Windows Phone 8.1 Blue Icons

Joe Belfiore accidently leaks a future version of Windows Phone. Is it GDR3 or Blue?

There’s a handful of you out there rocking with the latest GDR2 update on your handset. If you bought a Lumia 925 or 1020 it came with it onboard from the unboxing. While the rest of you folks with devices from the Windows Phone 8 launch are slowly getting it. What’s on the horizon for future updates? We have GDR3 and Blue (aka Windows Phone 8.1) coming within the next 6 months. We also now have our first look at one of those courtesy of Joe Belfiore.

Earlier today, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore tweeted a screenshot of his Windows Phone Start screen. He was trying to show off the new official app for baseball fans called At Bat 13. What he didn’t realize was he also accidently shared a future version of Windows Phone.

Look down at the status bar on your device. This is the area where you see icons indicating things like signal strength, battery power, time, Wi-Fi connection, and more. If you look at yours right now you’ll see them spread out fairly evenly across the top. Or at least they would be if you had all icons on at once. But you probably have signal strength on the far left, time on the far right, with probably Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in the middle.

GDR2 vs Blue

Now look at the screenshot above that Joe Belfiore tweeted. You’ll notice all of those icons are grouped to the far left of the status bar with only time on the far right. Yours shouldn’t be like that, if it is contact us right now because we want your phone.

Some other sites and blogs are saying that’s GDR3. It could be, but we don’t think so. We have it on good information that what you’re looking at is Windows Phone Blue.

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Thanks for the tip Nishy!



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Esseret says:

Accident my butt...

rodneyej says:

Uummm.. I wouldn't use the words accident, my, and ass,, in the same sentence........

sundawg#WP says:

You just did :P

tallgeese says:

Awesome sauce!

rodneyej says:

Actually, I said ass, not butt.. Lol❕

NIST says:

Yo mama did.

Jaskys says:

And remember that accident with Nokia lumia 1020 first photo.

Fritzly says:

Virally building expectation. Said that I hope that by the time WP 8.1 will ship we will have the ability to see the battery status indicated in %...

teaMJPx says:

That's good because more and more updates are coming down the line. Awesome news.

Acbuono5 says:

So windows phone blue = new status bar! IM SO EXCITED!

frett says:

Me too! Finally...real progress!

devize says:

We've been calling out for this new feature, glad to see they're listening to us. It made no sense to have the WiFi signal in the middle and not the left

walter1832 says:

I know!  The wifi status to the right looks so out of place....but on the left side, man is it gorgeous!!

HansTj says:

Are all the posts in this particular thread supposed to be sarcastic? I am having a hard time deciding...

blackhawk556 says:

They're joking dude. Nobody in their right mind would get excited about something so basic.

same here OMG!! I almost got in shock when i saw that stunning improvement

albertico says:

I'm hearing rumors that Windows Phone 8.2 will flip the direction of the vibration icon, which will finally give us something to show off to our Android and iPhone-toting friends.

RockmanNeo says:

This! That way people won't wonder anymore why there's a baconit logo on their status bar.

akar33 says:

You, sir, are humorous.

Rayfung Wong says:

Finally there is going to be something that i can tell others how different WP is other than telling them it's so hard to find a new phone with 480 x 800 on a 4.7" running dual core with 512MB in 2013 2H. 

albertico says:

On a more serious note, I'm thinking of holding out on the 1020 so I can get the new generation of devices that will be able to run this new status bar.

muderko says:

Now it is time for people to think seriously about jumping to WP after this leak!

Rayfung Wong says:

Say it quietly. Jony Ive would be mad for spending so much time on iOS 7. 

Jayflip says:

Great, because WiFi status to the right is so mainstream

now all they have to do is change 4g to 3.5g & lte to 4g and we've changed all the metro haters minds

dazorange says:

The funniest comment thread ever. I'm literally crying. 

