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Verizon is delivering new firmware for Lumia Icon owners using 8.1 Preview for Developers

Microsoft News

Microsoft 'betrayed' Finland, says Finnish finance minister of layoffs


Microsoft's aiming for flagship Windows Phones, killing Nokia X but selling MixRadio


New Treasure Tag app update ditches the 'Nokia' brand

Microsoft News

Rumor claims 1,000 former Nokia employees in Finland could be laid off by Microsoft


Is Microsoft readying a Lumia device that runs Android?


New Nokia MixRadio update ditches the 'Nokia' brand


Microsoft rumored to be licensing Nokia's brand name for phones

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Lumia 930 pre-orders begin in Norway Wednesday for July 10 launch

Windows Phones

Microsoft Store US site pulls pre-order listings for Nokia Lumia 635


Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 released, Lumia SensorCore SDK out of private beta

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Nokia Lumia 635 for AT&T and T-Mobile available for pre-order at US Microsoft Store site

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Microsoft teases possible launch date of a green Lumia or successor to the X

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Microsoft partners with British designer to create wireless charging pants

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Beat Nokia by predicting world cup games in Sporting Mouth to win some awesome prizes

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Lumia 930 availability on Ireland's Meteor pushed back to mid-July

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Nokia brand names Lumia, ClearBlack, PureView, and others now belong to Microsoft

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Lumia 1320, 630 availability expand to Argos Ireland

General News

Nokia Ireland confirms Lumia 930 launch on July 3

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Nokia Lumia 635 going on sale in Singapore on Saturday


Nokia releases new ad showing off the Lumia Amber software update

Nokia has released a short film to show off some of the new features included in the Amber update which is currently rolling out to customers. Bundled with Windows Phone 8 GDR2 from Microsoft, Nokia has been able to add numerous enhancements and improvements to features and functionality boasted by Lumia hardware.

We've gone into some detail as to what's available in both updates, so be sure to check out our previous coverage. Should you require reminding, Windows Phone 10327 (GDR2) is a minor OS update that brings FM radio, some enhancements to Xbox Music, WAV file playback for voicemail, fixed Other storage, and other minor bug fixes in addition to enabling the new hardware found in the Lumia 1020.

Nokia’s bundled Amber update (highlighted in the above video), which is what is causing the delays for release, allows the new Glance screen, flip to silence, Lumia Color Profile and an improved camera experience, making the combo of an update quite interesting for consumers. So who's getting the Amber update? See below:

Lumia Amber

It's worth noting the Lumia 625, Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 are not listed because GDR2 and Amber are both pre-loaded. If you're yet to receive the update, head on over to Settings > Phone Update and hit "Check for updates" to see if you're next in line. Nokia has stated they expect to have the update rolled out successfully by the end of September so don't freak out if you've not yet got the notification.

Source: YouTube; thanks, Toxid_Fox, for the tip!



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L0gic Bom8 says:


bpmurr says:

AT&T says no Amber for you!

Coan says:

Even Rogers is saying that these'd be nice if they'd finish with it and release it already...

Graven Pshya says:

Lol, I'm so eager to get my hands on the update. L920

Jf.Vigor says:

Oddly more eager for the server pushed Bing update since its a feature I use daily

rodneyej says:

It sucks because they gave us the pro camera app, but won't give us the damn update already.. What are they trying to do to us❔

Jack Larson1 says:

To build excitement, of course! I can't wait to use action shot. Now we can stuff all those crummy s4 commercials* down Samsung's throat!
*the one at the college

dreonedon says:

I'm done begging AT&T right now they can just f@ck off days after the fact we still can't get this update im just chilling when it gets here ok if it doesn't ooh well.

JagJunkkie says:

Remember, we are talking about arguably the most popular windows phone in the US... They are going to take their time to make sure the update doesn't cause problems. When you are dealing with a widely used, more expensive device, its only natural they want to make sure not to screw anything up royally, especially when the update will be unnoticeable to most users. Patience my friends, or just take the update into your own hands...

Jag, that's BS. The update already works on the 1020 on their network. I'd bet my life savings AT&T isn't rigorously testing this update. I couldn't guess what. Probably either an overworked and underpaid staff or a business political move. Perhaps they just don't give a shit?

