phones listed. Although it was published theyed have it on July 20th but no. Really big shame.

That's right, no sign of the phone on the Orange website or in the shops, but Phones4U sells 925 tied with Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone contracts and on Carphone Warehouse it's available wth virtually any carrier you could wish for. Still feels its distribution could be improved on

Its a case of waiting on the side of EE. They maybe skipping the 925 and go straight to the 1020, its a decision that EE have taken as Nokia have approached about the 925 (There were even advertising boards delivered to stores for it). Still a mistake for a 4G network not to stock a 4G phone.

Exactly.. i wouldn't bother upgrading to the 925 when there will be a slew of better spec'd lumia's coming.  Hopefully a  >4.7'inch screen with the 41 MP camera with built in wireless charging and Super AMOLED display.

Can't get over how beautiful this phone is. Not going to upgrade from my Lumia 920 anytime soon, but if its price keeps dropping on Amazon like 920's then I may treat myself early next year.

There is  a lesser know store based in Edmonton, Alberta that have much better pricing on their Lumia 925. Theirs as the same frequencies as the Espancys one. omegacelldotcom. $575cnd. I don't know anything about them and, or their business practices.

I've shopped there before for several phones, they're reliable. 30 day return I believe, factory warranty, you can purchase extended ones too from them now as well I believe. Worth a shot if anyone needs it.

Wow that's a great price $575 unlocked?
I need to wait and see what a 1020 is going to cost me.  The 925 is a gorgeous phone with a great camera, but the 1020...

Just a note - if you just search Lumia 925 on, there's multiple colours available as well as LTE enabled ones.
The price is a bit high but it will come down in time.  The Lumia 920 was around this price on Expansys when new, but now it's like $420 unlocked.