Could be hope my lumia 925 get it soon lol

SleepyTheDon says:

Was it an accident or a tease

Accident he probably didny think we were freaks enough to notice such a small details lol too bad we are :)

btgusto says:

he is well aware of this site along with the others that nit pick every minor detail in every picture or try to decode each statement him and his team make

backlashsid says:

accidental tease

Lloyd_S says:

I don't think any of the "leaks" by Microsoft or Nokia are accidental. They're all calculated so that the bloggers of the world start a buzz about possible upcoming features or hardware. A nice way to get free advertising.  Do you think anyone would buy the Lumia 1020 solely on the ad campaigns had specs and images not "leaked"?

warmth says:

I agree, nothing wrong with it tho.

Lloyd_S says:

Very true, absolutely nothing wrong with it. In fact, it is a great idea given the way word spreads in todays blog and social media environment.

lippidp says:

The reality is that for those of us in software dev it is easy to forget which build you're running and which minor changes were released in which build. It is entirely possible that something like this was accidental.

clappenings says:

Daniel - please read your emails!!!

rockstarzzz says:

What difference does it make wherever those icons lie?

Xpider_MX says:

It is not the icons, it is a new update.

rockstarzzz says:

But what does it even mean?

wpguy says:

Double-rainbow all the way.

E Lizzle says:

That's the fully-reimagined start screen.

blackhawk556 says:

Lol haha yeah right


This is a GAME CHANGER. RIP Apple and Google

AngryNil says:

Maybe a notification icon can sit in the middle now? Or a background downloading one? Both would be welcome.

david90531 says:

That's a very random leak... and I don't understand why is it neccessary to move those icons to the left

Maybe something else is supposed to be in the middle.

I would guess to put something else in the middle. Or maybe downloaded apps can have their status up their?

89caps says:

Doesn't Blue include all GDR updates anyway?

tissotti says:

Not really sure what you mean by that.
Does iOS5 include iOS 4 updates?

GDR2 and GDR3 are normal WP updates, just a bit smaller than Blue that will be coming after the two in next year.

89caps says:

What I meant was that the codename Blue referred to the entire group of updates this year leading up to WP 8.1. I was questioning the use of the word Blue vs 8.1.

I've got a blue house with a blue window...

Martsicky says:

Couldn't it be just a minor modification introduced into his software?

Rob van Uden says:

Is there some concreter info than that the status bar has some movements? Of course it indicates that there are changes, but concreter information would be great :) (I don't mean to be negative/harsh :) )

twelvetudors says:

Hope they add a battery percentage indicator next to the battery signal

xaeryan says:

...but make it optioonal

PPCFreak says:

instead of adding yet another icon to the top for the battery percentage, add the percentage inside the battery indicator icon, then make the bar the shows full or half or 1/4 more transparent....saves space and get both in 1 icon. shouldn't be that hard. it was done with Windows Mobile 5, 6 and 6.5

AfroPhysics says:

I think the icon was bigger in WMobile.

xmarklive says:

Oh my I need start screen innovation up the wazoooooooo....

On what information, specifically?

DJCBS says:

Wow...the icons re-arranged...that's a real innovation...

Yeah, I get the point of the article. It's news. However this just makes me feel more and more that WP8.1 will be another cosmetic make-over like the 7.8 was for WP7.5. I have very little faith that Microsoft will listen to any of the top and ancient requests of its me pessimistic..

Aaron M says:

You are pessimistic.  8.1 will more closely resemble the Mango update, which was hands down a great update at the time.

DJCBS says:

I am. But I've had a WP7 before the WP8. I already know how the house works. And based on past experience (specially with the 7.8) I can have no optimistic thoughts. Specially when they managed to omit stuff from WP8 that was demanded since WP7.

jonjohn04 says:

It wouldn't be smart for him to reveal that much detail this far in advance especially since we have only a vague idea of when Blue is scheduled to be released. Most of us are still waiting on GDR2. Think about having to wait 6 months for something he showed before it appeared on your phone.

Xpider_MX says:

It is not the icons arrange, it is the probe that another update is coming,

DJCBS says:

We all knew two other updates - GDR3 and Blue - where coming.

xmarklive says:

That start screen looks the same.

Romario997 says:

Can't see any change. I can make my icons rearranged even in normal "GDR1" without GDR2 and Blue. Not a news for me. Both screens look the same.