I find it wrong that any Telco should have control over my OS. Does Comcast dictate when you can patch your laptop? Why the hell are we letting a wireless ISP tell us when or when we can't update our phone computers?

AT&T should be able to check one thing - that the phone can make and receive data from their network, including calls of course.

Jack Larson1 says:

Yes. Thank you.

humboldt1 says:

I just got off the phone wit ATT tech support,after bringing to her attn that 1020 comes with updates and 8x got it why no 920?
She said by Friday 8/23/14 the Nokia Lumia 920 gdr2/amber update on ATT will be available and she would put me on a list for tech support to call and walk thru how to update,I assured her I won't need help as long as she promises it will be available by then,she again assured me it will

toddos says:

> 8/23/14
> 14
2014?  Goddammit, AT&T!

humboldt1 says:

13 ,sorry dont proofread much,maybe I should

lo123 says:

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Lumia 620 still didn't receive an update in india while 520,720 n 920 already got it -_-

Vistaus says:

I still have no Amber update on my 720.

A friend of mine already got the ota update for his 720. That's surprising

avigyan says:

520 in India did not get it yet.

WPUser111 says:

You are wrong dude.. Only 920 got it..

kvrbrijith says:

620 is next in the line.... Only 920 got it so far....

rodneyej says:

The US 920 hasn't got a damn thang boi❕... Lol❕

WPUser111 says:

All india lumia 820 users.. Update ur phone nw.. The roll out has startd...

Still not available for Country variant in NL!!!

Z10YkakPES says:

Available? Yeah sure :(

anon5351951 says:

Kind of ridiculous, right? Making an advertisement saying it's available.. No change even, with new Zealand devices. Still "coming soon".

donteatchalk says:

Is there no way to run the update from your PC?

ttsoldier says:

Yes. And lose all your data.

clappenings says:

They can suck my kiss

Winnabe says:

RHCP-style? ;)

Found a rare RHCP fan.

Winnabe says:

A big one, in fact, and also an MLTR fan, who I have met personally, BTW. ;)

Nice to meet you ny fellow rhcp fan :'D they are very rare..,,

Winnabe says:

Same here :D

rodneyej says:

The stupid marketplace wants to charge for the best RHCP songs... It pisses me of when that happens..

Winnabe says:

Lol...but the lyrics app is for free, rodney. :P

Racxie says:

You only mentioned a few of Amber's features in this article =/

kittananj says:

Amber is amazing! I used on my Lumia 920 and Lumia 925. It's very pretty cool!

AndreHBuss says:

#WindowsPhoneSmokedByATT :) AGAINNNNNNNNNN

dreonedon says:

So true my name sake

Still no update for 920 here in Philippines.

Jason_JS_G says:

The stupid thing is I have a 920 in Sweden and I haven't received the update either... What is this?

Vistaus says:

There is no Amber for the 720 yet, Nokia, don't lie.

DanNC247 says:

Any day now ATT

giorgio h says:

Cant even watch the vid

Will you guys make a photo comparative between Lumia 920 with Amber and Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020??

clappenings says:

I find this INCREDIBLY INSULTING. They can put out a press release regarding availability, even though it's still AWAITING CARRIER APPROVAL??? What a crock of crap

Vistaus says:

And awaiting unbranded phones approval.

Fritzly says:

Exactly! I have an unbranded 920 and no Amber, Nokia behavior is ridiculous.

Tafsern says:

Blame the carriers, not Nokia.

Vistaus says:

Yeah, I'll blame my carrier for not approving an unbranded update that Nokia should push to my phone. Good idea.

kinaton says:

Actually on CV ones that's nokias fault.

Fritzly says:

This is an excuse that does not hold water. My 920 is unbranded and it is Nokia that has not released it.

Josh Harman says:

Whine a little more, maybe that will make it happen sooner.
Should they not have a press release until after the fact? That doesn't make any sense.
Your reasoning is insulting.

ZuNuKoo says:

Verizon 822?

toph36 says:

Still "awaiting approval". We probably won't get it until September! I hope sooner, just not counting on it.

