Update: Amber and GDR2 for Verizon Nokia Lumia 822 now available

Update 1PM ET: Seems like Nokia is on the ball as Verizon has thrown the switch for the Lumia 822. Go check for your update now: Settings > Phone Update > Check for update. We can also confirm FM Radio and Group text is included.

If you’re on Verizon and waiting for the Amber firmware and GDR2 OS updates for your Nokia Lumia 822, fear not as it should be headed to your device real soon.

Yesterday, Nokia updated their site from "waiting for approval" to "coming soon" and a tipster named WP8addict in our forums noted that indeed, it has been cleared by Verizon yesterday.

What’s more, it may be here as early as Friday, should his information prove to be accurate:

“Yes, GDR2 is coming.....should be OTA to all the 822's on 23rd Friday. Verizon finally waved the green flag (Oops my bad "RED" flag) for L822 Amber to NOKIA today.”

That’s great news for the 822 as that device doesn’t receive nearly as much attention as it should. But at least you now know you won’t be left out of the Amber-GDR2 fun.

Nokia’s Amber update will enable new features like flip to silence, Glance screen and improvements to the camera while Microsoft’s GDR2 update improves performance, fixes the Other storage issue, Data Sense (select devices) and other tidying up of the OS.

In typical fashion, Verizon should release a full changelog highlighting all the new features in the Lumia 822 when it goes live and we’ll be sure to bring that to you when it happens.

Source: Nokia, Windows Phone Central Forums



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CX1 says:

Cool beans, noticed this Monday.

ZuNuKoo says:

Just to let everyone know, I have almost no space on my phone (822), and this update took a little over/under 2 hours to install. It stayed on the cogwheels for about 15-30 minutes. So just wait it out.

Well that is just great for Lumia 822 owners. I'm loving my GDR2/Amber update on my 928!

hopmedic says:

Yes, I love it on 928, and hopefully Friday my wife will like the enhancements on her 822. :-)

rodneyej says:

Do you notice any significant decrease, or decrease at all, in battery life after using the glance option, assuming that you have it turned on❔

RyanAMG says:

With it on it gets turned on a lot more so for me 30m of usage a day. But with it off my 928 last over 1h longer then before GDR2/Amber.

AiponGkooja says:

So with it on, it lasts 30m longer than before GDR2/Amber?
Or is it 30m shorter than before GDR2/Amber, so 1h30m used by the glance feature?

RyanAMG says:

sorry about that doing to many things at the same time. with glance on I lose 30m of battery life a day. with it off I get about an extra hour then before GDR2/Amber update.  

Whodaboss says:

I've had my glanced on from the beggining so I'm not sure if there is any decrease due to that.  But OVERALL my battery life has INCREASED immensely!!!  I love this update!

The "Glance" feature doesn't have any negative impact on battery life. I love the "Peek" option. "Glance is always on while charging, and automatically turn on for about 15 seconds whenever I take my 928 out of my pocket. Hovering your hand over the screen to activate "Glance" is also a plus!

Richard_Indy says:

Someone please change this article to read 920 and not 822, and also to read at&t and not Verizon. Lol

hopmedic says:

It's about time those of us on the "red" headed stepchild network got some attention in the update department without waiting forever, Hough. Hopefully yours will be soon to follow.

rodneyej says:

I'd rather not be selfish and wish that it said that both are getting the update on Friday..

Leea2013 says:

AGREE.... 920 isnt exclusive like they said it would be ... 

walter1832 says:

My tipster said that the AT&T 920 Amber update will come out on the 26th.  BTW, my tipster is my ass.

theonedunn says:

Hahahaha! I'm crying.

dreonedon says:

Couldn't of said it better myself

erasure25 says:

Wasn't ATT supposed to be the premier WP8 network?  Sheesh....

cruisezero says:

Whats causing the delay with AT&T??

bguy_1986 says:

they suck... that's all...

gsquared says:

Would you rather be here crying because something was wrong with the update and bricked your phone?

