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UNO & Friends for Windows Phone 8

UNO & Friends Review: The first online multiplayer card game on Xbox Windows Phone 8

Having reviewed Gameloft’s Order & Chaos Online last week, today we look at the publisher’s latest release UNO & Friends for Windows Phone 8. That’s the title, not “UNOFriends” as it’s inexplicably listed in the Windows Phone Store. It’s free and runs on all Windows Phone 8 devices (even low end ones), so it’s definitely worth a look.

One simple card game

UNO & Friends for Windows Phone 8

UNO is a very simple Crazy Eights-style card game that anyone can learn in a couple of minutes. Four players compete to be the first to play all of their cards into the discard pile. Each turn you can either play a single card or draw a card. Cards come in four colors, and you can only play cards of the same color or face (number of symbol) as the card played before you. If you can’t play a card, you draw one, slowing your progression towards an empty hand.

The general interface in UNO & Friends works decently well, with players able to drag or double-tap a card in order to play it. But actually selecting the right card can take a few tries because they’re so tiny on-screen. And strangely, this game doesn’t sort cards in your hand or allow you to sort them. They just appear in a random jumble, making them harder to look through than necessary.

Every time you play your second-to-last card, you must exclaim UNO. Fail to do so and another player can issue a challenge, forcing you to draw two cards. Calling an UNO is easy enough thanks to the button at the bottom of the screen, but people still forget to do it sometimes.

One mode, lots of play time

UNO & Friends for Windows Phone 8

UNO & Friends requires an internet connection to play and does not provide a single-player experience. It offers twogame types: private or public games.

In private games, you can invite 2-3 friends. They will receive a toast notification. But everyone has to be present in the lobby in real-time, so you basically need to set up the game through other means before inviting if you expect people to actually come while the lobby is open. I suppose the real-time requirement is necessary since UNO games go on for way too many turns to be fun asynchronously.

Thus the main way to play is public games, in which you get matched up against three other players. UNO & Friends doesn’t provide any rule customizations or the like, so it basically consists of an endless succession of multiplayer matches using the standard rules. It works well, other than games frequently failing to start (thus returning everyone to the title screen).

Gameloft wisely added a progression system to keep people coming back for more than a few games. After a game ends, every player receives points depending on which places they came in, their current level, and whether they completed a bonus objective. Points contribute towards leveling up. With 100 levels to attain, UNO fans will be busy for a long time.

One bonus objective per game

UNO & Friends for Windows Phone 8

The addition of bonus objectives adds a little pizazz to the tried and true core game of UNO. These include tasks like playing a card on its identical match, challenging a missed UNO, and more. Complete the objective and receive 10 extra experience points after the game ends. Little nuisances: you don’t get a notification during the game itself, nor can you view the objective after the match begins.

UNO & Friends for Windows Phone 8 bugged game

Unfortunately, the bonus objective implementation is fairly buggy. Some objectives like “Play cards 1-4 during a game” won’t ever count as completed, even if you did exactly like what they said. Others actually seem to cause the disconnection issues I mentioned earlier. The “Add a friend” objective would be so fun and easy if it worked. Instead, it either causes a disconnection or the game will start but only allow one person to play cards while everyone else looks on helplessly as pictured above.

More than one currency

UNO & Friends for Windows Phone 8 scratch and win

UNO & Friends has a two-currency system that free-to-play critics will hate but everyone else probably won’t mind. You can buy either currency with real money but you’re never required to do so. The first currency, gold tokens are required to play matches. Run out of tokens and you can’t go on for a while.

Every 45 minutes you get to scratch a card that will reward 2-6 free tokens. But stockpile more than 10 or so tokens and the free scratches stop coming till your supply depletes, so you can’t just save up a ton of tokens either. Basically the scratch system encourages players to check in throughout the day and actually do some playing.

UNO & Friends for Windows Phone 8 store decks

The second currency, silver coins can be spent on six different boosts before each game. The only one worth buying will increase the number of points earned by fifty percent, helping players level up faster. The rest get too expensive to warrant a purchase.