Nimdock says:

The mythical Amber.
Well, nice of Nokia to advertise something that who knows when we are going to get.
And when (if?) we finally get it it will stripped down by AT&T.

MooCoo says:

Who knows when? Well, we all know that we all have it by the end of September.

uopjo6 says:

Well that's just fresh salt on a wound!

Guhhhh, frustration.... No update on att 920, I might just flush it as data sense will not be available on att.

kwambe5 says:

That's what I ended up doing and couldn't be happier!

Question regarding that, would that mean that any future carrier updates will not be installed, saw some one made a comment about it a while back. Ty

kwambe5 says:

Carrier updates, probably not. The ROM I flashed was unbranded. It will be the OTA's from Microsoft and Nokia though. I have data sense, which I've heard AT&T is not getting, and the new ProCam is so good! I am also loving the glance screen. No more pressing the power button to see the time. Just pull it out of my pocket and there it is!

Ok, thanks a lot. I'll flush it, reinstalling all the apps will be a pain in the butt though.

Ty again

diktea says:

dont worry if you flashed it with Nokia Software Updater, coz after update all you apps will be automatically reinstalled (of course app data will be lost so back up). your contacts, sms, photos (within camera roll and  saved pictures) will have been saved in the skydrive if you put back up settings on, other wise back up. remove your SD card as well, so nothing will change except that. Gud luck

Nimdock says:

At this point the only thing stopping me is that I want to get all the achievements in the old version of Angry Birds, haha. :(

Ok, this makes my life easier, I don't mind losing my preferences as I can always set it back. As soon as I get home I shall do this right away I'm tired of waiting for att.

kwambe5 says:

You will not regret it!

Ankit Verma2 says:

Just got an update on my #Lumia620

taymur says:

wow wow man, pics or it didnt happen :P

Aryan Angel says:

Your pants are on fire.

My 810 received the update

theefman says:

Might as well start waiting for GDR3....

tochmi says:

Bluetooth 4.0 LE available with this update??

b3rni3703 says:

a purchased my unlocked 920 to get the GDR2 / AMBER with the thought that my 810 (TMO) will never get both updates and when it came - i was pissed.  so ATT better get that update goddamnit.  

Verkunder says:

Oh, they've already got it. It's YOU that won't get it.

Jf.Vigor says:

What would make you think that. They stayed every windows phone is supported with updates for 36 mo the. Wp8 specifically

m3kk says:

Not for ativ s?....oh ok..

jlynnm350z says:

Amber update?? Never heard of it said the att 920 owner.

ninny1176 says:

Correction: "Never heard of it said any att 920 owner."

DreadVenom says:

EE, please hurry. You say MS aren't doing enough but this update resides in your hands right now. Your service right now is beyond rubbish. How can you no signal in central London????

iboypx says:

No update for my Nokia Lumia 920 At&t Unlocked

Evster88 says:

I'm really sick of carrier-embargoed updates. All OEMs should be able to directly push to their devices, and the carrier just provides an APN preconfiguration along with any apps to pre-install.
If something goes wrong, 90% of the time the carrier just arranges to send the phone back to the OEM anyway.

bpmurr says:

That would make too much sense! Therefore it can't be done...oh crap Apple does.

Joel S79 says:

They go through carrier approval. They just do it before they announce anything so it seems like it didn't happen.

Spicymikey says:

Yea but the carrier is the Tier 1 support and has to absorb the increased support cost for all the calls and walk-ins at the local store.  I'm not surprised they want to test the crap out of it themselves before letting us have it.  I'd do the same thing.
Having said that, I wish they could move faster and have it beta tested on the network along with Nokia so its ready to go on day one

Sp12er says:

Need it... Indonesia please... NL 920. Still don't get it

WinMaverick says:

"Your phone is up to date. Last checked 2 seconds ago"... I'm getting sick and tired. If there were a physical update button on my phone it would have been broke for sure.

denniski says:

hahaha! same here

NightWatch71 says:

The worst thing is I'm running out of space really quick. If it doesn't come in a few days I might have to flash it to my phone anyway. Damn you other storage bug..!