KKRLessey says:

May they intentionally leaked it but made look as much like windows phone 8 as possible

rockstarzzz says:

How? Screenshot?

aschettler says:

It's not the start screen icons, it is the status bar icons at the top of the screen they are referring to.

How'd you get the Belfiore Family Room app? I can't download it.

Moving feature icons doesn't impress me...I'm still waiting for the features every other OS has that Windows Phone should've had by now, like custom notification tones.

Since we can assume that MS isn't devoting an entire update to moving icons we can be sure there is more to this update which is NOT GDR2.
The reason to get excited is that whatever update this is, it is testing in the wild. Be it GDR3 or Blue 8.1.
So whatever features it has it is good to see actual evidence they are working on it even while we wait for GDR2 to come out. MS isn't resting. Just grinding away.

Idan Cohen says:

iPhone OS (incl. 7) doesnt have that .

fluidh2o says:

I couldn't agree more!!

Could be.  I hope that means they also let you show the status bar, in its entirity, all the time.  I hate having to swipe to see that stuff. 

Flubby2 says:

I way prefer it, actually... Gives phone such a clean look while they're hidden

xmarklive says:

How many agree that we should just get w8 on our phones ???

rselim says:

I prefer wp8 os over w8, except multitasking would be cool, and bring back Zune!

ibdRAPHunv says:

Zune!!! Yes! I thought I was the only one out here... Still use the Zune software for my music.

I still use my Zune daily for music and podcasts.

fluidh2o says:

Yea I do the same thing

interopbyt says:

Zune is awesome! And I also prefer WP8 over W8

Forc3 says:

 We have it on good information that what you’re looking at is Windows Phone Blue.

Ehhhrm how about no? GDR3 is in testing right now... now guess what Joe is doing! Testing GDR3...
Joe is not that dump to actually leak Blue. He has many phones, this one is his GDR3 device.


rockstarzzz says:

Did he say that to you in the pub last night?

Forc3 says:

Wow you are funny! Whats your Job? Clown?

rockstarzzz says:

The circus won't pay me.

walter1832 says:

Do I make you laugh? Am I funny to you?

rockstarzzz says:

You aren't a clown, are you?

erzhik says:

I wouldn't call him dumb, but he did leak Nokia's future hardware on number of times. Including latest pictures taken with 1020 few weeks before it was announced.

ymcpa says:

He didn't leak anything. The notification location is irrelevent. The only thing this leaks is that Microsoft is working on updates and we already know that.

You said Joe took a dump and a leak. You're funny.

JoeDizzle33 says:

Am I missing something? Why is the location of status icons such a big deal? We know updates are coming. We know some changes will come with these updates. Why is icon location exciting or worthy of news? Is the location of the icons a game changer for the OS?

Romario997 says:

Great comment. This news is really useless and silly.

NightWatch71 says:

You missed the actual news. The news is "Microsoft started testing WP 8.1 internally and we have a proof".

JoeDizzle33 says:

Actually I didn't miss that. I mentioned that we all know updates are coming and with those updates change is coming. What I don't get is why all the excitement over the location of status icons. As some have mentioned before, its not a huge "omg" change. I would be more excited if Bellifore "accidentally" leaked the notification hub. We know they are working on updates. Why is a picture of the status icons such a hallelujah moment? This news isn't going to wake up apple and android users and get them to switch.

Rayfung Wong says:

It's another WP bug and Microsoft is going to fix it in the coming months. Sorry for the speculation.

HansTj says:

No, it is not game-changing. But, that is not the point of this article now, is it?
At least that tells us that Microsoft is already working on more future updates? At least it gives me a more sense of certainty that Blue is not merely a "plan" anymore, but it is indeed already in existence in one of the developer's personal phone. I personally think this is a good sign considering so many complaints about Microsoft being so slow on releasing updates.

poddie says:

I'm not following the importance of this article either. Anyone who doesn't think they are knee-deep coding blue is crazy. Even if they weren't, what would moving the icons a bit prove anyway? That can be done in five minutes.

The only possible significance i can think of is if the center is being cleated for a notification list indicator.