Silver coins can be earned in several ways: playing, gifts from other players, and weekly leaderboard challenges. UNO & Friends has its own in-game friends list that includes Xbox Live friends and people befriended inside the game itself. People can send gifts to five friends per day – the gift will be a random quantity of silver coins or gold tokens. As for the leaderboard challenge, you’ll get a lump sum of coins depending on your overall rank for the week.

It’s easy to miss, but the game also has a shop that sells card decks, backgrounds, and graphical effects in exchange for silver coins. Annoyingly, the shop lacks a buying confirmation. Touch an item in the store and you bought it.

Less than one way to communicate

UNO & Friends for Windows Phone 8

UNO is a social game by design, and UNO & Friends does well by allowing Windows Phone users to play together. But unlike the iOS version, Gameloft forgot to add a way for players to communicate. You can’t text or voice chat during a game, which totally kills the social aspect. You can send dinky little gifts to each other in-game, but they don’t get saved or do anything.

It’s the exact problem I lamented in an editorial earlier this year. Because Microsoft doesn’t provide a built-in chat interface or require developers to create one of their own, most online Windows Phone games just don’t let players communicate. Of Gameloft’s online games, Order & Chaos Online is the only one with a proper chat system – even though many of their iOS versions support voice chat.

To be fair, the iOS game only received a chat feature last week, so maybe our version will be updated with chat in the future.

20 Achievements

UNO & Friends for Windows Phone 8

Most of the Achievements are cumulative rewards for actions you’d complete over time anyway. There is one for inviting five friends to private games. Luckily they don’t have to join, so you can just send out some invites without actually playing.

The two hardest/most time-consuming Achievements are for completing 50 bonus objectives and reaching level 100. Bonus objectives would be a cinch if not for the game not crediting some of them and some of them causing games not to start. I’m at level 41 and I’ve completed just over 30 objectives so far.

As for reaching level 100, that will take at least a few weeks of play. It takes 100,000 experience points to hit level 100. Remember to always purchase the point booster before every game in order to cut down on grinding time.

One Overall Impression

Gameloft’s UNO & Friends is a very good game that just needs two things to be great: some bug fixes and a chat system. Even without those fixes, this version is far more enjoyable (and longer lasting) than the previous UNO game.

The core game is great for social settings in that it doesn’t require much attention from players – just see what you can play every hand and maybe watch for missed UNOs. Since this version currently lacks a way to talk to other players, I like to play it while watching TV or listening to an audiobook. If you’re looking for a low attention game to zone out with, give this one a try.

UNO & Friends – Windows Phone 8 – 51 MB – Free – Store Link

QR: UNOand Friends



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Trunks817 says:

Been playing for a week. Great game!

erzhik says:

Been playing for a while, can't stop. The only problem are the bugs with no cards appearing, so you have to exit and lose your tokens. Another huge problem is the ridiculous pricing. I can see why devs love in-game purchases so much, it's a money making machine.

Paul Acevedo says:

When the cards don't appear, you can sit and wait a few minutes for the game to end. I suppose you still lose your tokens either way though.

jhoff80 says:

Honestly, I'm fine with not having chat, at least for public games.  I have been using the bandaid and tissues 'gifts' sometimes for taunting, but I feel like having actual chat might be annoying if people start talking nonsense in there.

Paul Acevedo says:

Gameloft could always give us a way to ignore other players in case they get annoying.

MFmonster says:

I downloaded but haven't played it yet because Rayman eats up my time recently. 

xratola says:

I've almost finished that game!
I just need to collect 2500 & 3600 Lums in one ride and I'm done :P
Even though the 3600 lums achievement is ridiculously imposible :(

uopjo6 says:

I gave up on those...and now that I stopped and gathered some rust it's impossible to go 3600 in one ride...

Acbuono5 says:

Sometimes during a game all of a sudden I can't touch/choose cards but I can touch everywhere else such as the settings button...and one thing I hope they change is the reminders to notifications

Jf.Vigor says:

Are you using l820?

ashpe says:

Same on Lumia 822.