Mik29 says:

Still nothing on O2 UK with Lumia 820. :'(

mighty_stag says:

Same, 820 on EE :'(

coip says:

What's with the 928 snub? Amber/GDR2 happened last week for us Xenon folk. Any news on availability of Amber on the 822? Isn't that the best-selling Windows Phone in the U.S.?

Josh Harman says:

Verizon variants never get any love, partly due to Verizon never saying anything about anything.

JohnStrk says:

Who's that on the bike in the video?  The Flying Tomato? 

clappenings says:

I thought it was Shaun White at first glance

Okan141210 says:

Lumia 820 amber update no data sense :(

sunnybyday says:

Is it just me or did anybody else notice battrey life improvement after GDR2? My Nokia Lumia 810 battrey life improved significantly after the amber/gdr update. Not sure if Tmobile added something carrier specific to that firmware update as well?

Ordeith says:

Our 810 battery life decreased somewhat with the update. Nothing serious, but noticeable.

mgkeath says:

Now, if we could just get them to actually release the update (for more than about 3-5% of us.)

blackhawk556 says:

How does Amber fix the Other storage exactly??

Ordeith says:

Amber doesn't.

blackhawk556 says:

Sorry I meant GDR2

NightWatch71 says:

People are saying it's self-adjusting with GDR2. You're not going to get all the free space all the time but you will get it when you need it.

Josh Harman says:

What country was that shot on? Weird looking people.
That said, you people are bunch of whiny little b***hes, "where's my update", "f you Nokia", "f off Microsoft" etc, etc.
Give it a rest.

MadSci2 says:

I wonder what it would take to get the Carriers out of the way? These sort of announcements always make people whose Carriers are slow to update pretty crazy. It degrades the WinPhone experience.
Can you hear me now AT&T?

I believe can you hear me now is a Verizon line.

MadSci2 says:

You see what I did there?

Shay Legacy says:

I love you Nokia for my Unlocked Lumia 920, but Dam, I hate you AT&T for being so slow! Good thing I use T-Mobile SIM.

WP95 says:

Still no update for my 8X, oh wait....

IceDree says:

Lol that's cold dude ;)

Sent from a GDR2ed up 8X.

WP95 says:

Haha, my Verizon 8X is still waiting for that. I'll be able to upgrade by the time we receive it.

Robbie95 says:

That's real handy when only 3% of wp8 users have it

sharathu7 says:

Eagerly waiting waiting... :-) :-) :-)

WP95 says:

I wish my life was like that video.

No update for my 822 yet, I can't wait!

jmunchies1 says:

It does NOT bring FM radio to the 928.

I think you have to plug in headphones first.

jmunchies1 says:

No, the 928 had its FM radio disabled for some reason by Nokia or Verizon.

WP95 says:

Just like how they disabled group chat

MadSci2 says:

I love how my phone lies to me and tells me "Your phone is up to date." That's so cute. Nokia should alter it sometime to say "You're on AT&T, what do you expect!"

mgkeath says:

Or alter it to say, "You're in North America, enjoy the wait."

albertdon says:

Please tell me you just missed to mention Lumia 822 :'-( 

I also have an 822 and I think its under the same category as the 820 I think.

Josh Harman says:

822 is waiting on Verizon.

alexb1970 says:

Would be nice if At&t l920 could get the update being that we were the first carrier of the device..

Andy amit says:

I not get update 920

RobbCab says:

Here's a question that maybe Rich or Dan can help answer.
We know GDR2 has passed AT&T certification as my HTC 8x already has the update.
We know all the featrures of Amber play nice on the AT&T network as the Lumia 1020 comes with it.
What is left for AT&T to approve to release the update for the Lumia 920?
Anyone?  Anyone? Bueller?

Josh Harman says:

Model, carrier improvements/add ons.

Andy amit says:

Why I can't get update

Your carrier has to approve the update. :/

kinaton says:

Unless you have a CV model... Oh wait. :-/

Vaco85 says:

. L920 nothing special in this update. Sorry, now we have yellow pictures , not blue. Horrible bug! U will see.!

Josh Harman says:

You're nothing special.

Bailey199719 says:

Still not on EE in United Kingdom.

Sarang68 says:

Love it when the music suddenly goes into soft focus at the end of the ad. Have a 920 rocking GDR2/ Amber here in India.

