Skype confirmed to be integrated and bundled with Windows 8.1

Windows 8 Skype

Microsoft has revealed today that Skype will be bundled with Windows 8.1. Officially confirming the integration today, the company will replace the Messaging app with Skype to provide voice, video and instant messaging. We're continuing to see the service slowly replace the likes of Messenger and other communication apps created by Microsoft.

Skype is also included on the Xbox One and Outlook.com, offering multiple ways for consumers to get in touch with friends and family. So what does the new integration with Windows 8 introduce? You'll be able to answer voice and video calls from the lock screen, which will be particularly handy for tablets. 

With the likes of Outlook, Xbox Music, Internet Explorer and SkyDrive playing major parts in Windows 8, it only makes sense for Microsoft to invite Skype to the party.

Source: Windows Blog, via: The Verge



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_Haitian says:

I dig this a lot. I wonder if that messaging hub for legacy 7.8 users will also be turned to Skype chat? Would be a nice upgrade for them.

rockstarzzz says:

Not WP8.1, W8.1

martinmc78 says:

You would assume it would be integrated into WP8.1 as well when it finally drops

_Haitian says:

I know that but I'm still wondering if our 7.8 users well get some love too as the article states "the company will replace the Messaging app with Skype".
Most of us know that 7.8 can't have Skype running in the background, this would be a nice work around. They can chat with their contacts, and when they need to do a video/voice chat, just open the app. I think that it would be a great work around to have it running Skype running "live" all the times for 7.8 users. I still think of you all, I hope that MS does too.

poddie says:

I think people need to understand that there won't be more feature updates for 7.8. Its a dead platform. They aren't going to recode the messaging hub in 7.8 to give you a way to work around Skype... They are assuming in the next year or so you will upgrade.

Awesome, now amber get ur ass to my nokia lumia 920 in finalnd, i will bang u fking hard, u have gone on my nerves latelly so much

mase123987 says:

Try to keep comments at least somewhat acceptable.

sHAYM4N says:

Haunted by that vision.

terrokkinit says:

As I hear p0rn music pervade the background...;)

jairo88 says:

waiting this happen on windows phone too!

DonnaxNL says:

RIP messaging app :(
Used it for Facebook.

I hope they integrate facebook with skype too. The desktop app has facebook chat but not the metro app for some reason. 

Verkunder says:

This is why I'll need to use IM+.

Forc3 says:

Or use the officiall Facebook app instead ...

rahul4aug says:

Will it support Facebook chat?

terrokkinit says:

I've been testing WP8.1 Preview, and from that view (not sure about RTM), it won't. Could change though, here's hoping...

Graven Pshya says:

Are we able to use Skype to get FB messages?

martinmc78 says:

Yes you can link your skype account to your facebook one

kinaton says:

Rip skydrive in UK after they lost a court case. Wonder if SKYpe will be next to be targeted

mase123987 says:

Someone in a thread said that BSkyB has a number of services called Sky 'something'. Skype is entirely different. It isn't two words where Sky is an adj. to a service.

Forc3 says:

BSkyB tried to pull the same shit on Skype, too. As you might have noticed they failed miserably.

erasure25 says:

Where's my amber update? ATT 920.

1nYourFace says:

Personally i consider this bad news, I prefer the message app... Why not integrate skype completelty with that instead. :/

mase123987 says:

It makes sense to keep the Skype name and format considering how popular it is.  

izzy1981 says:

I still cant use skype from my outlook or windowslive account! When is skype video calling coming to those??

Ushae says:

This could be amazing or terrible, hoping for amazing personally :))

thesorehead says:

Already digging the integration of Skype into my People app, looking forward to deeper integration into the OS. Still not sure it can knock off WhatsApp for mobile IM though!