GDR2 update available for the HTC 8x on AT&T

HTC 8X update GDR2

Quite the busy day so far. We’ve seen GDR2 updates rolling out for a handful of Lumia owners around the globe. Not to be forgotten, the HTC 8X on AT&T looks to be experiencing its own rollout. We’ve seen the 8X receive GDR2 over the past few weeks, but it’s time for AT&T to get some action.

A Windows Phone Central reader just received an update on their AT&T branded 8X. The update brings the OS to 8.0.10327.77, which as you know is something known as GDR2. What’s in store for all you folks who will soon be getting GDR2? Things like an improved Xbox Music, Skype, and Internet Explorer. You can also look forward to FM Radio, Data Sense, and a handful of improvements.

Have an 8X on AT&T? Go to the settings and then check to see if you have an update available, (Settings -> Phone update -> Check for updates).

Thanks for the tip Brian and Michael! 



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Prezdhill says:

Come on Verizon.....

jacob114489 says:

I'm going to start crying :'(

UzaiBaka says:

I already started...

jacob114489 says:

...I am now...

dreonedon says:

It looks like at&t 920s are gonna be dead last ok as long as it comes I guess I feel nervous.

jacob114489 says:

The 920 is such a nice phone.

R42 says:

yet it is the last apparently

Daylife says:

Lol the 920 is probably one of the best WP out right now and they update the 8X first lmfao........Priceless. 

jacob114489 says:

My 8X isn't updated yet :P

lippidp says:

They're such idiots. Don't they know they're supposed to ask you which the best WP is and then roll out an update to it first?

jacob114489 says:

Or better yet, update all of them at the same time?

blasher4 says:

I know man. I'm waiting....waiting....waiting....waiting

txDrum says:

I already ran out of tears

carlosrdd says:

This is getting ridiculous seriously lets all call ATT....

jacob114489 says:

I'll call ATT with you, then you call Verizon with me :)

Dean Hepper says:

Agreed, I would like to know the answer as to when Verizon is going to stop being lazy and release the update already!

jacob114489 says:

Yeah, they should of released the GDR2 when they released the 928 GDR2 and Amber. Maybe tomorrow is our day!

lbaxter says:

Woot! It's ready to go!

RegalWinston says:

920 should have been the first att WP that got this. I have no patience.

mr_808 says:

Seriously, WTH?!

carlosrdd says:

patiently waiting.... But HURRY THE HELL UP!!!

In Limbo says:

I know right!!!

R42 says:

- att bro

Mouthsmasher says:

Yeah, that's what I thought. Why is HTC 8X getting it before the 920???

danj210 says:

HTC barely supports windows phone. Definitely the fully supported 920 should've been first.

toyotast165 says:

Understatement. HTC barely supports ANY of their phones.

erzhik says:

Because HTC doesn't have Amber, therefore less network testing for AT&T and smaller update, therefore easier to push out with lower number of devices. Lumia 920 however has Amber on top of GDR2 and a lot more devices, which would require more testing and bigger push out.

Technically Microsoft tests to AT&T's requirements internally during their quality assurance. These updates leave Microsoft having already "passed" AT&T's tests. I don't see why it takes so long in the first place...

rodneyej says:

I want it now❕❕

pookiewood says:

Daddy!  Can I have that squr-rill?

jhoff80 says:

Well, the 920 had GDR2 and Amber to approve.  Does the 8X have any HTC firmware update included as part of this?  If not, it would make sense that they might do the 8X first and then after that they can go through Nokia's Amber changes.

Kormiko says:

This is most likely the reason for the delay.  More things to check by the AT&T QA team.

Another reason could be that they might want to test it out with the 8X first.  There would be less customers complaining if something went wrong with the update.

An AT&T QA team?  Priceless. 

erasure25 says:

Att QA, just like the ATT CS. Lol

Noahma says:

Doubt it since the 1020 comes with GDR and Amber preinstalled, the only difference in handsets is the screen, memory and camera. 

Judge_Daniel says:

Well that could be a reason, but the opposite happened on Verizon. The 928 has gotten the two updates today, but the 8X is still a no go.

txDrum says:

Its possible that the amber update requires additional testing of some kind to pass on AT&T.

irvin792 says:

Would be cool if it was to enable Data Sense!!!!