LumiaXuser says:

What about the 822 for Verizon. All sites say that we are getting the update too

vslayer31 says:

Even in the philippines they havent rolled out the update yet anyone know when it will be rolled out in our country

Josh Harman says:

"Even in the Philippines"... why should the Philippines have it already?

DonnaxNL says:

Really bad ad.. Highlighting only the Smart Cam app, instead of the new features (like Glance). 

inteller says:

pretty ********* bold to make a commercial for something you can't even guarantee delivery of.

WPUser111 says:

All india lumia 820 users.. Update ur phone nw.. The roll out has startd...

mgkeath says:

I think that they should change the 920 on Rogers from, Coming soon too Coming soon?

mgkeath says:

If Rogers is coming soon than I guess my Verizon 822 will be updated in roughly November/December.

drashya says:

Nokia isn't worng guys. They have indeed released the update. You can update the phone by downloading Nokia Software Updater to your PC. Or just taking it to a Nokia Centre.
But yeah the 'phone update' feature on Lumia isn't showing anything. I'm from India and I have got it.

mgkeath says:

That's only true for some models though.

drashya says:

I don't think so. I have a Lumia 620.

You must have flashed your phone

sumton says:

they always have great ads espcially music

jamzc92 says:

Its really just a tease and kick in the balls to everyone still waiting for it to roll out. Especially in the uk :(

KKRLessey says:

I need it for other storage fix

My other storage still shows 1.1gb after the update on my 521.

james22ap says:

They forget mention ability to block calls and messages. Great when blocking annoying Tele marketers

Nokia being cool again. But their partner is surely dreadful.

drg says:

People need to chillax. I used to be like where's my update this and where's my update that. I've been with WP since it began and I can tell you it will come. It may take longer for you than others but it will come. And you will find once you've had the update for 15 minutes and checked all the new features your phone is pretty much the same and you were a bit of a dimwit for worrying.

j_jabbar says:

They've cut the ending.....when he got robbed in the tunnel

cjallan417 says:

There is a lot of nerd rage in these comments.
On a lighter note, I totally thought the dude on the bike was gonna smash into that picnic.

DavidinCT says:

yea, yea, yea...Where the F is my FM radio on my Lumia 928 ?????

mgkeath says:

When I think, Amber, I think, fossilized remains. Lets hope the wait doesn't feel like another age has come...

mgkeath says:

Screw relaxing and waiting. Complaining and demanding is much more fun.

Blkacesvf41 says:

So now am confused, is the 822 getting it or not?

mgkeath says:

Yes. But when? That is the question.

DJCBS says:

And by "Now available" they mean "now sent to the carriers. You'll have to wait until the end of the month to get it, if you're lucky".

Duduosf says:

That looked more like a Nokia Smart Cam ad to me haha

drashya says:

Yeah. Me too. No sign of Flip to silence, FM etc. A glimpse could've done the trick. Great ad though :)

Duduosf says:

Yeah. Not even the glance screen for Christ's sake, arguably one of the best Amber features...

larrybon says:

Could I be the only one who's noticed Verizon's heavy pushing of the 928 on the tube? Is it possible they have an exclusive for Amber for a certain amount of time in the states? If so 30 days is going to suck.....
At&t 920 here...

larrybon says:

I posted a similar comment two days ago and it got deleted as this one may be! Shortly?

mgkeath says:

Considering that T-Mobile has already rolled it out, I'd say, absolutely not.

larrybon says:

Only speculating here waiting for my damn update.....peace out!

mgkeath says:

I hear ya! I'm actually on Verizon, but 822 = No Love!

JimmyRespawn says:

Amber seems buggy.

Mark Cesari says:

WPC should make the logo in the top corner a button to check for updates on our phones.. would save me some time switching to phone update everytime there's an article about GDR2/Amber :)

dortyboy says:

Wtf At&t! So damn long. I'm still waiting for my upgrade with your shitty service

Updates haven't been approved yet. Most likely end of this month when they will begin rolling it out.

Jandieg says:

An Ad for an update? come on... updates should come seamlessly and frequently. They(MS and/or Nokia) are acting too slow...