paulxxwall says:

Um if its good for Verizon it should be good for att .and if not why? Verizon has the most wp8 users .maybe that's why but that's still makes no sense since its been rolled out to smaller carriers???

rodneyej says:

It's technically a different update because every device is different... So every device is subject to have it's own issues... They aren't trying to punish anyone,, it will be ready when att see's fit..

adrian1338 says:

that basically is the reason for microsoft to have hardware requirements to manufacturer. or how do you think android fragmentation happened?

sundawg#WP says:

Ya. I'm ok waiting, but everytime I see a number on wpcentral tile I open it up hoping only to read about the att 920 update rolling out. I must admit I probably haven't read many articles because of the disappointment.

As long as there is a way to recover the bricked device, I don't care. This wouldn't be the first time I have flashed a rom image to a windows mobile/windows phone device.

Evil_MrM says:

Agreed, if soft resetting my 920 bricked it, I can only imagine what an upgrade would do to it.  In any case, I'll keep a fire extinguisher nearby...

rodneyej says:

There's no delay... att has a time planned for the 920... They probably made it last just to see if other devices come up with issues.. The 920 is the most widespread WP Device in the US, and nobody wants a big media blitz about how Microkia can't get updates right.. Especially with WP's previous update history... Just sit back, be patient, and wait.. The update will come soon enough... And, everyone stop making comments about att... At least they've stuck by WP from the beginning.. That's more than you can say for a lot if WP partners.

theefman says:

Its not as if people are waiting months and months, the update literally started rolling out last week for Nokia so its more a manufactured perception of slowness than it is in reality.

bws2a says:

Microsoft completed GDR2 in April.

2007H3 says:

Windows Phone L8.

Jefe32 says:

What I don't understand is the iPhones and iPads that are on these carrier companies get their updates the same day the updates are released and WP8 and Android do not. Somehow all the iPhones and iPads don't get bricked.

rodneyej says:

Yeah, but they held it exclusive for certain devices, for certain reasons, that are understandable.. If this was Android we wouldn't even be waiting for a update..

poddie says:

Agree with this (perception of slowness only)

audidiablo says:

Agreed. It is a pitty considering that so many other 920 owners globally are getting their GDR2+Amber but I'm sure there is a good reason AT&T is taking the time to make sure that all the updates go without a hitch and have the best experience. I am one of the impatient ones as the new features are very exciting but it is all worth the wait. Everything comes in time and good comes to those who wait. I'm really excited checking all day every day and it will be like a little kid at Christmas when the update launches!
I couldn't agree more with you about AT&T standing by Windows Phone from the beginning. I remember years ago being stuck on Verizon with my BB Storm 2 (absolute pile of crap). They promised me that BB OS 6 would be coming out for the device adding features and speeding things up. Well, Verizon was "testing" the software for release and last minute they decided to cancel the release screwing all Storm 2 owners. Well I stayed patient waiting for the only WP7 at the time on Verizon, the HTC Trophy. I remember going to their retail stores asking about the phone, I remember they treated me like a fool and acted like they'd never heard of the phone or most of the time even Windows Phone. I remember paying full price for a HTC Trophy over the phone because I couldn't tollerate the retail clerks arrogance and ineptitude. I'd stuck with the phone for quite some time waiting for new releases on the Verizon network. After getting absolutely livid over their lack of support and product line and seeing AT&T getting all the new Nokia's especially had me thinking. They had finally set up 4G LTE in the SF Bay Area which was the final nail in the coufin. I went with my mother who also had Verizon and was sick of their horrible customer support and high prices. We ditched Verizon and went to AT&T and picked up a pair of Nokia Lumia 900's. Eventually we got them for free by Nokia discounts. I have an awesome plan, priced right and my speeds are incredible everywhere I go. I recently went in and picked up the 920 and renewed my crontract. I've been very happy with the phone and the service. I can wait a few extra days for my update as I know my provider is top notch. Also good to know that AT&T will help you renew your contracts on a yearly basis now as well, better than waiting two years on Verizon. Still cant beat T-Mobile with renewing anytime but close enough for me. Verizon of all carriers I would have to say blows the hardest when it comes to support and line up. They are Googles b1tch IMHO. They do go hand in hand with privacy violations. Google has been the leader in screwing people and Verizon was next in line. AT&T and Microsoft aren't perfect but aren't so well known for screwing their customers on privacy.

