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Lumia Cyan Updates!

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Lumia Cyan Updates!

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GDR2 and Amber updates have started embarking on their Nokia Lumia 920 world tour

We are getting reports from the Windows Phone Central faithful around the world that their Nokia Lumia 920s are starting to receive the eagerly-awaited Amber and GDR2 updates from Nokia and Microsoft. So far, we have heard from readers in Denmark and India who have received the Amber firmware update on their Lumia 920s. There is also word that Microsoft's GDR2 update has made its way to Sweden and Spain. Lumia 920s in Australia began seeing GDR2 earlier today, and we expect that others are en route as well.

Microsoft's GDR2 OS update promises to add new additions like FM radio, call and SMS filters, improvements for Xbox Music and Internet Explorer, Data Sense, and more. As for Nokia's Amber firmware update, it will bring new Nokia-based features, like Smart Cam and much more.

Here's what you can expect to see

If you haven't received your update notification, don't worry. These updates get pushed out in waves to make the process more efficient. Just keep and eye out for a message like the one above.

The countries listed above are just the ones we have gotten reports on. If you've gotten your updates elsewhere in the world, please let us know in the Comments section below.

Thanks to flyingbathtub, Sarang, Erik, and everyone else for the heads up!



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cybermoose89 says:

Just hope us uk dudes get it soon two

andrewkeith5 says:

This will be the test of whether theyre finally activating 4G on factory unlocked Lumia 920s.... They'd better do...

L0gic Bom8 says:

I pray for my Windows Phone brothers and sisters in the UK that you get 4G and more!

IceCrush says:

i really hope so, i hate flashing my phone just to get 4G :/

MrWhiteman says:

Why do you need it? EE is the only carrier with 4G so it shouldn't matter whether it's unlocked or not

andrewkeith5 says:

Both O2 and Vodafone launch 4G in the next 2 weeks, and it shouldn't have been deactivated anyway. I have no idea what you mean by your comment on unlocked or not, but not everyone buys a phone attached to a plan- if I was on EE and bought a factory unlocked Lumia 920 (people have), I still wouldn't be able to access 4G. Its a pointless and unnecessary limitation given the hardware is exactly the same, and it needs to be fixed.

jose_vzla1 says:

If you have a factory unlocked lumia 920, you only need a USIM and a data plan, to connect to any LTE network compatible in the bands of the 920 in the world... Now, if you have a carrier locked lumia 920, that's another thing...

andrewkeith5 says:

I don't believe that to be the case. UK unlocked 920s do not have the option in network settings to set 4g as the maximum connection speed, only 3g. Locked versions do. As yet I haven't seen any evidence that a 4g sim does anything magical to change that, if I do then Ill be happy as soon as I get it working...

TechFreak1 says:

One would imagine its sim dependent that enables the 4g radio I guess, the true acid test would be really upgrading to a 4g  / LTE tariff and not changing sims or updating to GDR2. If you get 4g / LTE connectivity then It would most likely be on the carrier side.

andrewkeith5 says:

You would think that, but people have apparently used EE 4G SIMs and not been able to get 4g, so I think its a combination..... Right now I'm planning to just get a 4g plan, and if it doesn't activate 4g on the phone I'll flash a firmware that does...

Paul Tsen says:

I'm from Malaysia and I'm using Maxis Mobile, Maxis just launches 4G LTE and 4G LTE no need to be upgrade or anything, the signal will automatically changes to 4G when your 920 detected a 4G signal, meaning 4G is from carrier, and like us in Malaysia, not everywhere are upgrated to 4G LTE yet so in some part of the country it will still change back to 3G+, so if my 920 signal changes to 3G+, I immediately knows that particular part of our country has not upgrated to 4G LTE yet and there nothing to do with firmware and now I'm still on WP 8.0 not 8.1 Amber.....

KKRLessey says:

UK update: 920 update available on Vodafone, 920 update waiting for approval on unlocked and other MOs. Link:

Ted, patience, we'll get it soon ;P

agm353 says:

Any word on the U.S. yet?

Nimdock says:

Nothing for me yet in the US (AT&T).

Their twitter said they have no news or timeline for this update for the 920. Not surprising.

aleclunsford says:

Is this your first time dealing with updates from the "premier partner" for Windows Phone? You will probably be waiting for a while...

bt66 says:

Well said. one would think a premier partner would get it first.. but AT&T is a special partner.

inteller says:

no, they are a "dreadful partner"
they are only concerned with having a phone "first" and supporting their phones last.

They are the worst possible kind of partner you could have.

There is NOTHING Nokia "can do better" to fix this kind of behavior.

One would think...
I'm hoping for an update from the lame-sauce that is AT&T before 2014.

John Teeples says:

same, mothing att us

WPUser111 says:

Holy shit nokia has started update fr lumia 920 n 820..

