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Lumia 930 delisted from Nokia's Indian website

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Lumia 930 listed on Flipkart, Indian launch imminent


MobiKwik offers instant cashback for Windows Phone users in India


Nokia Lumia 925 listed on Flipkart, coming soon to India

Lumia 925

The Lumia 925 is Nokia's first Windows Phone to make use of metal in the production process. The unique design and improved optics are a refreshing change from the Lumia 920, along with being slightly thinner and lighter. The new high-end smartphone is a must-have for many consumers. The issue is the product is still launching in numerous markets, including India.

Now Flipkart, the popular online retailer in India, has all three variants of the Lumia 925 listed - black, grey and white. Sold by WS Retail, pricing and availability has yet to be published, but we're sure the tag will be in line with what consumers are forking out in other markets. To act as a quick tease, the Lumia 925 has a 4.5-inch AMOLED display, 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, 8.7MP shooter (with 1.2MP FFC) and 1GB RAM. 

Lumia 925 Flipkart

Nokia still has the register interest form setup on its website for the Lumia 925 in India. Check out our Lumia 925 review if you haven't already done so.

Source: Flipkart (black / grey / white); thanks, Hari, for the tip!



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Elton Jothi says:

haha, sure the 1020 will be delayed :D

sri_tech says:

Its also listed in official Nokia site as coming soon. When I talked to Nokia support they said it will launch in August.
Success of this product entirely depends on pricing. Currently 920 is selling for Rs 30k with free wireless charging plate. 820 is selling for Rs 18-19K.
They should price it at Rs 25K. Currently popular android phones like Galaxy S3, Nexus 4 (Sold by LG, no Google subsidy), HTC One X are selling for Rs 25K.
If they price it more than that it will be a flop. They need to get the launch prices right. Discounting later does not bring sales at all. That happened in the case of 820 and even 920 to some extent.

mm77 says:

Hi hopes Sri. Nokia is gonna price it almost the same as 920 and leave the field open for Theftroid phones to grow

hipporama says:

Why will they price it 5k lesser than the 920? Don't expect prices to come down so much. Not until the launch of their next round of flagships at the end of the year.
I doubt Nokia is looking at the 925 to be a bestseller. It's a refresh, not a complete upgrade from the 920. It is to keep the Lumia brand in the spotlight.

Etios says:

With Dollar rate so high now, i don't see anyway this being priced less than 33-35k INR. says:

Nokia needs Launch price right and keep their margin low inorder  to break android Mania.It will be tough decision for
Nokia since exchange rate between INR and USD is at highest.

4bh1sh3k says:

I'm interested in getting L1020, but worried that Nokia will launch a better variant after GDR3.
And they are just releasing L925!!

mm77 says:

I'm in the same boat as you.

Thankyou Richard for covering India news. I really appreciate it.

1020 is what the Indians need now

Anshul_Davda says:

I am going to make my dad buy this. I bought the Lumia 820 and he obviously doesn't want a 41MP camera, that's something I would get but this phone is just so good. Looks and everything.

Etios says:

Let the confirmation come by listing on some websites, they cant post news based on the pathetic TOI.

Etios says:

Nokia should launch much more quickly than this, Lumia 925 should have launched at the same time as global launch.

psreloaded says:

WS Retail is basically Flipkart itself.. They restructured sometime back to the Marketplace model like amazon and named their own retailing service WS Retail

Winnabe says:

The price is now published on Flipkart. It costs Rs. 33,999!

akashpats says:

waiting for it to available soon so we can get GDR2 and Amber update quickly.