Dean Hepper says:

I'm starting to worry that my 8x from Verizon might not even get the update. This "other space" shit is what pisses me off.

L0gic Bom8 says:

For Nokia owners, follow this link for your phone: Follow this link: http://www.nokia.com/global/support/software-update/wp8-software-update/

Rick Smits says:

Patience is a virtue.

walter1832 says:

...that I don't have.

R0NELL says:

That just made my day lol.

mondokjm says:

Sure is... Until the 810 gets the update before my 920. This is my nightmare.

Any idea when it will come to T-Mobile?  It's been almost a month now since I was told it was rolling out to T-Mobile HTC 8x devices and still no luck.  I REALLY regret choosing both T-Mobile and the HTC 8x...should've waited for the 928 on Verizon, despite the contract & plan costs.

danj210 says:

Who told you it was coming out a month ago? If you follow the articles here they have been pretty up to date with this information for many months.

A T-Mobile employee who contacted me through this site's forums.

danj210 says:

Thought so. Follow this site, never ever the employees.

Flagz says:

Well for people who dont read articles fully can be fooled by this one


I read the whole things tho but the first paragraphs are very reassuring but I knew it wouldn't happen that soon anyway.

Clavitox says:

I doubt it'll be that long, both the 810 and 521 got it today. It'll probably be tomorrow or something. Hopefully.

Gurggles says:

Oh now that's just plane teasing AT&T.....this is the level of riding in a car with your sibling and they keep saying "I'm not touching you" on repeat.

irvin792 says:

I like the use of vehicles in your post. You pun "planes" and talk about riding in the car. That is awesome :)

Andy Barker says:

Bet 920 tmobile uk will be last :(

KKRLessey says:

And Orange uk too

Sons of bitches! 920 please.....

Ethere says:

Yes, please. Such a tease AT&T. Nokia should have had this first.

jchapman01 says:

Hell yeah!! Downloading as I type!

walter1832 says:

You're ambidextrous!

dmacke says:

How does that even make sense?

what the hell man GDR2 my 920 already!

pankaj981 says:

Rogers come on....!!!

WhippedKream says:

Im seriously getting pissed off with this

jlynnm350z says:

Oh come on! Seriously 8x is first.

220SeaChaser says:

WTF Verizon!?!? Come on!!!!

Karanstyle says:

Arrey wah kinney bachey paida ho rahe hai. Lol OS updates

Aryan Angel says:

He said something like "how many babies are being born. Lol OS updates". I know, it still doesn't make sense.

Karanstyle says:

I meant GDR2 OS updates are being delivered on different Phones but my Lumia 820 isn't getting and WpCentral keeps reporting

aitt says:

This is good. I'm not tripping. Just mean 920 will be around the corner. This has been one of the best OS rollout being somewhat consistent across the board for various model/brand/carrier. This could be a great marketing boost for WP seeing Android has so many fragmentation on updates.

Auric Jarrel says:

T-Mobile completely forgot about us.

Dean Hepper says:

Seems Verizon forgot about us too!

raul_junior says:

Hopefully this means it wont be to long before my 920 gets it

SahilShah says:

Hopefully the 920 next now that AT&T has started releasing updates!

raul_junior says:

Hey Sam, does it get annoying having to repeat over and over what is being brought in gdr2 everytime a new phone get it?

This is just wrong. The 8X getting the update before the 920? Darn.

RyanAMG says:

the 8X only has GDR2 the 920 has GDR2 & Amber. prob a little more testing for the extra update. just my 2c

Maybe, but I also believe that Nokia got Amber ready to go faster than Microsoft got GDR2 ready, so they probably had more time to test.

Tips_y says:

I don't know when Amber was finished but reliable sources leaked it last May 2013 that MS had already finished GDR2 - that's 3 months ago. But more testing had to be done by OEMs and then by carriers so the delay.

rysliv says:

And amber?  i thought there was only one update, it only shows one on the update history page, gdr3 isnt out. what in the hell is Amber?

Clavitox says:

Amber is Nokia specific enhancements done to gdr2

omagic82 says:

I just downloaded it on my AT&T 8X and the Other storage issue doesn't seem to be fixed. And yes I did read Belfiore's article about some other storage still being present. And yes I did download the HTC storage app, but when you tap on the temporary storage option to clear it the app does nothing.
Overall, the GDR2 update is really nothing impressive. I did get back FM radio, but I use that like twice a year.
Also, am I missing something or was DataSense supposed to be included in this build? It's nowhere to be found.

