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Nokia unlocks Video Trimmer with GDR2 for Lumia 92x series of Windows Phones

Nokia Video Trimmer

Nokia's Video Trimmer app enables you to trim and easily edit videos recorded on your Lumia Windows Phone. Launched alongside the Lumia 1020, Video Trimmer was previously unavailable on hardware other than the latest flagship Windows Phone. This has since changed as it's now possible to download Video Trimmer if you're running GDR2 and rocking a Lumia 920 or above. 

With the app installed, you'll be able to edit footage and easily share the end result with friends. Here's a quick video to remind you of what's on offer:

You can download Video Trimmer from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store. Note that you'll need to have a Nokia Windows Phone, running GDR2 and have access to Pro Camera (Lumia 9xx and 10xx series).


QR: Video Trimmer



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RyanAMG says:

Come on Verizon we need GDR2

adrian1338 says:

We all need it .. patience!

vslayer31 says:

If u want to update your phone ( i dont know if this method of updating works on a carrier branded phone) (lumia series only) just download the nokia care suite for the desktop and download the necessary apps ang bang your phone is updates to amber but the risk is ull gonna lose all the downloaded apps

RyanAMG says:

I was going to try but I have a couple apps no longer available and I don't want to lose them.

vslayer31 says:

Thus method is effective for unlocked phones :)

jassp87 says:

Did that. Still it says my device needs an update.

ricbon says:


theefman says:

Update madness!!! :)

dreonedon says:

Yea bitch!! We need that shit lol

Ma Bell... The update! We want it now!! F***!

Lol so orginal +1 all we need now is the dafuq comic face

RyanDaLyon says:

I just flashed mine to GDR2/amber, I still can't download this app though :(

KKRLessey says:

I don't have GDR2, it should have been a priority update due to the 'other storage' issue.

Wll be launched globally or just carrier by carrier?

rAj06 says:

Not available yet on my lumia 920 gdr2 .. Will try after sometime..

SocalTouch says:

Same here. Running Lumia 920 GDR2 on AT&T and it says that the app is not available on my device.

cdiddy2 says:

did you have to do some tricks to get GDR2 or did att push it to you?

edhunter69 says:

Same here cant download. L920amber, germany

GDR2 for Lumia 720? When ? -.-' Everyone with 520,620,820,920 has it on Brazil, but 720 nothing.

JoRdaNeK says:

720 must be special, we are lucky :)

kaynachtsman says:

Not availble on my 920 with gdr 2 and amber :(

CobraJ82 says:

Rumors say GDR2 is part of next years Aprils fool and personally I think its awesome.

cuzincurly says:

920, GDR 2 here, but can't download the app :(

Weird. Working great on the Lumia 925.

Ankmeyester says:

They (read: Microsoft) have a special button for you Daniel. Makes everything work like butter on your phones :D

cuzincurly says:

It's not showing up in my phone's store either if I search for it even if I change the region to US

BrhineScot says:

Working great on my new 925 without Pro Camera.

Dare2Blink says:

Same here, its probably because we dont have pro camera yet. Hoping that is not the case

SocalTouch says:

Not available on Lumia 920 running GDR2 Amber on AT&T.

Nimdock says:

AT&T what the hell is the delay?

clappenings says:


uopjo6 says:

Is there anyone with this installed that can tell us what are the options for sharing the video?
Video trimming is a fantastic feature I'd love to have but its not complete until WP8 allows you to attach videos from your library.

BrhineScot says:

The same share options as videos in the camera roll.

mprice86 says:

The QR Code in the article is to the Samsung video trimmer, not the Nokia one. 
Here's the proper link:

cuzincurly says:

Can't find that app in my store and can't download with the link too.

davortsan says:

Not available on my 920 GDR2 :'(

Now all the 925 is missing is the YouTube video upload app

Vistaus says:

No. The new Microsoft YouTube app which launched yesterday allows video uploading and it works really nice!

CheersMate says:

Nokia is KING!

cybermoose89 says:

Still no GDR2 In uk far as i know for my lumia 920

Josh Harman says:

That's bullshit.
Why wouldn't a Nokia video trimmer work on my Lumia 822? (of course, I don't have GDR2 yet either) No reason for it to work on 920 & not my 822, same processor, same RAM.

WPUser111 says:

I strongly agree.. I think but lack of pureview camera..

paulxxwall says:

I'm so over this gdr2 crap as if there poking more fun at us fools on att. Ok already we don't have the update and no word when so leave us alone and stop making fun of us with out this update I wont buy another att phone I promise please no more teasing us

lumiaro says:

Exactly, the situation is looking even worse than android updates.  So there will be new handsets soon in September with GDR3 and many of us won't even have GDR2. FRAGMENTATION. I don't know whose fault is it. Nokia, Msft or AT&T, but I want GDR2 on my 920 now.