But it would have been nice if WPCentral was a little more clear on what point they ate trying to make, or if they are just pointing it out because its a change buy understand how minor it is.

JoeDizzle33 says:

Exactly what I was thinking. The updates are coming. We all know they are. Moving the icons isn't going to make any apple or android users switch to WP. If the news is they are moving icons to make room for a pull down notification center then that would exciting news.

rodneyej says:

Give it to me baby❕❗❕❗

goldenpipes says:

All the people say I'm pretty fly for a white guy.

MethodGT says:

Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, cinco, seis

You know it's kind of hard 
just to get along today ? 

My friends got a girlfriend and he hates that bitch. (sorry, that's the next song on my mix tape)

Kristijan87 says:

Whatever it is I hope it will bring orientation lock... I still can't believe we're left without that simple and very useful thingy... 

NightWatch71 says:

Read a few articles back. They think it's in GDR3.

mjfadaway says:

I hope that's gdr3. I don't see anything about this that has me doing backflips

clappenings says:

I can have another 4mm of screen space for.....ummmm.....nothing! Yay

MacDaMachine says:

Amazing news! Status bar icons to the left, to the left, to the right, to the right. NOW DIP BABY DIP!

chsoriano says:

Best comment so far... Lol

There not stupid. This is all he does is WP. He knows that he's doing. Showing us a pic with icons a quarter inch away from there they usually are doesn't matter. No leak. We already know he uses the latest software. That's his job. Case closed.

gamepop says:

He just leaks...still waiting for gdr2

We all leak. We're human.

topleya says:

On an Ativ as well :)

jlynnm350z says:

Yes, incase you haven't noticed Samsung has been very Reinvigorated lately with there apps. I have recently learned they have released 7 not 3 apps in the past few weeks.

Bitchy, aren't we?

Rob van Uden says:

Joe Belfiore here reacts on someone mentioning the new status bar!
He says "No comment. :)"...

adamyedlin says:

I don't see it.

Um, ok.  Struggling really hard to see what's newsworthy about this.  Almost a year out from the release of WP8 and still no substantial updates or a firm date for 8.1 release.  It's like Microsoft likes getting laughed at.  They better hope Nokia stays in the Window Phone game.  Once Nokia goes might as well wrap up this little phone experiment and go home because they release more worthwile updates for WP than Microsoft does.  What a shame.

NightWatch71 says:

By the end of this year, you should get two updates, three if you're using Nokia. Not bad actually, considering that all existing phones will be updated to WP9 or Blue.

travisel says:

You mean one update! GDR3 in Q4/13.

WP8.1 (Blue Update) has been moved to Q1/14.

RyanAMG says:

Maybe they moved it to have room to show number of toast notification if you missed them. Just a theory

TechFreak1 says:

That's what i think aswell because my start screen is like that too, naw just kidding.. -).

humdinger says:

I'm more curious as to why he uses Spotify instead of Xbox music. Dogfooding over?

Rob van Uden says:

Joe Belfiore: "I use AS MANY services (& phones) as I can! Got to understand what people are using, what works well and doesn't.."

cw1988 says:

I love how calculating tech companies are bit this seems a bit far fetched, although if this isn't gdr3 how did he do it?

ibdRAPHunv says:

Can Samsung just hurry up and make a new Windows Phone??? All this Android love is not fair. Been holding out with this focus S for some time, and the Ativ S doesn't really seem like much of an upgrade compared to what they are doing with the Galaxy 4... I hear Nokia knocking at the door, maybe I should answer...

NightWatch71 says:

GDR3 would be all they need because they really like the specs game.

travisel says:

The first phone to come out this fall with GDR3 update is Samsung ATIV S2 :)
- 5" 1080 display
- 2GB RAM / 32GB System flash
- MSM8974 (Snapdragon 800)
- 2600 mAh Battery
- 128GB micoSD support
- Bluetooth v4 / FM Radio

ibdRAPHunv says:

Don't you put that on me Ricky Bobby!!! Now that I've said my good byes to Sammy, and planned my getaway with Noki Noki, you telling me Sammy gonna hit the gym and go back to school for a degree???? What kind of twisted mind games are you playing with me?! How true is this? I need to know, cuz my bags are packed by the door.

taymur says:

hahahhahhahaha, you are a killer man.
When you say WP, stick with the Big boys. Nokia FTW.

ibdRAPHunv says:

I think I just might bro...

marantaz says:

If it were Blue, wouldn't he have the ability to display mid-size tiles three wide? Thought I read that was coming in Blue, and it doesn't look possible here, unless the phone itself lacks the hardware to do it.