rodneyej says:

Well, I have been with att for years, really back in the Cingular days,, and I have had Zero problems.. They are a bit pricey, but you get when you pay for.. Just because att has bad service in some areas doesn't mean that they suck either.. I live in DallasFortWorth and the reception is flawless,, without exaggeration.. In Granbury, TX everyone has to use att because Verizon just doesn't work, and Verizon is more know for working in rural areas... Just because a carrier doesn't work well in your area doesn't mean they suck, and WP would have gone the way of the kin phone if it weren't for att hanging in there..

kingkoopa09 says:

Damn i guess being att flagship device for windows phone 8 means u get everything else last stupid att

Josh Harman says:

The 1020 already has GDR2 & Amber.

andrewkeith5 says:

Oh, just like ATT got the last update a full MONTH before anywhere else in the entire world? Why do ATT customers seem to have this ridiculous sense of entitlement over everyone else? Just be patient. It'll come eventually.

kingkoopa09 says:

Well since it was the first released windows phone and being a flagship as well as exclusive you'd think they'd push instead u let your competition trump u in getting the update and halo exclusive first makes u wonder why u got it

Paulo1300 says:

i dont feel bad for any at&t people.. im sorry that you guys got the 920 while i had to get the 822 on verizon because the 920 wasnt available.. not.

joe_easton says:

What about Verizon 8X?  I know other carriers have already released GDR2 for the 8X.
I am ready for it!

JLP says:

Agreed. Mandatory question


This. WPC is there any way you can look into this?

andrewkeith5 says:

It'll come eventually. Bear in mind they aren't entirely the same device, tiny changes like adding wireless charging make a hell of a difference on ARM based systems.

joe_easton says:

I can see that point and respect it; but so far the updates seem to be kind of random.  Some T-MO, some VZW, some ATT, some HTC, some Nokia, etc.
I am just ready to see if it will clean up enough of my memory of if I will have to do another factory reset.

Prezdhill says:

Definitely. I have single handedly convinced several friends to make the jump to WP8. Right now I'm the only one still waiting for GDR2. All the waiting is starting to make me feel the GD in GDR2 actually stands for something else...

syncros9 says:

Another 8X user, love to see GDR2! Hurry up VZ!

lubbalots says:

Believe me, I'd like to excite your tail but I literally don't see anything different on my wife's ATT 8x.

joe_easton says:

No change to Other Storage? 
I am a diehard fan but more than anything this makes me want to move to a different OS.  I am factory resetting my phone every 30 - 60 days just to keep it working.  I am over 7GB of Other Storage (that's 50% of my usable space).
I want to stay with WP but I really can't justify it if there are major issues like this.

UzaiBaka says:

Shh, you don't want the close minded WP fan boys to hear you...they say mean things...such mean things...

joe_easton says:

I know; I am normally one of the ones defending WP but after 8 months using WP8 I am really upset about the Other Storage issue.  No matter what I delete it never goes down.  I just want to be able to use my phone!

lubbalots says:

I'm not gonna go head over heals about the other storage issue. Honestly when you buy product, you should know where you stand with it. I regret purchasing two 8gig 8x over two 920s at the same price! Little storage and minimal support. GDR2, meh! Amber, yes!!!!! With these new updates, I look forward to new features. Nokia has that support. Bottom line, get yourself a Nokia, not drop WP. Same price, better support, and more features. Note: not advocating Nokia, only comparing cons and benefits.

joe_easton says:

I definitely plan on going Nokia next time. However, my frustration is with WP not the OEMs. MS should have fixed this earlier. Either way, I am a WP fan and will fight through.