Clavitox says:

Worse than android? That's funny, and its probably att

Snazrael says:

Downloaded Smart Cam, Pro Cam, and Video Trimmer last night on GDR1. But I get a notification when launching saying I need to update my phone. Knew it was too good to be true. Anxiously waiting.

Unlocked 920 here but still no GDR2

D3UR says:

here the Same, no GDR2 with a Lumia 920 factory Unlocked

I can't install either...AT&T French ROM flashed GDR2 920.

micha_beck says:

Pro Camera not needed.
No sharing, just cutting. But sharing is a deeply integrated into the system. Just use the photo album.

camptime says:

Still no GDR2 here in Thailand. :(

sip1995 says:

It's like the imovie app

Okan141210 says:

İdiot nokia. Amber update too late...

When is att going to release gdr2 if not soon I'm going to T-Mobile and start rocking a android I'm tired of waiting

Clavitox says:

Troll, you know androids get less updates right?

You should rock the 5s.

neogodless says:

Slightly off topic - but the other day I saw the "get tethering working by installing foreign keyboard trick" and was fiddling with that. Yesterday, I got "Your phone has an update available!" message and was like ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG!!!!!!!!!1111111111 and I thought it was GDR2+Amber... so I downloaded it. "Keyboard - Spanish update"

bramstone123 says:

Still waiting for gdr2 update on my unlocked 920 in Germany! Where is it! Mad...

DJCBS says:

Finally! Now, lets many 920/928 phones have GDR2...hmm...that would be...none?

lubbalots says:

I have a theory of why GDR2 late or even not even showing up. Its because ATT doesn't want lose sales of the 1020. My assumption is the sales have to reach certain level before release of GDR2 and Amber. Why all these feature leaks and no update to older devices, to get you to purchase the L1020.

OldMillXxX says:

So, why doesn't Verizon then?  Oh yeah, it's Verizon...

lubbalots says:

That's right.

Fritzly says:

My guess is that is not only AT&T holding GDR2 but Nokia itself; note how many unbranded devices, included mine, have not received the update yet. Reasons? Same as carriers: pushing sales of the latest device.

DJCBS says:

That could ONLY aply to the USA.
Thing is...we don't have it in Europe either. Actually, NO ONE has it worldwide on non-1020/925 Lumias.

surya kiran says:

Cant download on my 920 running Amber. 

jlynnm350z says:

WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaWaaaaaaaaaaa, I want my GDR2! Waaaaaaaaaaa

Ronny2756 says:

My phone is a brick until gdr2. I cant even unlock the thing it is so laggy with no storage.

sdreamer says:

This is one of the biggest problems for Windows Phone, that's update roll outs. Sure we have OTA now but it really sucks when it is so erratic which model then which region is going to get the update. Microsoft really needs to work something out, make it more like Windows, where they issue the updates and manufacturers worry about the drivers and firmware.

lubbalots says:

They did a 360 couple months ago. Now its up to the carriers to push updates. What is wrong with MS and their update process?

noknok79 says:

I can't download on my 920 w/ amber either!

Duduosf says:

It says in the end that it requires the ProCam app

McDaddyMike says:

Why not for 820? It's almost same piece of HW, even with 1gb ram. Already got gdr2/amber.

AccentAE86 says:

WTF?  I opened the QR code and it took me to Video Trimmer published by Samsung?  

16jwilder says:

Any clue when we get GDR2 or Lumia amber??

Duduosf says:

What's the point of launching this app for 92x devices, when it requires the Pro Cam app and we can't even get a glimpse at the Pro Cam yet?! Any predictions of its arrival?

majed_7866 says:

We still do have GDR2 or Amber update in KSA, I hope they release it to all people in the same time

16jwilder says:

Is Lumia amber already released? How do I download it?

pr0phecy says:

I can't download it yet on my Lumia 920, since I don't have GDR2 yet, but I think it's funny that the publisher of video trimmer is Samsung Electronics... at least that's what it says in the details pane.

CCAZPastor says:

Got it on my T-Mobile 925. Awesomeness!!!

Dont get it.. Have a Lumia 820 and works fine to me using Fiddler to install it. And more! Nokia Pro Cam works like a charm too! So why Nokia don't unlock those apps for everyone?

shaggydave says:

Loving my 925!!! :)

Blah blah blah, i'm tired of these features that no one can use. Nokia is holding up the update for sell more Lumias 1020 and 925.
Nokia said to Microsoft hurry up, because they need more updates to delivery a better product and sell more. So, why the hell they dont release the this update?
Nokia, stop this bullshit, please.

kittananj says:

I just tried this app, and it's working very cool on my Lumia 925.

Don't ask about Lumia 920. I use it both!

magicnz says:

Just got it to install on my 920 after I got the nokia pro cam app:P

safeer2222 says:

THE qr code is wrong, it shows samsung's video trimmer app not nokia's.