Tips_y says:

Good observation! Or could be that that rumor about adding another column of medium size tile in WP8.1 is not true!

Ajay Tawrani says:

Instead of flaunting, MS & Nokia should actually start rolling out the update on existing windows phone 8 owners. All they are busy with is flaunting the 925 & 1020 handsets.

Lenin17301 says:

I'm setting up for some big-time classic Rubino snarky reply, but honestly, I don't get it, where's the change? status bar icons moved slightly to the left? is that it? or am I missing something else?

WPUser111 says:

Yes thats it.. And he is calling it blue..

jlynnm350z says:

Lol, I got a "classic" one today. Lol

Jf.Vigor says:

U sure did lol

xratola says:

I can't actually realize new stuff, it looks exactly the same as my 920 with GDR1 -_-

Mristian says:

They're already teasing GDR3, yet 3/4th's of WP8 handsets still have yet to get GDR2.....

TechFreak1 says:

Dude relax, MS and oems (not counting HTC.. Due to their shoddy testing) have done their part now its upto the darn carriers to start pushing the updates out. Though Oems should be pushing it out to unlocked devices...

Fritzly says:

Not really: I have a unbranded Lumia 920 and Nokia.... is MIA...

wptom says:

We're always the last in the queue. Source: Me owning an unbranded Lumia 920 since 5th November 2012...

djSupport says:

Why are they moved over? To add space for the missed notifications icon duuuuuurrrrrr!!!

Duduosf says:

Didn't like the new aesthetic feature. The position of the current ones is already fine by me

i actually quite enjoy wifi in the middle. If they change it im gonna be actually quite bummed.

Jazmac says:

I'm pretty much lost respect for Joe. I think Microsoft should find room in the BS department for his skill set.

Tafkas373 says:

Although that hardly tells us anything real about Blue, are you just gonna hire that Nishy guy already?

WPUser111 says:

Daniel if it is blue then where is the start screen innovation? It is GDR3..

jropelato1 says:

Think he's using Samsung in this tease to stick it to Nokia over recent VP comments regarding sluggish WP development and app release schedules?

Big Deal! This is something worth writing about. Let down.

ArtSooby says:

My guest ... it's GDR3. Some column are missing ... supposed to be 6, not 4 has it is now

travisel says:

I believe the 6 column is only for 1080p mode in GDR3 update.

The status icons are smaller... Is it from a 1080p device? Those supposedly have 5"+ displays.

travisel says:

Samsung Galaxy S4 and ATIV S2 both have 5" 1080p (441ppi) display's!

Nawzil says:

Both GDR3 and WP8.1 are being developed side by side, so it could be any one of them.
Some features of WP8.1 might be added to GDR3.

bashbaliga says:

Wow, still no battery percentage on the home screen ?

ericmackrodt says:

It's probably an accident that doesn't reveal anything interesting, just some icons in other place. If it was showing an awesome or waited feature, it would be awesome, but this is nothing and this news was kinda useless.
We already knew that the guys at Microsoft were probably testing the GDR3 on their phones. 
Not that you shouldn't be talking about it, you should and you are, but I'm kinda tired of reading about the GDR2 and GDR3 since they won't add anything that interesting to the current phones, the only thing GDR3 will bring that is really useful *to me* is the Orientation Lock, since the automatic orientation change is annoying sometimes. I'm actually really anxious for Windows Phone 8.1, this one will probably bring some awesome features. But, this one is just next year! =/
Oh, well, I'm complaining too much! UHAUHAUAHUHUAH

Josh Harman says:

Orientation lock in GDR3? Maybe, I heard its in blue.
Obviously some people are excited about GDR2 & GDR3, with additions like FM radio, Google Calendar support, Amber features for Nokia and 1080p resolution, more than dual core support, etc.

ericmackrodt says:

I know! I understand!
Obviously I'm talking about myself, I'm not saying that my opinion is everyone's opinion. You can see that I emphasized the "to me" in my comment.
Take Datasense for example, I already have it. FM Radio, I had it in Windows Phone 7 and I've never understood why Windows Phone 8 didn't have it.
But I'm not saying that the updates are bad, of course they're good!