AndyCalling says:

They're updating the 820 too? Where did you hear that? I have an 820 (unlocked, unbranded) and am not getting this in the UK yet and the article doesn't mention the 820.

WPUser111 says:

Seen on nokia conversation..

AndyCalling says:

Nice. Any chance of a link?

WPUser111 says:

Lumia 920 n 820 in seleted countries.. Lumia 928 521 n 810 in us.. Later to follow..

Hillol Saha says:

Nothin here in India yet.

You Guys got it already!

santhankrish says:

Got the notification already in India for the update in the phone.

WPUser111 says:

Bt not for lumia 820..

What bout nokia l720 ?? I live in India nd I talked to one of the coustomer care today he said u ll get the update today evening. I wonder he dint know that update will release for l920 only.

anon5351951 says:

Oh crap! "coming soon" on the Lumia 820!! Not even "waiting approval"??! How long does that mean?? Another month to even create the update or what??

Coming soon is sooner than waiting for approval. Check the availability page

neogodless says:

Ah yes - so "Waiting for Approval" in many North American carriers... including AT&T for the 920.

xratola says:

Nice information bro! +1

maroonedWP says:

Coming soon :)

Paul Tsen says:

Great info, thanks.....

L820 says:

This ( cannot be trusted.
For Denmark it say:
Lumia 820 Country variant 3047.0000.1328.3004 Available
I have been able to downlead it via NCS, but I am getting nothing on my phone

Still waiting for the update on Brazil for 920. My carrier is Vivo. :'(

I know that feel, bro :'(

Do you know when we will receive the update? haha!

AndreStudart says:

We're 2, but my carrier is TIM =p, I've flashed with the french rom (amber), works flawless, but I'll flash it again with brazilian's version =p

Giffdev says:

just checked on AT&T and I got an update!
hmm it just said "update downloaded but couldn't be opened" so i'm trying again

The same thing has happened to me and I have tried repeatedly to update it but all I get is the same message. I took out my memory card and tried a soft reset!

WPUser111 says:

Anyone lumia 820 india?

Still No Updates...

warmth says:

Not mention to me :(
Nokia Pro Camera, Video Trim & Video Upload apps are also available now for all Lumia with Amber update.

Darren Walsh says:

Thanks for info! Just updated them!!

Pato49 says:

Update in progress!!!
Nokia Lumia 920 unbranded with a swedish ROM (bought in France...)

Downloading and installing in a vodafone spain 920 (+30 minutes...)

In India
520 Waiting for approval
620 Coming soon
720 Waiting for approval
820 Coming soon
920 Availible

Excuse me boss where did you get this information from?

sateesh045 says:

coming soon??? 

Lobbie1978 says:

No update here in the Netherlands yet (Lumia 920, unlocked)

DonnaxNL says:

'coming soon' Only on 920s with Vodafone and KPN

Thundernerd says:

Downloading on NL Vodafone :)

Unlocked 920 on Vodafone NL and no update here!

yarin_sasson says:

Same here 920 unlocked from vodafone not showing up not on the device and not on "Nokia software update for retail

Tamer81 says:

Updating now on my NL920 Telfort! Whooohooooo!

That's the problem,i have CV NL which is still set to coming soon :(

jfash007 says:

UAE................Manual Check..............................L920.........................Downloading....................................

jfash007 says:

Update Complete. Data Sense works too

ahmedjan87 says:

Mine shows no update bought from UAE never flashed it with any other firmware

None is Canada yet! 920 on Rogers!

snailium says:

"Coming Soon"... (from Nokia website)

adelregh says:

Which one is gonna arrive faster
"Coming soon" or "Waiting for approval" ??? Anyone

No clue, I would also like to know what is quickest, coming soon or awaiting approval. I'm thinking awaiting approval is quickest because the work is done, they are just waiting for it to go through

Napalm Frog says:

Anyone know how it works for those of us who have a Rogers-branded phone, but recently unlocked it and moved to Wind? Do we get it with the rest of the Rogers people, or left behind at the back of the pack?

ohmegabyte says:

Philippines please

Sarang68 says:

So excited now the Nokia update is being installed now on my 920. Nokia did say that the 920 will be getting the priority first.

kinaton says:

Nothing in UK on gb-cv unit. However I seem to have 1232.5957.1308.0004 already when phone arrived.

andrewkeith5 says:

That isn't thus update, which should be coming fairly soon but the phasing could be a few weeks still...

rockstarzzz says:

That's not GDR2

kinaton says:

That's the firmware listed on Nokia site which we already have. Don't expect ms update anytime soon. Even on a GB-CV model.