falconrap says:

My 822 was up against the wall with around 100MB or less. After the Amber update, I opened Storage Checker and waited for it to look over all the files. When done it said I had 6.9GB of temp files and the "clear" button was available. I clicked that and it cleaned out all but about 150MB. That's nearly 7 gigs of storage returned. Simply installing the update won't clear out you "other" storage...you have to go in and force it.

joe_easton says:

You are giving me hope! I hope my experience is the same.

kingkoopa09 says:

Tempted to just go ahead and flash it waiting on att the 950 will be released and I'll be eligible for an upgrade i won't take

clappenings says:

I'm so over all this Amber stuff lol. Good to see it continues to roll out

theefman says:

The att hatefest begins! :)

lubbalots says:

Dam you ATT, dam you ta hell!

Selfie13 says:

Also looks as if the 920 on Rogers will be available about the same time, as it states "coming soon" as well.

audidiablo says:

I wouldn't be surprised if AT&T launches around the same time. They seem to have very similar ROMs and networks so I'd see these launching around the same time. Don't be surprised if it shows coming soon for AT&T in the next 3 days.

lubbalots says:

...plus another 3+ days of waiting for it to be available. Arrg!!!!

WPUser111 says:

No news abt yesterdays roll out fr lumia 820 in india.. Comon Daniel..

Should we cover every country too? You want to write up the 40 odd articles to do that? Be my guest. We posted about Nokia's update page where YOU could check to see if the update is live yourself.

This is an exception has we have insider info of when it's going live. FYI: We are selective in the news we cover, that's business. We're not Nokia support.

WPUser111 says:

But not only india other countries too receive the update... So thts why i said..

Darren Walsh says:

Poor Ireland didn't get a mention either lol, only joking !!!

walter1832 says:

....and what about Petoria!

erasure25 says:

What about Westeros!!?

marantaz says:

Yeah Daniel come on...where's that story on the update availability in Burundi, man? Get on it!
Not picking on you folks in India, but the link has been mentioned several times, in articles and in comments.
Still, no love for Burundi.

AiponGkooja says:

Not to make light of whatever you may or may not have going on in your life right now, but you seem like you could really use a vacation! Yipes!  Until then, maybe it would be best to ignore any post that has your name in it.  Just a friendly suggestion.

Mark Cesari says:

I paid my 99 cents for this app, I demand an article on unbranded 920s in Australia :P

I'm a Verizon 822 customer and my phone is downloading a big update as I type this.  I have to assume it's GDR2/Amber.

mukulvdhiman says:

Lol. Someone looks tensed.. gdr2 on 820 in India did get google.. Only 920 got the bing error..

Understood and completely agree. However, a Nokia Lumia device accompanied by the WPCentral app is quite addictive. There was a point in time when I would check WPC about twice a day. Now it's the focal point of my home screen. "More News! More Windows Phone News!"

Josh Harman says:

I wonder if it will have FM radio? Seems they left it off of the 928 when Verizon updated it last week.

Josh Harman says:

Funny, I tweeted Verizon support about this yesterday and today they responded but they wouldn't even confirm they were working on it.
I just sent them this link.

andrewkeith5 says:

Technically, its Nokias job to include it in the software. Verizon could remove it if they want, but as the 928 is exclusive well never know what Nokia intended (another reason why exclusives shouldn't exist)

toph36 says:

In the discussions of "Amber", the only phone I believe that was mentioned as not a having a FM tuner was the 620 (I could be wrong).  The 822 nor the 928 we noted as not having the FM tuner, so I assume they both do?  In making both of these phones, Verizon could have told Nokia to not put the FM tuner in at all, but it appears that they didn't do that.  So if these phones have them, maybe there is some other technical issue with the 928 that Verizon couldn't overcome at this point, or they would rather we use our limited data.  Regardless of the data usage, if I want to listen to the radio on my commute (train or bus) into NYC, cell service can be spotty at times, plus anything you listen to is delayed by a minute or so using an app.  It would be nice to have the FM tuner as an option.