Munkeyphyst says:

Data sense is carrier specific approved. Att probably won't be getting it

jlynnm350z says:

Wow, no data sense, that's disappointing. This update really is lame. Hopefully 920 will get data sense. Not expecting it now. This blows. Been nice to get some candy, if you know what I mean.

A reset enabled Data Sense on the ATIV S. Perhaps it will do the same on the 8X?

Munkeyphyst says:

Apparently you need to re-read that article because clearing temporary storage will not and is not supposed to empty the other storage.

joe_easton says:

I guess I am confused about the storage fix as well; I believe it was reported that GDR2 would not empty other but at least greatly reduce it as it would clean up any temp files that aren't needed and only keep files needed to help improve performance (frequently accessed files, etc)
Am I missing something?

OMG55 says:

You read the article perfectly as that's exactly what Joe said! I ran GDR2 update, the ran the free more space tool, I went from 5.2GB of free space to 8.11GB, so GDR2 does exactly what that article said.

jlangner says:

Now play music :)

UzaiBaka says:

It may take time to start deleting the other storage, maybe check over the next couple of days and see if it changes any. Then inform us if it did anything, cause I don't think its fixed either.

It's not fixed or at least not on my 1020 that shipped with the "so called" fix. Bottom line is they don't know how to fix it and their just pulling our chains!

Untrue. The Lumia Storage Check app has long cleared my temporary/other files. I shrank it from over 1 GB to under 300 MB a few days ago, after installing a bunch of apps.

Well I guess you're one of the lucky few, my 1020 was eating 2.60GB out the box and as of right now I have close to 4GB sitting there. I shouldn't have to use the Lumia Storage Check when we're being told the OS is designed to deplete the other storage over time.

OMG55 says:

That's funny, because I just updates my ATT 8X; after the GDR2 update, I checked my available space and it was at 5.2GB of available space. I ran the make more space tool, now I have 8.11GB. So, it freed over 2GB for me.

nbktonic says:

What is the "make more space" tool?

OMG55 says:

I thought the same thing when I press it, it didn't appear to have done anything, however, when I went back to phone storage through setting which was previously at 5.2 GB, it has change to 8.10GB where it now stands. Apparently it done something as it freed up 2.9GB of space on my device.

Dean Hepper says:

Did you attempt to get Data Sense from the store? Or is that even possible?

irvin792 says:

Seems att will not enable data sense :(

jlynnm350z says:

Yeah, maybe that's why its taking so long, because there taking everything out!

Ori Rotter says:

When the update will start running through Orange PL?

eduardopl says:

I sent you an email with this News. Thanx for ignoring me xD

jlynnm350z says:

Awwwwww, I love you!

OMG55 says:

Thank goodness for WPC, otherwise I would not have know about this update! manually check and the update is downloading now : )  I'm in Texas!

You're in texas. I'm sorry.

leo74 says:

Oh dear AT&T... my heart is totally not strong enough for that kind of stunt.... Roll it out to my 920 already...NOW... I am drooling for many days and after I read GDR2 and AT&T in the same sentence while checking my blood pressure, the meter just plain exploded.... Come on, safe a life, gimme my update :)

theefman says:

Update madness! Get this guy a doctor, stat!!! :)

leo74 says:

No Doctor, I need GDR2 :)

joe_easton says:

I know a lot of us are complaining because our phone hasn't gotten it yet today but I must say that if this continues then all devices will have it by tomorrow.  I think that would make it the most successful roll out of an update yet by MS.  Am I wrong?

The problem is that is a big IF.  IF it continues then yes, that would be a very successful rollout. 

joe_easton says:

Agreed; however, I recall that GDR1 took me no less than 5 years to get so I am excited that I may get GDR2 in the same timeframe as everyone else.

ncxcstud says:

5 years huh?  Slip of the fingers there? You mean 5 months right?

joe_easton says:

I may have exaggerated a little there

Anyone know what the changes to XBox music will be?

UzaiBaka says:

Just don't get your hopes up, that's all I'm saying.

champion7891 says:

Whats the update on the bricking situation?

