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An even better deal for SIM unlocked Nokia Lumia 925 in Canada: $575

Nokia Lumia 925

We’re not too privy on the various outlets for buying SIM unlocked phones up in Canada, but if you are, then you may want to pay attention. Earlier this morning, we reported that Expansys Canada was selling the SIM unlocked Nokia Lumia 925 for CDN $714.56, which seemed a bit pricey for our tastes and evidently yours (Expansys has a mixed reputation, according to comments).

Now, a reader has pointed out that the device is also available via OmegaCell and for a much more affordable CAD $575. That’s certainly a mention-worthy difference and our tipster notes that OmegaCell is a legit and reliable outlet—once again, we’ll leave that part up to you.

Regardless, you now have options should you be longing for that metal Lumia 925, one of our favorite phones these days.

Source: OmegaCell; Thanks, AccentAE86, for the tip!



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Does this have all AT&T bands including LTE?

ladyruri says:

i believe this is the UK version; does have LTE or 4G..whatever you wanna call it
i bought mine from clove, only took 3 days to ship from UK to CAN to my door
it is unbranded but the firmware didn't enable 4G, so i had to reimage it with EE firmware and 4G works now

did you have to pay custom/import duty at the time of delivery?

ladyruri says:

sadly yes, delivered by DHL, it was like $80, but its the 925! so worth it lol

I hate how for one reason or another everything costs more here in O Canada
oh well, have fun with your phone :)

Ferazzz says:

OMG. I am on Rogers and about to sell this phone because it has np LTE 4g with 2600. I have an international version. I would love for you to help me do this. I have searched everywhere and can't find the answer to change the firmware on my international unlocked 925. So it is possible to have 4g/lte???

ladyruri says:

Hy Ferazzz,
I bought mine off site, so i believe the product code was:
If you follow the instructions on the website on rewriting your firmware, use this one:
I didn't have any problems doing it at all, was very simple.
The firmware is unbranded as well and has no bloatware in it.
It enables 4G but since I am on Rogers, i was only able to get up to 30mb/s speed which is fine cause you really won't need 50mb/s and above (better than 6-7mb/s on non 4G)

phatboy66 says:

Wow 575$ is pretty good for an unlocked phone

sunnybyday says:

Not much in it for those of us in US - it is $525 at TMobile at full price. but I can see this being a good deal for others.

MikeSo says:

The T-Mobile phone is not unlocked though. If you prefer AT&T, this would be a good option (not sure if it supports the LTE though).

Any idea if it's unbranded ir not?

ajftl says:

An even better deal. I got one for 200 bucks in the box with wireless plate in red and wireless charger dock station. T-Mobile tho. It il definitely looks better than the 1020 very pretty.

ajftl says:

An even better deal. I got one for 200 bucks in the box with wireless plate in red and wireless charger dock station. T-Mobile tho. definitely looks better than the 1020 very pretty.

sholokov says:

Would the T Mobil Lumia 925 work on Canada's Wind Mobil? Anyone?

A phone on WIND would require both 1700 MHz and 2100 MHz frequencies. This phone only has the latter, so it won't work.

Agent-P says:

If it's a T-Mobile US branded 925, then it would have both of those bands so it would work on Wind.

As I said, this particular phone only has the 2100 MHz and is missing the 1700 MHz that WIND requires.

AccentAE86 says:

That is correct.  But Omegacell just told me that they are working on bringing in the T-Mobile 925 which is WIND/Mobi compatible.  They just need to figure out if they are unlockable first.

RJ Priest says:

Such a shame that the Canadian carriers do not offer the 925, and that the Microsoft store at Yorkdale mall doesn't sell unlocked devices. I even asked Nokia if I could purchase a 925 directly from them, and the response was that I could get a 920 from Rogers even though I told them that I'm with Bell.

That's annoying. Apple Stores in Canada sell their iPhones unlocked, so why can't the MIcrosoft Store sell their phones unlocked as well?

rjmlive says:

This is quite tempting.  I can't seem to get the 1020 yet, and this was my second choice if I figured I couldn't live with the bump... hmm.

gwydionjhr says:

I saw the link and went to check out Omega Cell for myself.  Online chat was prompt and courteous.  Informed me to expect the 625 on their site in Sept.
Also just answered that the 925 is unbranded.
And say that they're working on the 1020, and it should be a couple of weeks!

AccentAE86 says:

Hey guys, you also gotta take note that the Omegacell price INCLUDES SHIPPING WITHING CANADA.  You gotta pay GST, but because this is an Alberta based business, there is NO PST.  

simphf says:

Do they not adjust the tax by province?

MyThIc3LiTe says:

Nope, they won't. 
Its on you to report it on your tax statements, but who does that?

Stravincy says:

This is nothing. You can already buy it for 430 euro in The Netherlands.

AccentAE86 says:

??  430 euro is $594 Candian dollars.  More expensive.  Not to mention, this is a tip for canadians, buying from the Netherlands isn't exactly practical for us.  

Stravincy says:

My bad. I had a wrong exchange rate in mind when i wrote that.

MyThIc3LiTe says:

I've bought several phone from them before, they are genuine and they aren't fly by night. 
If you are on the Big 3 and want this, its legit. If you're even across the border and want it, its legit. 

flame l says:

It doesn't have T-mobile the band IV.

flame l says:

It doesn't have T-mobile band IV frequency.

AccentAE86 says:

It is the unbranded, unlocked model.  But as I mentioned above, they told me directly through twitter that they are working on getting the T-Mobile 925 with Band IV.  They just haven't figured out if they can get them unlocked yet.  Fingers crossed, because I am on WIND.  

pierrerv says:

Still using my HD 7 till Nokia hive me that Lumia phablet

boibokya says:

Hi, may I know if an unlocked lumia925 bought in the Philippines will work in Canada?