Rick Smits says:

THE 928 DOES NOT HAVE THE CHIP FOR FM TUNER. TIS WHY IT IS NOT ENABLED. (caps lock for the people who don't like reading)

toph36 says:

WHERE DID YOU READ THAT? I am hoping to convince my wife to get the 928. The FM tuner would be a nice feature for her to have.

toph36 says:

OK FINE!  "(FM Radio not available on Lumia 620, Lumia 810 and Lumia 928)"
I have the 822...

toph36 says:

I am wondering the same thing. If the 822 (and 928 for that matter) has the FM tuner, then why wouldn't they enable it? One answer could be that they would rather we stream radio using an app and use our data. I hope we get it. It is certainly a nice to have feature.

audidiablo says:

The 822 has the capability but the 928 does not!

toph36 says:

Looks like we will find out sooner than later!  I see the update on my phone!!! However, I am travelling on business until Thursday night and can't afford to have the update go wrong!  I will have to wait until Friday anyway.

toph36 says:

"We can also confirm FM Radio and Group text is included."  Woo-Hoo!

At&t....queer rabbit.

Sean D. says:

The update says it's available for the Lumia 810, but when I've gone through the whole process I end up with an error that won't allow me to install.

I can't wait! How much free space do you need to update? I have 9 GB of other. :/

cjallan417 says:

I was wondering why Daniel censored out the other carriers and phones. Then I assumed it was to keep the focus in the comments on the 822 on Verizon.  Then I read the comments. 
Nice try, bud.  ;-)

dortyboy says:

Who cares about that. I want to know when my 920 on at&t coming.?? I'm about to call them and go crazy on the phone

Josh Harman says:

I'd say more people care about the 822 update than the AT&T 920, since more people in the US have the Lumia 822 than any other WP8.

andrewkeith5 says:

Seriously, you need something more important to get worked up about...

Josh Harman says:

So it's looking like I may get 6tag, GDR2 and Amber all in the same day.
Well, I won't be getting anything done that day... that's not phone related anyway.
Can't wait.

clappenings says:


xrs22 says:

Verizon beat AT&T on this, isn't what I expected. I've been with a AT&T for 10 years but had to switch to Verizon recently, and got the 928.

Voxophone says:

Waiting for the HTC 8x update on Verizon...

UzaiBaka says:

Yeah its weird how the larger Nokia amber update gets passed yet the smaller HTC one is still in testing.

manekari says:

Glad to know that Lumia 822 is getting noticed at priority than other flagship devices. :)

marantaz says:

^Infinity x infinity
Not til Friday?
WTH Verizon?
Verizon sucks.

There, did I cover everything?

L0gic Bom8 says:

It's already on it's way now. Check for your update.

paulxxwall says:

I swore I kept reading articles about how the Lumia 920 was first priorities... What the f@$k happened?

kevin sledge says:

My point exactly, wishing I was on Verizon. It's my update and I want it now!!!

L0gic Bom8 says:

I don't see J.G. Wentworth nearby! ;-P

AiponGkooja says:

What a pleasant surprise!

Richard_Indy says:

The guys that authorizing it probably is out of the office because his wife forced him to take paid paternity leave for 6 weeks. Brian if you do Not stay home with me.......but but hun I have this really important update to push out at work....okay okay I'll go to HR today and submit the request... And of course no one in HR has the 920.....

Richard_Indy says:

The at&tguy thats authorizing the update probably is out of the office because his wife forced him to take paid paternity leave for 6 weeks. Brian if you do Not stay home with me.......but but hun I have this really important update to push out at work....okay okay I'll go to HR today and submit the request... And of course no one in HR has the 920.....

walter1832 says:

I've heard this before

walter1832 says:

I've heard this before

with the amber update for the 822..will this enabled group messaging? And if so...will other phone OS's work with the 822 new update?

larrybon says:

If at&t 920 users received the update and fell in love with it.....by word of mouth, telling friends and family to get the 920, it could possibly hamper sales of the 1020! It's delay could be for a reason...

theefman says:

So the att 920 amber update will add a 41MP sensor, 2GB RAM and an AMOLED screen? Awesome!

larrybon says:

Agreed...though it could keep people from dishing out 300.00! Hell with the Amber update I'll just wait till the price goes down!

damo579 says:

On the availability page it says waiting for approval for the 920.......