Dazzi says:

Good review. It's a pity when the game resets itself, it takes game tokens even if you have purchased them with real money! Furthermore, it makes my L920 overheat which makes my phone crash, and it takes ages for it to be responsive. Nevertheless, this is a really addictive game -- I wish they would update it asap, so I can get my last achievement for level 100.

Yeah, it makes my 920 ridiculously hot!!

InkabodCrane says:

Drop it!...on a soft surface, like a pillow preferably.

The smallest games make the phone the hottest. Same with wordament. It's rediculous because it's just displaying rectangles :D

carlosrdd says:

Next 920 or w/e they call it better have a fan or some sort of cooling system. Though it's great during the winter!

thundr51 says:

Ok  game but needs some work.  Twice I've been in a game and had no cards to use, only crashed on me once.

ninny1176 says:

It's a good, well-designed game, but does make my 928 very hot and has made my wife's 920 hot to the point it shut off.

wpguy says:

I like the game overall. One thing that needs fixing is the obvious battery drain. Even though this app isn't exactly graphically intense, my phone's processors get quite hot. I figure the app is doing a lot of server polling to keep the game in sync with the other players. Hopefully this will be addressed in a future update.

jayruguitar says:

The wife and I have been hooked on this game since it has been released.  Do not disturb the wife when she's playing!  lol

polerand says:

Actually, I once saw a 6 under the scratcher, so 2-6. And received 3 tokens from a friend, so that's a higher possibility as well. Never had problems with add a friend or play cards 1-4, but I've had plenty of games drop, early and late, usually losing my tokens but keeping any boost I purchased, and I've also run into the games where I only see one set of cards and not near me. Pro-tip: hammer on the uno button and toy can win these games. The AI will play for you and do a serviceable job, but it won't call uno. Also had the game drain my battery without any warning. Just shut down. Irritating.

davidD93 says:

As mentioned, a very good game, it's only the bugs really that let it down - most have been mentioned, but another one I get somethimes (which I don't think has been mentioned previously), is when I am in a game, then suddenly will stop working, go back to the start, and claims that I was disconnected because I took too long to play, even when it wasn't my go (and of course also means I lose my tokens). I'm assuming that is not only me that is occuring too.
It's a shame, because it is a good game otherwise.

Why the game crashes on all of you so much?
i'm on level 24 with my Lumia 822... the game doesn't crash at all. Alway run it on WiFi.
Amazing game....and Xbox integration.

Dazzi says:

Maybe your phones 'special' as my Mrs L820 does the same thing, but not as often -- saying that, it got worse when I reached over level 50.

B1zzle says:

I have been playing this quite a lot since it was released. I haven't experienced a single bug to date. Very addictive game. I like the sound effects and animations, which I think you can personalize, for a slight cost of course.

Paul Acevedo says:

There's no way you haven't experienced the disconnection at the start of a game. That's a super prevalent issue.

R0bR says:

I call BS too. I play on my 920 and my wife and friend on their 8X and games disconnects, invites not being received, very hot phones, bad battery drain and game latency even on WiFi are common issues.

Paul Acevedo says:

The phone warms and battery drain are just unavoidable. Lag could maybe be reduced, but it's not a bug.

baron1996 says:

Unable to connect friends via Facebook is a big let down of the app most of my friends own android phones so im unable to play with them which takes the fun element out of it would really appreciate the feature

JamesDax3 says:

I'd play it if I weren't afraid my phone would catch fire.

Is it just me or do you never get the chance to play your card first? Its always the player to your left

Paul Acevedo says:

Same here. I wonder how that works - somebody's gotta be playing first.

Yeah!! I have NEVER been the first to play! What's up with that?

textomatic says:

Has anyone gone first?  I haven't.

itsmejoo says:

I have gone first three times and I have been playing for 2 days now.

Rick Smits says:

You probably have to create a game to go first.