About the orientation lock, I read in a few places, but of course they might be wrong:

Anyone think that moving the icons to the left makes room room for a "pull down"? Notification pull down that is.

KKRLessey says:

Maybe they made it look like windows phone 8 as much as possible without giving anything away?

Romario997 says:

I don't get it. What is this news about? New colorful icons put on desktop screen??? There is hardly any change.

mikeeemm says:

Is every wp8 getting 8.1 or is it gonna be like wp7 where 90% stayed at 7720

Josh Harman says:

Every Windows Phone 8 gets 8.1 and at least 1 more major OS update.

travisel says:

I believe WP8 with 512MB of RAM only get GDR3 update!

WP8 with 1GB & 2GB of RAM get WP8.1 update!

What is up with the negative comments in here?
Have you even considered what re-positioning of symbol actually means?
They wouldn't do that without good reason. And there's a variety of possible reasons.
The most obvious one would be to have room for new kinds of content on the notification bar.
Use your brains a bit before you cry.
The re-designed bar also carries the implication that the 8.1 update for WP will likely be as strong as the Windows 8.1 update, which basically re-designs half of the interface and fixes about 90% of all issues with the OS.
We already know that WP is getting orientation lock, so Blue will likely include lots of basic features that the OS still lacks, in addition to some stuff that no one asked for but that no one will want to miss once they got used to it.

E Lizzle says:

You've taken home the gold in Olympic conclusion jumping.

neo158 says:

For use Samsung owners GDR2 may not have added much but I'm still looking forward to what the later updates, GDR3 and beyond, will add :)

ArgonNJ#CB says:

Who cares.  It would make sense that he would be running Blue. Status Icon placement is certainly not earth shattering by any means.  Pretty much a non story.  

rubenbest says:

Its not about the icons, it's the simple fact he is running wp 8.1

travisel says:

WP8.1 still 5-6 months away! (Q1 2014)

Doohickeys on the left hand side... huge.

ejb222 says:

The original source has been updated. Check it out.

kinpin2131 says:

Same old same old ... yawn !  
After owning 2 windows phones , I'm not getting another windows phone until they do something about the UI. It's getting boring, heck even Apple is trying something new. 

After 10 years. Do really expect MS to change Modern UI now ? You have Android, you can make a mess out of it.

Ticomfreak says:

Yeah. Apple is trying something new.... They stole the Microsoft Design Language.

mayur89 says:

I couldn't see any difference :/

albertico says:

I'm glad huge things are planned for Windows Phone "Blue"--though I'm sure this new status bar icon alignment will require a new generation of hardware, so beware Lumia 1020 users, you might be 900-ed.

sip1995 says:

Someone at twitter asked him "Is this GDR3" He answered " No comment "

goncaluu says:

Mine looks like the image below "GDR3"

rubenbest says:

Guys the point is not about the icons. Its about joe is testing 8.1 it should be done soon

glassadam says:

Reading this article makes me wonder why the wpc app doesn't support the status bar drop-down in the app. I've been told it's up to the developer to implement whether or not a user can swipe from the top to see the phone's signal, etc. Personally, I think ALL aps should allow for this behavior. Any plans to support it in the future, perhaps?

rockstarzzz says:

Settings -> Show system tray : turn that switch on.

tone84 says:

What am I looking at?

Martsicky says:

And what about additional column of tiles? It was said to come with GDR 3/WP 8.1, and it's not present here.. It looks like modified GDR 2, I wouldn't be surprised if it is just a minor modification introduced into unlocked OS. Surely he does have an access to OS registry, so he easily could have modified it, as he knows WP8 as his own pocket. Am I wrong?

kjordan_29 says:

Still waiting for GDR2, sheesh.  Get your act together Windows.  Release it all at once to everyone.

sporosarcina says:

Blame the carriers, not MS. AT&T is notorious for holding up updates.