Richard_Indy says:

That is a plausible angle

E Lizzle says:

Well crap, there goes all my jokes about Verizon's slow updates...

walter1832 says:

Tell the jokes, but just replace the word 'updates' with 'customers'.

nblew says:

Nice. My parents and brother have the 822, and they all got the update today

it was changed to coming soon a few days ago for the 920, o2 in the UK, so hoping it arrives in the next couple of days ;'D

Yes! Love my 822...glad to see updates coming! Go Nokia!

phaboman says:

The update is available NOWWWWW!
I just checked for the update, it's now preparing to install.
Go! Go! Go!

Vistaus says:

Are you also gonna announce this for all European carriers whenever they approve of the updates?

Doubt it.  We'll do what we can but if we don't have device and can't verify, it's harder. We'll see about doing a roundup, but we already have a lot on our plates here.

clappenings says:

Like, waffles, bacon etc ;)

troylytle says:

This update was available to some users yesterday!

But it wasn't for me and since I verify stories as much as I can, that tip was useless. Most 822 users were not getting this until now.

walter1832 says:

It's alway got to be about you, doesn't it? JK, don't kill me :P

troylytle says:

I understand that. I was just letting people know some could have gotten it yesterday. Lol. Shows the importance of checking once a day. I still don't know how coming soon actually meant available for some now.

KKRLessey says:

EE in the UK is still on 'Waiting Approval' for 920, GDR2 is taking forever :(

clappenings says:

That was fast!

walter1832 says:

Thats what she said.

Aryan Angel says:

LOL! You just made fun of yourself.

Downloading now..in East Los Angeles area.

Anyone using an unlocked Verizon 822 on AT&T care to comment on if the updates screw anything up?

toph36 says:

Is that even possible?  I guess so, if you posted this. 

Yup...GSM radios are unlocked on Verizon Lumias. My wife uses an 822 on AT&T we got cheap off eBay.  

TKhaldi says:

Still waiting for Amber on Saudi Arabia's Mobily. (The ATT of the said country) despite my phone being unlocked and on a Jordanian carrier. I guess my 920 follows its original operator's schedule. :/

gamepop says:

Wtf what is at&t doing with 920 update...is this about datasense

Datasense is not available on arts 920, it will be removed

thelost24 says:

This is really great news, more good than the update.
Gameloft announces 15 new titles for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8
Minion Rush is cooming to WP8 soon

KKRLessey says:

What about Modern Combat 5?

DMuela says:

Im still waiting for the update of my 920 in Mexico!!  u.u

RetroMan71 says:

620 can't be far behind now??

rikipy says:

nothing about in Latin America :c

qwe123878 says:

Wow, Rogers is so slow. They had coming soon since last Thursday, and it took Verizon one day from coming soon to available.

willied says:


RobbCab says:

Lucky bastages

RetroMan71 says:

Not that im bothered, but why is it that the 620 is the only lumia not to get FM Radio?

toph36 says:

It doesn't have the FM tuner hardware, for whatever reason. If it makes you feel better, it appears that the 928 on Verizon doesn't have the FM tuner hardware either. That was likely Verizon decision, not because of any limitation of the phone itself.

Really want my update for my 920 but odds are datasense is what is taking it so long. AT&T has to do more testing with it and male sure it works on the network. Verizon already had datasense so less testing.

Lumia 1020 doesn't have Data Sense and neither does the NL520, both with GDR2 and Amber, so I wouldn't expect it. 