Ryken100 says:

Hurry up with the 920's update AT&T! I have 11GB of "other" storage that I'm hoping GDR2 will clean up lol

paulxxwall says:

I thought 920 was priority

gevabar says:

Does this do anything for the other storage issue

irvin792 says:

Screw you at&t for not giving your customers a nifty tool in data sense, greedy a$$holes

jlynnm350z says:

Yeah, what he said

T-mobile where is our update?!!!

damo579 says:

T-mobile USA released it today for the 810 and 521. WP central wrote an article earlier today.

I have a 8x device. Well at least till tomorrow I have one. I'll be getting the L925 asap

alikokce says:

FINALLYYY! LUMIA 920 ATT AMBER UPDATE IS HERE!!!! GO HERE AND IT SHOW YOU HOW TO GET IT TODAYYY! -------------> http://www.oyunpaketim.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/nah.png

alikokce says:


Es yo says:

I knew it was a troll. Funny though.

jlynnm350z says:

I got your nose

AboveExpert says:

Where is the 822 update?;(

Still waiting on unlocked 920 in the UK..

Object704 says:

Any news of EE UK Lumia 920 GDR2 and/or Amber update release date?

lbaxter says:

"You can also look forward to FM Radio, Data Sense, and other improvements..."

That's a big nope on all those.

jlynnm350z says:

No fm radio????

JamesDax3 says:

My AT&T 8X has the FM radio.

lbaxter says:

FM Radio or AT&T Radio? I did not find the FM Radio app anywhere once I installed the update. Browser seems slower now too for some reason.

Es yo says:

Fuck you at&t. I'm going to metropcs.

Lol Metro PCS... Yuck!
Their stores in LA look like swap meets. Good luck with that

pookiewood says:

Fuck you at&t. I'm going to metropcs until I realize my service sucks. *Fixed that for you.

erasure25 says:

Try boost! Lolz

Hopefully this doesn't brick the devices.

jlynnm350z says:

Hopefully not

Es yo says:

Hurry up At&t. Ima be playing some triple six mafia while I'm waiting for my update for my 920.

jlynnm350z says:

I'll be playing halo

stjimmie says:

Anyone get anything on EE 920? COMPLETE BOLLOCKS UP

f*********************** you At&t and Nokia, we should of been the first priorty for this update, not those other ragedy 3rd world countries ... USA first !!!!!!!!!!!!!

jlynnm350z says:

+920 ( I hate that )

stjimmie says:

No brother Canada first

pookiewood says:

This is Ahh-mer-ica! Guns and updates for everyone!!  ;)

dreonedon says:

That's what I was saying even south American countries getting it and at&t and the great USA getting it last after struggling countries that's really stupid if you ask me.

irvin792 says:

Team America F*CK YEAH

Could be that they are testing the roll out for any issues with the small third world countries who appreciate the very little they get.


blessthejon says:

Now AT&T has no excuse to not release it for the 920.

exolent says:

HM. Wtfff?!! My L920 is pissed!

VidJuhEffex says:

For those saying Nokia should have it first.... just remember one brand had the offical microsoft "flagship" moniker. It was HTC and it was the 8X.

You guys get amazing exclusives and a really neat new camera/phone, let us have this.

Your the Ginny pigs on this roll out. You can have it!

pookiewood says:

Oh no they dih-ih! 
  -920 owner

Daakkon says:

The reason why the Lumia's are taking longer is because we also get Amber added on top of GDR2.

MrWoldo says:

Amber + GDR2 update also availible in The Netherlands (provider: KPN). Just downloaded and installed it.

Noahma says:

The 1020 has it preloaded....... Nothing else to do but release it for the 920

MrWoldo says:

Datasense is nice and handy!

irvin792 says:

You have it on an At&t phone?

lbaxter says:

If so, I'd like to know how.

MrWoldo says:

Nope, sorry.

Es yo says:

Despite the price, I'm buying my phones unlock. Fuck you at&t and your "We don't want ya to have data sense" crap.

Stop ranting and go to Metro Already...

mikroland says:

At&t would rather beta test on a lower class phone like the 8x and not fail on their flagship 920s.. Just kidding

JamesDax3 says:

My 8X is every bit the flagship the L920 is. And better looking too. :P

Sounds like you've never own a Nokia phone