Domino's UK delivers app update with notifications and extra cheese


We've all been there. The evening comes around and you're looking at what to have for dinner. Domino's Pizza is one option that's utilised regularly and their apps for Windows Phone is a superb way to order that personalised main course. The team behind the app has recently pushed through an update that adds notifications and fixes a few bugs affecting consumers residing in the UK.

The new push notifications in version will enable Domino's to fire through deals and promotions to tempt you inside for a cheese-filled crust. Available for both Windows Phone 7 and 8 in the UK and Ireland, consumers are able to order and customise their pizza, add any sides or extras and then checkout without having to ring up your local or fetch the wallet (if you're a PayPal customer).

Other features already sported by the app include NFC, voice commands and Live Tiles. So go on and download Domino's Pizza from the Windows Phone Store for free (this is the UK version, folks).

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Rick Smits says:

Me want coooookkkiiiieeee!

Arya Mehran says:

When do we get it in Canada, eh?

Jamdot says:

Send the developers some maple syrup.

Arya Mehran says:

Hahahahaha, done and done! :D

Mister Gore says:

I've been wondering that as well since they have added the tracker portion to the website recently.

mwgeek says:

What does the NFC do?

neo158 says:

It allows for scanning of posters with NFC tags to get deals ;-)

clappenings says:

1 thing I wish Dominos would do is let you put the tip on the order at checkout. Those drivers never bring the credit card receipt. Anyway, rant over.....

xaeryan says:

They do for me. /counter rant

Wish you could use wallet to pay. That would simplify things

Darren Walsh says:

Won't let me register with my Irish mobile number, it clearly says for England and Ireland, I'll be going hungry tonight!!!

Capsloc says:

They need to implement Shop Runner access!  Only reason I stick away from using the app and just do it through my PC.  At least it wasn't there when they first released the app. 

FeedTheShark says:

Can't say i've ever been there, speak for yourself. One app WP probably didn't need.

mdram says:

I learned today that they have Domino's in the UK...

NightWatch71 says:

Still waiting for a Dominos app in Turkey. Not that I am using it very often but I find myself looking for an iPhone when I have to use their mobile site.

Damn, I had to delete my Domino's and a few other apps because of "Other".

jlynnm350z says:

Dominos tastes better in the states.