R0bR says:

Nope, tried that...always player to my right goes first.

operand says:

I've always been first. I wondered why I am always selected.

You're doing something right. Tell us your secrets!

Great game but a shame about all the bugs.
Any game this week Paul?? I wont hold my breath eh haha gives me a chance to hit lvl 100 on this (on 68 @ the moment)

Paul Acevedo says:

Doesn't look like a new game this week.

Rick Smits says:

I seen chaos rings in my marketplace. Never seen it before and its priced at 9.99$ :/ (I have a NL920) I can't purchase it though or even view the App.

BB10fanatic says:

Is this interoperable between ios and android?  That would be a class of games that had interoperability and interactivity between platforms.  I suppose it exists already?

Paul Acevedo says:

No, this version does not support cross-platform multiplayer due to Xbox Live restrictions.

Lol wow Microsoft really ! why cant they add a cross-platform option or rather make Xbox live supreme and add it to other OS's

vivek vicky says:

how to add friends in uno game. I am using windows 8 laptop , it is directly connecting to xbox live. my friends are using apple and android devices . they are connecting using facebook. iam not able to connect using face book with them. 

Paul Acevedo says:

The Windows 8 version can play against Windows Phone 8 players, but not other platforms.

And Paul are there any new games coming soon which are not puzzle or java type games :D what i mean are there any games in the 1gb ram area :P

Paul Acevedo says:

Six Guns (requires 1 GB RAM) and Kingdoms & Lords (512 MB RAM) are both due out pretty soon, though no specific release dates yet.

operand says:

Restrictions? Wordament doesn't cross platform.

erzhik says:

Anybody had a problem with, when you add someone to your friend's list, 2 tokens are taken away from you? I had this problem twice.

This game is a fail no mobile payment options -_-

Paul Acevedo says:

You know you can edit your comments, right?

Anyway, I don't believe any Xbox WP8 game offers carrier billing for In-App Purchases. They just use the payments associated with your Microsoft account - credit cards or PayPal.

operand says:

I have never been able to make purchases in the game regardless of payment option. Only game where it does this.

jgbstetson says:

I love playing this game. But when I launch it, a black hole forms inside my 925 battery. And my badass UNO skills make the phone really hot. And, yes, that's the technical explanation.

Paul Acevedo says:

Ha! The heat happens with any online or graphically intensive game. It's a design flaw of the chips used in WP8 handsets.

haha UNO def ain't graphically intense so I guess it just overheats our handsets due to the online aspect (HTC 8X)

LeiChat says:

I hope they launch this for Windows 8 too.
I'm still on WP7.5 but I'd like to play it on my girlfriend's Surface while I continue to wait for the perfect WP8 device, haha.

Paul will you, Sam, or Michael be covering Gamescom next week? Heard there are some big announcements coming.

Paul Acevedo says:

I don't think we're attending the show, but we'll pick up any major news that comes out of it.

kuhio3 says:

I wish they had a single player option as well... I dont like that I can't play it on the train while underground.... That would be a nice addition

operand says:

Regular uno which is also an Xbox game would cover this?

InkabodCrane says:

Okay, now I need to check this out, your review piqued my interest. Hoping my phone gets hot enough to fry some eggs since I have a waterproof cover. And I'm hungry.

udupa1982 says:

app is nice and its super fun to use,but phone gets so hot while playing this game. I don't know why it gets so hot, its because app is bad or wp8 is not efficient. I have android tablet also and tablet never gets hot. I don't know its the fault of Gameloft or Microsoft but someone must fix this heating issue.

1ll1TERAT3 says:

Must get game! Its free also! Unbelievably, I had never played uno until I got this game. Its great though!

Waucckhewww says:

Quite buggy, but very fun. One time I literally played my last card on the pile, and it wouldn't let me win. And then I was disconnected because I "took too long to play" lol. Doesn't keep me from playing though.

sicnus says:

Game is ok. For an unknown reason my weekly points were wiped out a few days before the weekly tally. Support at Gameloft never contacted me and I have since quit playing. Got everything but the level 100 acheeve anyway. Game is buggy and its no better on iOS or Android. Glad I didn't spend any $ on it.