MrHeckles85 says:

Germany - No update yet. (Lumia 920, unlocked)

Downloading it in the Netherlands on my Lumia 920 :-)

Thundernerd says:

Same here. Vodafone branded.

dortyboy says:

What about 920 at&t in the USA

dreonedon says:

I thought USA would be first to get it.

dreonedon says:

I'm still waiting too

ATT won't get it apparently. At least that's what it feels like.. t(-_-)t ATT

DJCBS says:

No updates on Deutsche Telekom (aka T-Mobile) nor Proximus (Belgian).

Credo93 says:

I don't think that Proximus nor Base nor Mobistar are controlling the update .... Still waiting here, got my 920 from Germany :)

MicSimoen says:

We are live in Sweden, Amber is here (full update was 2 seperate updates though)

Bruno H says:


Two Lumia 920 updated, One on Telia and one on Telenor! :-)

Love the Pro Camera app!! :-D

Seems my 810 is also joining the update party.

pratikvdoshi says:

I can confirm that I am receiving it in UAE... Check official Nokia update details.. pro camera is included

ShahdHamdan says:

UAE too, I got the update already !

Sarang68 says:

Update done. Cant wait to check out the new features!

agmanuel says:

Nothing in Argentina yet! :(

arknu says:

Yes, just updated! Even got DataSense (Denmark, unbranded).

Solo_wing says:

Unlocked 920 Vodafone DE and still no update

vinxent10 says:

Sweden Confirmed 

DarrenSproat says:

Unlocked Rogers Lumia 920 activated on TELUS in Canada... Nothing yet.

Credo93 says:

Nothing yet here in Belgium :( i'm dgcsg from Instagram !

jobe1273 says:

Now downloading in the netherlands! L920 on KPN

clappenings says:


Nope, nothing here. Still waiting 820 Vodafone in the Dutch mountains...

dlando71 says:

Nothing on Lumia 920 in the U.S. yet; (AT&T)

Att in USA 920, nothing yet.

Ajay Tawrani says:

Updated in India

infinity16 says:

did u get ability to play radio via speaker after update??

Ajay Tawrani says:

Hey!!! ... Nope ... Its asking for extension ... Thanks for bringing it to notice :)

ahmedjan87 says:

You can do it after inserting the headphones

Fellipe Abib says:

What about Brazil?
I bought my l920 in U.S it's unlocked and i'm using in Brazil. Do I have to wait the update for Brazil or U.S.?

DJCBS says:

Is it branded to any US carrier? Check "About". If it's branded (it's likely to be), you'll have to wait for the update to be released in that US carrier.

FBirraque says:

Lumia 920 US is RM-820 that didn't support 2.5-2.6Ghz (brazilian 4G standard).
The correct model for you is RM-821 but if you search for Amber firmware will find 059R4H6 version.
Maybe this version solve this frequency issue... Maybe!

Credo93 says:

Nothing in Belgium yet, i'm using an unlocked Nokia Lumia 920 from Germany :)

Dimi7287 says:

NL920 THAILAND UNLOCKED - Downloading update now!!!!!
Btw I'm using the phone in Sri Lanka which means downloads are unaffected by what country you using ur phone in! Also I am using the phone with the region set to US!

Howie535 says:

When will Lumia 620 UK GDR2 updates start rolling out?

karthikt94 says:

My brother got the update on his Lumia 920. I am still waiting for it on my Lumia 620. Any news as to when it'll come in India?

do i get the updates if i change the region on my phone. am desperate

DJCBS says:

No. The update has to do with the phone and carrier and not the region it's set to.

Hey, its happening faster than I thought! !

Fellow Indians, a happy Independence day !
and is DataSense being of any use?

620 , that's why I'm asking

haleme says:

I am an optimist. GDR2 and Amber will be a belated Christmas gift from AT&T in March 2014.

rmichael75 says:

Updates rolling in on my Tmobile 521...:)

Hey AT&T... crap and get off the pot already!

Chesmez says:

I havent got it and I live in Denmark

KKRLessey says:

Nothing in UK

h4ck3d says:

I just tweeted at AT&T. I think all of us need to just start tweeting at them to blow there feed up!


paparatman says:

No 'Build' Lumia 920 updates. :(

aimuatrang says:

Updating my Lumia 920 in Sweden...

kikkkasss says:

Mine has nothing Lumia 920   i live in sweden too

rahulpop1 says:

Downloading update in India.
Downloading faster than I expected. Wow.
Can't wait to see new features.
Happy Independence day Indians.. :-)

which Lumia are you using.

Arpit Mittal says:

Is Data Sense and Call + SMS Feature is there In INDIA after update?

rahulpop1 says:

Yes. Both features are there in India.
You will find Datasense on your start screen itself after update.

ilam82 says:

which will be released faster Waiting for approval or Coming Soon?

Coming soon is better than Waiting Aproval ?

sateesh045 says:

guys pls let us know Coming soon is better than Waiting Aproval ?