That sucks then. You would expect AT&T to offer such a key feature which are readily available on other operating system but unfortunately that is not the case.

Adi2 says:

Does GDR2 really fix the Othr storage issue?

It should but I have been using the Nokia storage and I think it did an automatic storage reset, meaning that is clear the temporary storage section.

ArchieVellie says:

Seriously!? Is AT&T really gonna get the update last!?

Well AT&T, do I need to switch to another carrier to get update early? I mean, I known AT&T has all the flagship windows phone, bit we need update to be released on time too.

wldcohso1 says:

Be patient, at&t will deploy it soon..

K_lando says:

wah wah wah

hd7b4radar says:

Could it have something to do with the 920 having LCD and not amoled. Maybe its affecting battery life.

damo579 says:

I don't think so. Some unlocked 920's in Europe have the update and no one has complained about it. Check all about windows phone they have an article on glance on the 920.

pankaj981 says:

Yeah the battery life is better than the 1314

NiteOfNokia says:

I couldn't wait for the Amber update to reach my region. I live in Guyana so I am automatically grouped with Brazil. They don't seem to be releasing the update anytime soon so i flashed my factory unlocked lumia 820. That was the best decision i have ever made. the best part is that when you back up your app list before flashing it, It doesn't take that long to get back your apps , even those that you paid for already. I would say i didn't have any risks flashing it just a bunch of rewards like :
-better camera performance : sharper images
- better battery life : i believe  i get an hour to 2 hours more with glance off and double tap to wake on. With glance on (timed mode) i get about 30 mins extra.
- some other benefits like faster load times for apps and the touch sensitivity seems to react better without having to put it on high.
All in all this Amber update is awesome

samlj0717 says:

When will we get it on att 920 tried of waiting

sManowar says:

Everyone seems to be getting updates except ATT L920s. :(

jlynnm350z says:

Woe is me, att you suck.

jamrock60 says:

I guess Rogers in Canada 920 will be next their status just change to coming soon. so by tomorrow they should have GDR2 on their 920

monigal2 says:

I'm ready for my 920 on at&t to be updated

It's going OTA. Finally Amber on my 822 for few minutes

This is becoming the best smartphone for me with the amazing NOKIA MUSIC + FM RADIO!!!!

ZuNuKoo says:

Feels good to have something that the other high end phone doesn't have.


I think something's wrong: I got the update for my 822, but it's STILL an 822. I thought it was supposed to update it to the 1020?

coip says:

Despite the GDR2/Amber update on the 822, it is not able to download Nokia's new apps (Nokia Pro Cam, Nokia Smart Cam, Nokia Video Trimmer), right? Or can it?

I have Nokia Video Trimmer and Smart Cam installed. Pro Cam is not compatible with the 822.

Jarocookies says:

My OS is 8.0.10328 which is what? Amber or GDR2 Lumia 920

damo579 says:

Its both. Where are you from since your 920 got the update?

Jarocookies says:

Netherlands and yesterday morning at McDonald's while I was bored and tried again and again because of an error code ending with efd (manually checking)

jlynnm350z says:

Wow, you got Windows 9. They must have made a mistake

Jarocookies says:

Who's got WINDOWS 9

jlynnm350z says:

This is redicurous

RTGOD says:

My co-worker just updated his Verizon 822 and its stuck in the gear mode for over 40 minutes now!

ZuNuKoo says:

Wait it out. Mine took over two hours to fully install.

Josh Harman says:

Same here, it took a while and kinda freaked out thinking my phone had bricked.
Just plug it in and leave it alone, it should work fine.

marantaz says:

But.. if the Amber update for the 928 doesn't include the fm radio, why would I want to buy one now? Why not just wait for the next model, which probably will have it?

Jarocookies says:

GDR2 is from Microsoft (8.0.10327) and Amber is Nokia's version but mine is 8.0.10328 is that called Amber? Who knows that? Screenshot http://postandplay.blogspot.nl/2013/08/update.html

mwright53 says:

Downloading as we speak