Zamir Yusof says:

I think it shows 'always on' status bar. If not, why would he tap the top area of the screen before taking picture of his homescreen

21011978 says:

All of you have good fun here but for sure i think is my big mistake to get lumia 920,only just microsoft and nokia can do thing like update but no update. Some idiot from microsoft by mistake shows gdr3 but give me you idiot gdr2 first,what piece of s... Why google has no problems like that. Nokia and Microsoft can try catch but not google maybe some insects first,idiots.

21011978 says:

Joe Belfiore uuu... You are great! He has got leak in the head,man.

21011978 says:

Nokia users = losers

21011978 says:

Nokia Lumia 920 but with minor bug called microsoft windows phone 8 and Big Joe on the board. Now i just discovered that i can't download some apps because of what... Just only lumia needs to be up to date,oh man great,i love it.
Better i going update something else.

jamzc92 says:

Is it just me or do those bar screenshots look exactly the same? I'm struggling to see the difference

Xpider_MX says:

The sreenshots are not to show "the changes", it is because the second screenshots show a different arrangement for top icons, and that mean it is not GDR2. Thats all.

Pretty sure it wasn't accidentally.

21011978 says:

Those screenshots are
Photoshop. Joe Belfiore and that micro... Something big mistakes

21011978 says:

Joe Belfiore accidently leaks, he must be a woman. What an accident,man.

Rays fan! I like this guy.

Fritzly says:

To me it seems just a, poorly made, rendering or photoshopped image: the status bar is overimposed... in the middle of the screen. if you check carefully you will note that the signal bar is placed over the word "Pictures" and the barely visible tile, above the status bar is the "Picture' one.
The only explanation would be that now the status bar is always visible or there is an option to enable such functionality.

21011978 says:

I can't wait for leak about gdr4. What changes to my lumia,man.
It will blow my lumia up.

21011978 says:

I have to go to the bed,man. Tomorrow hard work and no leaks for sure.

Nabkawe5 says:

The change of placements for icon could mean a pull down menu of some sort, if you're a UI designer you would definilty want that area to be clear for a swipe down.
Then again perhaps they found the icons distracting in the middle on 5" screens :)

Fndlumia says:

Problem is the swipe down action is used to display said icons

melvintwj says:

Actually, no. A tap along the upper edge region of the screen would display the icons.

Fndlumia says:

A 'Tap' of this region also works along with sliding down from outside top edge.... Try it

HailMarxism says:

The point of Windows Blue is to improve seamless integration of data between your various Windows 8 devices i.e Desktop PC, Laptop/UltraBook, Tablet (both full W8 and RT), mobile handset, and even Xbox One console. When finished, the experience should be similar to what google is doing with Chrome, only better.
$hitty cosmetic changes like a "notification centre" are pointless if the mail client sucks; I would rather see MS put more resources into making Outlook a better experience than have them waste time and money on something that is essentally already there on your home screen. By all means, simplify the process of changing settings like wifi, GPS, NFC, BT etc.. but don't make me carry out an extra step to do it ( 'a la' a useless "pull down menu" such as the ones found in android and IOS)

Fndlumia says:

Both my old developer models N900(maemo) and N950(harmattan) have ALL icons crammed to one side of the screen either top left or right where as the retail models N900 & N9 have the icons spread over the screen just like on my L920. Iam not saying that Joes phone is not gdr3 but keep in mind that it could actually be an early build of gdr2 with aspects differing to the final version.

Fndlumia says:

Does anybody else think it would be nice to have your live tile start screen turn to landscape layout like the RT instead of being locked to portrait? Also I would love the capacitive keys to only light up whilst navigating the screen and stay off when playing media etc, bloody bright backlighting and they are always on, the windows key could also be utilized as a notifications light, just my thoughts on a couple changes I would like to see by gdr3

uopjo6 says:

It was probably more like "I wanna show this app but my ver. is still on the dark side.......ah fxxk it!!!".

Jk def a tease