Vituz says:

I am looking at the Swiss table on the Nokia website (my phone is branded Swisscom, which pisses me off because I thought my phone was unbranded when I bought it and I don't see why having a branded phone if I paid the full price and am not on contract!!!). All models other than the 820 and 920 say "waiting approval" while the 820 and 920 say "coming soon". So, if we hold true that 820 and 920 have priority status, then I would say that coming soon should be quicker than waiting approval...

rcsund says:

When I had a Moto Atrix, coming soon for the android update was an 18 month wait that truned into we changed our mind and not going to happen.

redbulllspa says:

Waiting for updating my 520 in Spain, but tomorrow my wife gets 920 with Vodafone and update is available!!!!

In Thailand 720 Also got Amber on OTA too!

sonnusd says:

in KUWAIT , ready to update :) 

NAMISH says:

YAY!!! Just checked for updates and it's downloading 'em now! (in Pakistan)

ilam82 says:

I live in Honduras, but my L920 is Pakistan, still do not see the upgrade

NAMISH says:

Hey! I'm sorry for the delayed response, was travelling to the northern regions (Naran onwards) thus didn't check much online. I guess I may have received the update because my location is set to United States!
Just go into your settings, change your location to US, restart, and then check for updates. See if that helps. You can easily switch back to Pakistan later on, though I pretty much keep it on US or UK as those marketplaces have all the apps on 'em.

Syed Abbas1 says:

hey bro which one do u have.. i have 720 .. no updates for me yet..

NAMISH says:

Hey! I'm sorry for the delayed response, was travelling to the northern regions (Naran onwards) thus didn't check much online. I guess I may have received the update because my location is set to United States!
Just go into your settings, change your location to US, restart, and then check for updates. See if that helps. You can easily switch back to Pakistan later on, though I pretty much keep it on US or UK as those marketplaces have all the apps on 'em.

Crassic83 says:

Nokia 920 installing update as i type.. I own a unlocked lumia 920 from india running Tmobile... woot woot..! good luck fellas..!

larrybon says:

At&t seems to update my 920 later in the evening us eastern time. Possibly this evening! 8:00 ?

simzzdev says:

^^ Please let this be true! Can't wait!

I have AT&T and a 920, still no update for me and it's nearly 10:30pm. AT&T sucks.

Lenin17301 says:

Which one is the better status between "Coming soon" and "Waiting for approval"?

Lenin17301 says:

I have an AT&T branded, unlocked 920, so far no update available.

KKRLessey says:

UK update: 920 update available on Vodafone, 920 update waiting for approval on unlocked and other MOs. Link:

pikkuhukka says:

confirmed in finland

weis says:

Which carrier? I'm on DNA and have not Got it...

Alij382 says:

Confirmed in Brazil. Unbranded L920. :D :D I'm so glad!!!

Adriano0871 says:

Really ? It is still not available nor in NSU or pushed OTA. How did you get that ? Could you please confirm the product code and FW number ?

DaSchnee says:

How is it possible that the update is already available in Denmark and Ireland (just to examples), but not in Germany? That's just ridiculous. Nokia has its priorities slightly wrong IMO. I'll buy my next phone in Monaco or the Vatican because apparently the smallest countries get all the updates first.

kinaton says:

Its rolled out to telcos. They decide when to release it.

DaSchnee says:

I'm talking about the unlocked/unbranded devices

kinaton says:

Yes. I have an GB-CV but still comes via your telco.

DaSchnee says:

No, it doesn't... Phones also get updates when you never put a sim card inside them.

kinaton says:

Not what I read above. But then why the delay on the CV versions as no telco needs to check that os. but then that would explain why I never got an update before on lumia 800.

DaSchnee says:

"But then why the delay on the CV versions as no telco needs to check that os"
Well, that's what I want to know from Nokia

Jozo Maly says:

Unlocked Lumia 920 in Slovakia receiving update right now! Yeah!

flemo1974 says:

Product code?

erg1507 says:

Turkcell Türkiye, hadi la..

EngineerTuna says:

anca coming soon diyo. en son bize gelir en son

Nothing in Malalysia :( huhu, really hope to get it soon

Corvodin says:

Soooo, my 920, unlocked, bought in Austria, being used in Bosnia and Herzegovina, should be getting it fairly quickly, right ?

Drugar says:

I thought these updates were not going to be dependent on the carriers, ala iPhone updates? Did I hear that wrong when they were promoting WP8 last year?

humboldt1 says:

I was thinking the same thing

Aaron M says:

Anyone with a developer BUILD version of the 920 get the update?

dannybisa says:

Come on Verizon... 928! Bring it on!!!

nafilkz13 says:

No update for my L820 india

How long does it take on the gears?

HyperKid says:

HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!

KKRLessey says:

Lucky you, still nothing in UK :'(