Nokia's HERE Transit gets updated for more reliability

HERE Transit gets some bug fixes

Nokia's HERE Transit, the app that helps you get from here to there via public transportation in hundreds of cities around the world, got updated to version 4.0.2085.0 today. The update's change log simply states that it includes bug fixes and stability updates.

Back in July, HERE Transit, along with its buddy app, HERE Drive, were both pulled from the Windows Phone store when they were causing installation issues for users. The two were quickly reinstated a few days later after getting the bugs out.

The HERE suite of apps is a fine example of Nokia's innovation and dedication to helping consumers get the most out of their Windows Phones.

You can download HERE Transit for free here.

QR: HERE Transit

Thanks for the tip, Vincent!



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Ankmeyester says:

Updating. Thanks Nokia.

SargeT says:

Updating. Thanks WPC:)

wpguy says:

Saw the update notification, started the update, and came here to find out any extra details.

marantaz says:

I use this, its great, Nokia and WP, sometimes better than free internet porn.

Burnbackin says:

Free & Internet = crap or illegal

Updated, thank you all

lnsertName says:

Used this a few times now, very accurate and very reliable. UK.

avtoj says:

Agree. In UK works well

RafRol says:

I'm going to be relying on this next month while on my honeymoon in Italy. I hope it doesn't let me down...

Let us know how it worked!
Happy honeymoon!

budney says:

I like this app a lot, but Nokia is not quick in updating system changes. So for good chunks of the year I have no transit info.

Dre325 says:

Anyone know if Nokia is ever going to update the WP7.8 versions of these (Nokia Drive, Nokia Transit)? As a user of a Lumia 900 still under contract, it's a bit maddening to not receive any of these new features and bug fixes. Unless someone wants to pay the fees for me, please don't tell me to upgrade to WP8.

therealprof says:

Well, the maps seemingly have been orphaned 6 or so months ago. Even if the applications were updated they'd still work with outdated material... I'm powering up my 710 every now and then but the lack of progress is outstanding and sort of disappointing.

ladydias says:

Wish I could get it to play nice with Lynx here in Orlando. :-/

nlm says:

Why cant Nokia get the transit schedule for my city when its available for at least two other third party apps?

Tragic says:

I wish they supported the main transit transportation in my neck of California. Metrolink isnt big here and the only  place you can catch it is at the colleges going to LA. Foothill transit being the biggest and then Omni being the second.

dazorange says:

Unfortunately, the fact that I can't choose to exclude busses from my route makes this app basically useless in NYC. Also it will show me schedules for nearby stations but not for the station of my choosing. Kind of weird. Do you guys have the same problems or is there a way to work around these issues. I really love the apps presentation but with these issues it's just frustrating.

Coeel says:

Add the station of your choosing to your favorites. It will show up if you press 'from'. That's how I use it.

Gadgety says:

I don't own a Lumia, but I tried the online HERE Transit service yesterday to see what kind of public transport path would be suggested in an area I know well: how to get from the airport to my home. I was quite surprised that the path suggested took a full hour longer (1 hr 40 min compared to 40 min) to the path I could find through the local transit web app. Even stranger, the local transit web app was originally built by... Nokia in 2010... I retried HERE Transit today and the path was now correct.
BTW I was not allowed by wpcentral to type out the HERE web address for Nokia's online service. It was auto labelled as spam.

Ok, I live near the east river in Manhattan, New York. This is the only navigation app that expects me to swim across the East river to Roosevelt island to catch the F train. How hard is it to tell that there is a body of water blocking a path?!

AhmedEltawil says:

I just wish it covered my city. Sooooon I hope.