Capsloc says:

Used it at work during an hour and a half meeting, battery went from 96 to 30%!  Regardless, it's a super fun game.

Mouthsmasher says:

I guess I'm one of the critics who hates the dual currency systems. I also hate that it costs coins to play the game, and that you have to "check in" every hour to get them. Fun game, but I can't stand this system.

nbolmer says:

Another cash grab

jlynnm350z says:

Have to wait for tokens to play games, freakishly freakish freakin freaky stupidity stupid stupidest thing I have ever seen! Ruins whole game. Its stupid

Paul Acevedo says:

Why not just check in throughout the day to get tokens? It's not hard to do.

If I could stop playing Order and Chaos for one day, I would live to try this game.

Where are all the games Microsoft or Nokia things have gone super quiet, you need to work on getting time and day releases along side ios and android come on spend some money guys you have a promissing future already passing blackberry but game and app releases are stll very slack.

SaucePolicy says:

BEWARE: Anyone thinking of investing time or money in this game...DON'T. Your tokens will be stolen by Gameloft. If you paid for those tokens, it is no different than Gameloft mugging you on the street corner. It is THEFT. Your tokens could be stolen for any reason such as: network errors due to poor quality Gameloft servers, another player decides to stop playing or the game looks like it's loading and then you get booted back to the main screen. Aside from the theft by greedy Gameloft, you then have to worry about XP points and level being reset at any time for no apparent reason. You could be on level 99 and the next time you open the game it will show level 1 destroying hours, possibly days of investment in a single moment. Not to mention the games you actually DO get in where you CAN'T PLAY.
If you must play Uno I urge you not to give one cent to Gameloft, no matter how incessant and annoying the ads are. They are getting enough free stolen money from poor players who lose their tokens through no fault of their own. Shame on Gameloft. In a just world they would be sued out of existence.

1ll1TERAT3 says:

Sorta actually +1 don't buy anything with real cash

Dazzi says:

Spot on -- that's why I'm not playing it again until the fix/update the game.

Arsenic17 says:

Damn Paul you ruined my will to play the game. I am level 48 and WA. Hoping there wasn't a steep increase in XP to get to level 100. I have only 12,000 XP. I gotta get 88000 more wtf!! I been playing slightly hardcore for 10 days. It will take me more months to get to level 100. Damn but I do have fun.

Paul Acevedo says:

Aww! I got that number from TA. Let me know if it's wrong.

Arsenic17 says:

Ah I am not arguing that it is right, I am just angry that it is so much of a steep increase. 15K to get to Level 50 and another 85K to get to Level 100. Damn. Only a few have gotten there and they seem to be cheaters or ridiculous money spenders. It will take around 1000 games, maybe 1500.

B1zzle says:

Does anyone's phone get hot when they play this game?

Arsenic17 says:

The camera bump on my 1020 gets hot enough to fry and egg. literally. I held it on my hand for 15 econds and it burned me. left a red circle.

You know self harm is not fun or clever you should seek help :).

Arsenic17 says:

hehe i know i need to. cant stop.

ltjordan24 says:

It's a good game and I would recommend it to anyone. I do have three big issues with the game. One, it has problems connecting to the server from time to time (at home on wi-fi and on cellular even when I have a strong/good signal). Two, sometimes the game will take coins but the game won't start or will re-start. Luckily, you can always get more coins for free either by winning, leveling up or playing the scratch offs.Three, my phone gets really warm while playing this game so I have to put it down every so often. Overall though, 7.5/10.

xmarklive says:

hey Paul how about having to add a friend for a bonus but not being able to delete friends....I have so many people that I want to delete on my friends list.

windsangel15 says:

It won't let me scratch for tokens anymore. My husband and I loved playing this together. Now we can't play it at all because we don't have tokens.

Paul Acevedo says:

That's crummy! If you don't want to buy tokens, you should try redownloading.

Arsenic17 says:

GLITCHES GLITCHES GLITCHES! I agree with the review paul. Well written but you totally down play the gltiches.
1) Join a game and all but 1 player has no cards. You can still play or let your AI play for you, but you cant do anything but watch for 10 minutes since you cant see your cards. Basically the only thing you can do is jam uno repeatedly until the end of the game because while the AI can play cards for you, it will never call uno (unless you have uno and draw a card and auto play it).

2) I get a card in my hand that glitches. I play the card, but it warps back into my hand after my turn. Basically then the card is technically not in your hand, but it looks like it is. If you ever try and play that card again, it will return to your hand and skip to the next player. You can even win the game when the card is still left in your hand and call uno and such if you recognize this before getting screwed completely.

3) So many disconnections, seemingly only when I am about to win (have a card or two left). You return to the menu, loose the silver powerup credits you used, lose the gold tokens too. And dont get the victory.

4) My credit cards glitches half the time. It will show that I have free scratch card ready to go, but when I click on it to scratch it, it wont let me do anything. Cant scratch the cards. The only way I have found to fix this is to completely turn off my phone and back on.

5) The calendar reminders for scratch cards are off by 15-30 minutes all the time. I will get a pop up saying I have a free scratch card ready, load the game, and it will still have many many minutes left on the clock. WTF?
7) You can get to a point in a game where it just wont let you do anything. Everytime it comes to your turn, it will just skip you.

8) A glitch where the top card on the draw pile is flipped topways so everyone can see it before you grab it.

9) The game constantly sends me toast notifications in random languages about players wanting me to join their game. I have seen spanish, german, and others which I cannot identify.

10) Many times I have been in the middle of the game and my entire touch becomes unresponsive, except for being able to push the button to exit the game. I can sit there and watch myself timeout every time, but I usually just quit and take the loss and no rewards.
11) There are numerous ways to completely lock yourself out of the game. Either you load into the game to a blank screen that you cant do anything in, or you are unable to do anything on the screen the is shown (usually a menu). The only way to fix is to power off and on your device.
12) You can come to a point will the scratch cards just can not be scratched. You will see you have a free one. Click on it to the screen, but your finger does nothing to them. The only way to fix this is power cycling the phone. This doesnt happen too often to me, but my wife gets it daily on her Lumia 928.

All of these glitches on top of the fact that I have to go last EVERY time, makes me really not want to play this POS. It is fun, but is ridiculously not fair. It should be random when you start, not predetermined by the first letter of your gamertag or some other BS. THIS IS THE WORST GLITCH OF THEM ALL (poor mindless programming)....

Lots of great reviews here.  I'm level 101 and my biggest complaints are hangups, disconnections, and the shuffle system is completely broken, meaning, draw 8 of the same color in a row.  If that happened in a card game you would say the deck wasn't shuffled very well, but here it's commonplace.  I also don't care for the boosts; but that's just part of this particular game.

Paul Acevedo says:

Sorry to hear the shuffling bugged out on you, Steve. Do you have the same trouble in the Windows 8 version?

So far my 1520 hasn't been getting too hot, however I will not buy tokens ever again. It's feels good loosing them whenever there is an error.

Makes so mad I had 12 tokens and its kicks me off and my tokens are taken away and when I pay for the cool things it puts me up against the computer players who all ways win the have some things to fix on this game

Shane Rawat says:

Hey there , how to sell my UNO gold coins to other ????????


Shane Rawat says:

2600 coins in my account , and i want sell my account ,, so any one Intrerested ???? contect me.....

Mikeyswifey says:

How do I call an uno challenge If someone forgets to call uno



Meme Tiptoes says:

It use to be fun, but the constant server issues, not to mention the constant logging into Facebook. The last updated deleted/ wiped out the following: my score, I reached level 159 [gold1], 1200 gold coins, 86,000 silver coins , I won over 92 tornaments, they erased my friends -which I had over 300, and did not reward me for the last group of friends. I'm deleting the BS app :-(